Police Say No Crimes Committed in Hamilton “Sabotage” Email

  • Lewis Hamilton, the F1 legend who has won seven championships with Mercedes, is leaving the team for Ferrari after the 2024 season.
  • Following the Canadian Grand Prix earlier this month, an email was sent to Mercedes and F1 execs claiming that Hamilton’s car was being sabotaged because he was leaving the team.
  • Police have said that there were no crimes committed in sending the email, while Mercedes is denying the allegations.

The 2024 F1 season has been tough for Lewis Hamilton. The seven-time champion sits eighth in the standings after ten races. His third-place run at the Spanish Grand Prix was his first podium of the season.

Sky Sports reported that an anonymous email had been sent to several high-ranking figures at Mercedes, Hamilton’s team, and F1. The email claimed that Hamilton’s car had been sabotaged after the Canadian Grand Prix because he was leaving Mercedes!

However, the police have investigated and there won’t be any criminal charges laid for sending the email.

Wolff Calls Out “Cowards” for Email and Abuse, Hamilton Preaches Positivity

Sky Sports claims that on June 10, an email was sent to Mercedes team principal Toto Wolff, F1 SEO Stefano Domenicali, and other high-ranking officials. The email states that Hamilton’s car was being “sabotaged”, and that Mercedes was favoring their other driver, George Russell.

It alleges that this is being done because Hamilton is moving on to Ferrari after the 2024 campaign. Hamilton has been with Mercedes since 2013.

Mercedes reported the email to the police. In another Sky Sports report, the police have decided that there was no criminal wrongdoing in the sending of the email. However, that hasn’t stopped Wolff from fighting back at the allegations, some of which claimed Wolff was mad at Hamilton for leaving. He claimed those who have levied these accusations are “cowards”.

These conspiracy theorists, I have zero respect for, because they have no brain. We want a car that wins races and championships, and who doesn’t get that should be watching another sport. It’s good to see that Lewis has had a great weekend, because he has been on the receiving end and strategy has worked against him. But today, it went in his favor, so I am happy we have that podium for him because it has been a while.

Wolff also said he was sure that the email didn’t come from inside Mercedes. However, the team principal received advice from the police on what to do if there were more emails.

Can Hamilton Salvage His Final Season at Mercedes?

The 2024 F1 season has been trying for Hamilton. He couldn’t finish higher than sixth over the first eight races of the campaign and even retired at the Australian Grand Prix.

However, things look to be turning around for the seven-time champion. Hamilton finished fourth at the Canadian Grand Prix, although he was overtaken by Russell late. He then followed it up with a third-place run at the Spanish Grand Prix.

However, Hamilton is still behind the leaders, according to most F1 betting sites. He is sixth on the list for the Austrian Grand Prix this weekend. Hamilton’s last win came in Saudi Arabia in the penultimate race of the 2021 season. For a legendary driver like Hamilton, that’s far too long of a period between wins.

Hamilton still has 14 races left to get a win for Mercedes. This includes the driver’s favorite British Grand Prix, his home race, which Hamilton has won a record eight times.

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