New Jersey Approves CarJitsu for Sports Betting

  • The Pro League Network runs CarJitsu, a sport where Brazilian jiu-jitsu artists fight each other inside a car.
  • CarJitsu has been approved for sports betting by the New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement.
  • The Pro League Network is also in charge of the World Putting League (mini putting) and SlapFIGHT Championship, which has already been approved for sports betting.

There is no shortage of options for what you can bet on at online betting sites. You can bet on major sports like football, basketball, baseball, and hockey. But you can also wager on politics, entertainment, and world events. You can also find niche sports like handball and volleyball all year around.

The next niche sport you’re able to bet on, at least in New Jersey, is CarJitsu. The Pro League Network is the home of many of these niche sports. They’ve managed to get sports betting approval from New Jersey, according to a report from ESPN.

What is the Pro League Network, and What is CarJitsu?

The Pro League Network was launched in 2022, and their mandate on their site is:

“We are a sports wagering company at our roots, focused on bringing exclusive, fun and inherently bettable sports for sportsbook operators to fill under-optimized dayparts on the sports betting calendar.”

Essentially, they find and acquire niche sports that people can bet on when the sports betting season slows down. That is perfect for summer time, when the NFL, NHL and NBA are all finished for the season. They also claim on their site that they have a reach of over 100 countries, which is extremely impressive.

That leads us to CarJitsu, which is exactly what it sounds like. Two Brazilian jiu-jitsu artists get into a car, and perform their style of fighting until there is a winner.

The combatants are allowed to get into the back seat, and seat belts are also in play to be used. The New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement has given the Pro League Network approval to be included at sportsbooks such as DraftKings, BetMGM, and Bet365. Co-founder Bill Yucatonis states in the ESPN report:

"We wanted to stand it up there first, and we felt if we could meet all the expectations and requirements in New Jersey, it gave us a flight path for other parts of the country,"

This is definitely a boost to the Pro League Network and their profile, and it seems like they’re ready to move to the next level.

What Else Does the Pro League Network Offer?

The Pro League Network also operates the World Putting League, which operates out of Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. Their guest commentator is Rob Pizzola, who runs The Hammer, a sports betting network, and he is well known in the sports wagering industry. The World Putting League is a mini-putt competition where the slogan is “No Windmills. No Gimmes”.

Under the Pro League Network’s umbrella is the SlapFIGHT Championship, which is, you guessed it: slapfighting. But one of their contestants is Tim Sylvia, a former two-time heavyweight champion in the UFC.

These two leagues have already passed approval in states around the country. Now, the Pro League Network’s next venture is basketball. STR33T is a 3×3 basketball league that they’re working with Hall of Famer Kevin Garnett to bring to the masses. Having a name like that attached to their project will definitely provide some inroads for the Pro League Network.

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