Wrestlemania 36: SmackDown Women’s Championship Eliminator Match Betting Pick

Yes, you heard the man! The show must go on!

I remember in high school when Juliet got the flu. Those were quite a bit of lines to remember and it was impossible for anyone to learn the part in just a week!

We sat around and some people wanted to just cancel the whole thing. Luckily, we had a good man teaching us and he said those 5 famous words with clarity, bass, and enthusiasm: “The show must go on!”.

If you’re wondering how the WWE can still put on events while other sports cannot, well, you have to remember that World Wrestling Entertainment is just that.

It isn’t a sport and Vince McMahon and the boys don’t have to answer to any athletic commissions.

But, I want the UFC back every week! I liked the freakin’ XFL. Basketball was really getting good. We would have already had the opening day of baseball season.

Hey, I am just as disappointed, upset, and frankly very bored at times as the next guy not being able to watch live sports or pick fights/games.

One more lesson I got from my Theater teacher Mr. Mason was this: Life’s not fair!

I think we have all realized this at one point in our lives before. We didn’t need the COVID Pandemic of 2020 to tell us that.

Ok, here’s one more and we will get on with this prediction.

Life is short! Yes, it is. This is another one I hope we all have embedded in our respective psyches. This is why you need to bet your mortgage on something that’s already decided.


Wrestlemania is scripted, yes. It is also previously recorded! I bet you didn’t know that! They have already done the entire two-night event this past weekend at their headquarters.

The WWE must employ the mob to help people hold onto these secrets.

Wrestlemania 36 is going to be aired on Saturday and Sunday nights with both events beginning at 7:00 PM Eastern each night.

There are a ton of bettable fights to choose from. We will be hitting Saturday night’s events firstly followed by Sunday’s big matches including Brock Lesnar vs Drew McIntyre as well as the immortal Undertaker vs AJ Styles.

Today, let’s kick this off with a Smackdown Women’s Champion Eliminator Match featuring 5 WWE Superstars including the champion Bayley and her good buddy as of late, Sasha Banks.

Those two are the betting favorites right now but we have three other women with high-paying betting odds who might be worth a few bucks.

BetOnline.AG has the odds for Wrestlemania 36.

Let’s get to our prediction for the winner of the Smackdown Women’s Championship in an eliminator match.

Smackdown Women’s Championship Eliminator Match Betting Odds

  • Sasha Banks: +100
  • Bayley: +125
  • Lacey Evans: +400
  • Naomi: +650
  • Tamina: +3300

Tamina: +3300

Since this is an elimination match, let’s cross some names off the list until there is but one lovely lady left and she will get our bet.

Tamina… Hmm… I guess a 4-way eliminator just doesn’t sound nearly as cool as a 5-way. I don’t know why else they would be bringing in Tamina in this situation.

She has tagged up with Sasha Banks and Naomi in the past. That is important to note.

Since it’s quote day, I will hit you with another one: Everything happens for a reason.

I believe the matchmakers/storytellers put Tamina in there to do something big but still not be the new champ.

I think she will bend a rule or two to possibly eliminate one of the other women but picking Tamina to win this match over such big names is just too much of a stretch.

Naomi: +650

Naomi, Naomi…

Here’s a tag team match from about a month ago involving 4 of the 5 competitors in this weekend’s eliminator.

Naomi can’t really do anything on her own against the other “competitors”, and I don’t think she will be getting much help when it’s every woman for herself.

She may very well push her friend Lacey Evans towards the final two left in the ring. It seems fairly clear to me that Naomi is a much weaker character and technical wrestler than Lacey Evans.

The final three will likely be Evans, Banks, and Bayley.

Bayley: +125

This girl is the most unathletic boring athlete I have seen in a while. She must secretly be someone’s daughter or girlfriend because I don’t know how she has the belt otherwise.

She has a favorable and negative history with the favorite Becky Lynch. They used to hate each other. Now they are BFF’s. How many times have we seen this story, right? I like it. I think this is a good story and timed perfectly.

I’m not sure how the final three will play out exactly but fairly certain we will see a new champion.

There has to be a moment where the two friends have to fight. There just has to! We already know that moment pretty much has to come when they are the only two women left in the match.

I could potentially see some underhanded work to get one of them out of there early but it kinda mutes a lot of the intrigue and that’s just bad for business.

Bayley also holds the record for the longest title reign in Women’s Superstar history at over 300 days. You have to think that’s another indicator she will probably lose the belt.

Lacey Evans: +400

I’m not a chess master or anything but I see Lacey as a pawn here.

The Georgia-native just had her dirty 30 birthday just over a week ago. Does that mean there’s a possibility that she is now leveling up in the organization as well? You know, she is almost there.

I think Lacey might be a year away from the title. I can see her winning it at next year’s Royal Rumble and defending at Wrestlemania.

Tamina is the new girl and all and while she may not win, something will happen in this match to help cement her name in the women’s division.

She is bigger than the rest of the ladies and most recently on Smackdown, all four of this weekend’s combatants were scared of her.

I see Lacey as the sacrificial lamb here. She gets taken out by the new girl along with Naomi. Then the BFF’s Bayley and Sasha Banks tag team Tamina.

Then there were two.

Sasha Banks: +100

Even money isn’t that good when you are talking about 4 other possible winners. Or is it? Could it be a sign?

Queue the X-Files theme song.

I like Sasha here. She is the most technical wrestler of the 5, she has the most experience, is more well-known than her opponents, and she has had to be good friends with the champ for too long.

It’s one thing to be the nemesis of the champ. Being their best pal and standing next to them just makes you look for lack of a better word, lesser.

Banks’ character is a strong alpha woman who barely understands the meaning. She is a #1 or bust kind of athlete and I think we will see her come out on top this weekend.

My Pick

In Conclusion

You gotta love Vince McMahon. He is pressing onward no matter what.

It is pretty darn weird, though, seeing the wrestlers drop promos in front of thousands of empty seats. The matches kinda resemble a competitive practice.

If you were ever a moderate to high-level athlete, then you are fully familiar with how intense practice can be.

This is fun, though. Plus, we can bet on it!

I wish the WWE was going to broadcast the event on television considering the circumstances and people not wanting to give up 10% of their stimulus check before they even get it.

The show is happening, though… Well, it already did but you get the point.

Sasha Banks regains her title after following it around all friendly like for far too long.

Get those bets in now folks and we have more Wrestlemania predictions coming your way.

Mike Pruitt / Author

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