The Best Bundesliga Betting Sites in 2022

The German Bundesliga stands as one of the best continental European soccer leagues out there. It’s been that way since the very beginning, being the cradle to some of the best talents the game has ever seen. Clubs such as Bayern Munich and Borussia Dortmund still rule with an iron fist to this date, with others picking up mere scraps on the board.

Bundesliga LogoThe best thing about the German Bundesliga is its reliance on homegrown talent. Also, we can’t forget about the electric German fans which are known as the loudest and most devoted fans in the world. Here’s a fun little fact right off the bat – Borussia Dortmund has the highest average attendance in Europe, coming it at more than 80,000 per match, with eight Bundesliga clubs in the top 30 crew. Talk about loyalty, huh?

Another thing worth mentioning about the German top-level soccer competition is its betting aspect. Obviously, Bundesliga betting sites are spread all over the world, enjoying a plethora of customers looking to cash in on their Bundesliga knowledge.

Best Sites for Bundesliga Betting Online

Betting Site
Bonus Bet Now
1Bovada Logo Bovada Logo

50% up to $1,000 Go to Site
2 BetUS Logo

125% up to $2,500 Go to Site
3 MyBookie Logo

100% up to $1,000 Go to Site
4 Everygame Logo

100% up to $500 Go to Site
5 BetOnline Logo

50% up to $1,000 Go to Site

Despite that, people still come to us asking for the best places to bet on Bundesliga matches. At first, we couldn’t understand how people still didn’t know about the best real money Bundesliga betting sites… but after a while, we realized it was due to an abundance of betting sites available.

Obviously, some (we’ll dare to say most) of them won’t provide you with the Bundesliga betting experience you need, so you should straight up avoid them. Others are meh, featuring some good features but cheaping out on others. But, if you search long enough (or you land on a page such as this one), you’ll find the “chosen few” that are capable of providing you with everything your heart could wish for.

As you can see, this list features options for both US and non-US residents. Yep, that means you can enjoy betting on Bundesliga matches online no matter where you’re coming from. Best of all, all these soccer betting sites with Bundesliga odds are dubbed as the best of the best. They are the most prominent, reputable and recognized names in the industry. As such, they definitely deserve your attention!

What Makes These the Top Bundesliga Betting Sites?

Best Bundesliga Betting Sites Bonuses

Yep, it’s true! The best Bundesliga online sportsbooks frequently offer bonuses to their new clients. These are usually quite generous and dubbed as welcome bonuses since they’re all (more or less) based on the initial deposit from newly created accounts.

There are certain rules bookies install in order to prevent exploits. For instance, you can only make one account and use it to get the bonus. Additionally, there’s also a certain number of times you must bet the bonus money in order to withdraw it to your account. This number greatly varies from bookie to bookie, bonus to bonus, so there’s no point in going any further than that.

Lastly, these bonuses are often given out in the following form – xx% on the initial deposit up to $xx. The first number represents the given percentage, and the second number marks the maximum deposit amount for that particular bonus.

Fast Payout Bundesliga Betting Sites

Once you start winning your first betting tickets, chances are you will want to spoil yourself a bit. And there’s nothing wrong with that! Treating yourself every now and then makes the experience that much better!

However, please keep in mind that Bundesliga online betting sites will often keep you waiting for a few days. Yep, the withdrawal process is not instant as some people tend to think. Instead, the process can take anywhere from 24 hours to a week. It all depends on the amount you want to withdraw, your deposit/withdrawal method of choice and the online soccer betting site you’re using.

Additionally, if you’ve won big and want to cash out, you will most likely have to send over more personal information so that your bookie can confirm your identity and address. This should not alarm you since it is the standard practice in the industry. After all, bookies have to confirm your address and identity so they’re sure they’re not sending a whole heap of money to someone else.

Payment Methods

It’s no secret that many people register their accounts at certain soccer betting online websites only to find out they can’t even use them. How come? Well, they don’t have the means of online payment that are featured at their soccer bookie of choice.

To prevent this from happening to you, always make sure you explore the payment options of online Bundesliga sportsbooks prior to registering. This way you’ll know whether or not you’ll be able to use them for online soccer betting.

Banking Options Guide

Customer Service

If you happen to forget your login credentials, you stumble upon a bug, money vanishes from your account or virtually anything else related to your on-site experience, customer service teams should be there to help you. Emphasis on should be since many German Bundesliga betting sites aren’t doing a particularly good job in terms of CS.

The most common customer service channels these days are contact forms (slowest), emails (also relatively slow), live chat (fast and efficient, if you get a real person on the other end) and phone calls. Obviously, you will rarely find all these CS channels with a single bookie. It’s a rare occurrence these days, with only the best Bundesliga sportsbooks online being bothered with keeping all of them at bay.

In our opinion, the best way to approach customer service teams is either via phone call or live chat. These two channels bear the most effective and are by far the quickest options, especially when it comes to simple problems. Unfortunately, those are the rarest forms of CS since they’re the most expensive ones. They require customer support specialists which don’t come cheap…

System Compatibility

Let’s face it, we’re living in the world of apps and pretty much all reputable sports betting sites with Bundesliga odds have an app of their own. With those apps, they’re able to transition their browser websites into the world of smartphones and tablets, effectively granting you the ability to bet on the go. Needless to say, something like this was far from reality a decade ago.

Still, even at this day and age, not all real money Bundesliga betting sites support transitioning between desktop browsers and apps for smartphones and tablets. You’ll have to look for the best ones out of the bunch if you want the luxury of betting on the go. And we all know that’s the sweetest way of partaking in soccer betting online, right!?

Other Betting Options

When it comes to other betting options, the best online soccer betting sites with Bundesliga odds tend to have a mixture of everything. Not only will you easily find all top five European leagues (Bundesliga, Premier League, La Liga, Ligue 1 and Serie A) but a plethora of other smaller leagues. This includes both European, South American and, in some cases, the rapidly developing Asian markets.

Additionally, some bookies also offer bets on a brand-new betting market based on video games. Dubbed as esports betting, this niche is experiencing exponential growth with rumors saying it will be on level terms with other sports pretty soon.

What to Avoid When Placing Bundesliga Online

As is the case with every other sport and league out there, soccer (and more precisely, Bundesliga) also has certain things newcomers need to avoid at all costs. They’re usually not game-breaking but can set you on a downward path pretty quickly.

Betting on soccer matches can be a harsh and unforgiving hobby, but a rewarding one too. If you play your cards correctly, of course.

With that in mind, allow us to guide you through the three things you should avoid if you want to become a successful soccer bettor!

Betting Too Much

One of the first things you need to learn in the world of soccer betting is bankroll management. Every relatively successful bettor will emphasize the importance of exactly that. But what is bankroll management in the first place?

Well, to keep things as simple and concise as possible, let’s just say that bankroll management means you shouldn’t be betting on Bundesliga matches online that you can’t afford. It’s overly simplifying things, but that’s sort of the basis.

Please Note:
The most important factor of your bankroll management scheme is not to bet too much. You should always try to optimize the amount of money in your bankroll (the amount of money you’re willing to invest) and come up with a simple (yet effective) betting strategy in order to maintain consistent growth.

While this might sound simple enough, it has been the focal point of online soccer betting debates for over a decade. Finding the perfect balance in terms of bankroll management and betting strategy implementation is what separates good bettors from bad ones. If you want to be in the former bunch, roll up your sleeves and start digging!

Chasing the Money

Let’s make one thing clear here straight off the bat – if you’re taking up German Bundesliga online betting just for the money, the best advice we can give you is run and never come back! This hobby is not about money. Sure, people do get rich by betting on soccer matches, but the first and foremost factor is the thrill of the chase.

You know how they say, it’s not about the destination, it’s about the journey! Take that motto and encompass it into your soccer betting routine. Instead of chasing money, which is the quickest way of losing it all, place soccer bets for your own entertainment. For spicing up your match-watching sessions during the weekends, if you will. There’s nothing better than watching Bundesliga matches you’ve bet on. The brilliant players, the electric crowd, and a highly tense atmosphere go hand in hand with the thrill caused by a couple of betting slips… It’s a fact!

Betting on the Favorites

Last but not least, yet another simple mistake that many beginners can’t help but do – betting on the favorite team at online sportsbooks with Bundesliga odds. While this is somewhat of a good course of action and will usually result in a win, the problem is in the ridiculously low betting odds and not the greatest value. Generally speaking, of course.

Often enough, you’ll face odds along the lines of -500 on the absolute favorites which are outright ridiculous. Especially in soccer since draws are much more probable than they are in, f.e, NBA matches. Upset potential is a lot higher too, yet the betting odds are usually not reflecting that. That’s basically the epitome of bad betting value and the main reason why you should always avoid betting on the heavy favorites in soccer. Especially in Bundesliga which is known for tough underdogs, especially when playing on their home grounds.

Bundesliga Betting Sites FAQ

This is, by far, the most common question we get surrounding not just Bundesliga but soccer betting in general. People often get confused due to an excessively large number of soccer betting sites with Bundesliga odds available. They’re unsure whether they should stick to just one or invest their time in a few of them.

Well, in all honesty, if you’re making your first steps into the world of soccer betting online, our advice is to stick to a single bookie. Until you get a hang of how things work, at least. Then, when you’ve gathered enough experience and gotten used to navigating through betting lines and options, it’s okay to pursue your interests to other bookies as well.

But why would you want to use two Bundesliga online sportsbooks instead of just one? Well, for starters, betting odds can be slightly different from bookie to bookie. Despite these oscillations varying slightly, if you’re interested in mid-stake accumulator bets those slight differences can rise to hefty amounts. Additionally, you’ll also get a much wider number of special bets at your disposal, something which you’ll come to appreciate looking at the grand scheme of things.

So, to summarize – stick to a single real money Bundesliga betting site if you’re just starting out and feel free to explore more options once you’ve gotten a hang of things.

Knowing the ins and outs of the Bundesliga is the basis of every successful bettor. However, we’re not born with knowledge, we must find it and soak it in before we can hope to become successful Bundesliga bettors.

The best way of achieving exactly that is by informing ourselves via the internet. However, take that with a huge grain of salt because most websites featuring Bundesliga tips and betting odds don’t have the required content quality. They’re either made with haste or by unskilled writers with no background in soccer betting online.

For the best example of how proper betting tips need to look like, please refer to our betting strategy section. We may not have the biggest array of tips and predictions available, but those that we do have are made by people who know what they’re talking about. Use them as a reference or as your go-to section for all things betting related!

Once again, the best online Bundesliga sportsbooks are those with the richest (and longest-lasting) history, most satisfied customers and highly positive online reviews. Only they have the capability of providing you with the optimal soccer betting online experience, the kind that you rightfully deserve.

With that in mind, we advise you not to settle with anything less than the best! Hey look, it even rhymes! Jokes aside, if you’ve already set your mind for Bundesliga betting and believe you have what it takes to make a name for yourself out there, choosing the right Bundesliga sportsbooks online right off the bat will do you a world of good.

Conclusion on Bundesliga Betting Sites

Once again, for an optimal Bundesliga betting experience, you want to dedicate your attention to only the best betting sites out there! Remember, betting variety and proper customer support service are of crucial importance so make sure your next go-to soccer betting site ranks well in terms of both of those factors.

Generally speaking, we advise you to never settle for tier B soccer betting sites. They are unreliable, have high-profit margins and could get you a world of trouble come the payout time. In other words, stick to the well-known names in the industry which are bound to provide you with the online soccer betting experience you deserve.