Top PGA Championship Betting Sites

The PGA Championship is one of golf’s great majors played every year somewhere in the United States. Not only is this a fantastic spectacle for casual fans, but it’s a welcomed opportunity for sports bettors to try and make some big bucks with their expertise and hot picks!

If you’re looking for sites to bet on the PGA Championship, you need to know where to bet. We’ve put together a list of the top PGA Championship online sportsbooks for you below to ensure you have the best online betting experience possible on this year’s tournament!

What Makes These the Best PGA Championship Betting Sites

How can we be so sure that our distance and direction are correct when choosing the real money best PGA Championship betting sites? It’s because we know exactly what to look for when assessing the quality of a betting site. Too often, reviewers aren’t golf bettors or don’t have enough experience in the industry to know what they should and should not be looking for. Below is our list of the top criteria we look at when racking and stacking the top PGA Championship betting sites for this year’s tournament.

The Overall Quantity and Quality of Bets Offered

When it comes to placing bets on the PGA Championship, we like options. Most online sportsbooks are going to offer some sort of betting action on the PGA Championship. Typically, this might be a few bets on who is going to win the tournament, and that really is about it. For the extremely casual golf bettor, this might be okay. But if you’re looking to have some real fun and have a lot of opportunities to make some money, you’re going to want more options.

What are we looking for specifically?

  • First, we’re looking for the ability to bet on any golfer entering to win. We don’t just want options to bet on a few big names. If you identify a sleeper that action isn’t offered on, that’s potentially a huge loss.
  • Second, we want the ability to bet on individual rounds as well as the entire tournament. Sometimes, you’ll have predictions that don’t encompass the entire tournament from start to finish. You might also develop a prediction after the tournament has started and you’ll want to be able to capitalize on that as well.
  • Lastly, we want to see a lot of prop bets from top online PGA Championship sportsbooks. We want the fun prop bets like how many holes-in-one there will be or whether someone will hit the ball into the water on a certain hole. We also want the more skill-based prop bets like matchup bets (who will win the round out of a pairing), versus the field bets (one golfer versus everyone else), or exact score bets.

Overall, we always want to see more, more, and more when it comes to betting options. If a betting site offers plenty of quality (not just space-filler) bets on the PGA Championship, they get a big bump in our ratings.

The Ability to PGA Championship Bet From Mobile

Do you want to be strapped down to your computer at home throughout the whole PGA Championship? We didn’t think so. Most of you probably have to go to work during the first few rounds and might be planning on watching the later rounds with friends, on your couch, at a bar, at the clubhouse, or even attending the tournament if you’re that lucky.

Smartphones and Tablets With Betting Sites Pages OpenWithout the ability to place your golf bets on the go, though, you’re going to be severely handicapped in the options that you have. For this reason, we put a lot of weight on the ability to bet from mobile as well as the quality of the mobile betting platform.

Basically, can you comfortably be placing bets on the PGA Championship from your cell phone or a smart device and not just your computer? And if so, is that easy to do, are all the same bet options available, and is the system reliable?

Mobile betting is becoming much more popular across most online sportsbooks. But many real money online betting sites with PGA Championship odds still have limitations in relation to their desktop version. We’re not okay with this. In order for online PGA Championship sportsbooks to make our top list, they need to offer the best in mobile betting capabilities.

Trust, Security, and Honesty

While all the other criteria on this list are extremely important when selecting a top PGA Championship betting site, we are willing to budge on them if the site is strong in other categories. However, when it comes to trust, security, and honesty, we’re not going to budge an inch no matter how awesome the site is everywhere else.

If we cannot fully trust the PGA Championship betting site we’re playing with, then what is the point of playing there? Here’s what we want specifically. First, we need to be able to trust that our bets are going to be honored in the way they are said to be. Second, we need to know that the betting site takes security seriously. We need to know that our personal information and our money are going to be safe from internal and external threats. Lastly, we need to know that the people running the betting sites with PGA Championship odds are honest. Are they going to live up to their word? Will they honor everything they claim? If the answer is no, then we don’t want anything to do with them.

In fact, not only will we choose not to recommend them, we will choose to put them on our blacklist and encourage you to stay away from them!

Bonuses Offered (Welcome Bonuses and Event-Specific Bonuses)

The most important criteria to a lot of golf bettors (especially those that understand the industry) are bonuses offered. The golf betting industry online is extremely competitive. We’re referring to the different online sportsbooks with PGA Championship odds competing for your business. They typically compete in two ways. First, they compete on quality. This is some of the other criteria we’ve been discussing already.

The second way that they compete is by offering you free money just for betting on the PGA Championship with them! Typically, you’ll see this in two forms.

  • First, you might see a deposit bonus for golf bettors or all sportsbook customers at a site. This is free money they will give you to bet just for choosing to bet with them and making a deposit.
  • Second, you might see PGA Championship-specific promotions like free bets, deposit bonuses, or no-juice bets.

What do we think of this competition and these promos? We love it! When businesses compete, you win. This cliché phrase could not be more true than it is with best betting sites.

The User Interface at PGA Championship Betting Sites

You can have the fastest car on the block, but if it is obnoxious to drive, what’s the point? The same is true with PGA Championship betting sites. The site may have all the options and the best bonuses, but if sites to bet on the PGA Championship make it difficult and obnoxiously annoying to navigate the site, you’re going to have a bad experience.

Because of this, we hang a lot of weight on the quality of a PGA Championship betting site’s user interface.

  • Can you find the bets you want to make quickly?
  • Are you able to deposit money easily?
  • Is it challenging to place an actual bet?
  • Do you need a computer science degree in order to figure out how to navigate the site?
  • Does it seem like the site was built in the 1990s and never updated?

The answers to all of these questions play a huge role in our assessment of the quality of real money PGA Championship betting sites. Trust us on this one; this will be important to you. You’ll be glad we pay such close attention to it.

Live In-Round Betting

While this is not as big of a factor as some of the others we always like to see PGA betting sites with live odds. We will list PGA Championship betting sites that do not offer this so long as they are top-notch across the rest of the categories covered. But, when online betting sites do offer this, we think it’s awesome!

What on earth are we talking about? We’re talking about live in-round sites to bet on the PGA Championship! This is the ability for you to continue to make wagers after play has begun for the day. Some sites go mild on this and only allow bets at the turn or on major golfers. Some of the best betting sites, on the other hand, will allow you to bet on just about everyone and sometimes on just about every hole! It all depends on the level of in-round betting they choose to offer.

If you’ve never done in-round betting before, it is an absolute blast. It’s the most fast-paced golf action you can get in the world, and it will certainly make your betting on the PGA Championship this year an experience to remember. Not only is it fun, though, but it does offer some great opportunities to make some serious money exploiting edges.

Live Betting Sites

Why Our PGA Championship Betting Site Reviews Are the Best

Whoa, bold claim, yeah? It is, but we can back it up. We are extremely proud of the quality, accuracy, and usefulness of our golf betting site reviews. We want to take a quick moment and point out a few of the reasons that we’re so proud of our reviews. More importantly, we want to point this out so that you realize why you can trust our PGA Championship online sportsbooks rankings to make a decision on where to put your hard-earned money.

Remember, these are not the only reasons we think our reviews and rankings are awesome. These are just a few of the bigger ones we want to draw your attention to.

Expert Team of Reviewers

We don’t just pull random people off the street and ask them to review the real money online betting sites that are out there. We also don’t just take a bunch of professional golf bettors who don’t understand the casual bettor. What we look for is a healthy mix of bettors of all skill levels with a lot of experience in the industry. We look for reviewers who fully understand what people want when it comes to a golf betting site. By doing this, we ensure that the reviews and recommendations we give you are worth their weight.

Utilizing the Right Criteria

Not only do we have the right reviewers, but we also make sure they are looking at the right criteria. Too often, other review sites rank online betting sites based on pointless criteria and ignore what is important. The biggest fault here is review sites ignoring the importance of trust, reliability, and honesty.

Additionally, we see a lot of review sites treat PGA Championship betting sites as if they are generic sportsbooks. They don’t approach them with golf bettors in mind which might not seem like a big deal to them, but to you, it’s a big deal.

Our reviewers know exactly what criteria is important to look at and we tailor our reviews specifically to bettors like you.

They also know what online betting sites will try and hide or brush under the rug because of their industry experience. By being aware of all the tricks shady sites might try and pull, they ensure that none of the online betting sites we recommend are in that shady category. We are confident that the PGA Championship betting sites we recommend are the best in the industry and you can take that to the bank.

Updated Reviews and PGA Championship Betting Sites Rankings

Our rankings and reviews are active. What do we mean by that? We mean that we are not done reviewing, ranking, rechecking, and searching for the best PGA Championship online sportsbooks out there once we publish our list. We are constantly checking the sites that we have on our list and reviewing new sites to ensure that our list actually contains the best betting sites out there.

Clipboard With Review NotesYou would probably be shocked at how many review and ranking sites out there create their top list and then leave them for months and years. Online betting sites can change over time. Top sites can fall off, and mediocre sites can improve and fix their issues. New sites can enter the market, and if all of this is not reflected, you’re not getting the best options that are out there.

This is why we actively work to keep our rankings and reviews up to date. We can confidently say our listings are the best PGA Championship betting sites available in your area.

Welcomed Feedback

Lastly, we’re open to the feedback of you and other users! If we get reports that a site is having issues or not living up to its word, we investigate. If we find a problem, we remove the site from our listings and move them over to our blacklist. Additionally, if we get a lot of reports of a great site out there that we may have overlooked, we’ll gladly take a look into them to see if they belong on our list.

Ultimately, we’re going to do whatever we can to ensure that we give you the best list of the top online PGA Championship sportsbooks available in your area.

How to Pick Perfect PGA Championship Betting Sites

Curious how to ensure you pick out the right real money PGA Championship online sportsbooks for you? Since there are several great options to choose from, we wanted to outline the steps to ensure you pick the best. Remember, there is no such thing as a single best PGA Championship betting site. There is a best site FOR YOU, but that is going to be dependent on your wants and needs.

If you want to get in the action right now, follow the steps we’ve outlined for you below.

1. Figure out What Is Important for You

You can’t decide which PGA Championship betting site is the best for you until you know exactly what you’re looking for. Take a few minutes and decide what is most important to you. Is it live betting? Is it the number of betting options you have? Is it a certain banking option to deposit and withdraw? Is it the look and feel of the site that is most important?

We can’t tell you what is important; only you can. Figure that out, and then you’re ready to move on to the next step.

2. Stick to the Betting Sites We Have Vetted

Before you actually make a selection, we need to give a warning. Please stick to the PGA Championship betting sites that we’ve recommended at the top of the page. Why? Because our team has already vetted these sites. We know that they can be trusted, and they are operated by honest companies that will keep your money and your bets safe. Going outside of this list and on your own is a risky undertaking that you may not want to do.

3. Find the One That Best Fits Your Needs and Wants

From the sites we’ve recommended, you need to find the one that fits the list of needs and wants you made in step one. How do you find out if a site has them? There are two ways. First, you can go to our reviews section and see what our experts have to say about these sites.

Second, you can check the sites out for yourself! Click the links to the sites at the top of the page and poke around a little bit. You’ll quickly be able to see if they have what you want or not. You don’t have to create an account or deposit any money to have access to all of the features except actually making a bet.

Sportsbook Reviews

4. Don’t Be Afraid to Join More Than One PGA Championship Betting Site

It’s okay if you join multiple PGA Championship betting sites. In fact, it is encouraged. It does not cost anything extra to join extra sites (it’s free to join). When you are part of multiple online sportsbooks, you’re able to shop your betting lines very easily. If you’re new to betting, line shopping is looking at multiple sportsbooks to see who is paying the best price on a bet.

Yes, different sportsbooks will pay you more or less money on the exact same bet! By joining multiple sportsbooks, you can ensure you’re going to make the most money possible placing bets on the PGA Championship this year.

Get Started Betting on the PGA Championship Online Now

Ultimately, you can’t go wrong with any of the top PGA Championship betting sites we’ve recommended for you at the top of this guide. They are all high-quality, trusted, and industry-favorite sites that will offer an incredible betting experience for this year’s tournament. If you’re stuck and can’t decide which site is best for you, just click the link below and you’ll be taken to our favorite from the list! We’re sure you’ll have a great experience.

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