Ukash is a rather new deposit method to me, as I’ve had troubles with credit cards at online sportsbooks, but it has quickly become my favorite deposit method. Below I will show you how it works, including a video of me walking through a Ukash deposit at Betcris, and also talk about the sportsbooks that offer Ukash as a deposit option.

How Ukash Works:

All you need to do is visit and enter your postal code (Canadians) to find out which store closest to you offers Ukash.  For me it was a gas station/variety store around the corner.  Then ask them for a Ukash voucher.  They will ask you what dollar amount you want and you tell them and the will print out a receipt for you that has a unique pin code on it.  Keep the receipt, visit the online betting site, and enter the amount your voucher is worth and the code and you now have money in an online sportsbook.

Check out the video below to see it in action…

What Sportsbooks Offer Ukash as  Deposit Method:

My two favorite sportsbooks that offer Ukash for deposits are Pinnacle Sports and BetCris.

Pinnacle would be my #1 recommendation.  They have a minimum deposit of $25 CAD when using Ukash, and a maximum of $300 per transaction.  I’m not too sure if there is a maximum amount you can deposit with Ukash overall, or if you could buy say 10 $300 Ukash vouchers and deposit them all right away.  You would have to check with Pinnacle about that if you’re a higher limits bettor.

At BetCris they have a minimum of $25 as well, but their maximum is $1000.  BetCris is the same company as Bookmaker and another great online sportsbook.

Are There Fees Associated With Ukash?

There is, but I can’t find the exact amount on their website.  All I know is that when I got $250 in Ukash the fee was $9.95.  I’m unsure if each store sets their own fees, or if Ukash sets the fees. When I do another Ukash deposit I will change up that amount and see what the fee is.

Where Is Ukash Available?

On their website it shows that you can purchase Ukash at Payment Source, Canada Post or Esso Gas Stations.  You can also input your postal code and it will show you the closest locations to you that offer Ukash. For me the gas station I purchased it at was a former Esso Gas Station, but they still offered the Ukash there.  The easiest thing to do would be visit the website and find the closest location that way.

Why Do I Recommend This Deposit Option?

It’s pretty simple to see why Ukash is a top deposit method for online sports betting sites.  First off, most credit cards or debit cards won’t work at online gambling sites anywhere.  That leaves you with very few options if your credit card doesn’t work.  Ukash allows you to basically deposit with cash online.  You walk into the gas station, pay cash, get a code, and use that code to deposit.  Not only is it very convenient but it is also safe.  You won’t have to give out your credit card information to any online site.  Most sites are very secure, but you can never be 100% sure.  With Ukash you never have to share any credit card or banking info.

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