Wrestlemania 36: Edge vs Randy Orton Betting Pick

Randy Orton vs Edge?! We are turning back the clock a bit with this one.

Randy Orton… This guy has been through a lot including substance abuse issues and divorce. Randy is still out there showing how incredibly technical he is as a second-generation professional wrestler.

Then there’s Edge. The Canadian wordsmith, who actually holds a college degree in radio broadcasting, has been retired for 9 years.

That’s a long time, really.

We have seen the Hulkster and Ric Flair or even Brock Lesnar disappear for a year or two but they are always back at least for a bit.

Edge was pretty much a goner. He came back to induct some guys into the WWE Hall of Fame which was cool and did a short radio show but he is more or less nearly a decade removed from performing in the ring.

He made his return at Summerslam last year with a match interrupting spear. Edge followed that up with a spot in the Royal Rumble. I think we actually took him at some very long odds to win but he fell short.

Edge and Randy Orton have beef going back over 10 years. This should be a really fun fight with two legends of the sport.

BetOnline.AG has the odds for this weekend’s event set to be aired on Saturday and Sunday evenings at 7:00 PM Eastern. Let’s get to our pick!

Edge (-500) vs Randy Orton (+300)

Wow, both men are listed at 6’5” tall.

Randy will have a likely size and strength advantage as well as being 6 years younger than the 46-year-old Edge. But isn’t the match fake? Yea, you’re right.

I guess the ol’ tale of the tape is pretty useless here.

We are going to need the tale of how these two men got to the point and more importantly, which direction will each man be facing post-Wrestlemania 36?

Edge is clearly a massive favorite here and asking you to put up half a stack just to make a bill is just too risky, especially considering a pen stroke changes everything these guys do.

Now, we must ask ourselves the question: Is Randy Orton a big enough star to shut the door on Edge in his first one-on-one pay per view match since his return after nearly a decade on the shelf? That’s a tough one.

All the signs point in the direction on an Edge victory.

  • Edge got the best of Randy at the Royal Rumble then it was Orton who gave an extraordinary beating to Edge and even RKO’d the man’s wife. Revenge is clearly in the cards for the Canadian, Edge.
  • Edge has always been a fan favorite both for his long blonde hair, fearless attitude but more than anything, his ability to cut a killer promo was up there with the best of them.

No, he isn’t the Rock or Stone Cold Steve Austin but hey, who is? Those guys will go down as top ten Wrestlers on the microphone of all time.

Edge may be in the top twenty. That’s pretty good considering all of the talented individuals we have had the pleasure of watching over the course of our lives.

Randy Orton is not quite as comfortable telling fans what they want to hear or being that good guy. He even goes by the name “The Viper” due to his snake-like nature of friendship and loyalty.

Randy Orton has admitted that he is actually quite the jerk in real life and he would much rather play the heel and just be his normal arrogant self.

Wrestlemania 36 is a good opportunity for him to do his thing in there with Edge. Both wrestlers are technical and exciting.

I just can’t get behind Randy here. They may give it to him to build this feud up even further but I don’t think Edge came out of retirement to get beat down, his wife hit with a finishing move, and then lose to the guy who did it at Wrestlemania.

Edge gets the W here.

My Pick

In Conclusion

This should be a fun one. Right now, this fight is listed on BetOnline.AG to be aired on Saturday night but the WWE has kept fans in the dark about exactly which matches will be aired on which night.

This is unfortunate but we can play along by getting our bets in immediately. This one is a 5 to 1 and I don’t expect you guys to pay all that juice trying to get rich.

The top online betting sites are going to limit your bet on this kind of action anyways so just do it for fun.

I know there aren’t a ton of betting opportunities right now and you want to scratch that itch just like the rest of us but just be careful here.

  • If you’re already a big wrestling fan, I would make some small wagers and just do my best to enjoy the show.
  • If you’re not a pro wrestling fan who may just tune in because there’s nothing else going on and a few wagers will make it much more interesting.

I’m all for that but just be smart with how much you put up because I would hate to see the event turn out bad for you because you lost a chunk of money.

That’s the last thing any of us need right now.

It is theater and we are just throwing a few bucks on several wrestlers just to make the event more interesting and more fun.


Mike Pruitt / Author

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