Wrestlemania 36 Pick – WWE Raw Women’s Championship – Shayna Baszler vs. Becky Lynch

The biggest of all the professional wrestling events will unfold this weekend, though WWE’s WrestleMania 36 will certainly have a different vibe this year.

With the ongoing COVID-19 global pandemic wreaking havoc on the professional sporting world, WWE’s CEO Vince McMahon has decided to press on and continue forward, despite obvious limitations and safety concerns as we head into the weekend. It’ll be a two-night event this year which should provide for some intriguing creative flexibility.

Already the card has seen it’s fair share of revisions, and will be performed on tape delay in front of zero fans in attendance – but hey, it’s live sports (entertainment), and there will be a ton of good betting opportunities to get some action down on. Wrestling betting has a tendency to be quite profitable, if you pay attention to the storylines, and track the line movements in the days and weeks leading up to the event. It’s important to understand not who the better wrestler or performer is, but how the win impacts the character’s narrative going forward.

In today’s featured article, we will focus on a long-awaited match between Shayna Baszler and the current champ, Becky Lynch. This duo have plenty of bad blood between them and have produced quite the rivalry and build-up before their big match at Wrestlemania this weekend. While we don’t yet know what evening this match will occur, expect it to be one of the main events – as these two women should be able to deliver a fiery show.

Although sports betting options have dried up, there is still money to be made this coming weekend. For an in-depth breakdown on the drama and build-up surrounding this anticipated match, please read on beneath the odds and have a read-through to see who I’m backing to leave WrestleMania 36 with the RAW Women’s Championship.

Shayna Baszler vs. Becky Lynch Betting Odds:

Shayna Baszler (-180)
Becky Lynch (+140)

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Shayna Baszler vs. Becky Lynch Pick:

This will be a watershed moment for the imposing, but still raw Shayna Baszler. The former mixed martial artist crushed the lower NXT division for years, before leaving her mark on the main roster. She served as the longest reigning NXT women’s champion, and has done well to target the WWE’s top female performer in ‘The Man’ Becky Lynch.

This has been a bitter and entertaining feud to watch, and the build-up to their fight this weekend has certainly been intense. It all began weeks ago when Baszler announced her intentions by brutally attacking the champion, Lynch – and actually bit her, resulting in gushing blood. As she stood in the ring, laughing with her blood-soaked mouth, a star was born in the Queen of Spades, Shayna Baszler.

And though many are anointing Baszler already as someone who is primed to be a champion and carry the women’s division forward, I just don’t see it yet. Becky Lynch is still a star and is an obvious favourite of Vince McMahon’s. She is a technically gifted wrestler, and one who can surely entertain and cut a promo. While Baszler has intriguing wrestling skills, her microphone work and promotional skills still leave a lot to be desired. And as we enter this new era without fans, already you can see a clear emphasis on wrestlers taking more time to cut meaningful promos. Baszler does not yet have that in her repertoire.

The other option to consider is that removing the title from Lynch and putting it onto Baszler would represent a huge moment for the WWE and its fans. The fact that zero of them are going to be in attendance to commemorate it, makes it seem like they are saving a title-changing moment for an event down the line.

Expect some potential interference in a match this big. There have been persistent rumors of Baszler receiving assistance from her other female MMA counterparts that have since transitioned to pro wrestling, and a potential disqualification could help keep the title on Lynch.

There is also an ongoing rumor that Ronda Rousey’s return is imminent in the next few months – and a feud with her MMA counterpart Baszler could loom large. The WWE has also been hinting relentlessly at a Rousey return, and if and when she does return, Baszler/Rousey does not require a belt to be entertaining – and neither currently have the entertaining skills to carry the women’s division. It just makes sense for Lynch to retain in this setting.

Shayna is an awesome competitor and has definitely advanced this feud, but at this current time – she doesn’t have the entertainment value of Becky Lynch to hold the title at this moment. Look at her very much like a Brock Lesnar, who often uses Paul Heyman to cut promos on his behalf. This match is projected to be the main event on Saturday evening, and I doubt they wrap-up the first evening of WrestleMania matches with a ‘heel’ taking down the supremely popular Becky Lynch. At her current price of +140, the betting market is projecting Baszler’s big moment a tad too soon. Expect Lynch to retain and the underdog to represent good value this weekend.

My Pick
Becky Lynch
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