Michelle Obama Favored Over Trump for the Election

  • Donald Trump is a huge favorite over Joe Biden in the latest online betting odds after the current president struggled in a recent CNN debate.
  • Many voices in the Democratic Party have called for Biden to be replaced as a candidate, with names like Michelle Obama, Gavin Newsome, and Hillary Clinton mentioned as potential replacements.
  • The top online betting sites favor Michelle Obama in a hypothetical election against Trump, but Hillary Clinton and Gavin Newsome expected to lose.

The opening CNN Debate between presidential candidates Donald Trump and Joe Biden has shifted the course of the 2024 US Presidential Election. The current president struggled on multiple occasions, causing a lot of concern among his party members and supporters.

Many Democratic leaders have raised their concerns, and some have even called for replacing Biden with another candidate. A potential change if this point is very complicated, but that didn’t stop most online betting sites from speculating on the topic!

The oddsmakers of leading political sportsbook BetOnline believe that Michelle Obama is a favorite against Trump in a potential clash in November. The odds for the former First Lady to win a hypothetical race against the former president are set at -175, which equals an implied probability of 63.64%.

Odds for Biden Drop Significantly After CNN Debate

In comparison, the odds for Joe Biden to keep his post in November have dropped to +250 after the infamous debate. That equals an implied probability of less than 30%!

Biden was doing much better before that, with US presidential odds for him staying around the +100 mark (50% implied probability).

The drop has led to multiple calls for Biden to be replaced by a better candidate, but who could step up on such short notice?

Obama the Best Potential Replacement

While replacing Biden is close to impossible at this point, online betting sites are happy to speculate. BetOnline offers odds on multiple hypothetical match-ups, including Hillary Clinton, Michelle Obama, Kamala Haris, and Gavin Newsome.

Michelle Obama is the only candidate who is favored Trump, according to the odds. Everyone else is expected to lose against the Republican candidate.

This shows that a last-minute change will unlikely improve the Democrats’ chances of landing the presidency.

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