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The Sportsbook

Our first impression of the sportsbook at WagerWeb was that it was a bit cluttered. We were a little annoyed at the fact that the sportsbook page has a big ad along the entire left-hand side of the page advertising their welcome bonus options. We prefer it when a sportsbook page is free of annoying ads so that the main focus is solely sports betting.

Sorting on WagerWeb’s sportsbook is a bit different than most other online sportsbooks. At WagerWeb, you’ll start by selecting the type of bet that you want to make before you dive into a particular sport. While different, we found it to be very intuitive once we started using it. We don’t expect that anyone will have an issue finding what they are looking for based on our experience.

If you’re into betting on live action, you’ll be happy to know that WagerWeb makes it easy to locate all in-play action. Using the main menu bar, simply click on “Live Betting” to go to the main live betting landing page. From there, you can view all available in-play action across all sports. We are definitely glad that WagerWeb makes it this easy for their clients to find live action betting.

Sports You Can Bet On

Clients looking to wager on sports should not be disappointed with the set of sports that you can bet on at WagerWeb. At the time of our in-depth review, WagerWeb offered 16 different sports that could be wagered on. We’ve provided a list of these sports below so that you can review them to see if they offer your favorite sports for wagering. It is worth noting that WagerWeb does not show a sport if they do not currently have any available wagers on it at that time. If you don’t see a sport below that you’re searching for, be sure to come back to WagerWeb once that sport’s season starts.

  • Football
  • Baseball
  • Basketball
  • Fighting
  • Golf
  • Tennis
  • Rugby
  • Cricket
  • Aussie Rules
  • Handball
  • Volleyball
  • Darts
  • Cycling
  • Motor Racing
  • esports
  • Soccer

WagerWeb has a great lineup of sports that you can bet on. We like that they have all of the major sports like football and soccer covered along with more hard to find sports such as darts. For most people, the lineup of sports that you can bet on at WagerWeb should be more than sufficient.

esports Coverage

If you’re looking to wager on esports, we’re happy to report that WagerWeb offers esports betting. esports is currently one of the biggest trends in the online sportsbook world, so we’re definitely pleased to see that WagerWeb is already in on the action. To find esports wagers on WagerWeb, just select “esports” from their “Other Sports” section.

At the time of our review, the esports wagers available on WagerWeb were pretty slim. We found just 4 available bets for an upcoming GFINITY tournament. In chatting with one of the customer service reps, it sounds like they also have wagers available on games like LOL and GS:CO from time to time. In short, while WagerWeb offers some esports action at this time, the selection is very small. We’ve seen many of their competitors offering much more than they are. We hope that WagerWeb will add in some more esports betting options in the near future.

User Interface

The main menu for the sportsbook at WagerWeb has you start by selecting the type of bet that you’d like to place. This is a bit different than most other online sportsbooks that have you select a sport first. Either way, it’s super easy to still find what you are looking for. Simply hover your mouse over the “Sports” section and pick your preferred type of bet. From there, you’ll see all available sports and events, and you can quickly make a wager if you’re ready to at that time.

Something we were super happy to see was that WagerWeb offers you the ability to easily sort by type of bet. Often, clients want to place a certain type of bet regardless of the sport or event. With WagerWeb, it is super easy to sort by bet type. Simply hover your mouse over “Sports” on the main menu and select from the long menu of bet type options. Once you pick your type of bet, WagerWeb will show you all sports and events that you can choose from.

We really like the fact that WagerWeb makes it easy to find all live betting options. On the top menu bar, simply select “Live Betting” to see all betting options on in-play action. From this page, you can place your wagers on any games that are currently underway. It is good that WagerWeb makes it easy to find in-play betting as many clients want to wager on an event immediately regardless of what sport it is.

WagerWeb offers clients the ability to change how their odds are displayed in the live-betting portion of their website. This is a nice touch as different folks prefer to view their odds in different methods. WagerWeb offers you the ability to change between American, Hong Kong, and decimal style. The WagerWeb sportsbook automatically defaults to the American style odds display.

Interestingly, the ability to change how your odds are displayed was not offered in the main sportsbook. We found this very odd. We’d highly suggest that WagerWeb considers adding this functionality to their main sportsbook page as it is a great addition for customers. It seems silly to us that they would offer it on one portion of their sportsbook but not another. Hopefully, WagerWeb can add this in sooner rather than later.

Something rarer that we saw on the WagerWeb sportsbook was the ability to change the display language easily. Currently, WagerWeb allows you to easily toggle between 9 different languages in the live betting section of their site. Look for the language drop-down menu near the center top of the page. It’s worth noting that as with the ability to change how your odds are displayed, this functionality is also only currently available in the live betting portion of the sportsbook. Adding this ability to the main sportsbook page will also add some great value for their clients.

As a whole, the user interface at WagerWeb is pretty darn good. While there is some room for improvement, what they have now still provides a great customer experience.

The Casino

As we often see with other online sportsbooks, WagerWeb also offers an online casino to their clients. In the WagerWeb casino, you’ll find a good selection of games that currently includes 84 slots, 25 table games, and 26 types of video poker. WagerWeb also has other casino options such as a virtual racebook and Keno.

The game graphics on the WagerWeb online casino are pretty average. We’ve definitely seen some online casinos with much better graphics, and we’ve also seen some with graphics worse than WagerWeb. We would definitely like it if WagerWeb would increase the quality of their graphics, as having better graphics tends to make for a better client experience.

Something that we didn’t find at the WagerWeb online casino was live dealer games. We were pretty disappointed when we discovered this. Currently, live dealer games are all the rage in the online casino industry, so we hate to see that WagerWeb is missing out. Live dealer games are a big hit right now due to the extra interaction and transparency that they provide. We hope that WagerWeb will consider bringing live dealer games to their clients in the future.

Another thing that we did not find on the WagerWeb online casino was name brand games. While WagerWeb has a large selection of games, the vast majority of them are knock-offs like “Sloth Father” and “Birds” instead of the name brand “Godfather” and “Angry Birds.” While the knock off games function fine, we’re big fans of the name brand games as the graphics tend to be better and it also shows that the company has invested more funds into their online casino to provide high-quality games. In the future, it would be great if WagerWeb would offer name brand games to their clientele.

Overall, the online casino at WagerWeb is ok. It’s not the best that we have seen, and it also is definitely not the worst. Their solid selection of games is offset by the lack of live dealer function and their average game graphics. Our hope is that WagerWeb will invest some more time and money into improving their online casino at some point in the future.

Deposit and Withdrawal Options

Deposit Options

If you’re ready to get started wagering on WagerWeb, they make it easy for you to make a deposit onto their site. At the time of this review, WagerWeb offers 5 major deposit banking options. We’ve listed each of these baking options below for your convenience.

  • Credit Cards
  • Bitcoin
  • Person to Person Money Transfer
  • Cashier’s Check
  • Bank Wire

Withdrawal Options

WagerWeb makes it super easy to withdraw your funds from their site. Currently, WagerWeb allows you to withdraw funds using the same 5 banking methods that they offer for deposits. We’ve listed each of the withdrawal banking options below for your convenience.

  • Credit Cards
  • Bitcoin
  • Person to Person Money Transfer
  • Cashier’s Check
  • Bank Wire

As a whole, WagerWeb has a pretty good lineup of banking options. We would highly suggest that they add a few more options to both deposits and withdrawals to help appeal to a broader client base. WagerWeb might consider adding popular options such as Neteller or Skrill.

One thing that we could not locate on their site was a breakdown of minimums and maximums for deposits and withdrawals along with any potential fees for withdrawals. Adding in this information would definitely help give clients more information upfront, and it would also probably reduce the load on their customer service team. Many other online sportsbooks and casinos make this information easily accessible, and we hope that WagerWeb will soon follow suit.

Bonuses and Promotions

Like we see on nearly every other online sportsbook and casino, WagerWeb offers clients bonuses and promotions to help them earn extra cash. The goal of these promotions is to help retain current customers and attract new ones. We’ll take a look below at each of the promotions that WagerWeb offered at the time of our review. Be sure to check out WagerWeb’s promotion web page to find their latest promotional offers.

High Roller Welcome Bonus

WagerWeb offers three different options when it comes to welcome offers. The first one of these that we’re going to cover is their High Roller Welcome Bonus. Under the terms of this welcome offer, you can collect a 20% cash bonus on your initial deposit or a 30% free play bonus. The choice is up to you.

In addition to the cash or free play bonus, you’ll also get 5% cashback on all of your major track horse racing volume. Any bonuses through the High Roller Welcome Bonus are subject to a 10x rollover requirement. From the looks of it, this promotion is good for players looking to join that don’t mind a slightly higher rollover.

Elite Welcome Bonus

WagerWeb considers their Elite Welcome Bonus to be the best one for most clients and we tend to agree. Under this promotion, you’ll score a 10% cash bonus on your initial deposit or a 15% free play bonus. You get to choose which one you’d like.

What’s great about this welcome bonus is that it has a low rollover requirement of just 8x. Similar to the High Roller Welcome Bonus, you’ll also score 5% cash back on all of your horse racing wagers at major tracks. This welcome bonus is a good one for players looking to cash out fast and still have a great time. 

High Bonus Welcome Special

The last welcome offer that WagerWeb has to offer is their High Bonus Special. Under this welcome bonus, you’ll get either 50% cash back on your initial deposit or a 75% free play bonus. The choice is yours, and you can decide which is best for you.

This promo is great for people looking to score mega bonus bucks on their initial deposit and also don’t mind a higher rollover requirement. Under the terms of this promotion, your bonus cash is subject to a 15x rollover requirement. It is also worth noting that your largest bet during the duration of the rollover is limited to 20% of your deposit amount.

Sportsbook Cash Back Program

Members of the WagerWeb Elite Bonus Program will be eligible for a 1% cash back on all sportsbook volume each week. Under the terms of this promotion, WagerWeb will automatically credit your account every Monday with a bonus equal to 1% of your volume for the previous week. One great thing about this promotion is that there is no required rollover for the cash back funds!

Casino Cash Back Program

WagerWeb wants to make sure that you don’t leave their online casino empty handed. In order to do this, WagerWeb has developed their Casino Cash Back Program. Under the terms of this promotion, you’ll earn 5% cash back each week on all of your net casino losses. The money will automatically be deposited to your account every Monday. Two things that we really like about this promotional offer are that you’re automatically enrolled and that there is no required rollover for the bonus funds!

Bust Out Bonus

WagerWeb is offering a great incentive if you bust out completely on their site. If your account (including pending wagers) goes to a $0 balance, WagerWeb will pay you a 5% bonus if you deposit $100 or more within 24 hours of busting out. Under the terms of this promotion, there is no associated rollover for the bonus cash.

Tenth Time’s a Charm Promotion

If luck isn’t on your side at WagerWeb, they want to help you out. If you make 9 deposits on WagerWeb without taking a payout, they’ll cover your 10th deposit under the terms of this promotion. Under the terms of this promotion, WagerWeb will make a deposit equal to the average of your 9 previous deposits. It is worth noting that the bonus cash from this promotion is subject to a 5x rollover requirement. 

WagerWeb definitely does not disappoint when it comes to bonuses and promotions. They offer a wide selection that appeals to both new and existing clients. Our hope is that WagerWeb will continue to offer a solid selection of bonuses and promotions to their clients.

Customer Service

Before we conclude our review, we wanted to take a scan of the customer service at WagerWeb. Currently, you’re able to contact WagerWeb’s customer service team by telephone or fax. WagerWeb has different phone numbers for different departments. For your convenience, we’ve listed the phone numbers below should you need to reach WagerWeb’s customer service.

WagerWeb Deposits & Payouts Customer Service Support:

  • Toll-free Phone: 1-800-397-4319
  • Toll-free Phone: 1-888-464-2387
  • Fax: 1-877-848-6582

WagerWeb Bookmaking Customer Service Support:

  • Toll-free Phone: 1-877-512-7095
  • Toll-free Phone: 1-800-701-2381
  • Toll-free Phone: 1-855-924-3793

During the course of our review, we called WagerWeb’s customer support team when we had questions and needed help. On each occasion, the call was answered promptly, and every one of the different customer service agents that we worked with was super helpful and nice. Based on our experience, we have no reason to suspect that you won’t also have solid support from their customer service team.

One thing that we would definitely like to see from WagerWeb is more contact options for their customer service team. Typically, we see most online sportsbooks and casinos offering at least 2 or 3 different options. Many competitors of WagerWeb offer email and live chat support in addition to phone support. Hopefully, WagerWeb will add some more contact options to their customer service lineup in the near future. Luckily, the support available via the toll-free phone numbers is top-notch for the time being!

One other area with room for improvement from the WagerWeb customer service side of things is their hours of operations. Currently, WagerWeb offers customer service support from 10 am EST until “the last halftime of the last game.” Long short of it, WagerWeb is definitely not offering customer service support 24/7 which is pretty uncommon in the online sportsbook and casino industry. Our hope is that WagerWeb will step it up and staff their phone lines 24/7 in the future so that they can provide their clients with round the clock access.