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TheSportsGeek.com provides its visitors with daily sports picks articles in our “Sports Picks Blog” section of the website. You will find a variety of different sports betting related articles for a wide range of sports/leagues. Our readers can contact us with any questions they may have at our e-mail:


Introducing the Writers for TheSportsGeek.com:

SportsbookKevin – Editor/Writer
Hey everyone, I am the founder and owner of The Sports Geek. I did a lot of the writing here in the early days of the website, which included my own personal picks at the blog, but I am now focused on my personal handicapping and running this website. My goal is to provide the best sports betting resource on the Internet.  I make sure I hire sharp sports bettors and handicappers to provide the free picks at the blog, and in the past I’ve hired professional bettors to help with the strategy articles.  I run the day to day operations, including emailing out the free picks and keeping everything on the website up to date. Feel free to email me if you ever have any sports betting questions, as I’m always here to help. It may take a few days for me to get back to you (depending on how busy I am) but I usually always respond to each email I receive about sports betting. To the right you can see a picture of me and my girlfriend at a Las Vegas Sportsbook (Mandalay Bay).

Will – Writer
Will is one of the main NFL writers here.  He has extensive knowledge of the game, players, and team strategies, which can be shown in his explanations of his picks each week.  Since starting with the website a few years ago Will has consistently picked winners, and almost always has winning months.

Kyle E – Writer
Kyle is another NFL expert for us at the blog, and he also covers MLB.  He has been with us for a few years now and always does a great job with his picks on a week to week basis.  You will find Kyle’s NFL picks late Saturday or early Sunday afternoon before the games start and his baseball picks almost daily during the season.

Chris S – Writer
Chris is our baseball and basketball guy at TheSportsGeek.com. NBA or College Basketball – you won’t find many others that are as knowledgeable in both leagues and able to express it in his picks and writing.  As far as MLB goes Chris isn’t afraid to pick underdogs, which is why he is often profitable with his picks.

Jim – Writer
Jim is a very sharp professional sports bettor.  He has written all of the advanced strategy articles here at TheSportsGeek.com, and if you’ve read any of those articles you will learn a lot of valuable information.  We have been lucky enough to sign Jim on to provide weekly NFL picks. Enjoy taking a look into a professional bettors mindset.

Scott – Writer
Scott’s main focus here is with UFC and MMA. He does a great job predicting the bouts, and his followers have cashed in on most MMA events. Scott is an all around sports fan and has been writing about sports for a handful of years.

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