NFL Prop Betting

Prop betting is extremely popular in the NFL, and is especially popular for the Super Bowl.

What is Prop Betting?

A prop bet is basically any type of side bet that does not have anything to do with the final outcome of the game. “Prop Bet” is short form for proposition bet. These NFL prop bets range from individual player performances, exact scores, team win totals, and more. We will give some example of NFL prop bets below to help you further understand.

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Examples of NFL Prop Betting

There are lots of different prop bets you can place for the NFL – I will go over just a few of the different types of prop betting you can do.

Division Winners – Before and even during the NFL season a lot of sportsbooks will offer prop bets on the team to win each division. Each team will be given odds and you can select which team you think will win the division at the end of the regular season. For the 2010 NFL season the odds on winning the AFC North division looked like this: Baltimore -115, Pittsburgh +275, Cincinnati +340, and Cleveland +1600.

Regular Season Win Totals – Sportsbooks will set a number for each NFL team on their regular season win total. Bettors will then be able to place bets on either over or under that number, with different lines set for each side of the prop bet. For example, in the 2010 NFL season the Saints have a regular season win total set at 10.5, and bettors can choose the Saints to win more (the over) than 10.5 games at +105 or less (the under) than 10.5 games at -125. Regular season win totals is one of the more popular preseason NFL prop bets.

MVP and Rookie of The Year Prop Bets – Some books will allow you to place prop bets on who will win the MVP and even offensive and defensive rookie of the year. A list of players will be given with odds and there will also be an option to bet “the field” which includes any player not on the list.

Individual Player Game Performances – When the season begins you will be able to do prop betting on different outcomes within each game. One of the popular NFL prop bets is on individual performances within the game. For example, a prop bet may be “How many touchdowns will Peyton Manning throw?”. You will then be given the set line – let’s say 2.5 – which you will be able to place a bet on him throwing for over or under 2.5 touchdowns in the game.

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Super Bowl Prop Bets

The Super Bowl is famous for its prop betting. You will have the option to place normal prop bets that you have seen available on games all year, but there will be a lot more options for the Super Bowl. You will also see a lot of very strange, weird and funny prop bets that you can wager on for the Super Bowl. Some of my favorite NFL Super Bowl prop bets include betting on the coin toss, the length of the national anthem, and the color of Gatorade dumped on the winning coach. My favorite sportsbook for Super Bowl prop bets is definitely Bovada – check them out.

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