The Best Copa America Betting Sites for 2022

Copa America LogoObviously, the World Cup is the greatest international soccer event. After the Mondial, we have two equally notable specimens, Euro and Copa America. We reckon that most of you already know that the former is European and the latter is American soccer championship. As the title of this article suggests, today we’ll be focusing on the American Championship, the so-called Copa America. More precisely, we’ll be focusing on the best Copa America betting sites since plenty of people still haven’t set their foot in this relatively unexplored market.

If you’ve set your mind on soccer betting, right now you’re probably searching for a proper betting website to use. We understand your train of thoughts and offer help in the form of this short list:

Betting Site
Bonus Bet Now
1BetOnline Logo BetOnline
50% up to $1,000 Go to Site
2 BetUS
125% up to $2,500 Go to Site
3 Everygame
100% up to $500 Go to Site
4 Bovada
50% up to $1,000 Go to Site
100% up to $1,000 Go to Site
6 MyBookie
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As you can see, it features an excellent batch of betting sites for Copa America, all of which will satisfy your soccer betting cravings and provide you with smooth first steps into the hobby. There are other websites who do these tasks fairly well, but if you really want the optimal Copa America betting experience, this bunch is where the fun is at.

And there really is a lot to talk about when it comes to this competition. Not only in terms of placing bets on soccer matches, but in terms of the general public opinion on these manifestations. They’re thrilling, nerve-racking, and possess that typical American charm that makes them a special treat. And not just the fiery South American fans who have soccer in their veins, but electric North American newcomers who have just started showing their appreciating for the sport.

Talking about newcomers, the world of soccer betting is packed with them. Nothing surprising since we are talking about new waters in the betting community. That said, beginners are trying to get in on the action but are welcomed by a relentless environment. The biggest problem is definitely a wide array of Copa America online betting sites fighting for dominance. Of course, such a high level of competitiveness brings great things for the bettors… but that still doesn’t make the process of finding the best soccer betting website any less difficult.

No worries, that’s what we’re for – to show you the best Copa America betting sites and explain what makes them so good!

What Makes Great Copa America Betting Sites?

Now that you’ve seen the most prominent Copa America betting sites out there, here’s a short bullet list containing their key virtues:

Best Copa America Betting Site Bonuses

First of all, let’s talk about bonuses for a bit. Yes, bonuses. Free stuff generously given by the best Copa America betting sites. Nowadays, the market is abundant with bookies featuring all sorts of bonuses. Luckily, no matter what kind of bonuses we’re talking about here, they all bear “free money” for you to bet with.

The most common bonus type is the so-called welcome bonus. It is based on your initial deposit and can boost your bankroll in an instance. There are certain things you need to keep in mind though. For starters, you can’t withdraw your bonus money right off the bat. You’ll have to use it for betting multiple times before you can cash it out. Second, there’s a maximum amount of bonus money you can get, capped at $100, $200, or $300 in most cases. As always, read the fine print before you make any drastic decisions.

Fast Payout Copa America Betting Sites

Once you get the hang of how things work in the soccer betting online industry, your first win is inevitable. It will come sooner or later, depending on how thorough you’ve been with your past research. When the time comes and one of your betting tickets finally hits the green, you’ll want to get your hands on that money as soon as possible. Right?

In most cases, yes! People are really impatient when it comes to getting money, so it’s only logical. However, certain Copa America betting sites will take their time before they send you your hard-earned money. It’s true, some online soccer betting websites can take more than a week to payout their customers.

The industry standard sits at roughly 48 hours to five work days, depending on several factors. The most important one is the payment method in play since that’s what matters the most in these types of transactions. Still, a part of the time it takes for you to get that money in your bank account falls to the bookie’s internal payout processes. If they’re slow, unoptimized and faulty, chances are you’ll have to wait for quite a bit.

Banking Options

Back in the days, soccer betting online sites accepted only credit/debit cards. These days, the situation is much better for both bookies and their respective customers, nicely poised with a plethora of brand-new banking options.

Of course, credit and debit cards still rule supreme, but their status is in great danger with the likes of Sofort, Skrill and various cryptocurrencies coming up in the world. If your online banking options are limited, make sure you do your research before you make your final decision. That way you won’t end up experiencing issues in this department.

Customer Support

No matter how simple and easy to use they are, all Copa America betting sites need to have proper customer service. Especially those who want to make a good reputation for themselves. Luckily, bookies have recognized customer support as a necessity so they all feature it, one way or another.

In most cases, however, you’ll be greeted with the typical email or contact forms. They can be effective at resolving issues, but won’t sweep you off your feet with their speed. On the other hand, live chat and telephone lines are much faster and even more efficient. Obviously, you’ll want to get your hands on the latter. You will have to do a thorough search since, like we already mentioned earlier, only the best Copa America betting sites feature these premium CS channels.

System Compatibility

If you’re not just planning on betting on Copa America at home but while you’re on the go too, you’ll have to do some research on system compatibility of your soccer betting online site of choice. It’s not a tricky ordeal, just go to its official website (via your smartphone) and navigate through the pages. Try logging in, depositing some money and even placing a bet. If everything works correctly, you should be ready to go!

However, if something is not right, if the menus are not aligned properly, if you can’t deposit money or make a bet, then your soccer betting online site is not fully optimized for mobile users. In that case, you should probably be better off finding another one. If your current bookie isn’t optimized for mobile use, that might be just the tip of the iceberg of its shortcomings.

Other Betting Options

If you’re not just interested in betting on Copa America matches but on other soccer leagues and sports too, then you need to make sure your bookie covers a wide variety of betting options. No need to worry, most Copa America betting sites do offer a plethora of other bets. That’s just the standard in the betting industry these days. There are no specialized bookies that deal with just one or two leagues. They’re all well-versed across not just a number of different leagues but a lot of different sports too.

The depth of their betting options, on the other hand, is a highly debatable factor that varies from bookie to bookie. This reflects not just on the conventional bet types such as match-winner and point spread, but the rest of the specials which have established themselves as some of the most popular options out there.

Long story short, betting sites for Copa America ought to have an abundance of other betting options for you to explore. However, it still won’t hurt to check the fine print before you make the final decision.

Betting on Copa America Matches | Things to Note

If you’re just starting out your soccer betting online journey and you’re only interested in placing bets on Copa America matches, here are a couple of things to keep tabs on:

Home Ground Advantage Is Real

Since we’re talking about a South American soccer competition here, it is only logical to see the home ground advantage being of crucial importance. South America is considered as the cradle of soccer. It’s sort of like a religion for them, especially children who are honing their Joga Bonito skills as soon as they start walking.

Keep in mind, Copa America competitions are usually played in one of the competing countries so only one nation will have the full home ground advantage. Still, knowing avid South American soccer fans, the home ground advantage will always be highly impactful. Remember that when you start placing bets on Copa America and use it to your advantage!

Copa America Special Bets 101

If conventional match-winner bets aren’t really your cup of tea, perhaps Copa America specials will be more up your alley. We’re talking about a group of vastly different types of bets, each based on their own set of quantifiable in-match situations and stats.

Whether you’d like to bet on the number of yellow cards, goals, corners, or perhaps you’re fonder of predicting the halftime/fulltime scores or you’d like to pursue player-specific options, soccer betting online specials will have you covered. Mark our words!

However, only the best Copa America betting sites will have an abundance of specials to keep you entertained. If you want the biggest number of them, make sure you explore the list above. It features two or three names that really stand out as far as specials are concerned.

Copa America Betting FAQ

How to Register on Soccer Betting Online Sites?

The process of registering on soccer betting online sites is pretty straightforward for the most part. It can take anywhere from two to five minutes, depending on how much experience you have with web browsing and that sort of stuff.

After you’ve entered your basic information and clicked on that fancy Register button, chances are you will have to confirm your email. While we’re talking about confirmations, most bookies will require you to confirm your identity and/or your address as well. Sometimes, this will trigger people and make them put on their tin foil hats and give up soccer betting online altogether. However, there’s nothing to worry about here. Nowadays, sites to bet on Copa America are as safe as they can be, so you can rest assured your personal information will be in good hands.

When Do Copa America Matches Usually Start?

Copa America is the oldest continental soccer competition in the world, dating back to July 1916. It’s supposed to be played every two years, but there have been numerous exceptions over the course of its 100+ years of existence.

Traditionally, these tournaments last roughly the same as the World Cups and Euros. In other words, roughly twenty to thirty days, group stage and playoffs combined. The group stage matches kick off in June with the entire tournament usually stretching well into July. With that in mind, if you’re keen on placing bets on Copa America matches, you better prepare your bankroll for the mid-June madness. There’s usually a ton of high-quality matches you can bet on, so you better make those twenty to thirty days count!

What to Look for In Copa America Betting Sites?

We’ve already explained what to look for in Copa America betting sites earlier in this article, but it won’t hurt to go over the main virtues again, right? Well, first and foremost, you should always look for reputable sites to bet on Copa America that have the options you want and won’t end up scamming you. Next up, make sure that your preferred payment method is supported and that you’ll have plenty of soccer bets at your disposal. Don’t forget to explore customer service channels and potential bonuses. The latter will boost your bankroll while the former will help you in case you get stuck on something.

Sites with Copa America odds that are higher than average should be your top priority in this case. If you’re keen on only betting on Copa America matches, that is. Lastly, in addition to betting sites for Copa America, make sure your bookie of choice has a plethora of other sports and leagues for you to explore. Your tastes will change with time so it’s good to have a bookie that’ll follow in your footsteps.

Where to Find the Best Copa America Betting Websites?

Finding Copa America betting online sites is easy enough, but finding good ones might make you scratch your head in confusion. That’s because the market is oversaturated with options, making beginners (and pretty much everyone else as well) have a tough time making their choice.

Obviously, you’ll need a good soccer betting online site if you’re planning on betting on Copa America matches. Even though most people tend to think Google is their friend in these sorts of situations, usually it’s quite the opposite. Don’t use your favorite search engine to find proper websites for betting on Copa America. Instead, head on over to Reddit, forums or specialized betting-related websites that feature comprehensive lists of the best bookies.

Since you’re already here on our website, you might as well check out a more detailed article about the most prominent soccer betting sites. It’s a good read, that’s for sure, and it ought to help you out in your search for the bookie that will fit all of your sports betting needs.

Copa America Betting Sites | Summary

Let’s repeat this once again – an online soccer betting site that doesn’t feature Copa America bets is not really a good choice. After all, we’re talking about the premier American international competition. We’re talking about the cradle of soccer as we know it, the birthplace of the legendary Joga Bonito and some of the world’s most iconic players.

And don’t even get us started on the competing nations and their electric fans. They’re rich in both history and problematic behavior, if we’re being honest here. Atmospherically most similar to some nations from the Balkan region in Europe, American soccer fans really are something else. A part of their fanaticism is what drives the popularity of the Copa America forward. It’s what’s helping it grown and further fuel the Copa America betting aspect that’s still on an upward pattern.

So yeah, choosing an online soccer betting website that doesn’t allow you to place bets on Copa America is a waste of time. Even if you’re not an avid fan of the American soccer festival. Still, with its charm, beauty of the game and the easily recognizable American charisma, this event might crawl under your skin a lot easier than you think. So, be prepared, choose on of our Copa America betting sites and have a peace of mind if you ever decide to test your soccer betting luck elsewhere…

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