Mavericks vs. Pacers Pick NBA – October 26th Mavericks vs. Pacers Pick NBA – October 26th

We started off the NBA season with a win, thanks to the ridiculous closing abilities of Damian Lillard and some late defense from the Portland Trailblazers.  Portland extended their NBA record for consecutive wins in their home opener to 16 straight seasons with the 113-104 victory, powered by a 36-21 final quarter.  I might have made one omission from my MVP Value chart.  Damian Lillard at 25-1 is a really reasonable buy… But the biggest story... Read More

Cubs vs. Indians World Series Game 2 Pick Cubs vs. Indians World Series Game 2 Pick

The Chicago Cubs didn’t stand a chance against Corey Kluber last night. Even though they threatened, even having the bases juiced with no outs, there was the feeling that the Indians were going to be able to get out of the jam. Kluber and Andrew Miller were unhittable. The best the Cubs could do is guess what was coming to them. Part of being a good hitter is anticipating what’s coming from a pitcher, but there was honestly no hope in hell the... Read More

Capitals vs. Oilers Pick – NHL October 26th Capitals vs. Oilers Pick – NHL October 26th

No it isn’t a typo, the Edmonton Oilers are really 5-1-0 this season. The Oilers subtracted Taylor Hall and Nail Yakupov out of the equation, and they’ve become a better team, so it seems thus far. Connor McDavid also had his first offseason in the NHL to get better and absorb everything. McDavid is only going to get better with experience for the Oilers. Hall and Yakupov were expected to be the future of the franchise, but the only thing that’s... Read More

Jazz vs. Trailblazers Pick NBA – October 25th Jazz vs. Trailblazers Pick NBA – October 25th

It’s Opening Night in the NBA and the league is definitely catering to us fans by delivering some pretty fantastic games to get the festivities started.  The night will open with The King getting crowned (or “ringed” more specifically) in what is sure to be a feverish ceremony in Cleveland.  Can you imagine the hype in that city tonight??  The Cavs getting rings while the Indians open the World Series across the street.  It’s an embarrassment... Read More

Flames vs. Blues Pick – NHL October 25th Flames vs. Blues Pick – NHL October 25th

The Calgary Flames pushed the Chicago Blackhawks to the brink last night, bringing them to overtime and escaping a Blackhawk’s power-play, only to go on and win in a shootout. It was a superb effort from the Flames, who were able to get their first marquee win of the season. This was only the second win for the Flames to advance to 2-4-1 but it was a big one over a recent Stanley Cup Champion. Brian Elliott needed the win more than anyone and now... Read More

Cubs vs. Indians World Series Game 1 Pick Cubs vs. Indians World Series Game 1 Pick

The Chicago Cubs for the first time since 1945 will be competing in the World Series. You need to go back much further back to find the last time they won the World Series, which came in 1908. The 2016 Cubs made the World Series by no mistake. This is team who have been stockpiling the talent over the past few years, and it’s all come to a head here in 2016. Before the start of last season, I predicted that the Cubs were going to have a really good... Read More

2016-2017 NBA Season Preview 2016-2017 NBA Season Preview

It’s the start of the NBA season, and twenty nine teams enter the season with renewed hope; a blank slate and refreshed dreams of hoisting up the Larry O’Brein Trophy… or do they?  Can we be honest here for a second?  Next to NO ONE realistically thinks they have a chance of hoisting the trophy.  Thanks to a half-decade of Eastern Conference erosion and one seismic league-shifting earthquake of a free agency move, the league has been largely... Read More

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