Best Handball Betting Sites in 2022

With roots dating back to the time of Ancient Greece, the sport of handball has been around for quite some time. Today, the sport is very popular throughout much of Europe in countries like Germany and France. What most people love about handball is its fast pace and the excitement that comes from each of the seven players on both sides.

Thanks to the growing popularity of the sport, it’s also one that many individuals enjoy betting on. With that in mind, we’ve created this page to help individuals learn about the top online handball sportsbooks. In addition, we’ve also packed this page with tons of other additional information to help you learn about betting on the sport if it’s something you’re interested in doing.

If you’re on the hunt for the best places to bet real money on handball, your wait is over. In the chart below, we’ve added our selections for what we consider to be the top handball betting sites. By choosing one of these operations to work with, we’re sure you’ll have a top-notch online gambling experience. Check out the next section below to learn more about what we think helps make these the best of the best for handball betting online.

Betting Site
Bonus Bet Now
1BetOnline Logo BetOnline
50% up to $1,000 Go to Site
2 BetUS
125% up to $2,500 Go to Site
3 Bovada
50% up to $1,000 Go to Site
100% up to $1,000 Go to Site
5 Everygame
100% up to $500 Go to Site
6 MyBookie
100% up to $1,000 Go to Site

As you’ll see in just a moment, we’ve included all kinds of helpful information about handball sportsbooks online and betting on the sport in this guide. We’ve added a list of sections below, which you can use to get a quick preview of everything found in the remainder of this page. And, if you’d like to jump ahead to one of these portions now, you can do that by simply clicking on the section’s title.

What Makes a Good Handball Betting Site?

Now that you’ve seen our selections above for the top handball betting sites, we wanted you to understand why we’ve chosen them over all the other online sportsbooks out there. Below, we’ll talk you through what we think helps make good sports betting sites with handball odds. If you choose to work with another operation outside of our recommendations, be sure to keep these things in mind to ensure you have a quality online betting experience.

A Sizeable Collection of Handball Betting Online Options

To make the cut as one of our recommended handball online sportsbooks, operations had to demonstrate their ability to offer clients a vast collection of handball-related wagers. First, we checked to make sure there was a broad assortment of bet types on handball action. Secondly, we investigated just how diverse their collection of matches and tournaments was. In the end, we chose handball betting sites with a considerable representation of handball from all over the world.

Industry Leading Handball Odds

Another factor that helps make these the top betting sites with the best handball odds, is the fact that they actually offer handball odds. With that in mind, our team stacked up all of the operations against one another to determine which of them provided the best value on handball events. By choosing one of our recommended handball betting sites from the top of this page, you’ll be sure you’re getting top value on your online real money handball bets.

Handball Live Betting Options

Another critical component to us in the search for the best online sportsbooks with handball odds related to in-play betting. While it’s great to be able to place wagers on handball matches before they happen, we also think it’s vital to be able to do so as they play out. For this reason, all of the suggestions at the top of this guide provide you with the ability to enjoy live betting as the game happens.

Handball Bonus Potential

In addition to the other items above, the potential for individuals to earn bonus cash and bets while betting on handball online was important in our search. Each of our suggested handball online betting sites above offers industry-leading bonuses. In turn, you can score free bets and cash while wagering on the sport online.

Other Essential Components

Lastly, many other factors came into play as our team sought out the best of the best for real money handball betting sites. Some of these other considerations included the time each operation had been in business, the quality of their customer support, the size of their banking methods, and much more. Overall, if we found any area lacking, we removed the offending operation from our list of online sports betting sites with the best handball odds.

Reasons to Bet on Handball Online

Many of our readers often ask us why they might bet on handball online instead of at a standard brick and mortar sportsbook. In this section, we’re going to fill you in on some of the biggest reasons why we’re huge fans of using handball betting sites. Our guess is you’ll probably be interested in at least giving it a try after reading about the advantages included below.

If you’ve never bet on handball online before, it’s something you’ve got to try to experience the convenience that comes along with it. The beauty of using handball betting sites is the fact that you can bet from your phone, tablet, or computer in a matter of moments without even needing to leave your home. In turn, you can skip the trip to your local sportsbook, saving you time and fuel expenses.
Selection of Handball Options:
Compared to your average brick and mortar sportsbook, you’re going to find a much more extensive collection of handball-related wagers and matches with an online sportsbook. This will allow you to diversify your bets from one easy online location.
Lastly, one other thing which might make you consider trying out real money online sportsbooks with handball odds are the bonuses which can come along with them. Unlike traditional sportsbooks, online ones often provide their clients with lots of chances to earn bonus cash (through match promotions) and free bets. What’s great about this is you’ll come out ahead compared to using a brick and mortar sportsbook.

Common Types of Handball Bets

Up next, we wanted to provide you with some insight into some popular types of handball bets. No matter if you’re an experienced handball bettor, or someone who’s brand new to it, there are options below you might want to consider trying. While this list isn’t all-inclusive, it covers a good chunk of what you’ll have available to you on handball betting sites.

  • Handball Moneyline Bets: For those of you seeking one of the easiest bets to make for this sport, consider the moneyline wager. Here, you just need to choose which of the two teams you think will win the handball match. It’s as simple as that!
  • Handball Over/Under Bets: Another way to wager on the sport of handball online is through the use of over/under bets. Here, the handball betting site will issue a total number of points they believe both teams will score combined by the time the match is over. It’s your job to decide if you think the actual final combined score from both sides will be over or under that amount.
  • Handball Spread Bets: Similar to many other sports, you’re also able to bet the spread on handball matches. For each matchup, the online sportsbook will issue the spread in favor of one team by a certain amount of points. To make this kind of handball wager, you need to decide which team you think will actually cover the spread.
  • Handball Futures Bets: Something else you can do to bet on handball is use futures wagers. Here, you’ll end up placing bets on things far away. For example, you might pick one of the league’s teams to win the championship before the first match of the season has ever happened.
  • Handball Prop Bets: If you’re a seasoned sports bettor, then you’re probably familiar with the idea of proposition bets. Otherwise known as prop bets, these wagers allow you to enjoy all sorts of action. For example, a handball prop bet might let you decide on how many saves or goals a particular player may have in a match. Prop bets are an excellent way to mix things up outside of the standard wager types included above.

Popular Handball Leagues to Bet On

If you’re new to betting on handball, you might be at a loss in terms of where to start from a league perspective. To help you out, we’ve added a high-level overview below of some of the largest and most popular handball leagues out there.

    Handball Event Background - Handball Leagues Logos: EHF Champions League, Liga ASOBAL, Handball Bundesliga and Superliga
  • The European Handball Federation Champions League helps crown the best handball team from the continent of Europe annually. Teams from counties all over (and from other leagues included below) compete to see which team comes out on top to win the champions league competition. Making this one of the best handball events to bet real money on.
  • Handball enthusiasts from Spain are most likely fans of the country’s own Liga ASOBAL. Founded in 1990, Liga ASOBAL is the most popular and talented handball league within the country.
  • Another popular handball league you may consider betting on comes from Germany. Handball Bundesliga is the best handball league from the country. Along with the next league below, Handball Bundesliga tends to be one of the best leagues across the entire world.
  • Finally, one other very popular handball league is the Superliga, hailing from Poland. This handball league is also one of the most well-known and top-performing leagues across all of Europe and the world.

Handball Betting Strategy Tips

Before we start to wrap things up on the page, we also wanted to offer you some handball betting strategy tips you can use to step up your game. Be sure to look these over and begin to implement them to help increase your odds of becoming profitable when betting on handball.

  • Increase Your Knowledge: Before you start betting, it’s best to equip yourself as much information as possible. Below, we’ve included some things you may want to research before placing wagers on the sport.
    • Goalscoring History: Which of the two teams historically scores more goals in matches?
    • Recent Results: Are any of the teams in the match doing better than others recently?
    • Competition History: Which one of them ends up coming out on top more often in the past?
    • Overall Team Health: How strong is each team overall from a player injury standpoint?
  • Beware of the Draw: It’s very uncommon for a handball match to end in a draw. For this reason, you should be wary of betting on a draw to occur.
  • Don’t Fall for the Hype: Occasionally, select teams or players might get hyped up by the media and fans. In turn, the odds surrounding players or teams might get blown out of proportion. By looking for opportunities like this, you might be able to profit when seeing through the hype and keeping true to what the data suggests.
  • Use a Bankroll Management Plan: To ensure your betting dollars stretch for the long haul, make sure you’re using a bankroll management plan when you’re betting on handball. With this personalized plan, you’ll be able to calculate how much you should wager for each bet by accounting for the overall size of your bankroll.

Handball Online Betting Sites FAQ

Do you still have some questions after reviewing all the details included on this page? If so, be sure to look over the frequently asked questions we’ve included below about where to bet on handball online. We hope this can help you find any remaining answers you need.

Yes. Part of the reason why we selected these operations as the top handball betting websites is because of their wide coverage of matches from around the world. You’ll be able to bet on events from all over as long as you end up placing your bets on one of our suggested sites from the top of this guide.

As a whole, handball is a very popular sport throughout much of Europe. Some of the countries where it’s most popular include France, Germany, and Denmark. To get an idea of how popular it is, check out the image below from Statista, showing the annual revenue for the Danish Handball Federation. In 2018, it generated more than 67,000,000 DKK. In USD, that’s nearly $10,000,000 annually.

Graph Showing the Annual Revenue for the Danish Handball Federation

Yes. One of our search criteria while hunting for the best handball betting sites was in-play betting. Thanks to this feature, you can bet on handball matches as they are played. If you’ve never experienced live betting like this, it’s worth trying out, as it can add another layer of excitement while you watch as the games are played out.

Absolutely! If there’s a handball match occurring today that you’d like to wager on using a handball betting site, it’s perfectly doable. Even if you don’t already have an account, you can set up and start betting in as little as 10 minutes. Just pick one of our recommended sites at the top of this page, open an account, fund it, and you can then start placing all the wagers you’d like on handball action.

Betting on handball online can be extremely safe as long as you are using a trusted operation. Unfortunately, there are some bad apples out there. But, if you work with one of our suggested handball online sportsbooks, we’re sure you’ll be protected and working with one of the most secure online sportsbooks in the industry.

Conclusion on Handball Betting Sites

We hope you enjoyed all the information included in our guide about the top real money handball online sportsbooks. Hopefully, you were able to find a trusted operation to use for betting on the sport online, along with other details to help you increase your knowledge and skills.

For those of you who liked what you experienced with this page, we’ve got much more to offer. You can use the main website menu to view some of the other ways we can help you with your sports betting. Consider checking out some of our most popular pages like industry news, betting site reviews, and strategy tips. Thanks for stopping by, and good luck with all your upcoming handball wagers!