United States vs Netherlands Pick – 2019 Women’s World Cup – July 7th

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Yep, we’ve finally reached the Women’s World Cup Grand Finals. On Sunday, we’ll get to see the Netherlands square off against the heavy favorites, United States. Even though this isn’t the grand finals we expected, I’m sure both teams will do their best not to let anyone down. Especially the Dutch team, as this is their first time participating in the grand finals of such a huge competition. Needless to say, the rest of this article is going to be all about United States vs Netherlands betting predictions. I’ll talk about the chances of a potential upset, as well as assess the strengths, weaknesses, and the latest matches of both teams.

But, before that, let’s see which soccer betting sites are the ideal choices for betting on the Women’s World Cup grand finals!

Where to bet on Women’s World Cup 2019 | Best Soccer Betting Sites

First of all, it doesn’t take a genius to realize Women World Cup bets are available pretty much everywhere. All online soccer betting sites feature the event. However, some of them just scratch the surface with match-winner options, while only a few dig deeper and make proper coverage.

If you want to get the best out of the WWC grand finals match between USA and Netherlands, you’ll have to find a betting site which features a vast number of specials. In fact, at the end of this United States vs Netherlands betting predictions, you’ll find a whole section dedicated to special bets. Needless to say, specials make online soccer betting much more fun and give bettors a whole new set of opportunities to test out, which is exactly why your bookie of choice needs to have a wide variety.

If you don’t know where to find such a website, make sure you check out our best soccer betting sites guide. It will fill you up on all the necessary info and help you join a top-tier bookie!

United States vs Netherlands Betting Predictions

Now that we got that out of the way, let’s focus on the actual United States vs Netherlands betting predictions. After all, this is the grand finals match so there’s definitely a lot of excitement before the kickoff whistle. No worries though, there’s still a few days before the match so you can take your time to create the perfect accumulator.

However, if you came here looking for the freshest news and analyses regarding these two teams, you’re at the right place. That’s exactly what we’ll be covering in the next few sections.

Of course, once we’re done with assessing the teams, I’ll guide you through my thoughts on the United States vs Netherlands betting predictions!

Stars and Stripes March On

Let’s start off with the heavy favorites, United States. We all know the USA is a force to be reckoned with in the world of women’s soccer. To put things into perspective, the USA is on a 15-match unbeaten run. In their last 28 matches, they won 24, drew 3 and lost one. And that one lost match was a friendly fixture against France, at the very start of 2019. Their overall record is amazing, something the Dutch team will have to be very wary of.

Things become even crazier once we start digging deeper. For example, their goal ratio in 2019 is 53 scored and 13 conceded goals across 16 matches. That’s 3.3 scored goals per match, talk about clinical finishing.

Sure, their defensive record isn’t that good, with slightly over 0.8 conceded goals per match. As far as their defensive line goes, they seem to be struggling against tougher opponents. And we all know the Netherlands is exactly that.

As stated above, Jill Ellis’ team is the heavy favorite coming into this match. And rightfully so, if I may add. Not only do they have an admirable starting eleven, but their depth goes a long way too. The America-English strategist is known for wild squad rotations, especially in the later stages of the tournaments. Different names on the team sheet, vastly different tactical approaches and formation switching are her main trades. It’s her way of confusing the opposition, and so far, her approach seems to be working just fine.

Despite Ellis’ hectic approach to squad rotations, we can still expect another high-pressure display from her team. High-pressing and counter-attacking plays were the bread and butter of this USA team throughout the competition. It will be really intriguing to see will such gameplay work against the Dutch’s high-possession approach!

Questions Regarding Rapinoe

Megan Rapinoe, United StatesFor those of you who’ve missed USA’s semifinals match against England, there was a lot of fuss regarding Megan Rapinoe starting the match on the bench. In fact, the 33-year old USA striker didn’t even come on for the occasion. Now, obviously, Twitter and the media immediately started asking questions, the biggest of which revolved around Rapinoe’s beef with the POTUS, Donald Trump. For Trump, it’s just one of his usual Twitter feuds. However, at the first glance it seemed as though Rapinoe was benched due to her statement about not going to the White House if they win the WWC.

However, later on, the media got a better hold of the story and announced it was purely a strategic move. Megan Rapinoe, who scored all four USA goals in the playoffs, is 33 years old. And, quite frankly, she’s had her fair share of minutes in this tournament already. Some media outlets had a different explanation – Rapinoe was out due to a hamstring injury.

While I can’t say for sure if either of these reasons is true, I really do hope we see Megan Rapinoe back in business for the grand finals match. Her efficiency and attacking vision will definitely be needed to break the rock-solid Dutch defense.

Can Oranje Go all the Way?

Believe it or not, this is the first time the Netherlands woman’s soccer team will be competing for the grandest title of them all. Thus far, they had several solid campaigns but always failed to win the crucial knockout matches. This time around, they found luck on French soil and will be hoping to come out on top against all odds.

Obviously, the Netherlands woman’s soccer team is a heavy underdog coming into this match. Even though they reached the finals by eliminating the likes of Sweden, Italy, and Japan, most people still believe the USA will swallow them whole. After all, we’re talking about the greatest women’s soccer team of all time.

As far as their stats go, they are nowhere near those of the USA. However, they’re still unbeaten in 10 matches and are looking outright terrifying in terms of set-piece efficiency. That’s something Ellis’ team will have to keep in mind, especially considering the Dutch goals vs Italy.

In terms of their playstyle, the Netherlands has adopted a rather passive approach, mostly based on possession. As I’ve said before their semifinals match against Sweden, the Netherlands try to wear their opposition out in the first half, and the show all their might in the second. Even though this plan didn’t work against Sweden (well, a part of it, at least), it’s still a great example of what we can expect from them in the grand finals.

It will be a tough contest, obviously. Especially knowing USA’s aggressive pressure from very early on. If Ellis keeps this approach, we might see a couple of tired legs on the pitch even before the halftime whistle. Yes, I really do think that highly of the Dutch team’s ability to maintain possession.

Even though the USA has beaten the Dutch six consecutive times with 22-2 goal difference to their tally, they haven’t faced off in a head to head match since 2016. Since then, the Netherlands won the 2017 EURO, with both their starting eleven and roster depth looking much stronger than three years ago.

Set-Piece Prowess Might Pay Off

As I mentioned already, the USA will have to keep an eye out for the Dutch set-piece specialists. And I’m not just talking about direct free kicks here. We’re talking long direct kicks into the box, corners, heck, the Dutch can be dangerous from throw-ins from the opponents’ third.

Sure, their late winning goal by Groenen in their semifinals extra time win over Sweden wasn’t from a set-piece. However, if the USA doesn’t do its homework on this topic, they could end up on the wrong end of the dead ball spectrum.

Who to Bet on?

Here comes the tricky part of these United States vs Netherlands betting predictions. For starters, here’s how I expect this match to go:

Obviously, Ellis’ team will come into this match guns blazing, with high pressure and runs for every loose ball on their opposition’s half. This is, of course, to try and catch the Dutch passive, possession-driven playstyle on the wrong foot, and perhaps score an easy goal right off the bat.

If things don’t go USA’s way and they fail to score an early goal, their high-pressure playstyle might take a toll on their stamina. Especially knowing just how good the Dutch team is at keeping possession and slowing down the game’s pace. If Ellis continues to force the same aggressive approach throughout the first half, her players ought to feel their muscles coming into the late second half.

And that’s exactly when I expect Wiegman’s players to show all their might. Just like we’ve seen in their match against Sweden – a dull first half that completely opened up after the 15-minute break. Even though there were no goals in regular time (thanks to both goalies), their late aggression could be the deciding factor in this match.

As far as match-winner betting is concerned, I really can’t pick a clear winner here. Once again, United States is the heavy favorite here, and the odds show it. At the moment, the USA to win sits at -235 while the Netherlands are at +650. A massive difference, right? Much more than the actual margins between the team, in my opinion.

Well, if you already have your mind set on match-winner betting, the only thing I can recommend is to test your luck with a small stake single on the Netherlands. At +650, the return is decent enough to justify a small to medium stake, that’s for sure!

Small to medium stake on the Netherlands to win at +650.

Women’s World Cup Special Bets

Now this section was a proper banger last time out. The USA vs England, I pointed out an interesting special, the USA to win and England to miss a penalty. The odds were at +2500, and we totally nailed that one. As I said back then, it’s kind of a long shot, but knowing USA’s quality and England’s history of missing penalties in crucial matches, it was a no-brainer.

This time around, we’ll be taking a look at a few similar bets regarding the United States vs Netherlands betting predictions! First off, I’d like to repeat a point I already made earlier, we’re most likely going to see a goalless first half. Yep, despite USA’s ability to score early goals, that’s where my money is on this match!

Even though many people underestimate the Netherlands and their style of play, I for one think it’s the perfect match for USA’s aggression. Slowing down the pace, cementing their position as the dominant side in the possession and wearing out their opponents. The question is, will Ellis’ teams allow this to happen? Considering all that, the first half will obviously be a battle of wits, so first half total goals under 0.5 at +190 seems pretty reasonable.

Furthermore, another interesting special with solid odds is Megan Rapinoe to score and the USA to win. Yeah, I know it’s still unclear whether or not the 33-year old will play on Sunday, but if she does, you can definitely expect her to pull off a proper screamer. Who knows, perhaps that’ll be the one and only goal in the entire match.

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