The Netherlands vs. Austria UEFA EURO 2020 Betting Predictions and Match Analysis

We’re all done with the first round of group stage matches on the ongoing UEFA EURO 2020! There were several surprises thus far, but plenty more to come, that’s for sure!

What about The Netherlands vs. Austria picks?

Are they going the way of the upset, or follow the stream and favor Oranje in this one? Well, the only way to find out is to read the whole piece!

UEFA EURO 2020 Betting Predictions

We’ve had a mix of success with our UEFA EURO 2020 betting picks thus far! But hey, you win some you lose some; that’s the way of the bettor! However, we’re here to wrap our heads around The Netherlands vs. Austria pick. The game might not be as straightforward as it seems at first.

Given how both teams played in their openers, we could be in for a proper contest tomorrow!

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The Netherlands Betting Preview

Despite not having Virgil van Dijk ruling the defensive line with an iron fist, the Netherlands won their opening match. Truth be told, VVD’s absence was felt on more than a few occasions. Oranje spilled a two-goal lead in the second half, but managed to get back ahead thanks to Dumfries’ brilliant header in the 85th minutes.

Needless to say, Ukraine vs. the Netherlands was the best match of the opening round of the EURO.

The sheer passion, both teams’ performances, and brilliant goals, were what made it so darn good. Much of the same can be said about Austria vs. North Macedonia too. There was flair, sweet goals, and historical moments.

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Come to think of it; I am not quite sure which of these two played better in their opener. Score-wise, it was Austria… but North Macedonia is nowhere near the quality of Ukraine, and I’m certain Zynchenko and the co. will prove that tomorrow.

Back to the Netherlands vs. Austria picks:
I expect Oranje to start with their typical aggression very early on. They might even score a goal in the opening 30 minutes. But, Austria’s attacking prowess will come to fruition, if not in the first, then definitely in the second half. That’s what I reckon will happen tomorrow!

Austria Betting Preview

Even though North Macedonia played a solid game last week, scoring their first-ever goal on a major event, they couldn’t hold off potent Austria’s attack in the last 15ish minutes, which led to not one but two late goals in their net.

Arnautovic, who came in off the bench in the 59th minute, scored in the 89th-minute brace, with Gregoritsch scoring the 2:1 goal just 11 minutes earlier.

Overall, Sabitzer was on top of his game in midfield, while David Alaba did all he could on both defensive and attacking ends. Alaba came in with the assist on Austria’s second goal – and it was a superb assist, mind you!

What to expect from Austria in the second round against the Netherlands?

Well, now that they have three points, they are the creators of their own fate. If they snatch at least one point away from the Dutch tomorrow, they’ll have a wide-open shot at the top spot against Ukraine.

Please Note:
If, however, they win, they’re through to the playoffs, no questions asked. Should they lose, however, group C will be anyone’s contest coming into the final round… with the Netherlands, obviously, at the unreachable top spot.

The Netherlands vs. Austria Betting Predictions

The time has come for us to wrap up our “The Netherlands vs. Austria picks”! We’ve closely examined both sides, and I firmly believe we’re ready to call it a day.

Unfortunately, I’m not going with a straightforward win for the favorites…

In this case, the Dutch national team. While I do believe they are the stronger side here, at -175, a match-winner on Depay and the company isn’t the best option.

However, we can rest assured Oranje will score a goal. Alongside that, we can also rest assured their defensive line will make at least one mistake that’ll lead to a conceded goal. Even if they don’t, Austria has fine attackers ready to pounce at even the slightest of openings in the final third.

With all that in mind, opting for both teams to score at -125 is what we’re going with for this one!

The Netherlands vs. Austria Picks
Both Teams to Score!

Both teams to score at -125 is a real treat here. We all know they can score; they made sure of that in the opener matches where they both scored three.

To be fair, Austria had a much easier opponent to deal with.

Debutants from North Macedonia stood their ground, but I doubt they’re near the level of the fiery Ukrainian team.

That said, I expect plenty of goals here.
The Dutch team has a ton of firepower in the final third, and the same can be said for Austria too. We’re looking at two attack-minded forces here, so both teams to score at -125 seems like a no-brainer!

As always, thanks for reading the whole piece; fingers crossed we see a goalfest on the Netherlands vs. Austria tomorrow.

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