Best French Open Betting Sites

Beginning in late May, the French Open is one of tennis’ biggest events. Not only is this event big for the players and fans, but it’s also a great opportunity for sharp tennis sports bettors to make some money. If you’re looking to get into the action of betting on the French Open this year, you’ll be happy to know that you don’t even have to leave the house. Below, we have a list of the top, most trusted, real money French Open betting sites available in your area.

Betting Site
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1BetOnline Logo BetOnline

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2 Bovada

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Need a little bit more information before you make a decision about where to bet? That’s completely understandable. In the remainder of this guide, we’re going to break down everything you need to know about these top US Open betting sites. We’ll discuss exactly why they are the top US Open online sportsbooks, what you need to know about the quality of our reviews and recommendations and the exact steps to get you into the real-money action right now.

What Makes These the Best French Open Betting Sites

The Number of Different Bets Offered

As we’re sure you already know, the French Open is not just one tennis match. It’s a full-on tournament with seven different rounds, male and female divisions, and singles and doubles. Basically, there is a lot of tennis being played. If you’re looking to bet on the French Open, chances are, you’re going to have a lot of predictions all over the map. In order to maximize your profits and take advantage of all of your picks and predictions, you’re going to need betting flexibility.

Tennis French Open Logo - Roland Garros Logo“Betting flexibility” is a fancy term for having a lot of different options to bet on. The top French Open betting sites will allow you to bet on every single match winner, the overall tournament winner (before the tournament and after each round), and also offer several different prop bets for the times when your prediction might not be as clear cut.

The best real money French Open betting sites we’ve recommended at the top of this guide are the industry leaders in betting flexibility. If you want options when it comes to what you’re betting on, these betting sites with French Open odds will deliver. Don’t feel like you’re obligated to take advantage of all of these options.

There’s nothing wrong with keeping it simple.

But it’s nice to know that any predictions you have or hot tips you receive can be turned into profit because the opportunities exist.

Mobile Betting Capabilities

Some of you may choose the couch as your throne to watch this year’s tournament, and others might follow the tournament from somewhere else. You might be at work, checking on the event from your phone during breaks. Or you might be a little more active, watching the tournament at a bar with some friends. Perhaps you might play some tennis while watching the scores. The point is, not everyone wants to be glued to a desktop for the entire two weeks of the French Open, so it’s important that a top French Open betting site offers the ability to bet on the go.

The best French Open betting sites we’ve recommended to you on this page all have incredible mobile betting capabilities. As long as you have a smartphone, tablet, or some sort of smart device that can access the internet, you can bet on the French Open anytime from anywhere. Now, just because a French Open betting site has mobile betting available does not automatically mean they get our seal of approval. The mobile betting platform needs to be user-friendly, quick to use, bug-free, and offer an experience that’s equivalent or better than your desktop.

The name of the game here is convenience, and unless the French Open betting sites are slinging aces, we’re not interested.

Trust, Security, and Honesty

Trust, security, and honesty are the three most important things online French Open sportsbooks need to have. It is imperative that you know your money and personal information are safe when betting online. The internet can be a scary place, but with the right processes in place, you have nothing to worry about.

The French Open betting sites we choose to recommend are the industry leaders when it comes to trust, security, and honesty. Time and time again, they prove that they can be trusted to handle your bets safely, efficiently, and in the manner in which you expect them to be handled. Additionally, our security team has thoroughly vetted the online betting sites to ensure they have the correct encryption level, up-to-date software, and are actively pursuing and eradicating potential threats.

And lastly, they are owned and run by honest operators who understand the importance of taking care of their customers. We have no problem with the fact that online sportsbooks want to make money, but they need to ensure they are doing it in a standup way by delivering a respectable product that does not seek to take advantage of anyone.

VIP Rewards and Bonuses

There are some awesome VIP rewards and bonuses available to tennis bettors wagering online. Often, you’ll see rewards and bonuses specifically targeted toward French Open bettors. These will include things like free money, free swag, free bets, reduced juice wagers, and even trips to go to the event!

BetOnline Sports Promotions Site Screenshot

When we’re looking for the best French Open betting sites, we look for online sportsbooks that offer the best bonuses specifically for tennis bettors. While we don’t require them to have special, dedicated French Open bonuses, it’s a huge plus. You can rest assured that any of the best French Open betting sites we’ve recommended here will give you a ton of opportunities to cash in on awesome freebies.

The User Interface – Ease of Use

We’ve covered this in regards to mobile betting, but it’s important for the desktop versions of online betting sites with French Open odds as well. Betting on the French Open online is all about convenience. The entire idea is that the process is quicker, easier, cheaper, and overall more profitable than having to drive to the local sportsbook and place a wager. If the process is not extremely user-friendly, though, all of that convenience goes out the window.

The French Open betting sites we’ve recommended have some of the most well-planned, well-designed, and well, just plain awesome user interfaces. You’ll find that signing up, depositing, betting, and cashing out will all be simple to understand and quick to complete. It’s hard to put into words just how important a great user interface is with an online sportsbook. But we can tell you from decades of experience in the industry, it’s a must-have.

How to Choose the Best French Open Betting Site

If you’re not sure where you want to place your bets for this year’s French Open, stick around. We’ll walk you through four quick steps to help you find the best sites with French Open betting odds.

1. List out What You Need and Want in Online French Open Sportsbooks

The first step in the process is fully understanding what you’re looking for. Make a list of the things that are must-haves for you and make a list of the things that you would like to have. These could be things like the ability to make a certain kind of bet, a certain type of promotion, a certain quality of mobile betting capability, or even just the look and feel you prefer. By understanding exactly what you want in a French Open betting site, you can much more easily find something that fits that mold.

2. Don’t Stray From What You Know Is Safe

Tennis BallRemember, the three most important traits a French Open betting site must have are trust, security, and honesty. Whether you take one of our recommendations or not, this is true. If you want to keep your money and personal information safe, you cannot stray from online sportsbooks that exemplify these qualities.

The easiest way to ensure you’re not heading down a dangerous path with a sketchy sportsbook is to skip to the books we’ve already vetted. Spotting a shady online sportsbook is not as easy as it looks and can even be a challenge to the trained eye. Let our team of experts put their decades of industry experience to work for you and keep you from making a costly mistake.

All of the top French Open betting sites we’ve recommended in this guide are safe, fully-vetted, and will take good care of you.

3. Utilize the Accessibility of the French Open Sites

“Try it before you buy it” is a luxury that we sometimes don’t get in life. When it comes to online sportsbooks, though, this fully exists. You can explore every inch of an online sportsbook and go through the process of picking out bets and building betting slips without ever creating an account or depositing a dollar. Sure, you can’t actually make the bets until you do those things, but you can fully test drive the product to see if you like it.

Take advantage of this. Take a few minutes with your list of wants and needs from step one, and start exploring the French Open betting sites we’ve recommended. You’re going to find something that fits all of your needs and some of your wants.

4. Joining Multiple Sites or Changing Betting Sites

If you’re stuck between a few different French Open betting sites, that’s okay. If you’d like, you can join more than one. In fact, expert bettors recommend doing this so you can shop your betting lines. Different sportsbooks are going to pay out different amounts of money on the exact same bets. If you just take a few minutes to check between a few different books, you’ll be able to increase your potential profit without any extra effort!

Additionally, we want to point out that you are not locked into any sort of contract with a French Open betting site. If you happen to join a site and instantly hate it, that’s okay. You can cash out your money and move it somewhere else. On the same note, if you make a few wagers and realize it’s not for you, you can cash out your money and try other French Open betting sites. You’re not restricted from moving to find what fits you best, so don’t fret too much about the decision. As long as you’re sticking with reputable and safe French Open betting sites, you have nothing to worry about.

Most Common French Open Tennis Bets

There is more than one way to place bets on the French Open in 2022! You are not only placing bets on the winner of a particular game or of the event as a whole, but there are a ton of great prop bets, futures, totals, and many more that make betting on the French Open much more interesting!

Prop Bets

These are fun bets that are based on occurrences and non-occurrences that play out during the course of the French Open. The possibilities are endless when it comes to these bets because there are many different scenarios that could unfold. Here are some examples of French Open props bets:

  • Number of Games Won By Player
  • Non-Serving Player Wins the Set
  • Winning From Behind
  • Straight Set Wins

Futures Bets

As implied by the name, futures betting on the 2022 French Open are wagers that are placed well in advanced where the bettor is making a prediction on events that make occur within the week or by the end of the tournament. Here are some examples of futures betting:

  • Players Who Make the Finals
  • The Final Matchup
  • Player Wins Outright

Other Bets

These are the other ways you could bet on the French Open, including the classic Over/Under and many others!

  • Totals Betting (Over/Under)
  • Exact Score of the Set
  • Winner of the First Set
  • Total Number of Games Played in Set

Are you ready to bet on the French Open? Join one of our recommended real money sportsbooks today and get in on the action!

Brief History of The French Open

In order to place better wagers on the French Open, it sometimes helps to know a little bit about the history of the event, the notable players, and overall winners. Like with any major sporting event around the globe, the public has found the French Open to be one of the fun annual events where there is some real money to be made!

Winners of the French Open (Men)

Year Winner Country
1968 Ken Rosewall Australia
1969 Rod Laver Australia
1970 Jan Kodes Czechoslovakia
1971 Jan Kodes Czechoslovakia
1972 Andres Gimeno Spain
1973 Ilie Nastase Romania
1974 Bjorn Borg Sweden
1975 Bjorn Borg Sweden
1976 Andriano Panatta Italy
1977 Guillermo Vilas Argentina
1978 Bjorn Borg Sweden
1979 Bjorn Borg Sweden
1980 Bjorn Borg Sweden
1981 Bjorn Borg Sweden
1982 Mats Wilander Sweden
1983 Yannick Noah France
1984 Ivan Lendl Czechoslovakia
1985 Mats Wilander Sweden
1986 Ivan Lendl Czechoslovakia
1987 Ivan Lendl Czechoslovakia
1988 Mats Wilander Sweden
1989 Michael Chang USA
1990 Andres Gomez Ecuador
1991 Jim Courier USA
1992 Jim Courier USA
1993 Sergi Bruguera Spain
1994 Sergi Bruguera Spain
1995 Thomas Muster USA
1996 Yevgeny Kafelnikov Russia
1997 Gustavo Kuerten Brazil
1998 Carlos Moya Spain
1999 Andre Agassi USA
2000 Gustavo Kuerten Brazil
2001 Gustavo Kuerten Brazil
2002 Albert Costa Spain
2003 Juan Carlos Ferrero Spain
2004 Gaston Gaudio Argentina
2005 Rafael Nadal Spain
2006 Rafael Nadal Spain
2007 Rafael Nadal Spain
2008 Rafael Nadal Spain
2009 Roger Federer Switzerland
2010 Rafael Nadal Spain
2011 Rafael Nadal Spain
2012 Rafael Nadal Spain
2013 Rafael Nadal Spain
2014 Rafael Nadal Spain
2015 Stan Wawrinka Switzerland
2016 Novak Djokovic Serbia
2017 Rafael Nadal Spain
2018 Rafael Nadal Spain
2019 Rafael Nadal Spain
2020 Rafael Nadal Spain
2021 Novak Djokovic Serbia

Winners of the French Open (Women)

Year Winner Country
1968 Nancy Richey USA
1969 Margaret Court Australia
1970 Margaret Court Australia
1971 Evonne Goolagong Australia
1972 Billie Jean King USA
1973 Margaret Court Australia
1974 Chris Evert USA
1975 Chris Evert USA
1976 Sue Barker UK
1977 Mima Jausovec Yugoslavia
1978 Virginia Ruzici Romania
1979 Chris Evert USA
1980 Chris Evert USA
1981 Hana Mandlikova Czechoslovakia
1982 Martina Navratilova USA
1983 Chris Evert USA
1984 Martina Navratilova USA
1985 Chris Evert USA
1986 Chris Evert USA
1987 Steffi Graf West Germany
1988 Steffi Graf West Germany
1989 Arantxa Sanchez Vicario Spain
1990 Monica Seles Yugoslavia
1991 Monica Seles Yugoslavia
1992 Monica Seles Yugoslavia
1993 Steffi Graf Germany
1994 Arantxa Sanchez Vicario Spain
1995 Steffi Graf Germany
1996 Steffi Graf Germany
1997 Iva Majoli Croatia
1998 Arantxa Sanchez Vicario Spain
1999 Steffi Graf Germany
2000 Mary Pierce France
2001 Jennifer Capriati USA
2002 Serena Williams USA
2003 Justine Henin Belgium
2004 Anastasia Myskina Russia
2005 Justine Henin Belgium
2006 Justine Henin Belgium
2007 Justine Henin Belgium
2008 Ana Ivanovic Serbia
2009 Svetlana Kuznetsova Russia
2010 Francesca Schiavone Russia
2011 Li Na China
2012 Maria Sharapova Russia
2013 Serena Williams USA
2014 Maria Sharapova Russia
2015 Serena Williams USA
2016 Garbine Muguruza Spain
2017 Jelena Ostapenko Latvia
2018 Simona Halep Romania
2019 Ashleigh Barty Australia
2020 Iga Swiatek Poland
2021 Barbora Krejcikova Czech Republic

Notable Players of French Open (Men)

Record Player # of Wins Years
Most Single Titles Max Decugis 8 1903-04, 1907-09, 1912-14
Henri Cochet 4 1926, 1928, 1930, 1932
Rafael Nadal 13 2005-08, 2010-14, 2017-20
Most Single Titles (Consecutive) Paul Ayme 4 1897-1900
Nicola Pietrangeli 2 1959-60
Tony Traber 2 1954-55
Jaroslav Drobny 2 1951-52
Frank Parker 2 1948-49
Rafael Nadal 5 2010-14
Most Double Titles Max Decugis 13 1902-09, 1911-14, 1920
Roy Emerson 6 1960-65
Max Mirnyi 4 2005-06, 2011-12
Daniel Nestor 4 2007, 2010-12
Most Double Titles (Consecutive) Maurice Germot 10 1906-14, 1920
Roy Emerson 6 1960-65
Daniel Nestor 3 2010-12
Most Mixed Doubles Titles Max Decugis 7 1904-06, 1908-09, 1914, 1920
Jean-Claude Barclay 3 1968, 1971, 1973
Ken Fletcher 3 1963-65
Most Championships Max Decugis 28 1902-1920
Rafael Nadal 13 2005-08, 2010-14, 2017-20

French Open: Women’s

Record Player # of Wins Years
Most Single Titles Suzanne Lenglen 6 1920-23, 1925-26
Chris Evert 7 1974-75, 1979-80, 1983, 1985-86
Most Single Titles (Consecutive) Suzanne Lenglen 4 1920-23
Jeanne Matthey 4 1909-12
Justine Henin 3 2005-07
Monica Seles 3 1990-92
Most Double Titles Simonne Mathieu 6 1933-34, 1936-39
Martina Navratilova 7 1975, 1982, 1984-88
Most Double Titles (Consecutive) Francoise Durr 5 1967-71
Gigi Fernandez 5 1991-95
Martina Navratilova 5 1984-88
Most Mixed Doubles Titles Suzanne Lenglen 7 1914, 1920-23, 1925-26
Francoise Durr 3 1968, 1971, 1973
Most Championships Suzanne Lenglen 15 1919-26
Martina Navratilova 11 1974-88

Betting on French Open Online

If you are ready to begin betting on the French Open online in 2022, you will want to start off on the right foot, and that means using one of our top-rated sports betting sites featured in this review. The process to signing up is super simple and should only take about ten minutes to complete. Use the step-by-step guide below to get started!

  1. Head to the chart at the top of the page and click on the Go to Site button. This will take you directly to the site’s sign-up page.
  2. Once you have arrived, you will click on the Join or Sign Up button and begin creating your new account. This will include creating a username and password. You will also need to provide information like your name, date of birth, and email address.
  3. Fill out the new account application completely and correctly. When you are finished, hit the Submit button. You will then receive an email confirmation when your new account is ready to go.
  4. Use the username and password you created to log into your new account. Get your bankroll established by going into the Banking section and selecting your deposit and withdrawal method of choice.
  5. Once your bankroll is established, head to the Sports section and find the betting lines and odds for the French Open under Tennis. Choose the lines and odds you want and add them to your bet slip off to the right. If you are correct in your prediction, you will win real money!

Get Started Betting on the French Open Online Now

Well, you’re now fully equipped with all the knowledge you need to get started betting on the French Open online for real money! All that is left for you to do is join a site, make a deposit, and get yourself into the real money action. If you’re still lost on where to play or you just want us to make the decision for you, we’ve got you covered. The link below will take you to our current picks for the top French Open betting site available online. Click the link, and you’ll be in the action with a reputable and trustworthy site in no time!

Make a Bet Now!

French Open Betting FAQ

Yes, you can win plenty of real money betting on the French Open using one of our favorite sportsbooks! And there are a ton of great ways to place bets on the action like player prop bets like Win From Behind or Player Games Won or match props bets like Total Tiebreaks, Exact Scores, and Total Games in Sets. This makes the French Open one of the most interesting sports events in which to place online bets throughout the year!

Honestly, we really like each of the online sportsbooks that we feature in this review, so it is difficult to say which is the best of the best for betting on the French Open. We encourage you to look into each of these sportsbooks and find out which best suits your needs. At the end of the day, each of these sports betting sites comes highly recommended by our experts. No matter which you choose, you really cannot go wrong!

Yes, you certainly can! In fact, some of the best sports bettors in history made it a point to inform their betting decisions using a large pool of information. When you use more than one sportsbook, you can access a large variety of odds and betting lines. They are typically not the same going from sportsbook to sportsbook, so you can really find an edge based on the discrepancies in the number.

There is also nothing wrong with using more than one sportsbook for betting on French Open. If anything, it could dramatically help you in your quest to win real money!

Yes, you can bet on our favorite betting sites, regularly updating the odds information based on the changing action of any given game, match, or event! Many of the sportsbooks we recommend have a feature called live betting that allows bettors to place wagers multiple times during the course of one given event. This means that oddsmakers are hard at work putting out new and exciting betting lines and odds for the convenience of the online sports bettor!

Yes, there are certainly many online sportsbooks that feature live betting! Join one of our favorite gambling sites today and see what they offer. It will depend based on the site you end up using!