Liverpool vs. Atletico Madrid Champions League Betting Predictions and Match Analysis

Liverpool vs. Atletico Madrid Champions League Betting Predictions and Match Analysis

The show must go on! The second legs of Champions League 2019/2020 Ro16 matches kickstarted on Tuesday with RB Leipzig and Atalanta securing a place in the quarterfinals. Yep, last year’s finalist Tottenham is out of the equation, all thanks to Mourinho’s unfathomable tactical approaches in recent weeks.

Tonight, we’ll get to see two additional top-tier clashes featuring four teams that pose as the biggest title contenders this season. As the title implies, we’re going to focus on Liverpool vs. Atletico Madrid betting predictions, a fine spectacle in France that’s, unfortunately, going to be played behind closed doors.

And it’s nothing surprising – the Covid-19 pandemic is sweeping through Europe, cementing its spot in Italy which has already stopped its premier soccer competition, Serie A. The Champions League is still going strong, but if the virus continues to spread across Europe, I wouldn’t be surprised if upcoming CL matches get postponed too.

Liverpool vs. Atletico Madrid News

Let’s put the coronavirus issues aside and focus on news that could affect our Liverpool vs. Atletico Madrid betting predictions! For starters, let’s talk a bit about Liverpool and their recent Premier League hiccup that cost them their invincible quest.

Or, better yet, let’s talk about Atletico Madrid and their disastrous La Liga performances that could leave them without a Champions or Europa League ticket for the next season. Simeone’s era might be coming to a close, but one big budge in Europe could turn things around for the Argentinian strategist…

Of course, this piece is aimed at people who want to partake in Premier League betting, so if that’s what you’re interested in, make sure you keep on reading for a chance to cash in on our soccer betting expertise!

Liverpool Focuses on Champions League

M. Salah, Liverpool's Best StrikerLet’s face it – Liverpool has the Premier League race right where they want it! They’re miles ahead of the second-place Manchester City and third-place Leicester. More precisely, Klopp’s men are twenty-five points above Pep’s City. The Premier League is no longer in question – The Merseyside boys have finally done it!

But, that doesn’t mean Klopp’s men can take off their boots and call it a season. Nope! Even though they (somewhat deliberately) lost the domestic cup run, they’re still in the Champions League… and I’m sure that’s the competition Klopp will be focusing on for the rest of the season. With Premier League in his pocket, the Champions League is the only noteworthy competition the German strategist can get his hands on. However, it won’t be an easy task…

First of all, Simeone’s men won the first leg in what was a tightly contested matchup from start to finish.  Second of all, we can expect the Spanish team to deploy their well-known defensive-minded bus that could prevent Liverpool’s attacking end from scoring on Anfield. Klopp’s men will have to play at their best, and that won’t be such an easy task considering the fact they lost three out of their last five matches.

Atletico Madrid Has Too Much to Worry About

DIego Simeone Manager of Atletico MadridHowever, Atletico Madrid has worries of their own. As mentioned above, their biggest worry is the threat of losing a place in the Champions League next season. Heck, the way they’ve been playing recently puts Europa League in question too. At the moment, Atletico Madrid has 45 points, which puts them on the sixth spot.

Not everything is bleak, though, Simeone’s men are just two points away from the third spot. Even though at the very first sight, Atletico’s current La Liga placement seems worrying, if they step up their game and start approaching their matches a bit more clinically, next season’s European competitions should not be endangered.

As far as Liverpool vs. Atletico Madrid betting predictions go, an early away goal for the Spanish side would do wonders. It would skew the complexity of the match right off the bat and could result in a different second-half approach from both managers. Barcelona tried to score an away goal last season after coming to Anfield with three goals advantage… and we all know how that match panned out.

Liverpool vs. Atletico Madrid Match Preview

What can we expect from this match? What sort of insight can we pull from the above-featured information and finish this piece off with some concrete Liverpool vs. Atletico Madrid betting predictions? Well, for starters, we can expect a slow start to the match. The first half is going to be a battle of wits, more than anything else. Neither of these two teams is known for blindly running into the offensive end, and that’s exactly what will happen on Anfield this Wednesday.

Knowing the defensive records of both teams, we probably won’t get a goal-fest some people crave for. Goalscoring opportunities ought to be scarce… unless Dejan Lovren starts for the Reds, that is.

Both Simeone and Klopp belong to the top of the soccer strategists’ food chain and this match will give us a better picture of how these two tacticians stack up against each other in two-legged contests. Liverpool vs. Atletico Madrid is going to be a thrilling contest, that’s for sure!

Liverpool vs. Atletico Madrid Betting Predictions

Now let’s focus on the thing all of you are here – Liverpool vs. Atletico Madrid betting predictions!

I know for a fact most people who are still reading this are hardcore soccer betting enthusiasts. I also know they’ll appreciate the following soccer betting predictions so let’s list them out right away:

The Bets
First Half Score 0-0
Total Goals Under 2.5
Liverpool to Advance
Sub Categories:
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