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From years of betting online at over 15 different online sportsbooks, I’ve learned a lot about the numerous sports betting sites out there. On this page I will give my personal recommendations on which are the best, safest, and most trusted sportsbooks to deposit your money at and place your bets at in 2017.

Below are my top 4 betting sites with a quick explanation of why they made my top list.

#1 –

Bovada has been operating since 1994 (formerly as Bodog) and is a recognized brand worldwide. The Bovada website is for US bettors only, and Canadians must use their partner site Bovada is known for their great promotions, including a $250 sign up bonus for new bettors and individual free bet promotions during the football season. I always check the lines at Bovada when betting underdogs, as they often offer great underdog lines.

Bovada gets an A+ for their cash out and deposit options, with lots of options available and payments come quicker than most.  Another reason I love recommending Bovada is their top notch customer support team that will help you with any issues or questions.  For the casual sports bettor, this is my top rated site.  Click here to sign up – you won’t be disappointed!

#2 –

5Dimes has been around since 1999 and have a very good reputation with sports bettors. They offer great live support by chat, phone or email, and depositing and cashing out your money is made very easy by their great support team. 5Dimes offers very competitive lines, including a reduced juice option that you can opt-in for when you sign up which will give you -105 odds instead of -110 lines.  They are the only betting site I know of to offer this reduced juice that can add up to a nice return in the long run.

5Dimes also offers some of the best odds on future bets (for example betting on which team will win the Super Bowl before the season begins), and they have a good selection of prop bets for most sports.

#3 –

BetOnline hasn’t been around as long as some of the other top sports betting sites listed in my top 4, but they deserve to be in the mix with their aggressive free money bonuses offered. Not only can you qualify for up to $1,000 in free bonus money on your first deposit with them, they will also offer you re-deposit bonuses throughout the year if you ever need to “re-up” your account balance. Credit Card deposits work well at BetOnline and their payouts are fairly quick too.

It’s an all around solid online sportsbook that I would recommend giving a shot.  From talking with other sports bettors I’ve only heard good things about BetOnline and they seem like they have a great management team.

#4 –

Don’t let the ranking make you think this betting site isn’t as good as the others. I only have Bookmaker listed at #4 because they aren’t open to all countries. They are the dinosaurs in the online betting industry, having been around for ages and are a top trusted betting site.

Bookmaker offers a very competitive sign-up bonus and they have a loyalty program that rewards you with free money added to your account simply by placing bets at their sportsbook. When you cash out your winnings you will often receive an email within hours letting you know the cash out has been processed, which is something I find helpful.

Betting Site
Visit Site
50% up to $520
50% up to $250
10% up to $1000

If I could only sign up for one online sports betting site which one would it be?

I would have to go with, as it has been a top rated sports betting site for almost 20 years (under the Bodog brand).  They have top quality customer support, which is important if you’re a long-term customer.  I also love their mobile website, as it makes it very easy to place your bets on the go from your phone.  Overall everything about Bovada is great and is my top recommendation for an online sportsbook!

Best Sports Betting Site

Click here to get started betting at Bovada…

What you should look for in a sports betting site:

Years of Existence – Unfortunately there are sportsbooks out there that open up online and end up being scam books or just run out of money and get shut down, sometimes without paying out their existing customers. If the sportsbook has been around for 5 years or less I would be skeptical of depositing my money at that betting site. The best sports betting websites in the business have been around for 10, 15 or even more years now. I won’t say that you shouldn’t bet at new betting sites, but I would look into the people in charge to make sure they’re trustworthy.

Trusted and Good Reputation – This ties in with the note above, but when you’re placing your hard earned money into a betting site you want to make sure that it is going to be there when you want to cash out. Make sure you are betting with sportsbooks that have a good reputation.

Easy Deposit and Withdrawal Methods – Nothing is worse than signing up for a sportsbook and either not being able to get money into your account or not being able to get your money out of your account in a timely fashion. Please understand that getting your money out will sometimes take a bit of time, but you should never have to wait months to get paid. Look for sports betting sites that offer fast cash outs and give you plenty of options to choose from.

Good Lines and Limits – Some sports betting sites offer very low limits, which doesn’t allow you to get bets down that you want to place.  Make sure that the sportsbook has high enough limits that you can place the size of wagers you want to be placing.  Also, make sure that the sportsbook offers competitive lines for not only your basic bets but also for future wagers and props as well.

Why you should sign up for multiple sports betting sites:

I highly recommend you sign up for at least 3 of the sportsbooks recommended above.  Because each sportsbook sets their own lines, having accounts at different online betting sites will allow you to get the best price on the wager you want to place.  For example, let’s say you want to take the Cowboys -4 this week.  One betting site might have the odds at -110, while another has is it a +105.

While it might not seem like a huge difference getting +105 odds over -110, it adds up in a big way over time.  Think about it this way – if you won an extra $10 for every sport bet you won from making sure you got the best line and you won 400 bets over the course of the year, that would be an extra $4000 in profits.

Having accounts at a few different betting sites and looking for the best odds is called “line shopping” and I’ve posted a video about it on YouTube that you can see below.

See the top of this page for my favorite betting sites to choose from to pick a few to sign up at!

If you have any questions about sports betting sites please feel free to email me.  I have experience with numerous betting sites, and I feel I can direct you to the best site for your personal needs.

The majority of the time I am recommending to people who are looking for the best sports betting site, but it may be different for you, so feel free to contact me.  And as always, good luck!