Everton vs. Liverpool EPL Betting Predictions- October 17, 2020

The fourth Premier League matchday was a proper shocker! We’ve witnessed a match with nine goals, a match with seven goals, both of which ended as upsets. I’m sure you’ve heard by now, but here are the two surprising goal fests of the fourth EPL matchday:

  • Aston Villa defeated the Premier League champions, Liverpool, with 7:2 on the scoreboard.
  • Manchester United lost 6:1 against Mourinho’s Tottenham in what was a proper blowout.

For our Everton vs. Liverpool predictions, perhaps it’s most important to note Everton’s 4:2 win over Brighton. That was a closely contested match, one that could’ve gone either way before the first whistle. But, Ancelotti’s boys made sure it had only one winner, thanks to two goals by James Rodriguez, alongside Mina’s and Calvert-Lewin’s points.

How to Bet on Soccer Online?

Online soccer betting is already a common term. Needless to say, that wasn’t the case a decade or two ago. Heck, a decade or two ago was about the time when online sports betting started getting traction. Fast forward to 2020, and online sports betting takes up a massive portion of online betting as a whole.

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  • The first step is creating an account! Choose your bookie (a fine list can be found on our soccer betting sites guide) and follow the account registration process.
  • Make sure you use your real name, email, and address as bookies tend to double-check these things.
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Any Additional Soccer Betting Tips?

There’s a ton of soccer betting tips we could share with you. However, this is not the right place, really! As the title suggests, we’re here to talk about Everton vs. Liverpool predictions! Most of you already know your way around soccer betting platforms so it’s about time we start dissecting the matchup instead of soccer betting basics!

Everton Doing Great

Who would’ve thought Everton would be the first name on the Premier League table after the first four fixtures, huh? I’m not trying to say they’re a bad team, especially not under Ancelotti’s iron fist, I’m just saying no one expected such a breakthrough right off the bat!

But, here they are – four matches in and four quality wins to their tally. Best of all, their fixtures haven’t been that easy, for the most part.

They tackled Spurs in the opening round, followed by Bilić’s WBA, Crystal Palace, and Brighton in the last match. At the moment, their goal difference is 12:5, with only Aston Villa being better with 11:2 and a game to play.

Key Players

Everton’s attacking lineup is absolutely packed! They have Richarlison, they have Dominic Calver-Lewin, and they have James Rodriguez. Yep, the addition of James was always going to bring extra oomph to Everton’s attacking segment… but I doubt no one expected him to score three goals in four matches.

As for Calver-Lewin, the 23-year-old English striker is enjoying himself out there, having scored six goals in four Premier League matches. He’s a real menace in front of the goal, and I reckon we’re going to see him test his luck for the Albion pretty soon!

The rest of Everton’s lineup isn’t half bad either. Yerry Mina has developed beyond your typical center back. Under Ancelotti, the Columbian international is dictating the tempo of Everton’s attacks right from their defensive end, and is actually the second-best passer in the team, right after Michael Keane.

Tactical Approach

Everton has had a pretty good batch of results ever since Ancelotti took over last December. We have to point out the fact that Ancelotti is one of the world’s greatest soccer managers, most famous for his time at AC Milan where he’d won two Champions League titles.

He’s been rock solid elsewhere too, having won titles with the likes of Chelsea, PSG; and Bayern Munich. He’s a world-class manager, to say the least!

As for his tactical approach with Everton, it’s pretty complex, much more than you’d come to expect from an Italian manager. On the defensive end, Ancelotti still stays true to his good old 4-4-2 system. However, he likes to mix things up on the attacking end by using his flexible, dynamic game plan. With players like Mina, James Rodriguez, and Keane, Ancelotti’s Everton can do great things when they’re in possession. They’re quick to adapt to their opponent’s playstyle and are able to counter it pretty effectively.

Is Merseyside Still Red?

Liverpool’s theatrical success over the last couple of years is not to be taken for granted. The Red Merseyside crew is back at the top of the world, all thanks to the German strategist Jurgen Klopp. However, their start to the 2020/2021 season hasn’t been the greatest. They kicked things off with three solid wins, contesting the top of the table with the likes of Leicester, Everton, and Aston Villa. However, the latter emerged as proper behemoths, defeating Klopp’s Liverpool in what was one of the most surprising Premier League clashes in years. A quick reminder, the match finished 7:2 for Aston Villa.

That result begs the question – is Merseyside still red?

Well, this derby ought to shed some light on the subject! The fact of the matter is that Liverpool is coming into the Merseyside clash in pretty rough shape. Not only have they lost their last match, but they’ll also be facing an in-form Everton… and everything points towards trouble for Klopp’s men, which is something we’ll use for our Everton vs. Liverpool predictions!

Key Players

The key to Liverpool’s exceptional results is their rock-solid defense led by the man, the myth, the legend – Virgil van Dijk. He’s been the core of Klopp’s defensive line, the ultimate center back that’s impossible to beat in a one on one situation. However, it’s Klopp’s midfield and attack that have been strutting their stuff all this time and getting Liverpool the much-needed results on the attacking end.

There’s plenty of experience and raw talent in Liverpool’s midfield. I’m not going to point out any individuals as the entire line has been nothing but spectacular. They were solid against Aston Villa too, mind you, it was Mr. Gomez and the company on the defensive end that were causing all the trouble.

Klopp’s newest addition, Thiago Alcantara, has tested positive for coronavirus and will not be playing against Everton… although I doubt that’ll massively affect Klopp’s game plan coming into this match. As for Klopp’s attack, I’m sure it needs no further introduction… right?

Tactical Approach

What is Klopp going to do against Liverpool? What sort of tactical deployment will he use against his city rivals? What kind of strategy will he prepare against Ancelotti’s men?

Well, the thing with Klopp is that you can never guess what his brilliant mind will think of ahead of massive derbies such as this one.

Please Note:
Our Everton vs. Liverpool predictions are based on guesses (among other things), so let’s try to guess correctly here!

Typically, Klopp opts for an attacking 4-3-3 lineup, but he’s known to mix things up, especially after big upsets and coming into derbies. It’ll be interesting to see what sort of deployment he chooses next week.

Perhaps he’ll have his team play (even) more defensively than usual, although I don’t think we’ll see a lack of goals no matter the sort of tactical alignment Liverpool showcases in the Merseyside derby!

Everton vs. Liverpool Predictions

Goodison Park is going to be on fire next Saturday! All hell is going to break loose once these two sets of players set their feet onto the pitch. This is a fiery clash with Liverpool being the favorites at -118 despite playing away from home (although that’s a far statement since they’re playing in Liverpool), but I reckon there’s more value on the other end!

Everton is the most-backed team to win the English Premier League. They’re four from four and have the second-best goals’ record thus far.

With an experienced coach supporting their style of play, with a deep roster across all departments, and hardcore fans desperately craving for domestic success, Everton is going to be a force to be reckoned with this season.

A great way to further up the hype is to win against their biggest rivals in the Merseyside derby. And at +280, I actually fancy them doing so!

Everton vs. Liverpool Predictions
Everton to Win!

Like Taking Risks?

If you’re a risk-taker, and betting on Everton is your everyday cup of tea, perhaps you’ll be interested in something a bit more devilish. We’re going with Everton here, that goes without any further questions… but Everton to win and both teams to score at +500 brings forth exceptional value. Now, now, I’m not saying match-winner on Ancelotti’s men isn’t valuable… I’m just saying I like my +500 more than my +280. Just saying!

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