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Angels vs. Dodgers Pick MLB – Aug 2nd Angels vs. Dodgers Pick MLB – Aug 2nd

We notched a third straight winner last night and our fifth in six plays thank to some great pitching from rookie Joe Ross and Jacob deGrom in a battle of great important and a duel between a pair of young NL East arms. The Mets prevailed thank to Lucas Duda’s heroics – all three runs were due to the bat of Duda, and all came late, a pair of solo homeruns and a RBI double. The win pulls the Mets to just a game out of first with a nice matchup... Read More

Mariners vs. Twins Pick – MLB August 2nd Mariners vs. Twins Pick – MLB August 2nd

The Minnesota Twins were involved, albeit indirectly, in the trade deadline. They didn’t make any big moves or any trades worth nothing, but a team that is hot on their trail did, and is looking to take over the wildcard spot from the Twins. As I say this, the Blue Jays let us down yesterday by blowing a 5-1 lead. Newly added bullpen member Mark Lowe saved his worst start of the season for his first appearance with the Jays. The bullpen has been... Read More

Nationals vs. Mets Pick – August 1st Nationals vs. Mets Pick – August 1st

We notched an easy winner last night with the Royals and Blue Jays each nearly taking care of the run total by themselves. Johnny Cueto wasn’t bad, but he wasn’t flawless either – just as projected. The Jays touched him up for three runs and seven hits over six innings before a three-run seventh eventually did in the Royals. Don’t be surprised if we see these two teams playing again soon, only with Cueto facing Price and a lot more at stake… Meanwhile,... Read More

Royals vs. Blue Jays Pick – MLB August 1st Royals vs. Blue Jays Pick – MLB August 1st

The Toronto Blue Jays are going all-in with the acquisition of not only shortstop Troy Tulowitzki, but ace David Price. It is pretty well assumed that David Price is a rental and will be spending the rest of his summer, and perhaps the fall, in Toronto with the Blue Jays. Beyond that I expect him to sign a big contract elsewhere in the league. The Jays traded away a few pitching prospects and got Price in return. In other words, the Blue Jays pushed... Read More

Royals vs. Blue Jays Pick MLB – July 31st Royals vs. Blue Jays Pick MLB – July 31st

The trade carousel is heating up as the final deals come down to the wire. Today is the final day to make non-waiver moves and there are still some big names floating about. The biggest rumors now are talks between the Reds and Mets for Jay Bruce and Wheeler, as well as rumors that a few teams, including Arizona (why?) have called about Aroldis Chapman. The Padres also have a bevy of talent available, but nothing concrete has yet to materialize. I... Read More

Angels vs. Dodgers Pick – MLB July 31st Angels vs. Dodgers Pick – MLB July 31st

Something was bound to break for Clayton Kershaw. His season was going so average that it felt like it was only a matter of time before he goes full Cy Young mode. Zack Greinke has stolen the spotlight in the Dodgers rotation, and rightfully so, Greinke is having a record breaking campaign. However, Kershaw has been reminding people the last few weeks that he is still around and can still play at a high level. Plenty of people seen it as the end of... Read More

Cubs vs. Brewers Pick MLB – July 30th Cubs vs. Brewers Pick MLB – July 30th

Remember when the smaller market teams used to serve as a virtual de facto farm system for the Yankees? Kansas City, Tampa Bay, and all the others just built up the talent until it got too expensive, then the Yankees and the apropriatly named Brian Cashman swooped in with the checkbook. Times they are a changin’. Every big name the Yankees were rumored to be bidding for has gone elsewhere, including the latest blow – David Price heading to... Read More

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