The Top Asia Betting Sites

If you live in Asia or are temporarily in the area and looking for the best betting site options available, we’ve got you completely covered. Our team of review and ranking experts have scoured the web and pulled the top options available. Below, you’ll find the list of the absolute best of the best when it comes to betting online in Asia. If you’re ready to dive into the action now, click one of the sites below and get started now.

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The Different Types of Asia Betting Sites

There are three main types of Asia betting sites that you’re going to encounter. We felt it was important to give you a brief introduction to each of these, so you’ve got a better idea of what to expect. The three main types of betting sites are sportsbooks, racebooks, and casinos. You will notice that we also have something called “all-inclusive” that we will discuss as well.


The sportsbook is exactly what you think it is. This is a betting site that allows you to bet on the outcomes of sporting events. When we’re looking at racking and stacking Asia sportsbooks, we look for a lot of different things with a heavy emphasis on the different sports and bet types they offer. We want to see as much betting flexibility as possible (because we know that you want to as well).


A racebook is a mobile betting platform dedicated to horse and dog racing. When we’re analyzing the quality of a racebook, we mainly look for how many different tracks and races they offer action on throughout the day. We typically like to see action from tracks all over the world and at all time throughout the day.

It’s becoming rarer to see a standalone racebook online. Usually, you’re going to see them coupled with a sportsbook or a casino.


Everybody knows what a casino is! An online casino is one that offers action on table games, slots, and other special casino games where you’re competing against the house. Again, we look for game options, the quality of those games, and any special casino promos the site offers.

All-Inclusive Sites

When we say all-inclusive Asia betting sites, we’re referring to sites that combine two or all of the above types of sites. For example, this might be a sportsbook that also has a racebook, or it could be a casino, sportsbook, and racebook all rolled into one. When we look at these sites, we look at each segment separately. Often, we see sites that hit it out of the park with one area, but completely drop the ball with another. It’s rare to see a betting site that crushes in each department, but it does happen!

It’s also important to point out that when we’re racking and stacking our favorite Asia betting sites, we do put extra weight into the sportsbook side of things. This is because most of our readers are sports bettors first and gamblers second.

How to Choose an Asia Betting Site

Before we send you out into the wild world of online betting, we wanted to give you a few tips to help you pick out the best Asia betting site for you. These are the things that you want to be on the lookout for when making your selection. You will realize that a lot of these tips have to deal with your personal preference. Once you get past the must-haves, it all comes down to what works best for you. We can tell you what we recommend, but it’s always going to come down to what you’re looking for that makes the final decision.

Start with the Must-Haves

No matter what you are looking for in an Asia betting site, you have to start with the must-haves. These are the things that no matter what, you can’t sacrifice. These include the security of the site, the trustworthiness of the management team, the history and reputation of the site, customer complaints, and overall the fact that they operate on the up and up.

Without these things, the betting site is worthless.

Review the Sports They Cover

Once you get through the must-haves, it’s time to consider the personal preference choices you need to make. The first stop on the personal preferences train when selecting an Asia betting site is looking at which sports you want to bet. You need to make sure that the betting site you select offers the action you’re looking for. If you love to bet on cricket and they don’t offer cricket action, the site is no good for you. If you like to bet on American football and they don’t have it, what’s the point of joining that site?

When we pick out Asia betting sites to recommend, we always look for more, more, and more because we’re trying to find sites that satisfy as many of the readers we have as possible. But, for you, you only have to satisfy yourself. This means that all the betting site has to have is action on the sports that you’re looking to bet. If you never bet cricket, what do you care if they have action on it or not?

Figure out which sports are the ones you see yourself actively betting, and look for an Asia betting site that has those options available to you. For those of you that are brand new to betting and really have no idea where you’re going to end up betting, choose one of the sites we recommended because they have an extensive list of different sports to bet on. Most of the sites we have recommended offer action on at least 20-30+ sports with a ton of different leagues within each of those sports. You will have no problems getting action on pretty much anything and everything you might end up wanting to bet.

Review the Types of Bets They Offer

Finding action on the sports you want to bet when picking out an Asia betting site is only half of the equation. You’re also going to want to look and see if they offer the various types of bets that you like to bet. The levels of action offered on different sports are going to vary pretty greatly especially when you get outside of football (both), baseball, and basketball.

If you like to keep things simple and are really only into picking game winners and maybe some totals bets, you’re not really going to need to worry about this. But, if you’re someone who likes to vary what you bet and mix it up from time to time, you’ll want to take a quick peek at what kind of action is being offered.

Again, this is going to come down to your personal choices of what and how you like to bet. If you’re not someone who needs all the bells and whistles, then don’t fret if the betting site you like doesn’t have them. But, if you do like to use a lot of different bet types, hold out for a betting site that matches what you’re looking for. There are so many good options in the Asian market to choose from that there is no reason you should ever consider settling for less than what you want.

Please Note:
One thing we would like to add here because we know we have a lot of new sports bettors reading this article. There are absolutely no special odds you get when you use more complex bets when you bet on sports. For some reason, many sports bettors like to believe that if they utilize more complex bets, they gain access to some special hidden professional odds that make their ability to win much higher. This is simply not true.

The only way to make money betting on sports is to find value and pick winners. There are scores of professional sports bettors that do nothing but bet basic moneyline and spread bets. There are also plenty that make money with the more complex and less popular bets. The point we are making is that you should not feel obligated to complicate things unless you see a need for it. You can make just as much money with the simple and straightforward sports bets. But, if you want to get froggy with the complex bets, make sure the Asia betting site you pick can accommodate you.

Test Drive the Betting Interface

Blindly choosing an Asia betting site and creating an account without taking it for a spin first is silly. For those of you curious, silly is not an adjective you should want to be called when it comes to sports betting. We highly recommend that you take a little time before committing to a sports betting site and check out what they have to offer and how they work. Almost every site (even the garbage ones) will let you flip through the site and even put bets onto a betting slip without creating an account. This means you have zero investment in the site in case it’s not what you’re looking for.

Additionally, it’s probably important to point out that if you do end up creating an account and depositing with a betting site you don’t like, it’s not the end of the world. Accounts are free to make, and the worst thing that will happen is you’ll have to wait to cash your funds out and move them to a better site. But, this is why we recommend the test drive. Avoid that hassle and start with a reputable Asia betting site from day one and never have to worry about doing the ole’ money shuffle.

The good news is this should really only taking you a few minutes at the most. Load the site up, click through their sport and bet offerings to see if they have what you like, and then see how easy or challenging it is to make the bets you want. Do you like the way the bets are presented? Is the layout of the bets easy to understand? Can you convert the odds into the format you prefer?

All of the Asia betting sites we’ve recommended at the top of the page have fantastic user interfaces. But, they all offer a slightly different experience than the other sites listed. Which is better? All of them are great! The one that is best is the one that is best for you. There is no best for everyone, but there is a best Asia betting site for everyone individually.

Check for Mobile Betting Capabilities

If you’re a bettor who loves convenience, then you’re almost certainly going to want an online betting site that offers you mobile betting capabilities. Sure, it’s awesome to be able to bet from home and not have to go to the closest sportsbook or casino, but it’s even better to be able to bet from anywhere you are with a smart device and a phone or internet connection.

The good news is mobile betting options are becoming much more popular and almost to the point of being an industry standard. But, while most betting sites are getting mobile platforms, not many of them have quality mobile platforms.

In fact, with the risk of sounding like a negative Nancy, a larger percentage of Asia betting sites have poor mobile betting platforms than those that have good or great ones.

It used to be a question of who had one. Now it’s a question of who has a good one. Even if you don’t feel like you’re going to be doing much betting on the go, we recommend choosing a betting site with a good mobile betting platform. Why? Two reasons.

  • First, it shows that they are still innovating and investing in improving the overall experience for all of their clients. This is a plus.
  • Second, we’ve seen a ton of new bettors who don’t plan on using the mobile betting platform try it once and fall in love with it. Leave the options open for yourself.

All of the Asia betting sites we’ve recommended at the top of the page have great mobile betting platforms that are the measuring stick for quality.

Review the Banking Options They Offer

The last step that we recommend you take before finalizing your decision on an Asia betting site is taking a quick glance at their banking options. Specifically, you’re looking at what options they have available for depositing and withdrawing and what the specifics are with each. Are you looking for the most options? Not really. What you’re looking for are at least one quality option that you can use on both ends – one for getting your bankroll online and one for getting your winnings off. You don’t need more than one quality option, so no need to disqualify a great site just because they don’t have 10 different deposit and withdrawal options.

When you do see that option you want to use, you’ll want to take a quick peek at a few things. You’ll want to look at the time frame associated with that option, any fees or costs, and any limitations that you might need to be aware of.

The Final Word

We hope that the information, recommendations, and resources we’ve provided to you in this guide help you to make a decision on the best Asia betting site for you. Whether you’re looking for a sportsbook, a racebook, a casino, or something in between, we’ve given you a lot of great information to steer you in the right direction.

Remember, if you’re a sports bettor, you can always join multiple sites if you’re stuck deciding. It makes line shopping a whole lot easier.

Good luck out there, and check back if you ever need to find a new site as we are always updating our listings to make sure we have the best of the best.