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Super Bowl 50 Prop Bets – Funny Props Super Bowl 50 Prop Bets – Funny Props

For a lot of spectators, this is their favorite part of the Super Bowl. Even if you’re not betting on funny Super Bowl 50 props, just looking at the list of odd wagers can be quite humorous. It’s funny enough, but there are opportunities to win cash here on these bets. I have in the past, and plan to win more cash in Super Bowl 50 on some funny props. All of these bets are not offered at some sportsbooks, you will need to look around and find... Read More

Bucks vs. Jazz Pick NBA – Feb 5th Bucks vs. Jazz Pick NBA – Feb 5th

I haven’t written about Kobe too much this season, aside from some harsh but true statistical efficiency observations early in the season and the debate as to whether the Lakers were better or worse in games he didn’t play (for the record, they are 2-8 without Kobe, so technically, the answer is “worse”). And after the last two games, perhaps the answer is “WAY worse.” The Lakers have won two straight, and while wins over Minnesota and... Read More

Blue Jackets vs. Flames Pick – NHL February 5th Blue Jackets vs. Flames Pick – NHL February 5th

The Columbus Blue Jackets turn their attention from the Canucks and head to Calgary for a meeting with the Flames. This is a rematch of a recent meeting from a few weeks ago in Columbus. In that one, the Flames were able to upend the Jackets by a score of 4-2. The NHL did Columbus no favors by scheduling the Oilers, Canucks, and Flames here. However, all teams have opposite coast trips, and the Blue Jackets were able to rest up before the break to... Read More

Wild vs. Rangers Pick – NHL February 4th Wild vs. Rangers Pick – NHL February 4th

Montreal Canadiens meet the Minnesota Wild. Minnesota Wild meet the Montreal Canadiens. You’ll get along. If you follow hockey, you understand the correlation between the Canadiens and Wild. Both of their seasons are going in the gutter, after such good starts. Last night the Habs were downed by the Sabres, 4-2 at home. As far as Minnesota, I know there was some chatter earlier that this was going to be the year that the Wild finally beat the Blackhawks... Read More

Heat vs. Mavericks Pick NBA – Feb 3rd Heat vs. Mavericks Pick NBA – Feb 3rd

We notched a second straight winner with Portland easily handling the stumbling road-weary Bucks a double-digit defeat. Hopefully you daily fantasy players snapped up C.J. McCollum as well, as he went off against the guard defense-deficient Bucks for a 30/6/4 monster stat line. It also appears the Spurs missed Old Man Riverwalk more than some might have posited. They have dropped two of their last four… though one could easily surmise that losing... Read More

Southern Illinois vs Wichita State Pick NCAA Basketball – Feb 3rd Southern Illinois vs Wichita State Pick NCAA Basketball – Feb 3rd

It was another wild night in college hoops with two more ranked teams falling to unranked opponents. In fact this time, Providence and Kentucky didn’t just lose to unranked teams, they lost to teams that were under .500 overall in DePaul and Tennessee. Not a good night for the big guys, though at this point in the season, it is getting tougher and tougher to discern who the “big guys” even are… So are more upsets brewing tonight? Nine ranked... Read More

Sabres vs. Canadiens Pick – NHL February 3rd Sabres vs. Canadiens Pick – NHL February 3rd

If you want an example of why you should never take the first month of the season seriously, take a look at the Montreal Canadiens. They opened the season up going 9-0, 11-2 through their first thirteen games. That tremendous start to the season has gone all for waste. The Habs are really lucky that they did have that start, because they would be well under .500 at this point. The fall of the Canadiens can largely be accredited to the loss of Carey... Read More

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