Top Ranked AAF Betting Sites for 2022

Alliance of American Football LogoOne of the newest professional football leagues to burst onto the scene is the Alliance of American Football (AAF). Just like their NFL counterpart, you can bet on AAF games at one of many of the top AAF betting sites available on the web. But, how do you know which are the top AAF betting sites and which are the sketchy duds that you want to avoid?

Well, you don’t have to worry about that because we did the work for you. Below, you’ll find a list of the hottest and best AAF betting sites available to take your action right now!

Betting Site
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1BetOnline Logo BetOnline

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2 Bovada

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3 BetUS

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4 Everygame

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5 MyBookie

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What makes these the top AAF betting sites and how can we be sure these aren’t the duds? Great question! There are no online betting sites out there that are 100% dedicated to only offering bets on the AAF. When we talk about an AAF betting site, we are referring to an established sportsbook that has decided to expand their reach to offer betting action on the AAF.

So, what we’re looking for when developing our list of the top AAF betting sites online are the following few things. First, they have to offer extensive betting action on the AAF. If they only have a few bets you can make on a few games, that’s not good enough for us. Even though the league is newer, we still want extensive betting flexibility.

Second, we need the betting site to be a top sportsbook overall. This means they need to be trustworthy, safe, secure, reputable, have excellent customer service, a great mobile, and desktop betting interface, and everything else that goes into a top-notch sportsbook. If you’d like to see the full list of the criteria we look at when analyzing the quality of an online sportsbook, check out our “How We Rank” page now.

I’ve Got a Hot Tip! Get Me Betting NOW!

Some of you might be new to betting on the AAF (as it’s brand new), or you may be brand new to betting on sports altogether. You may have a hot tip you just got or a burning desire to get into the action right now, and you want to know how to get started NOW!

We’ve got you covered. Below, you’ll find the quick steps you need to take right now to get into the action in a matter of minutes. The hard-hitting action of the AAF waits for nobody.

1. Pick out one of the top AAF betting sites.
Take a minute and look at a few of the top online sites we’ve recommended. Find one that you like the interface, like the deposit options, and feel at home at. They’re all incredible online sportsbooks, but each offers a slightly different experience.
2. Create an account and make a deposit.
You’ll want to create your free account and pick out a username and password. You’ll need to put in your email address and a few other details. Then choose the deposit option that is most convenient for you and make a deposit. There are a LOT of different options to choose from, so it should be simple.
3. Navigate to the AAF betting section and make your bets.
All these AAF betting sites have extremely easy-to-use user interfaces. Navigate to the football betting and then AAF betting section. Pick out the bet or bets that you want to make and put them in! All that’s left after this is to sit back, enjoy the game, and hopefully win big!


Betting on the AAF vs. the NFL

Unless you’re the rare few who watch more arena football or some other obscure league the most, you’re most likely coming to the AAF from an NFL background. While the criteria for the best AAF betting sites is the same as it is for the NFL, there are some marked differences between betting on the AAF and the NFL.

In the sections below, we want to point out some of these differences so that you can approach this in the best way possible. Spoiler alert, betting on the AAF provides a lot more opportunities to find value and make winning bets than the NFL does due to its newer nature and market size. Let’s break it down for you now.

Smaller Betting Market – More Value Opportunities

Let’s just start with the main fact you need to know – there are fewer people betting on the AAF than there are betting on the NFL. Not by a few people, but by a lot! In fact, there are tons of people who bet on the NFL who don’t even know that the AAF exists.

What does this mean for you?

It means that you can find more value opportunities when you’re betting on the AAF. When the betting market is smaller, betting lines are much more likely to move and move more aggressively. When there is $10 million bet on a game from all bettors, a $1,000 bet isn’t going to do much. But, when there is only $10,000 bet on a game from all bettors, even a couple-hundred-dollar bet may have an effect on the betting line.

This means that the betting public’s bets are going to shift the line much more frequently. Sometimes they will shift the line in the “right” direction which makes it a no bet for you. But there are going to be more times where they shift the line in the “wrong” direction, meaning that you’re going to be able to find some incredibly great lines and betting value.

Lesser Known Players – More Value Opportunities

One of the main reasons that the betting public will be betting the lines in the wrong direction is that the AAF is filled with much less well-known players. If we know anything about the betting public and the betting masses, they don’t like to do their homework. This means that you are going to have a lot of people betting on games with little to no knowledge about what they are doing.

Basically, they are going to be guessing. This again means that the lines are going to move in the wrong direction, creating awesome value opportunities for you. We guarantee that at the top AAF betting sites we’ve recommended above you are going to find some incredible lines that almost seem like you’re stealing on upcoming AAF games. Take advantage of the stupidity of the AAF betting public thanks to how new the league is and their lack of willingness to do homework.

The Underlying Theme

The common thread we’re trying to point out here is this: The AAF is so new that the betting public is clueless when it comes to knowing how to bet intelligently on the sport. The betting public is clueless on most sports, but it’s amplified on brand new sports like the AAF. Take advantage of these opportunities. They will always be there, but the value opportunities might not be as blatant down the road if the betting public wises up a little bit. They’ll never get sharp, but they always do improve a little bit the older a sport or league gets.

What’s Important in an AAF Betting Site

Still not sure which of the top AAF betting sites we’ve recommended is best for you? Or, maybe you have a site you’ve been told about that is not on the list and you want to know if it’s worth it or not? Well, knowing what is important in an AAF betting site specifically could help you to make those determinations. We covered a lot of this in our guide intro discussing what makes a great AAF sportsbook. But what we’d like to talk about here are the things specific to this sport and league that you should be looking for.

Overall Game Coverage

One of the first things you want to be looking for in an AAF betting site is their level of game coverage. In other words, are they offering action on every single game or just a few games every week? Or, are they not always putting up lines and only doing it when it’s convenient for them or requested by a particular bettor?

There are only eight teams in the league currently, so it really shouldn’t be that hard for an online sportsbook to put out action on four games. But, that’s just not the case. Make sure that you’re choosing an online sportsbook that gives you action throughout the entire season on every game. As you probably already guessed, every top AAF betting site on our list has action on every single game.

AAF Betting Flexibility

Not only do you need the ability to bet on every single AAF game (even if you don’t utilize that), you also need the ability to make more than just a moneyline or spread bet. We’re not looking for an endless list of props, alternative wagers, or other more obscure bets. All we are looking for are the main popular bets like moneylines, totals, spreads, and a few popular prop bets. If an AAF betting site can’t provide this much action, then you’re going to be severely limited in what you can do which means you will have predictions that go to waste.

Inclusive Bonuses and Promotions

While it’s one of the last things we look at when evaluating the quality of a sportsbook or online betting site, we still do care about bonuses, promotions, and VIP programs. If there is free money out there for the taking, we’d like to be included in that taking. You’ll want to make sure that the betting site you are choosing includes AAF betting in their bonuses, promotions, and VIP programs.

This should be the case at most sportsbooks (even the crummy ones), but you just want to be sure. Sometimes you’ll see sportsbook/casino combos where they have a ton of awesome promotions, but they’re just for the casino side of things and sports betting or AAF betting don’t count.

Don’t leave free money out there if it’s available. Yes, all the AAF betting sites we’ve recommended at the top of the page include AAF betting and sports betting in their promos. In fact, some of the sites have specific sports betting and football betting promos for AAF bettors.

Different Levels of AAF Betting Sites

In other sports like the NFL, you have different levels of betting sites. You have some sites that cater to absolute beginners and keep the options lower to avoid confusion. You have other sites that load you up with options that are great for professional bettors or aspiring professionals, but not great for beginners without a lot of patience.

When it comes to AAF betting sites, though, you’re really only going to find one level of betting site due to the size of the market and the newness of the league. You’re going to find AAF betting sites that are somewhere in the middle of built for beginners and built for experts. This is actually a pretty awesome compromise, and it makes things great for just about everyone.

You’ll have access to most of the popular types of bets and access to bets on all of the AAF games. But you’re probably not going to get the laundry list of prop bets and alternate lines that you’re used to when betting on the NFL. This shouldn’t bother you at all, though. The sheer value you are going to be getting thanks to the betting public should make you feel a whole lot better really quickly.

Getting Started Right Now

What are you still doing here? We’re just kidding; we’re happy to have you here. But the bets are not going to make themselves, and you can’t win what you don’t put into play. So, if you’re ready to get started betting on the AAF, you’re just minutes away.

You have two next steps you can take to get started now. One – scroll to the very top of the page and select one of the top AAF betting sites we’ve recommended and get started. Two – scroll up to the “Get Me Betting Now” section if you want a little more direction on how to get started.