Darts Betting

Darts has been one of the fastest growing sports since the turn of the millennium in terms of both viewing figures and player numbers. For years the game has been synonymous with that of a sport played primarily in pubs and taverns around the world. However, the upturn in darts has arrived at the same time many public houses have been showing massive declines in sales, with many closing down.

Professional darts have two leagues to speak of, the PDC (Professional Darts Corporation) and BDO (British Darts Corporation). The BDO was the original and only league from its birth in 1973 before a rebel league in the PDC broke away with many top players. The PDC is now widely regarded as the crème de la crème of the darts world with many tournaments boasting hundreds of thousands of pounds in prize money.

For a number of years, darts has been rivalled only by that of football in terms of viewing figures on the UK’s Sky Sports with over 1 million viewers for the PDC World Championship in 2007. Internationally darts pulls in crowds well in excess of the million mark in Holland, with Germany not far behind with a reported 700,000 tuning in for the same event. This rapid increase in popularity has seen many bookmakers compile markets for all sorts of darts matches and competitions, whilst also including live in play markets.

Darts Betting Sites

Many top online bookmakers have seen dart as a fantastic up and coming sport in which people often like to have a flutter on. Companies such as Sky Bet (Premier League of Darts), Bodog (World Grand Prix), Stan James (World Match play), Blue Square (UK Open) and Ladbrokes (World Championship) are all major sponsors for competitions held around the world.

It’s safe to say that any of the named sites above will feature comprehensive betting markets in which, as a punter, an array of contrasting bets and odds can be found.

Whilst a company such as Bet365.com has yet to sponsor a major darting event, there is no doubt that they are up there with the best when it comes to choosing the best darts betting sites. There are very few competitions that they don’t cover and their odds are often unrivaled in the world of bookmaking.

Which markets to look out for?

Most darts betting markets are often made up of that of choosing the outright winner of a match or competition. This makes betting limited on a lot of betting formats. Looking further afield, live in play betting is one of the fastest growing markets currently available to online bettors.

As each game pans out, you can bet on thing such as; player to win next leg, highest checkout, 3 dart average, will player hold their throw and overall time of leg. Darts can be a ferociously fast sport, so these live markets can often fluctuate greatly often with prices overreacting to initial results. This makes it a great betting extension for a punter looking for some serious value.

Darts Betting Tips

Sportsbooks are often very shrewd when it comes pricing a darts betting market. The difference at the top of the player pool compared to that of the bottom (or even the middle) of the professional game is simply a huge gulf in ability.

It’s for this reason that we recommend using accumulators in your betting strategy as a way of increasing the odds of what will essentially be a group of players as firm odds on favourites. For each round of a competition look to pick people who are the ‘dead cert.’ of that round, before adjusting your bets accordingly for the next round.

If you do choose to take on the underdog, then look at tournaments or games that are competed over a shorter period of time. The less time the favorite has to get into their rhythm, the more chance of their being an upset on the cards.

Darts Spread Betting

The world of spread betting on European based sports is one that continues to rise. Darts has been a part of this rise with a range of interesting markets to choose from. Often a one that catches many bettors eye is that of the 180 tournament market. It’s basically taking the over or under on how many 180’s will be thrown throughout the entire tournament. If big players have deep runs then buying the line could turn out be very profitable, however a few early casualties could make the sell line that bit more tempting.