In-Depth Look at Leicester vs. Arsenal Betting Options | 2021/22 Premier League Betting Predictions

Another week, another Premier League matchday for us to explore. We’ve finally reached double-digit numbers, with several exciting fixtures on display this week. This is the final matchday before the next international pause, so make sure you get your bets in now, especially if you aren’t a fan of international football.

For those examining potential value bets, we’re happy to present you with our Leicester vs. Arsenal betting predictions. Enjoy the ride!

Leicester vs. Arsenal Betting Odds

As you can see right down below, the home turf brings Leicester a nuance of advantage coming into this one. Arsenal and Leicester both have fourteen points, but the Foxes are above the Gunners on goal difference. If Foxes end up with all three points, they might get to the fifth or even fourth spot, assuming Spurs and United draw. There’s a whole ton of potential in this Leicester team, and knowing just how poor Arsenal have been at times, means we’re in for an intriguing match all the way through!

Here’s a look at the odds:

Leicester to Win:
Draw :
Arsenal to Win:

Then again, Arsenal to win is just slightly above the Foxes. Arteta’s men will fancy their chances coming into this tough away leg, and rightfully so. They have the quality; it’s just a matter of whether or not they’ll have the correct approach to the game.

But, let’s cut with to the chase and start going a bit deeper into Leicester vs. Arsenal betting prediction!

Leicester Betting Preview

Well, we have to start somewhere, and Leicester offer the perfect starting topic. The Foxes are currently sitting in the nineth spot with fourteen points, the same as the likes of Manchester United, Everton, and Arsenal, and one less than Spurs.

The winner of this clash could very easily reach fifth or even fourth place, depending on the results of other matches.

But, we’re here for Leicester vs. Arsenal betting predictions and not other matches. We need to start dissecting both sides, so let’s roll!

Of course, Jamie Vardy is the number one topic when discussing the Foxes. The 34-year-old striker has seven Premier League games to his tally, as well as one assist. He’s fast, he’s a ruthless finisher, and he’ll outright mock you after scoring the winning goal. You know what they say – no Vardy, no party!

The €30M arrival Patson Daka has been pretty good too. The 23-year-old Zambian forward already has played eight matches thus far, scoring five goals and adding an assist. More importantly, though, his goal per minutes averages at around 73 for ePL and Europa League, which is absolutely astonishing.

Brendan Rodgers, despite his unorthodox strats at times, has shown he can manage a top five contender in the ePL. Yes, I know Leicester City are currently ninth, but they’re showing a positive trend and I’m certain they’ll continue building on it this Saturday.

They have a superior attacking presence than Arsenal, are more solid in defense.

It’s only a matter of whether or not they’ll be set up better on the tactical side of things. I for one trust Brendan Rodgers here, but we need to examine Arsenal before wrapping up these Leicester vs. Arsenal betting predictions!

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Arsenal Betting Preview

Finally, let’s take a closer look at Arsenal! As you probably know, Arsenal suffered through a horrendous start to the season.

They lost to Brentford in the opener and went on to what was one of their worst ePL starts ever.

And when everyone though Arsenal could only go further down the pecking order, Arteta made the Gunners do a 180-degree turn and overcome their bottom-of-the-table competitors. Right now, Arsenal are a middle-of-the-pack team, alongside struggling Manchester United, ruined by Ole’s lack of vision.

But, can the same thing be said about Arsenal as well?

I mean, sure – if we’re only focusing on their first couple of Premier League games. In most recent outings, however, Arteta’s arsenal looked well-composed, with a proper identity and fast-paced playstyle. They’re a different team, but will that matter against a tactically adept opponents in a tough away fixture?

Arsenal are finally getting some traction, but unfortunately for them, Leicester are doing more of the same. Their two most recent wins, against United and Brentford will give them just enough morale to take all three points against the Gunners.

Yep, we’re going to see the bad side of Arsenal once again… You gotta feel sorry for their fans, you really do.

I guess that leaves us with nothing more to say about the Gunners. Let’s wrap this puppy up then!

Leicester vs. Arsenal Betting Pick

One thing is certain – the King Power Stadium in Leicester is going to host a marvelous game this Saturday. It could go either way, and the moneyline odds certainly reflect that. But, there’s a bit more value on one end of the pitch… and it might not be the side we had thought at first!

Leicester vs. Arsenal Betting Pick
Leicester to Win
Odds are courtesy of BetWay. Check out our BetWay review here.

Even though this is going to be a tight encounter from start to finish, the value pick here is definitely Leicester City. Brendan Rodgers’ men will be fuming with confidence following won six points in their last two outings. Can they increase it to nine from three? I certainly think so, and I’m ready to put my money where my mouth is.

Jamie Vardie has been lethal in the ePL thus far. Nine matches, seven goals. Only Muhamed Salah is above him with ten goals, courtesy of the hat trick against Manchester United. Knowing Arsenal’s defensive issues, Vardy will be able to put at least one in their net. If not him, then surely someone from the in-form Leicester attacking set.

With that in mind, we’re all done with our Leicester vs. Arsenal betting picks. Thanks for checking them out; fingers crossed they come through! Until next time, May the odds be in your favor!

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