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The British Open Golf LogoOne of golf’s four major championships, the British Open (sometimes referred to as The Open or The Open Championship) is a great mid-year opportunity for golf bettors of all skill levels to get in on some exciting action. Whether you’re looking for a fun sweat just to make things more exciting or you’re a sharp bettor looking to make some money on the tournament, the opportunities are endless.

If you’ve got a hot tip burning a hole in your pocket and you’re ready to start real money betting on the British Open right now, look no further. Below, you’ll find a list of the absolute best British Open betting sites available in your area.

If you want to ensure you’re betting at British Open betting sites that will give you the best experience and best chance to win, then these are the online sportsbooks you’re looking for. Good luck and we hope you win big!

Some of you may still be reading because you’re not in such a hurry. Maybe you’re looking for a little bit more information on these British Open betting sites before you tee off your betting action. There is nothing wrong with that. For many of you, we suspect that betting on golf online is very new. You may have only bet in person before, only bet on other sports, or never placed a single sports bet in your life.

If you fall into any of those categories, we’ve got you covered. In the remainder of this guide, we’re going to breakdown all of the important information you need to ensure that you have the absolute best experience betting this year’s Open Championship online.

What Makes These the Best British Open Betting Sites

Golf Club, Balls and Tees - Dollar BillsThe most obvious question that you should be asking is what makes these real money British Open betting sites any better than other online sportsbooks out there. This is a great question because, as you may or may not already know, not all online golf betting sites are created equally. While there are plenty of incredible British Open betting sites out there that will offer you a trusted, safe, and overall incredible betting experience (hint hint, the British Open online betting sites we recommended above), there are also many online sportsbooks that just don’t have your best interest at heart.

In order to ensure you have the best experience betting on the British Open online, you need to make sure you stay far away from subpar sites. Stick with the safe and trusted online betting sites. The easiest way to do that is to trust our expert team and utilize the British Open betting sites we’ve recommended at the top of the page. Our team works hard to ensure that list is always up to date when it comes to British Open online sportsbooks.

But, as we asked earlier, what makes these the best real money betting sites with British Open odds? Let’s take a look at the top six things we look at when analyzing the quality of an online sportsbook. This is not the complete list of criteria we analyze as that list is about a mile long (as it should be). These are just the most important factors we evaluate, which should be plenty to give you a great picture as to what we deem important in our search for the best of the best.

Quantity of Bets Offered

If you’re completely new to betting on golf, you may think that the only option you have to bet on at British Open betting sites is who will win the tournament. While this is a simple and popular bet to make, it is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to betting flexibility. You see, a quality British Open betting site is going to give you the ability to bet on a lot more than just who is going to be the overall tournament winner. They’ll let you bet on things like individual round winners, the winners of different pairings, how many hole-in-ones there will be, and pretty much anything else that can be quantified.

Why is this important? It’s important for several reasons.

  • First, if you’re serious about trying to make money betting on the British Open, you’re going to want to have as many options as possible. You might find predictions and tips that are rock solid, but aren’t able to be realized by betting on the tournament winner. Betting flexibility helps you here.
  • Second, only betting tournament winners is fine, but it’s a high-variance wager. So, if you win, you will win a lot of money. But you’re not going to win as often, because it’s tough to pick out a single winner four rounds from the end of the event.
  • Lastly, it’s important because different bets are more fun. Having flexible betting options allow you to have higher-paced action all throughout the event.

Ultimately, when we’re evaluating the quality of British Open betting sites, we’re looking heavily at the number of different bets they offer. If they only offer bets on the tournament winners, we’re not interested. But if they really give you a lot of great options to choose from, we’re big fans, and you’ll see that online sportsbook get high marks from our team.

Trust, Security, and Honesty

There is nothing more important when it comes to analyzing the quality of a real money British Open betting site than trust, security, and honesty. If you can’t trust that the site you’re betting with is built securely to protect you and your money from internal and external threats, there’s no point in betting with that site. If you can’t trust that the site you’re betting with is run by honest people who are going to live up to their word, then there’s no point in even signing up.

We start and end our review process by analyzing trust, security, and honesty. If we see even a hint of a red flag in any of these three categories, we are immediately moving on from those online sportsbooks with British Open odds and not recommending it to you. There are some areas of review where we will bend a little bit as long as the rest of the online sportsbook is great.

When it comes to trust, security, and honesty, though, there is no room for error. You’re either perfect, and we’re interested, or you’re out the door. No excuses and no exceptions.

Mobiles and Tablets - Betting Sites

The Ability to Bet on the Go

No one likes to be chained to their computer at home when they are betting on any sporting event, including the British Open. While this is not a big deal if you are only betting on tournament winners, it stinks when you want to make other bets while the tournament is going on. The best British Open betting sites give you the ability to easily make any wager from anywhere you are as long as you have a smartphone or smart device and an internet or wireless connection.

When we’re analyzing the quality of British Open betting sites, the ability to bet on the go is extremely important. Not only do we want to see the option available, but we want to ensure that it is user-friendly. The best British Open sportsbooks online we’ve recommended at the top of this guide all have incredible mobile betting platforms. They’re simple to use, require no app downloads, and work from any major phone or mobile device that has internet access. If you truly want the ultimate in betting flexibility and convenience, you’re going to want to use one of these online sportsbooks with a quality mobile betting platform.

Rewards and Bonus Programs

Out of the top six factors we look at when analyzing British Open betting sites, this is probably the least important. That being said, rewards and bonus programs are still important, and we know they are something that a lot of bettors find to be an important factor in deciding where to bet. For that reason, we still place a lot of weight on the reward and VIP bonus programs offered at online betting sites with British Open odds.

MyBookie Welcome Bonuses Screenshot

Specifically, we’re looking for rewards and bonus programs that are easy to use, easy to understand, offer lucrative benefits, and are easy to attain. In order for a bonus or rewards program to be worth your time, it needs to have all of these traits. A British Open betting site can offer a monstrous welcome bonus for thousands of dollars, but if it is confusing and hard to earn, then what’s the point? On the flip side, if the bonuses are extremely easy to earn but they are only for a few dollars, that’s just as bad.

You’ll notice that all of the top British Open betting sites we’ve recommended at the top of the page have great rewards and bonus programs. These include welcome bonuses, reload bonuses, free bets, reduced juice bets, VIP clubs, and a whole lot more. We know this is important to a lot of bettors and, for that reason, we put a lot of weight into this category when analyzing online sportsbooks that service the Open Championship.

Thankfully, the top British Open betting sites we’ve recommended at the top of the guide are trusted, and you can guarantee you’ll be receiving your bonus cash and freebies from them.

The Ease of Use

What’s often overlooked is the ease of use of an online sportsbook. Real Money online sports betting was invented to achieve convenience. In other words, it was developed to make your life easier and make placing your bets much quicker, efficient, and effortless. But just because this was the goal of online sports betting does not mean that every betting site gets it right. In fact, we can pretty confidently say that the majority of online sportsbooks still miss the fairway when it comes to ease of use.

Thankfully, though, there are a lot of legit British Open betting sites (like the ones we’ve suggested at the top of the page) that understand what bettors want, and they understand how to deliver that in an easy-to-use package.

Ease of use is something that is not just for one area of an online betting site. Ease of use is something that needs to be analyzed from the moment you create your account to the moment you cash off your winnings and everything in between. Every single process that you go through needs to be easy, user-friendly, and not over complicated.

In the early days of online sports betting, we were much more forgiving when it came to how easy it was to use a betting site. Today, though, we know what quality is, and we know what is possible. Because of that, we offer no free passes to betting sites that don’t nail a hole-in-one when it comes to the user interface. If it’s not incredibly convenient, it’s a waste of your time, and you won’t see it recommended here.

Live Betting

While not completely necessary, we do like to see some forms of live betting at the British Open betting sites that we recommend. Live betting is the ability to bet on a particular golf tournament or golf round after it has started. Typically, this is the ability to continue to bet on tournament winners after the completion of the early rounds. At some of the top British Open betting sites, they will allow you to bet on golfers mid-round! This means that you can place new wagers after they make the turn or, in some cases, after every hole!

Again, we don’t require a British Open betting site to have extensive live betting, but we do at least want the ability to bet after each round. If they do offer live betting, though, they get brownie points in our book!

Top Live Betting Sites

Why Our Golf Betting Site Reviews Are the Best

The British Open Logo in a FlagWe’ve shown you what we look for when it comes to evaluating the quality of British Open betting sites. But what we haven’t talked about is what makes our golf betting site reviews stand out from “the other guys.” Why should you trust our reviews more than the other countess review sites on the web? What makes the information and opinions we give you any better?

Glad you asked! Here are four of the top reasons that we are confident our reviews are the best in the business and why you can take them to the bank.

Most online review sites hire just about anyone to write their real money betting site reviews. Usually, they look for people that can write decently, but neglect to look for people with any sort of knowledge or industry experience. What you end up with are eloquent reviews with information that is bad. So, while what you’re reading might sound awesome, it may be steering you in the wrong direction.

We focus on hiring a diverse team of skilled writers who also have knowledge in the online betting, golf, and sports betting industries. We want a mix of people who understand both sides of the industry and have been or are still active golf bettors. Our bettors know exactly what other bettors want and don’t want. Our industry insiders know which British Open betting sites may try and pull a fast one on you.

Ultimately, our expert review teams are the best in the business and have your best interests at heart. If you want to bet somewhere that you know has been vetted properly, stick to the recommendations we have for you here.

We’ve already covered this in the last section, but it’s worth mentioning again. We know exactly what golf bettors want in online sportsbooks with British Open odds and what they don’t care about. We’re not fooled by flashy graphics or promotions that are a waste of time. Through years of perfecting and adapting our process, we’ve developed the perfect review criteria to ensure that we recommend nothing but the absolute best when it comes to online sports betting sites.

Here’s a free tip to the other review sites out there: Your reviews and recommendation lists should not be a fixed process. The process and lists should be adaptable and change as the industry changes. In other words, the real money British Open betting sites that are great today might not be great tomorrow. The betting sites that are missing the fairway today might get their act together and become one of the best in the future. If your list of recommended sites is created and never checked, reviewed, or updated, then you’re doing your readers a disservice.

Our team not only works hard to produce the initial recommended list, but they also work hard regularly to keep that list up to date. If a British Open betting site starts to lose their way, we’re going to pull them from our recommended list. Additionally, if a new British Open betting site enters the market or expands to be a much better product, we’re going to look to see if they’ve earned a spot on our list.

Ultimately, you can be confident that the list of recommended British Open betting sites you see at the top of this page is not a list that was made years ago and forgotten about. It’s a list that is consistently updated in order to ensure you get the absolute best online golf betting experience.

There’s a reason we were given two ears and only one mouth, so that we listen more than we speak. At least that’s what our moms tell us! The point we’re trying to make through this cliché is that while we know we have a lot of experts on our team, we still have to listen to you and other bettors to make sure we’re striping the ball down the fairway.

We regularly listen to emails and comments left by golf bettors to ensure that we’re recommending the best of the best. If we start to see a trend of issues with a particular betting site, we’re going to investigate to see if there is a problem. If there is, most likely those British Open betting sites with issues will be removed from the list.

How to Pick out the Top British Open Betting Sites for You

If you’re still not sure how to pick out the best British Open betting site for you, that’s okay. In the section below, we’ve detailed four easy steps that will get you into the action right away at the right site for you.

1. List What You Need and Want in Online British Open Sportsbooks

You’re not going to be able to pick out the best site for you unless you are fully aware of what you are looking for. You need to take a few minutes and write down what is important to you in an online betting site. This might be things like the availability of certain types of bets, the quality of the mobile betting platform, the banking options they offer, or even just the look and the feel of the site. Figure out what is important to you, and you’ll have a much easier time picking from our list of the best British Open betting sites.

How to Choose

2. Don’t Stray From What You Know Is Safe

It can be tempting to hop onto Google and click through the thousands of betting sites offering action on the Open Championship. We all love options, and it can be fun to see what is out there. But we’re going to caution you to stay away from doing that. Unfortunately, shady betting sites are not easy to spot, and not every betting site has your best interest at heart. They’re not going to have a big banner on their homepage that says “Hey! We don’t care about you!” In fact, they’re going to do everything in their power to trick you into thinking the opposite.

Save yourself the trouble and the heartache that comes with these shady sites. Stick to betting sites with British Open odds that have already been vetted by our expert team. We know what to look for and have insider industry knowledge that helps us identify which betting sites are worth your time and which are a waste of your time.

3. Utilize the Openness of the Sites

You can literally do everything with an online betting site except for making the actual bet without even creating an account. You can check out what every section of the site looks like, what bets they have available, what the betting process looks like, and even how the banking works.

Take advantage of this. Take the list of wants and needs you created in step one and start clicking through the options we’ve recommended at the top of the page. Any one of these betting sites will offer a safe and trusted experience. But each of the sites will offer a slightly different experience. Some will have more betting options, while others will crush it in the banking department and so on and so forth. Find the British Open betting site that is the best fit for your wants and needs and go for it!

4. Joining Multiple Sites or Changing Betting Sites

It’s important for you to know that there is nothing wrong with joining multiple British Open betting sites. This is not only an option if you are having trouble deciding, but it’s also a strategically smart thing to do. If you have accounts at multiple betting sites, you can check to see who is offering the best betting lines on the wagers you want to make. Different betting sites will often pay out different amounts on the exact same bet! If you aren’t taking advantage of this, you’re leaving free money on the table.

Second, you have to realize that there is nothing that says you can’t switch betting sites if you join one and realize it’s not the best fit for you. All you have to do is cash out your money and load it onto a new site! It’s a quick and easy process. The point to take away here is that you shouldn’t overthink the selection process. You’ve already protected yourself by choosing from our approved list of British Open betting sites.

It’s all personal preference, and you are free to come and go as you please until you find the perfect fit for you.

Getting Started Betting on the Britsh Open Online Now

If you’re still with us, all that is left to do is swing the club and get into the action! If you still can’t decide where you want to bet at, that’s okay. Let us make it easy for you. The link below will take you to our current favorite of all the top British Open betting sites. We’re confident you will have a great experience with this site and be able to get all the action in that you want in a safe and trusted environment. And if you aren’t a fan of the site after you join or make a few bets, you can always cash out and try somewhere else.

So, if you’re ready to get betting, click the link below and you’ll be in the real money betting action in no time!

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