Darts Betting Guide

Darts Betting GuideThe chances are that you’ve tossed a dart at least once or twice in your life. No matter if it was in a bar or in your friend’s garage, dart boards are pretty standard to come across in many different places. With roots dating back to the late 1800s, darts has been around for quite some time, and it is a very popular choice for the sports betting crowd.

In this guide to darts betting, we’ll get you quickly up to speed on everything that you need to know about the topic. In the sections below, we’ll give you the low down on darts betting strategy, popular bets, and the best online sportsbooks to use to bet on darts. Our goal is to equip you with as much information as possible so that you’re more informed as you do your darts betting.

Best Darts Betting Sites

If you’re already pretty well versed in darts betting and you’re just looking for an online sportsbook where you can place your wagers, we’ve got some suggestions for you. Below, we’ve included a list of the best darts betting sites out there. We’ve researched these sites to make sure that they are the cream of the crop. Each one of these websites is a trusted place that offers some excellent darts action and betting lines.

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For those of you that are newer to betting on darts, we’ve got lots more for you below. We understand if you’re not quite ready to jump into betting on darts online. After you learn about darts betting below, you can circle back to this section when you’re ready to begin placing darts wagers online.

Darts Betting Strategy

Darts betting strategy is very similar to the approach that you would use to bet on any other sport. In this section, we’ll discuss darts betting strategy at a high level. By no means is this guaranteed to help you become a successful darts bettor overnight. However, this information will assist you in gaining a good understanding of some basic strategy for betting on darts.

Understand the Basics

The first thing that you should do before betting on darts is make sure you understand the basics surrounding it. Below, we’ll highlight just some of the areas that you should have a good understanding of. By being informed, you’ll be able to make more knowledgeable betting decisions, which will hopefully help you choose correctly more often than not.

  • Up first, you’ll want to have a good understanding of the game of darts. If it’s not a game that you’ve played much of, start by researching it. Your goal should be to know how the game works. A simple Google search or two, and you’ll be on your way to understanding much more about how the game functions.
  • Once you get a handle on the game itself, work to learn more about some of the players of the game. Checking out their background and their historical statistics is a good starting point. You can also find statistics relating to former head-to head-matches to see how well they have played against one another in the past.
  • Other areas to investigate pertaining to players are injuries and their form. As with any sport, injuries do happen, and they can have a significant impact on how players play. Your goal should be to know when a player is injured and use that information to make an improved betting decision. Outside of injuries, also check out their playing form. For darts players, form can significantly impact their consistency of performance. With some research, you can find out what form the players have and learn how that might affect your potential wagers.
  • Finally, we’d suggest that you understand tournament formats before betting on them. It’s worth noting that some tournaments function differently from others. Therefore, you’ll want to understand basic tournament structure along with knowing how the specific one that you’re planning to bet on is structured. Be sure to know things such as how many legs and sets there are in a match.

Start Slow and Small

If you’re a newbie to betting on darts, we’d suggest that you ease into it by starting slow and small. While it might be enticing to want to jump all in, it’s best if you walk before you run. Make sure that you understand the basics above before you wager a penny on the game. Once you are ready to begin, use small wagers on more basic bets. As you gain a better understanding of the game and betting on it, you can start to expand how much you bet and what wagers you utilize.

Manage Your Bankroll

As with any form of betting, bankroll management is a big piece of the overall picture. For those of you that are new to sports betting, your bankroll is the amount of money that you have for betting on sports. If you’re not properly managing your bankroll, then you might find yourself without funds to continue betting on darts, or anything else for that matter.

Here’s an example:

One theory on bankroll management says that you should never bet more than one percent of your bankroll on any given bet. In that scenario, you’d never bet more than $10 if you had a $1,000 bankroll for betting.

There are many different theories and methods relating to bankroll management. Unfortunately, we are not able to cover them all in this write-up. What we’d suggest is that you do some research to find a bankroll management solution that best fits your betting needs. If you’re currently using a bankroll management technique, then you’re most likely in good shape. However, if you’re not using one at this time, we’d highly suggest you get one going forward so that you can help stretch out your betting dollars.

The Most Popular Darts Bets

In this section, we’re going to highlight the most popular darts bets. If you’re new to betting on darts, this will be an excellent place for you to learn about all of the options available to you. For those of you that are experienced darts bettors, you can use this to learn about new bet types, as well as a good way for you to brush up on things.

Correct Score

Up first, one of the most popular darts bets is the correct score wager. Using this type of bet, you’ll try to predict the final score of a game correctly. When placing your wager, you’ll end up picking something like the following: Player A: 7 / Player B: 11. As it is harder to predict the exact score of a match than the outright winner, correct score wagers have higher odds, which means that you’ll make more if you correctly pick them.

Match Winner

One of the most fundamental darts bets out there is the match winner wager. With this wager, you’ll be merely selecting which of the two players that you think will win the match. You’ll either select Player A or Player B to win the overall match. If you’re able to pick correctly, you’ll win your wager.

It’s worth noting that in some tournaments, there might be a draw option available for this bet. In this instance, you’ll have three options to select from: Player A Win, Player B Win, or Draw. With this draw option, you’ll be betting that the match will end in a draw. In general, it’s pretty rare to find darts tournaments that have a draw option. However, we wanted to make sure that we informed you in case you came across this in your darts betting adventures.

Tournament Outright Winner

This wager functions much like the match winner bet described above. However, for this wager, you’ll be picking which player that you think will win the entire tournament. As opposed to picking from just two players in a match, you’ll be selecting from every player in the tournament. For you to win your bet, you’ll need to correctly decide which player will rise above all of the others to win the tournament.

Total 180s

If you’re new to darts in general, one of the things that you should know is that a score of 180 is the highest score that you can hit with three darts. Since this is the maximum score possible, it’s something that all players seek to hit as often as possible. 180s are also something that you can bet on as a sports bettor.

In the case of the total 180s wager, you’ll be betting on the total number of 180s hit during a match. This bet functions as an over/under bet. Here’s how it works: the sportsbook will publish an amount of 180s that they think will happen during the match. You’ll then wager if you think that the total number of 180s will be more or less than that amount.

For example:

A sportsbook could publish a total of 8.5 for the expected number of 180s in a particular match. If you think that the total will be less than that, you will wager on the under. To win that wager, you’ll need the total number of 180s to be 8 or less. On the opposite side of things, you can also bet the over. If you think that the total number of 180s will be 9 or more, then you bet the over.

What’s nice about this wager is that you don’t have to be exact. With the over/under bet setup, you just need to bet against the number that the sportsbook publishes. This is an easy bet for beginners to test out, since there are only two options.

Most 180s

Another way to bet on 180s is to bet on the most 180s. Using this wager, you’ll pick which of the two players in the match that you think will score the most 180s throughout the match. As there is the possibility of the two having the same amount of 180s during the match, there is also a draw option. In short, you’ll select from three options: Player A, Player B, or Draw. Luckily, you don’t have to know exactly how many 180s the players will have. You only need to select which one that you think will have more or if you think there will be a draw between the two.

Player 180s

This type of darts wager is very similar to the Total 180s bet above. However, instead of betting on the total number of 180s for both players in the match, you’ll be betting on the total number of 180s for an individual player. Like the Total 180s wager, the Player 180s bet is another over/under one. Therefore, the sportsbook will publish the total number of 180s that they think the player will earn during the match. Your job is then to pick if you believe that the player will score more or fewer 180s than the published amount.

First 180

One final type of wager that you can make including a 180 is the First 180 wager. For this bet, you’ll select which of the two players in the match that you think will be the first to earn a 180. With this wager, you only have two options to select from: Player A or Player B. If you can correctly choose the player that will earn the first 180 of the match, then you’ll win your bet!

Nine Dart Finish

In the game of darts, nine darts are the fewest number of darts that a player can utilize to win a leg of a match. With a Nice Dart Finish wager, you’re betting if you think that there will be a nine-dart finish in the leg. For this bet, it’s a simple choice of yes or no. Choose the one that you think is correct and then hope that you’re right.

Handicap Two Way

If you’re a regular sports bettor, then you’re probably familiar with the idea of betting on the spread. For example, in a football match, the favored team might have a spread of -8. Using this spread, the sportsbook is handicapping the better team and creating the best guess of how much they will win by.

Using a Handicap Two Way wager, you can also bet on the spread of darts matches. In this case, the sportsbook will issue a spread on the two players in the match. The favored player will have a negative spread, and the underdog will have a positive spread for the same amount.

For example:

Player A might have a spread of -1.5 and Player B would have a spread of +1.5. In this case, Player A is favored to win the match by 1.5 sets or more.

To bet this type of wager, you’ll be deciding which of the two players will cover their spread. In the sample above, if you bet on Player A, they will need to win by two sets or more for you to win the bet. On the converse, if you were to bet on Player B to cover the spread, they would need to either win the match or lose by just one set.

Highest Player Checkout

Another ordinary darts term is the checkout. A checkout is the final three darts thrown by a player to end the leg of a match. One thing to note is that the checkout must end on a double number such as double 20.

With a Highest Player Checkout bet, you’ll be wagering on how high an individual player’s highest checkout will be during a match. This type of wager is structured as an over/under wager. Therefore, the sportsbook will issue an amount that they think will be the amount of the player’s highest checkout. All that you need to do is choose if you feel that the player’s highest checkout will come in under or over that amount. If you’re able to pick correctly, then you’ll win your bet.

Highest Match Checkout

Instead of having to pick the highest checkout of an individual player, you can also wager on the highest checkout of the match. Using the Highest Match Checkout bet, you can wager on what you think the highest checkout will be. Structured as an over/under wager, you’ll get a posted amount from the sportsbook. Then, you just need to decide if you think that the highest checkout from either player during the match will be over or under that amount.

Live Betting

If you enjoy betting on darts action, you might also consider betting on darts using live betting. Using this format, you’ll be able to bet on in-play action. As opposed to only betting before the match or leg, live betting allows you to bet while the action is happening. Many of the wagers described above are available for shorter terms using live betting action. If you’ve never tried out live betting, check it out. Currently, it’s one of the hottest trends in the sports betting community.

The Big Picture – Darts Betting

Betting on darts is a great way to enjoy the game even more. Hopefully, our guide has helped equip you with more information so that you can become an improved darts bettor. For those of you that are new to betting on darts, try slowly easing into things with some of the more simple wagers such as match winner and tournament outright winner. For those of you that are more advanced, you can utilize some of the more complicated wagers to help you try out new things in your darts betting strategy. Thanks for reading, and best of luck in your continued darts betting adventures.