Liverpool vs. Manchester United Premier League Betting Predictions and Match Analysis

Even though the Premier League title has already been decided a few matchdays ago, every Liverpool’s match till the end of the season will be under scrutiny. Especially when they’re going up against the toughest teams or their biggest rival, Manchester United. No worries, our Liverpool vs. Manchester United betting predictions are the piece to read if you’re interested in Premier League betting!

Sunday is going to be a special occasion! Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s Manchester United is arriving at Anfield looking for a way to deal the second blow to Klopp’s Liverpool, potentially smashing their unbeaten record. Need I remind you, Liverpool has won all of their Premier League fixtures thus far, except one. That one was against Manchester United in late October last year.

Now, in the return fixture, Klopp’s boys will want their revenge… but there will be a dash of fear too. Fear that this might be the turning point, just like the one last year, which eventually resulted in them losing the title. What’s even worse, it could be kickstarted by their fiercest foe, the Red Devils…

Liverpool Going for Perfection

Liverpool's M. SalahAs stated above, Liverpool has won all but one Premier League game. That leaves them with unearthly 61 of possible 63 points. To put things into perspective, Manchester City is at second place with 47 points, and Liverpool has an extra match to play.

Klopp’s plan is quite simple – win both the Premier League and the Champions League this season, and place Liverpool as the world’s best team. And, realistically speaking, the German strategist isn’t too far away from that, given the way his team has been playing this season.

Liverpool is going for perfection, and it takes no genius to realize that. There’s that fine bit of swagger in their gameplay that’s more and more visible with each passing fixture. Players are realizing that what they’re doing is a part of something extraordinary, and they’re enjoying every second of it.

Liverpool wasn’t far worse last season. In fact, we’re basically looking at the same team. But what changed? Well, nothing much, really, other than the winning mentality that’s finely etched in the players’ minds. And it’s all Klopp to thank for here. The German tactical wizard has played his part and has created a Merseyside era that ought to leave a sour taste in the mouth of their fiercest rivals, Manchester United and Everton. Needless to say, our Liverpool vs. Manchester betting predictions will reflect all this, no worries!

Key Players

Even though Klopp’s Liverpool struggled with a few notable injuries this season, the temporary (some of which became permanent) stand-in players have done their bits, so the consistency didn’t take a hit. After all, they’re standing at just two lost points for the entire season, which speaks more than anything else we could mention here.

As for the crucial players, the list is quite obvious. In the attacking end, you got Salah, Mane, and Firmino, the trio fantastic which play well off each other and are capable of scoring goals at will. The three Merseyside musketeers have scored 28 goals thus far, alongside 15 assists.

Midfield maestros in the form of Jordan Henderson and Georginio Wijnaldum have been the ones in charge of controlling the pace and putting off opposition’s attacks. Even if a run was to pass them, there were always Van Dijk, Gomez, and Matip in the backline to stop the mess going forward.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again
Klopp’s Liverpool is a well-oiled machine and I doubt Manchester United will have a proper weapon to counter them… That’s sort of the direction our Liverpool vs. Manchester United betting predictions are heading.

Tactical Approach

Klopp is still using the same old aggressive, dynamic, easy on the eye playstyle we’ve all come to know and love. His German discipline has been passed onto the players, and it really shows. The tactical superiority is still there, and it should bring forth an extra layer of security for Klopp’s boys. Hopefully, this time around, their form won’t drop and they’ll finally be crowned as the Premier League champions.

Can Ole Be the One?

Manchester's Lingard and former player HerreraLet’s face it; nobody wants to see Liverpool win the Premier League. Well, nobody except Liverpool fans. You know Scousers – if they win the league, we’ll never hear the end of it. Champions League is one thing, they’ve already won that one last year so it’s kind of alright. However, if they win the Premier League, it’s like the end of the world for everyone who isn’t a Liverpool fan.

And the only remaining line of defense is Ole’s Manchester United. We’re talking about the team that managed to take the only two points away from Liverpool this season. No other team managed to do so. It’s absurd, come to think of it…

Can Ole Gunnar Solksjaer do it again? Can Manchester United, Liverpool’s fiercest rival, be the turning point this season?

Well, if anyone can do it, they can do it. However, United’s season has been packed with ups and downs. Drastic ups and downs, mind you. Sure, at the moment, they’re looking great, having won 4-0 against Norwich last week, but the current state of affairs in the team is not at an all-time high.

Especially not judging by their current position on the Premier League table. United is sitting at the fifth place (which doesn’t lead to Champions League football next season), five points below the fourth-placed Chelsea. From the looks of things, two of England’s greats will miss out on CL football next season, and Ole will have to do everything in his power to prevent Manchester United from being one of the two, even if it means significant January spending.

Key Players

There’s only one player I’d like to mention here, and I’m sure you all know who I’m referring to. It’s Marcus Rashford, the 22-year-old English striker, who’s already netted in fourteen Premier League goals this season. Combine that with four assists, and you’ll understand just what an impact Marcus has had on Manchester United’s overall performance.

Yeah, I know I said I’ll mention only one player here, but I just can’t help but mention Martial and Greenwood too. Martial has eight goals to his tally, while the youngster Mason Greenwood is looking proud with four. It’s not the greatest feat ever, but it’s a step in the right direction for the up-and-coming Red Devil.

Tactical Approach

Moving on with our Liverpool vs. Manchester United betting predictions, let’s focus on United’s tactics. 4-2-3-1 is Solskjaer’s default formation. It’s the one he and his players feel the most comfortable playing in. And, thus far, it’s been doing alright, so I doubt we’ll see any major changes on Sunday. Unless, of course, Solskjaer takes a more defensive-minded approach, looking to snatch a point instead of chasing all three. Needless to say, knowing Liverpool’s qualities and the electric Anfield atmosphere, the latter approach would be absolutely foolish.

Liverpool vs. Manchester United Betting Predictions

Now that we’ve taken a closer look at both of these teams, it’s time to share our Liverpool vs. Manchester United betting predictions! We’ll be as concise as possible, no worries!

Before jumping straight to Liverpool vs. Manchester United betting predictions, though, there’s one more thing we need to go through – head to head matches. The stats are pretty tight, as we’d come to expect. We’ve had just two winners across the last eight encounters. In other words, there have been six draws, one Liverpool win, and one United win in the last eight head to head matches.

As stated earlier, Liverpool’s only draw this season was against Manchester United at Old Trafford. The odds on United to repeat the same thing at Anfield sit at +375. And it could very easily finish this way if Solskjaer adapts a more defensive-minded formation right off the bat and parks the bus. I’m not saying Liverpool’s strikers can’t penetrate United’s defensive line… but it will take some effort, that’s for sure!

Liverpool vs. Manchester United Betting Predictions – Match to end in Draw at +375

If you’re not so sure in United’s chances of repeating the draw from October, then you might not like how our Liverpool vs. Manchester United betting predictions started off. Don’t you worry, it’s okay to go with Liverpool to win too, although the base odds (-250) aren’t the greatest. If you want a bit of a riskier bet that yields far greater value, try going with Mane to score and Liverpool to win at +140. You can replace Mane with Salah if you’re a fan of the Egyptian king. Otherwise, leave Mane on – his pace ought to create problems for United’s clumsy back four.

Liverpool vs. Manchester United Betting Predictions – Mane to score and Liverpool Win at +140

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Match Draw
Liverpool to win and Mane to score
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