Top Ranked Bank Wire Betting Sites in 2022

Bank Wire LogoWhile it’s one of the lesser utilized deposit methods in online sports betting, bank wires are a great option if you’re looking for the ultimate in reliability, no middleman, and the ability to move large sums of money. Below, you’ll find a list of the top-ranked bank wire betting sites available to you in your area. These are the crème de la crème of online sportsbooks that also allow you to utilize bank wires for deposits and withdrawals.

If you’re ready to get started betting today and you want to use a bank wire to fund your account, check out one of the sites listed below and you’ll be betting in no time.

Best Bank Wire Betting Sites

If you look around the online sportsbook industry, there are a lot of sites that offer some form of bank wire to deposit or withdraw your money from their site. But, all of these sites are not quality sportsbooks that have your interests at the foreground of their plans. In fact, some of these sites are so concerned with their profits that they would gladly steal from you if they could get away with it.

For that reason and more, we will not recommend an online sportsbook or gambling site on this site without first vetting them for quality, trustworthiness, and their ability to provide a reliable product to their customers. Only once we’ve verified all of this will we begin considering adding them to our recommended top-ranked bank wire betting sites list.

Additionally, no betting site’s spot is secure on this list. If they suddenly drop the bank wire option, suffer a drop in quality, or give us a reason not to trust them completely, they will instantly be removed from the list. We also do add new sites to the list from time to time if something of better quality enters the market or adds bank wire as a payment option.

Ultimately, we work hard to give you the most honest and accurate information on the best betting sites for you to use. We want you to have the most complete information possible so you can make the most informed decision about where you want to place your bets.

Pros and Cons of Betting with Bank Wire

On the fence about using a bank wire betting site and depositing through a bank wire? We totally get that. It doesn’t matter to us what sites you use or what options you choose to deposit with as long as you use the site and deposit option that is best suited for you and your unique needs. To help you with your decision, we’ve listed and explored some of the pros and cons of betting with bank wire betting sites.


Ability to Move Large Sums of Money

If you’re a small fry in a big fryer, this really isn’t going to apply to you unless you do win big which would be an awesome “problem” to have. Bank wires allow you to move very large sums of money on and off of betting sites. If you’re a big-time sports bettor who is moving their action online, this is extremely important unless you want to be making hundreds of microtransactions to get your money on and off the betting site.

Limits will vary and are usually only capped by what the betting site is comfortable moving. In fact, you can usually contact a betting site and get them to raise limits for you if you chat with them and let them know your situation. Even without doing that, though, maximum limits are usually $10,000-$20,000 and sometimes higher.

Again, this might not be an issue for some of you, but if you’re a big player or you plan to win big, you are going to want to be able to move your money around accordingly.

No Middle Man

For some people, they like to deal directly with the sportsbook and not involve an added step or a middleman like an e-wallet. When you use a bank wire betting site, you’re cutting the middleman out of the equation. You will have to provide your banking details directly to the site and most likely some additional forms of verification (for your safety), but your deposits will go straight from your bank account into your sports betting account. Your withdrawals will also go straight from the sportsbook into your bank account without having to go through a middleman e-wallet.

Ultimate in Reliability

One of the things that can cause delays in withdrawals (sometimes deposits but rarely) is issues with third-party processors. When you have to go through that middleman company to get your money off the site, you not only have to have the sportsbook do their job and move the money quickly, but you also need the third-party processor to do the same. At times, these processors get backed up which means that your money is going to get backed up.

When you withdraw via bank wire, this doesn’t happen. If there is a delay, it’s going to be with the sportsbook which gives you a lot more leverage because you know exactly who to complain to in order to get things moving. But, the speed and reliability of bank wire betting sites are usually quite high if you’re using a reputable online sportsbook.


Higher Fees

The one big drawback to using bank wires for your online sports betting banking needs is that there are usually fees involved on the back end. The good news is that any fees you incur on the front end (depositing) are either paid up front by the sportsbook or are quickly reimbursed by the site. They want you to be able to get your money online without having to pay anything extra. The fees don’t go away, but you almost always don’t have to pay them with a quality site.

When you’re withdrawing, fees can be all over the place. With a lot of online sportsbooks, you’ll get one free bank wire withdrawal a month where you have no fees. For a lot of people, this is plenty, and they never pay a single extra dollar to get their money offline. But, if you do need to make multiple withdrawals via bank wire in a month or the site does not offer the first one for free, then you will be paying a fee.

How much? Well, it’s going to vary pretty greatly. We’ve seen as low as just a couple of dollars to as high as 10% or in the $50 range. Again, it all depends on how the site has things set up and how much you are looking to withdraw. For the most part, though, you should be able to get a site that offers at a minimum one free bank wire withdrawal a month which should be plenty for most people.

Why Use Bank Wire Betting Sites?

If you’ve got a bank account and you don’t want to deal with a middleman for your deposits and withdrawals, a bank wire is going to be the way to go. You will need to provide some additional information, but the reliability and security of the transaction are higher because of this. Remember, all of the identification and checks and balances are to protect you and ensure that your winnings are sent to the right account.

Also, if you’re someone who bets larger amounts or plans to win big, you’re going to want access to a deposit and withdrawal option that can accommodate like a bank wire can. The best part about bank wire betting sites is that if you have a bank account, you can almost guarantee that the deposits and withdrawals will work for you without issues.