Italy vs. Wales UEFA EURO 2020 Betting Predictions and Match Analysis

What’s the biggest match this Sunday and can it exceed the marvelous show that Portugal and Germany pulled of earlier today?

Well, the match you’re looking for is definitely Italy vs. Wales.

It’s going to decide the winner of group A and tell us a great deal about potential ro16 seeds.

Italy is coming into the clash as the group leaders.
They just need a point against Wales and they’ll get the desired first place and play against one of the third-place teams. As for Wales, they are sitting at 4 points and are going through to the knockout phase, unless Switzerland makes up for the goal advantage against Turkey… or Italy swoops the floor with Wales.

Both scenarios aren’t that likely; what’s likelier is a hard-fought contest between the first two group A teams. Italy are, obviously, the heavy favorites. Heck, their first two matches have put them in the driving seat for the whole tournament, with outright winner odds on them dropping down further and further with each passing day.

UEFA EURO 2020 Betting Predictions

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Italy Betting Preview

The Italian national team has been absolutely clinical in front of goal. They are two from two, having defeated both Switzerland and Turkey thus far. Their goal difference is +6, and they are yet to concede a goal (6:0).

And it’s nothing surprising, really. We’ve known Italy has one of the toughest defenses in the world even before their opener with Turkey. Bonucci and Chiellini have been nothing but rock solid thus far, ruling over Italy’s defensive third with an iron fist, game in and game out.

But, if we are to reach the secrets behind Italy’s superb track record:
We have to look at other segments of their gameplay too. Sure, rock-solid defense means a lot, but Italy also have a powerful midfield led by the likes of Jorginho, Locatelli, and Barella. Those might not be household names across the globe, but they’re some of the best central midfielders in their domestic leagues.

Plus, they know each other very well. Locatelli and Barella play extremely well off each other and aren’t just capable of sending quality balls to immobile, Berardi and Insigne, but Florenzi and Spinazzola too.

As far as goalscoring goes, Immobile and Insigne are the target men in this Italian team.

Immobile and Locatelli have two goals each, with Insigne sits on just one at the moment. Needless to say, they will all be eyeing their chances against Wales, hoping to put a few behind Ward tomorrow. Everything suggests they’ll manage, which means less work for our Italy vs. Wales predictions!

Wales Betting Preview

Wales are looking pretty good despite the whole Ryan Giggs harassment drama. Robert Page picked up the flow right away, and Wales are in a strong second place with four points from two games. They are still in it for the first spot that’d lead to an (arguably) weaker opponent. If Bale and the company can beat Italy, they’ll be in the driving spot of group A.

Needless to say, it will be an uphill struggle right from the kickoff.

While Wales did show a lot of quality gameplay in the two group stage matches they’ve played thus far, Italy is on a whole different level than Switzerland and Turkey. They will need to be 100% focused from start to finish; even the slightest mistake can (and probably will) lead to a goal.

On the attacking end, they need Bale’s 1v1 skills to swing past Italian’s wing-backs and create chances in the box.

Easier said than done, though. Chiellini and Bonucci are world-class defenders; even if Bale swings past the wingers, he’ll still need a lot of work to overcome the aforementioned defensive tandem.

People seem to be asking the wrong question:
In terms of Italy vs. Wales predictions – can Wales stand up to Italy and give them a run for their money? The real question should be; can Wales stand their ground and either snatch a point or lose with just one or two goals?

Remember, Italy won both matches with 3:0 on the scoreboard. If Wales concede less, they will remain in second place on goal difference, assuming Switzerland doesn’t go all crazy and wrecks Turkey with 3+ goals difference.

Italy vs. Wales Betting Predictions

While Ramsey and Bale definitely pose as proper threats to the Italian defensive lines, perhaps even bigger than what Turkey and Switzerland had to offer, I doubt they will manage to score a goal tomorrow. That’s right; I reckon Italy’s defensive line will hold off everything Wales manages to fire at them.

I also expect Italy to nail this one down and secure all nine points without a single conceded goal.

Surprisingly enough, the odds on such an outcome aren’t that crazy. At +115, they don’t offer a massive return, but deliver exceptional value considering the circumstances.

Italy vs. Wales Picks
Italy to Win and OTTS!

This combo bet is available across the soccer betting spectrum. No matter which bookie you prefer, chances are high this combo (and a whole sea of props) will be just a few clicks away!

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