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Rockets vs. Mavericks Pick NBA – April 26th Rockets vs. Mavericks Pick NBA – April 26th

The Bulls dropping a game at the buzzer to extend the series? Not a big deal. The Warriors having a few close games against the Pels before finishing them off yesterday? No big deal. But the way the Hawks played in the first two games of their series coupled with their listless loss to the Nets yesterday? Possibly a BIG deal. There were some questions regarding Atlanta entering the postseason regardless of health. Did they have a true “star” to... Read More

Mets vs. Yankees Pick MLB – April 26th Mets vs. Yankees Pick MLB – April 26th

The Mets franchise-record 11-game winning streak was finally snapped on Friday night, but they responded in a major way yesterday in what might have been a symbolic temporary passing of the torch. The “big brother” Yankees sent veteran C.C. Sabathia to the mound to face the new face of New York baseball, phenom Matt Harvey, aka, the Dark Knight. Harvey went 8 2/3, Sabathia allowed seven runs in five innings. Will the Mets really overtake the Yankees... Read More

Canadiens vs. Senators Pick – NHL April 26th Canadiens vs. Senators Pick – NHL April 26th

How quickly a series can change. The Habs were on the verge of sweeping the Senators, which I thought was coming, to a brand new series with the Sens a game away from tying it all up and going to a game 7. The Canadiens cannot afford to let that happen. Being up 3-0 and going to a game 7 is the type of stuff to punch the wind right out of you. The Canadiens understand the magnitude of this game tonight, and by all means, I think quit in game 5. After... Read More

Cardinals vs. Brewers Pick – MLB April 26th Cardinals vs. Brewers Pick – MLB April 26th

After what happened Friday night, I surely thought something else, on a much smaller level of course, was going to happen last night. It nearly did, as the Cardinals were up 5-0 and coasting, the game then got interesting after the Brewers added 3 runs in the bottom of the 8th. On my mind was of course a solo jack by the Brewers which would have ruined that bet. Luckily we were on the right side of that bet, and were able to cash the Cards at a pretty... Read More

Warriors vs. Pelicans Pick NBA – April 25th Warriors vs. Pelicans Pick NBA – April 25th

Think the Clippers regret that Blake Griffin turnover/Chris Paul missed shot now? The Spurs flexed some serious championship muscle, absolutely throttling the Clippers 100-73 in San Antonio last night to wrest home court advantage away in the series and take a 2-1 lead. It is just one game, but it felt bigger last night. So much for Tony Parker’s nagging injury derailing the champs… Meanwhile, we ran our postseason NBA record to 5-2 ATS as Paul... Read More

Red Wings vs. Lightning Pick – NHL April 25th Red Wings vs. Lightning Pick – NHL April 25th

What a comeback by the Lightning the other night to absolutely steal a game, and possibly the series, from the Detroit Red Wings. Heads had to be laying low for the Wings on the flight to Tampa recently. Not only did they have that game in the bag, but they had the series in the bag, because it would have been very difficult for the Lightning to overcome a 3-1 series deficit. Games like that sometimes change the course for teams drastically and they... Read More

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