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Mavericks vs. Heat Pick NBA – Jan 30th Mavericks vs. Heat Pick NBA – Jan 30th

NBA All-Stars have been announced, and aside from perhaps the inclusion of Tim Duncan over the far less popular and far more productive (albeit on a perennial loser) DeMarcus Cousins, I have no real gripes in the West. As much as Klay Thompson’s quarter was stunning, I think I lean Damian Lillard over Klay, but I have no objection with rewarding the team with the league’s best record with a second All Star. Plus, I have a feeling Video Game Dame... Read More

Blues vs. Hurricanes Pick – NHL January 30th Blues vs. Hurricanes Pick – NHL January 30th

The St. Louis Blues seem hell bent on proving that last years collapse was a fluke because of injuries. They were winning at about the same clip as they are now and are in a similar position, but problems late in the season and playoffs sent them home. They are red hot at the moment and will need it continue for another few months if they want to be contenders in the playoffs this season. All of the news surrounding the Blues recently has been the... Read More

Bulls vs. Lakers Pick NBA – Jan 29th Bulls vs. Lakers Pick NBA – Jan 29th

Last night Kyrie Irving went ridiculous – torching the visiting Blazers with a double-nickel, dropping 55 (on 39 shots!) en route to the Cavs eighth straight win. That was fun to watch. But what has me a little chapped today is the late scratch of LeBron James. In real-life, I usually avoid putting down NBA wagers real early in the morning for this very reason. Hopefully you too were patient and got the Cavs when the line dropped to a reasonable... Read More

Dayton vs. UMass NCAA Hoops – Jan 29th Dayton vs. UMass NCAA Hoops – Jan 29th

We notched a winner last night with Notre Dame’s thrilling comeback victory over Duke. There’s so much to digest from the game, and I know you probably aren’t looking for technical analysis in the recap – so let’s leave it at two observations about the respective teams. First, Duke missed a TON of free throws down the stretch and missed about 10 point-blank shots in the course of that game. I’ll take the winner, but I am already very skeptical... Read More

Stars vs. Senators Pick – NHL January 29th Stars vs. Senators Pick – NHL January 29th

The Dallas Stars and Ottawa Senators meet for the second time this season, and for the second time this month. On January 13th the Stars were able to edge out the Senators to earn a 5-4 win. I believe I had a winning pick in that game and we’re looking for more tonight. With the Super Bowl taking place on Sunday, most sports bettors will go on hiatus and take a break for a while after the big game. There is no rest for me though, as I will continue... Read More

Blazers vs. Cavs Pick NBA – Jan 28th Blazers vs. Cavs Pick NBA – Jan 28th

There are some NBA teams that simply thrive on the spotlight and doubt. Two of the best examples were on display last night in grandly different fashion. First, the Miami Heat. The Heat looked fantastic over the weekend blistering the Bulls and leaving viewers scratching their heads at why this team was under .500 with Dwyane Wade and Bosh healthy and Hassan Whiteside looking like an absolute revelation. Then, of course, as the national tv lights... Read More

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