Manchester City vs. Arsenal Premier League Betting Predictions and Match Analysis

Manchester City vs. Arsenal Premier League Betting Predictions and Match Analysis

The Covid-19 outbreak is slashing through Europe, leaving the biggest mark in Italy. Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte just banned the country’s premier soccer competition, Serie A, due to the coronavirus crisis. But, since there’s still no news regarding Premier League shutdown in the UK, the late 28th fixture between two fiery sides ought to kick off Tuesday evening. No worries, our Manchester City vs. Arsenal betting predictions are here to guide your upcoming Premier League investments!

So, why don’t we start the guidance by checking out the freshest, non-Covid-19-based news regarding both teams and finish things off with some good old soccer betting predictions?!

Manchester City vs. Arsenal News

Let’s face it; the Premier League title race was decided a long time ago. Klopp’s Liverpool, despite suffering the end of their unbeaten Premier League record, is still leading the pack with confidence thanks to twenty-five points clearance at the top. Yes, Manchester City has to play Arsenal to round up the matchdays, but let’s be honest here – as if that even counts towards their long-forgotten title aspirations.

On the other hand, Arsenal definitely needs this match! Arteta’s men are currently sitting on the 9th spot, way below international cup spots for the next season. Needless to say, a club of Arsenal’s status needs a spot in (at least) the Europa League, and their upcoming match against Manchester City would push them closer to it. If they win with a solid goal difference (two goals and above), they’ll go up to the sixth spot, just two points away from Manchester United…

Manchester City vs. Arsenal Betting Predictions

Will the Blue side of Manchester stir things up in the Europa League for their dearest neighbors? Well, that’s definitely something we’ll have to account for in our Manchester City vs. Arsenal betting predictions… especially considering Pep’s Champions League struggles with Real Madrid. As we all know, the second leg is scheduled for next week and it might be the most important clash in Pep’s stay at Manchester City, so perhaps he’ll try and rest his players a bit earlier than usual and give them more breathing space ahead of the demanding clash against the Spaniards.

Manchester City Is Out

Even though there are still theoretical chances of Manchester City topping the Premier League this season, they are only theoretical and nothing more than that. Quite frankly, the title race is long gone for everyone but Jurgen Klopp’s men. They’ve been the ultimate Premier League this season, and they rightfully deserve the title, even though no one really wants to see them win it (except for their own fans, of course).

In other words, Pep’s side has a new Premier League goal these days – securing the second place. At the moment, they are four points above Leicester and nine above Chelsea but have a match to play. Theoretically, Manchester City could be seven points clear from third-place Leicester if they win against Arsenal on Tuesday.

However, Manchester City fans are worried Pep might neglect the ePL and focus on the Champions League. After all, the Spaniard is yet to make a proper Champions League run, which is the ultimate competition and the reason why he’s been called up to lead the blue side of Manchester. If he fails once again, I wouldn’t be surprised if we see him leave at the end of the season…

Arsenal Needs to Start Performing

As mentioned earlier, Arsenal is in a rather tricky situation at the moment. Emery was blamed for poor performances, but it seems as though Arteta isn’t doing things much differently than his predecessor. And it’s really a matter of tactics, not individual talents because Arsenal has plenty of those. Just look at that roster – Aubameyang and Lacazette in the front, Ozil, Pepe and Xhaka in the midfield, and David Luiz coupled with Sokratis and the mighty Kolasinac in the back. That’s enough to make every team sweat, is it not?

Even though they’re playing good soccer, proper results are nowhere to be seen. With thirteen draws (tied with Wolves in the ePL), one would say it’s just a matter of bad luck. However, it has to do more with Arsenal’s ability to finish off the opposition, especially lower-tier teams that should be no problem for the Gunners. Arsenal lacks the clinical finishing touch they were known for back in their glory days, even though the likes of Aubameyang and Lacazette are dubbed as world-class attacking talents.

Realistically speaking, there are lots of areas Arsenal needs to improve upon if they want a chance to reach the fifth spot that leads to the Europa League next season. Even though they’re currently five points in deficit, a win against Manchester City would definitely inch them one step closer. The question is – can Arteta’s men conquer Pep’s City and take their fourth consecutive ePL win?

Latest Head to Head Matches

Moving on with our Manchester City vs. Arsenal betting predictions, it’s time to check out the recent head to head statistics. For starters, Manchester City has six consecutive wins against Arsenal, five of which were Premier League clashes. City’s winning streak started on fifth November 2017, which goes to show you what an ePL powerhouse they are! Arsenal had more success in 2014 and 2015 when City didn’t win a single head to mead match.

Two newest h2h matches resulted in dominant 3-1 and 3-0 wins for Pep’s team. We’re talking about two Premier League clashes, one in last February and the other in November. The tactical approach will be vastly different, this time around, while the players’ pool won’t have too many changes on the pitch.

Typically, we’ve seen quite the goal fests between these two teams throughout the last few seasons. Since December 2015, only a single match between these two had fewer than three goals. This time around, though, we could see a vastly different approach from both sides…

Manchester City vs. Arsenal Match Preview

Knowing Arteta’s style of play, I reckon we won’t see a game with as many goals as the last two clashes. Knowing Pep’s ongoing Champions League struggles, I reckon he won’t force his top stars and will either replace them early in the second half or bench them, period. While this doesn’t necessarily equate to a low-scoring game, I reckon it will be the case here because of City’s lackluster goalscoring ability in recent matches.

Looking at their last five Premier League matches, Pep’s men scored only four goals. That’s a horrible stat, one that ought to follow them on Tuesday, and one that will greatly influence our final Manchester City vs. Arsenal betting predictions.

Manchester City vs. Arsenal Betting Predictions

Here comes the focal point of this piece! Are you guys ready for some good old Premier League betting predictions because I sure am! If we take everything we’ve discussed earlier and sum them up in concrete Manchester City vs. Arsenal betting predictions, here’s what we’ll come up with:

Our first soccer betting tip for this match is a draw. Arsenal already has thirteen draws this season, what’s another one to their tally? A mere hiccup, I say! Of course, that’s not the only reason, obviously… Manchester City is in a pretty rough patch of form, having lost to their fierce rivals Manchester United and Tottenham all in the span of the last four ePL fixtures. Arsenal, on the other hand, is on a three-win spree, but knowing their consistency (or the lack thereof), they’re bound to choke against a team like Manchester City.

On top of that, I reckon we won’t see many goals either, despite a massive trend for 3+ goals. As stated above, Manchester City’s attack isn’t in the best of forms and a Tuesday night special probably won’t make for a proper redemption. In other words, Pep’s City has lost its way! The same can be said about Arsenal, even though a bit of credit has to be given for their recent attacking performances. That said, our final Manchester City vs. Arsenal betting predictions are as follows:

The Bets
Match Draw
Total Goals Under 2.5
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