Barkley Favored to Go into Golf Following Retirement

  • Basketball Hall of Famer Charles Barkley has become one of the most beloved television analysts of all time in any sport, due to his work on TNT’s “Inside the NBA”.
  • Barkley revealed that he is going to retire next season after 25 years, as TNT is left out of the NBA’s media coverage going forward.
  • Online sportsbooks are favoring Barkley to go into golf next year, with sportswear, politics, teaching, actor, and music all on the board.

Charles Barkley has been in the spotlight since he was at Auburn University. Barkley was drafted fifth in the 1984 draft (the same draft that had Michael Jordan and Hakeem Olajuwon).

Even though Barkley never won an NBA title, he is a former MVP. The legend is also a two-time entrant into the Basketball Hall of Fame, once for his career, and again for being a part of the 1992 US team, known as “The Dream Team”.

Barkley has gone on to have a glittering post-basketball career, joining TNT’s “Inside the NBA” in 2000. He has won four Sports Emmys for his work on the show. However, it looks like TNT is being left in the cold, with the NBA expected to sign a new deal with NBA, Amazon, and Disney.

Rather than sign for another network, Barkley stated on Saturday, June 15, that he would retire from television after the 2024-25 season, says a CNN report. That also figures to be TNT’s last campaign with the NBA.

What Will Barkley Do Next?

Odds at sports betting sites have Barkley favored to do something in golf after next season:

That makes sense, as Barkley is an avid golfer, although his skills have been scrutinized. A PGA Champions Tour video shows that Barkley has improved, but he’s still worth a laugh or two on the course. He’ll certainly be a staple at celebrity golf tournaments, as Barkley has been for years now.

The politics option is interesting as Barkley has already teased a run into politics. Barkley also had a show with Gayle King in the fall of 2023, called “King Charles”. While the show doesn’t look like it’s going to get renewed, Barkley’s propensity to say whatever is on his mind would get him some political followers. Given the current political climate, that’s almost a guarantee.

Sportswear would be a better betting option than teaching, acting, and music. Barkley turned 61 in February and doesn’t want to work every day. You’ll definitely see him making a cameo on television, but probably not as a full-time actor.

As for music, again, he could do something for fun. It wouldn’t be good, but people would love to hear it.

Could Barkley Work for Another Network?

Barkley’s retirement absolutely isn’t coming at a lack of options, and some are surprised at the announcement. Sports Illustrated’s Jimmy Traina states that Barkley told him three weeks ago that he hadn’t decided and was waiting on the fate of TNT.

While no official announcement has been made on the NBA rights deal, keep your eyes open. Commissioner Adam Silver would have wanted the Finals to be over until anything was made public.

However, Barkley would have no shortage of suitors if he decided to retract his retirement statement. He’s a major part of arguably the best studio show in sports, and you can bet that NBC, Amazon, and Disney are all lining up to offer him a contract. In October 2022, Barkley was in talks with LIV Golf before re-upping with TNT. It’s not just basketball that would be interested in working with “Sir Charles”.

Barkley remains loyal to his TNT colleagues, but we also know that he loves the spotlight. He has all the leverage in this situation, and it would be a major shock if he weren’t on an NBA studio show next season.

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