The Best Sports Betting Sites

It’s easy, it’s fast, and there are plenty of chances to make some money. We are talking about online sports betting, where the opportunities are endless. Before you jump right into making your picks, you will want to make sure you are being as fair to yourself as possible.

Don’t waste time fiddling around with all those less than stellar sites out there. That is our job, and we did that for you.

These are the betting sites that will provide you the most exceptional sports betting experience attainable. If you are specifically looking to bet on a certain sport or need to know which sites are available in your region, we got you covered.

Use this page as your home base for making all your online sports betting decisions. The best way to have success betting sports is to set yourself up for success. Use this guide to do exactly that.

Best Sports Betting Sites by Location

We understand that not all of you live in the same part of the world. There are different laws and regulations surrounding online sports betting depending on where you live. Don’t worry about figuring out if a site will accept your action or not — that is why we are here!

Use the buttons above to find the information you are looking for as it pertains to online sports betting in your region. If you can’t find your continent or country above, you most likely are good to go with any of them. Keep in mind that some of these sites will also offer other gambling opportunities such as casino games and poker rooms. However, we endorsed them on this page based on their sports betting selections.

Best Sports Betting Sites by Category

This is another section where we want to cater specifically to your needs. Not every sports bettor is built the same exact way. When you are betting online, you want to find a site that satisfies all your desires and checks all the boxes.

While we only promote the most trusted sites out there, you will find that each one has different nuances and areas where they truly excel. For example, if you know you are only going to be betting from your mobile device, it is important to find a site that accommodates that platform at the full capacity.

Maybe you only want to place wagers at sites that guarantee ultra-speedy payouts. Are you a big fan of the National Football League or perhaps Major League Baseball is your forte?

The point is, there are so many categories and ways to bet on sports that it is only fair that we broke it down for you.

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Best Sports Betting Sites by Sport

Once you start familiarizing yourself with the best betting sites, you will start to notice that each one has certain specialties. One site may feature only a couple player matchups during PGA tournaments while others may offer 2 pages worth. You may find a site that has tons of tennis prop bets and another that doesn’t have any. It is important when you are searching for specific sports to bet on that you are looking in the right place.

Something tells us that between this segment and the section above you will have no qualms about finding some sports bets that peak your interest.

We told you where to go based on where you reside. We gave you direct links to pages that will make your sports betting experience more enjoyable than you could imagine. However, it wouldn’t be fair to just tell you which sites to go to without telling you why. [ Back to Top ↑ ]

Why These Sites

Recommending sports betting sites to our readers is something we take great pride in. While there are some companies that will accept fees to blindly promote online casinos, we never, under any circumstances, conduct business that way.

We go through a detailed procedure to determine which sites are suitable and which ones aren’t. Take a look at the most important factors we consider when we are weeding through the plethora of online sites in the market today.

Trusted Banking Options

We listed this first because — well let’s just be honest — if you are having trouble depositing or withdrawing money with a site, it will be difficult to confidently place sports bets. We look for sites that have reputable and trusted banking options, including E-wallets and Bitcoin — not the ones that leave you scratching your head and asking questions wondering when your money will arrive.

While we hope that a site has a vast selection of banking methods, the most important thing is that those methods are secure. We have seen sites that brag about having 13 different ways to withdraw your winnings. Well, if 11 of those aren’t protected or take a long time to process, what’s really the point?

Have faith that the sites you find on our pages have the most optimal banking options out there.
Banking Options

Ease of Use

Who wants to sign up and join a site, only to have to read tutorials and spend hours trying to figure out where the heck everything is? The sites we suggested all took the time to organize their site in a way that makes their customers feel at ease. You should have no problems scouring a site’s lobby to find out what sports are available and what types of bets you can make.

Dependable Customer Service Team

When you are betting sports online, you will inevitably find yourself needing either some sort of assistance or answers from the customer service team. Few things cause more headaches than sending out an email that never gets even gets read.

We used to think of it as a big bonus when a site had a trained team of support representatives that was readily available to assist us when we had questions. Now it is essentially a requirement. In today’s day and age, it is simply not acceptable to operate an online sportsbook without taking this matter seriously.

Have confidence knowing that these sites have the individuals in place to help you and make sure you have an enjoyable experience. They want you to keep coming back.

Selection of Bets

As you can tell, we don’t take any shortcuts when determining which sites are the most premier. In order to rank at or near the top of all the sites we consider, a site must be more than adequate across the board. Not only do we look for reliability and stability, but we look at the betting selection closely.

Take the Super Bowl for example. Everyone loves getting in on the prop bets that are created for the NFL’s biggest game. The only way to stay competitive during this time is to offer as many creative and distinctive props as the sites can.

If you are looking to bet on a NASCAR race, you want to be doing it at a site that is fully accommodating to all racing fans. The common theme is whether there is a big sporting event going on or it’s just a regular season baseball game, the sites that have the widest range of bets available are where we are sending you.
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Choosing the Right Site

When it comes to choosing the best site for you, that’s where things get personal. The best site for you might not be the best site for somebody else and vice versa. The best way to find out which sites meet all your needs is to get out there and try them out. If you were buying a new car, you wouldn’t just settle for the first choice because it seemed okay.

You would browse through your options, probably even want to test drive a few of them to compare the pros and cons. Why should choosing your online site be any different? The answer is, it shouldn’t!

Decide what your aspirations are before you start placing bets.

This is exactly why we didn’t just create a single master guide for the best sports betting sites.

The best sports betting sites are going to depend on which sports you prefer and what kind of bets you want to make.

Be Active on Multiple Sites

There are many advantages to joining multiple sports betting sites as opposed to just one.

Bonuses and Promotions

If you don’t want to miss out on any openings to earn some free money, all you have to do is join multiple sites. With so many sports betting sites out there vying for your business, online casino operators have no choice but to offer their customers generous bonuses and promotions to lure them in.

You may encounter a site that will match your initial deposit dollar for dollar as a simple “thank you” for trying their site. Others will actually keep track of every single cent you bet and reward you with points. You can then convert those points into real money to bet on more games or purchase clothing items and accessories in the gift shop.

The last thing the sites want to do is make you feel like your business isn’t important to them. Treating you with respect leads to you being more likely to continue betting on their site. The more “freebies” they give away, the more people end up joining their sites.

Think of it like this. If you scratch their back, they’ll scratch yours!

Line Shopping

If you are even thinking about placing a sports bet without shopping the line, you are really behind the curve. Not every single site receives news and updates their odds at the same exact time. The more closely you are following these trends, the more times you will find yourself on the “right side” of the line.

Say that your goal is to bet the on the Pittsburgh Steelers. If they are +4 at most sites, but you can find them at +4.5 or even +5 somewhere else, then that is where you need to place the bet. You may not think a half point matters in one game, but imagine if you were betting 12 games.

What if you like to bet college basketball on Saturdays and want to make 25+ bets? Getting those extra half points can make the world of a difference in the long run, so don’t cheat yourself.

We cannot stress how imperative it is that you shop the lines across the top sites before making any final decisions. You may be settled on betting on Jordan Spieth to win the US Open at +1200 without realizing that another site has him priced at +1600. Just doing a little bit of homework can go a long way.

If you want to know more about choosing the right site, feel free to check out our sportsbooks reviews page. You will be able to find some specific information about the sites you might be thinking about joining. [ Back to Top ↑ ]

Why Bet Sports Online?

The better question is, why wouldn’t you bet sports online? Depending on what part of the world you live in, betting sports on the internet might be your only option. Not everybody has the Las Vegas Strip in their backyard. Some of you may never have even stepped foot inside a casino or betting parlor.

Even for our friends in Sin City and other places where sports betting is legal, you can’t beat the convenience of making a bet online.


Have you ever been sitting on your couch and the bottom ticker of ESPN says that a star player is ruled out for an upcoming game? We can promise you that by the time you get in the car and drive to the casino to make the bet, the line will have been updated due to the news of the injury. Now imagine if you were on your mobile device or tablet checking out the NBA odds for the night and suddenly it says that the Houston Rockets will be without James Harden after he was a late scratch.

It may only be a matter of seconds before that line gets changed, but you may have a real opportunity to pounce.

We could go on and on about how much easier it is to bet from the comfort of your own home on your own schedule rather than having to do it in person. Betting sports online is a fairly straightforward process. Getting to a land-based casino to make a bet may not even be a feasible option for you, and the last thing you want to do is get involved with a bookie you may not trust.

If you want to bet sports online, doing it at the leading and most reputable sites is the way you want to go.

Take Advantage of the Offers!

We told you about all the “free stuff” the sites hand out to you simply for making bets you already wanted to make anyway. You know that joining several sites will open your eyes to everything that is out there, not to mention allow you to find the best prices. What else do we need to tell you to convince you that betting sports online is awesome?

We know many folks in Vegas that just bet on their mobile app now because it makes so much more sense than driving to a casino and paying for parking. The fact that you can click a few buttons and be emotionally and financially invested in a sporting contest is a phenomenon some men and women are still trying to comprehend.

Fortunately for you, you don’t have to think and wonder how or why it is even possible. All you have to focus on is making the best picks you can! [ Back to Top ↑ ]

The Summary

If you made it this far, it is only a matter of time before you join the sites we recommended at the top of this page. You must be itching to get your bets in, and we can’t blame you. We know that not all of our readers come from the same location. That is why we organized some pages for you to check out based on the region of the world you reside.

Creating separate guides for you depending on your location or the sport you want to bet is something many websites pass over. We don’t. Every bettor is different and all of you have different goals and ambitions. Giving you multiple pages to browse through should give you a good idea of where you need to go to place the sports wagers you want.

We want you betting on sites that have are easy to navigate and are completely trustworthy. Who cares how many props a site may have if nobody knows how to access them? You do not have to worry about these online sportsbooks not meeting your requirements or living up to par. We did that work for you.

The fact is, you can’t go wrong with betting sports online if you are doing it at the most trusted sites. We designed this page so you could get started right now.

Good luck and enjoy!