Manchester United vs. Spurs EPL Betting Predictions – October 4, 2020

The fourth Premier League matchday is just around the corner! The Foxes (AKA Leicester) are at the top spot with three wins and 12/4 goal difference, followed by Liverpool and Everton with the same number of points. Aston Villa is in the fourth place with six points, but have a game advantage over the top trio. As for our Manchester United vs. Spurs betting predictions, we’re looking at two middle-of-the-pack teams at the moment.

Mourinho’s Spurs lost the opening match against Everton at home but knocked in five pieces past Southampton. Newcastle held them hostage, taking a point and rounding off Mourinho’s current Premier League run.

As for Solskjaer’s United, they have a match advantage, having played just two fixtures thus far. They lost one and won one; Ole’s boys will definitely fancy their chances ahead of the Sunday clash at the Theatre of Dreams.

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United’s Winning Streak Lies

Back to our main subject, Manchester United vs. Spurs betting predictions!

Despite a shaky start, Manchester United is looking better and better.

They haven’t spent that much thus far, only around €39m for Donny van de Beek who’ll need to prove his worth in this debut season for the Red Devils. However, they’ll be looking to bolster their offensive end with several names popping up across transfer talk headlines. Jadon Sancho, Ousmane Dembele, and Edinson Cavani, just to name a few.

Be that as it is, Manchester United won’t have any new players for their Sunday clash against Tottenham, and that’s all that matters at the moment!

Coming into this match, Manchester United are looking solid with three consecutive wins. However, they don’t exactly paint the perfect picture. You see… first off, United defeated Luton in the EFL Cup, following a last-second win against Brighton in the Premier League, and finished things off with another win against Brighton in the EFL Cup.

Needless to say, Brighton and Luton aren’t exactly the highest quality of teams. They’re nowhere near United’s standards. In fact, neither was Crystal Palace, yet they completely dismantled the Red Devils in their 3:1 away win in the opening round. Realistically, Mourinho’s Spurs are the first real test for United this season. It will be interesting to see how the Norwegian strategist sets up his game plan against the special one.

Key Players

Moving on with our Manchester United vs. Spurs betting predictions, we need to emphasize United’s key players. It’s too early in the season to point fingers, but we can already say Bruno Fernandes hasn’t lost his touch. The Portuguese maestro is leading United’s midfield and is delegating play with his magical passes and impeccable vision.

With a true maestro in the form of Bruno Fernandes, with Pogba’s flair, and McTominay’s brute force, United’s midfield is looking pretty solid across the pitch. There’s plenty of depth too, with the likes of van de Beek, Fred, and Mata all being top-notch first-team contenders.

Even though United’s defense, on paper, seems as solid as they come, the fact is that they’ve conceded five goals in the first two matches. That’s not what good defenses do, and it takes no genius to realize their flaws.

On the attacking end, United’s pace, technical abilities, and experience ought to be enough to break through most defensive lines. They have no issues with chance creation, but conversion seems to be the thing they’ll have to work on going forward. Everyone expects a lot from Greenwood and Rashford, but I’m more interested in what Martial and Ighalo have to offer.

Tactical Approach

Let’s face it, 4-2-3-1 is the formation United will come out in on Sunday! Ole’s go-to tactical deployment seems to be working just like last season… but if it’s just like last season, I’m afraid it won’t be able to cut it. The board wants better results; the board wants a title race and a proper Champions League run. Ole will have to provide… otherwise, he might have to give the coaching stick to someone else…

Spurs Welcome Bale

Gareth Bale is back boys! Yep, the Welshmen is back to where he belongs; to the team that unearthed his true potential before he whole Real Madrid saga. Even though he’s yet to show off his prowess, Bale’s already looking much better. He’s looking relaxed, he’s smiling… and that could mean bad news for Solskjaer’s boys. But, more on that down below, for now, let’s focus on Tottenham’s run of form thus far.

Tottenham hasn’t lost a single match in seven matches. Truth be told, Leyton Orient, Lok. Plovdiv, Shkendija, and M. Haifa aren’t exactly the most prominent opponents out there, but Mourinho’s side was nothing but impressive. Take their last Europa League match against Israelian M. Haifa as the perfect example. 7-2 was the final score, and it ought to raise red flags for United’s shaky defense.

Key Players

You’d like me to say that Gareth Bale will be the man to watch on Sunday, wouldn’t you? And while I do think the Welshmen will be an important part of Mourinho’s team, I doubt he’ll be the key orchestrator. That title will likely go to either Lo Celso, Sn, or Lucas. They’re going to be the players that’ll try to counter United’s midfield and push the ball forward to Kane almighty.

Goalscoring-wise, all eyes are pointing towards the 27-year-old Englishmen. He already has three Premier goals to his tally, coupled with five more in Europa League, three in the last match. He’s enjoying himself out there and will be a real menace in United’s six-yard box.

Is Bale even going to play on Sunday? Well, I honestly hope he will… at least as a super-sub late on in the second half. His pace could make all the difference for Tottenham, that’s for sure!

Tactical Approach

Mourinho’s tactical approaches are all over the place. It’s nothing surprising really, considering the ever-changing style of play the Portuguese strategist seems to be pursuing. He’s given up on his old ways, or so it seems, so it’s difficult to pinpoint what sort of strategical deployment he’s going to come up with for Sunday.

He’s not going to be all-out attacking, that’s for sure. Away games at Old Trafford were always tricky for Tottenham, and this one will be no different… so I see no reason why Mou’s Spurs will want to rush things. We can expect a slow first half, and pretty much everything in the second.

Manchester United vs Spurs Betting Predictions

Here comes the tricky part – the actual Manchester United vs. Spurs betting predictions. But first, here are some fun facts for you.

Fun Facts:
  • Manchester United Premier League record with Spurs is pretty good. In their last three meetings, United won two times, and one match ended in a draw.

  • There hasn’t been a single Premier League draw at Old Trafford between these two teams in the last fourteen encounters. United have won eleven; Spurs have wone three.

  • Manchester United lost both of their opening home games just four times in their history. They lost against Crystal Palace two weeks ago, and could potentially face the fifth one on Sunday.

Mourinho’s Spurs will score against this shaky Manchester United defense. There’s no way in-form Kane and Spurs’ boys miss out on the opportunity to push one in behind De Gea. However, can Spurs’ defense hold their ground against Rashford and the boys? Well, judging by United’s goalscoring record, Mourinho will have to prepare one heck of a pep talk ahead of the match.

The Bet
United to win/both teams score

We’re going in risky, boys! +275 on a nice little combo here. Both teams are likely to score, and United should settle this one with a W. The stats are on their end – they better not disappoint us!

If you’re looking for less risky options, a clean match-winner on United goes for -110 at the moment. Both teams to score is at -143, so pick your poison carefully!

That’s all for our Manchester United vs. Spurs betting predictions. Thank you all for sticking till the very end and fingers crossed we get the results we need from this one!

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