Ryan Garcia Tests Positive For PEDs After Stunning Upset

  • Boxer Ryan Garcia failed performance-enhancing drug testing before and after his win over Devin Haney.
  • Garcia denies any wrongdoing and claims that he never consumed any PEDs.
  • Haney is demanding that the outcome should be changed from a loss to a no-contest.

Ryan Garcia shocked the boxing world with a stunning upset over Devin Haney on April 20. However, according to recently disclosed drug test results, Garcia did it by breaking the rules.

Already going into the fight three pounds overweight, Garcia failed a Voluntary Anti-Doping Association drug test taken ahead of the fight on April 19. Despite Garcia failing to make weight, the fight was approved without Haney’s WBC super lightweight title on the line.

Missing weight was the least of his worries, however. During a post-fight evaluation, officials took a second blood sample from Garcia. Both samples came up positive for the PED Ostarine, per ESPN’s Mike Coppinger.

Leading up to the fight, Garcia acted bizarrely, ranting about conspiracy theories and admitting that he was drinking alcohol regularly. After his monster upset over Haney, Garcia stated he was drinking every night to prepare for the fight.

To add to his wild claims, he also revealed that he bet $2 million on himself to win $10 million at +500 odds. What Garcia isn’t admitting to is that he took any PEDs, though.

Garcia Denies Doping Report

In response to the reports regarding a failed drug test, Garcia was quick to take to social media and deny any wrongdoing.

Bro, somebody paying somebody, this is definitely fake news, if they had this information they should have released it before the fight went down, because why would you let a cheater step into the ring? All of a sudden, I win and then you release it? Seems kind of fishy.

The 25-year-old native of Los Alamitos added, “Don’t believe these f***ers bro, I never took a f***ing steroid in my f***ing life.”

Samples for PED testing must go to a lab and take time to process. The results of the drug tests are not immediately known. However, Garcia believes the positive results were being withheld so the fight wouldn’t be called off.

Garcia seemingly had an explanation for the failed drug test: Ashwagandha root supplement. The herbal supplement, an evergreen shrub that grows in Asia and Africa, is commonly used to help alleviate stress.

Hours after posting the video denying he is guilty of taking PEDs, Garcia published a new video of singing to a bottle of Ashwagandha root.

While Garcia puts in overtime trying to clear his name, Haney wants the fight vacated and declared a no-contest.

Haney Emotional In Response To Garcia’s Failed Drug Test

According to Eddie Hearn, Haney naturally wants the fight to be ruled a no-contest officially. The loss was the first of Haney’s career, though it could be rescinded following an investigation.

I spoke to Devin last night, he’s absolutely furious. The guy came in 3 lbs overweight and had PEDs in his system. He will want an immediate no-contest. Regardless of Ryan’s innocence or guilt, he had PEDs in his system when he fought Devin and came in 3 lbs overweight. If you’re Devin, you’re thinking, f*** me, I’ve been screwed.

Haney released a statement after Garcia’s failed drug test was made public. Understandably, the champ is not happy regarding the revelation and believes Garcia disrespected fans and the sport of boxing.

Additionally, Haney noted that boxing isn’t a joke and people die in the sport.

Garcia’s future plans could be on hold now due to the failed drug test. The New York Commission revealed that they will investigate, which could result in Garcia’s victory being overturned.

Currently, Garcia is favored to fight Sebastian Fundora as his next opponent, but the doping scandal will definitely affect his future.

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