What’s Next for Ryan Garcia?

  • Ryan Garcia is a well-known boxer and a former WBC interim lightweight champion, with a 24-1 (1) record.
  • Garcia was suspended for a year and received a fine after testing positive for performance-enhancing drugs, following his match over Devin Haney on April 20.
  • Odds have been released for what Garcia will do next, and fashion designer is the favored option from BetOnline.

Ryan Garcia has had a turbulent couple of months. The 25-year-old boxer from Victorville, California, fought Devin Haney on April 20, 2024. Garcia won by majority decision, knocking Haney to the mat three times. However, he tested positive for a performance-enhancing drug after the fight, which was changed to a no-decision.

Garcia has been suspended by the New York State Athletic Commission for a year, says an ESPN report. He was also fined $10,000 and forfeited his fight purse, which was $1.2 million.

Online sportsbook BetOnline has odds on what they think Garcia will do next, as the boxer tweeted that he would retire on June 19, but only for a year. Until then, what do the odds think Garcia will do?

Fashion Designer is the Favored Option for Garcia

BetOnline has fashion designer favored as the next job for Garcia, should he decide to walk away from boxing for good. Garcia wore custom Armani for the Haney fight and has worn other high-end brands to the ring, including Dolce and Gabbana.

The next option for Garcia is a prisoner, and this likely stems from his recent arrest for allegedly trashing a hotel room in Beverly Hills on June 8. Garcia claimed that he is under “incredible stress” as his mother just received a breast cancer diagnosis. It is also no secret that Garcia has been dealing with his mental health for years now.

Marijuana cultivator/owner is another option for Garcia, who was seen smoking weed after his match with Haney. Cryptocurrency creator is another option, as Garcia claimed that he was going to launch a meme coin. However, no one knows if he was actually serious.

The next few choices at BetOnline are all over the place, from adult film star to chef/preacher/MLB player. Chemist, president of a LGBTQIA organization, and personal assistant to Jake Paul are also on the board. Paul and Garcia have been going back and forth on social media, after Garcia was on Paul’s podcast in May.

Garcia then said that he would “finish” Paul if he defeats Mike Tyson in the Paul-Tyson match later this year.

However, one option with long odds is a very intriguing selection.

What About MMA for Garcia?

MMA fighter is listed at 50/1 at BetOnline, and that is a very fascinating opportunity for Garcia. He said in an interview that he would fight Sean O’Malley, the current UFC bantamweight champion.

“I like “Suga” Sean, because he defended me. But if he really wants to run it in the UFC, I’ll run it. Or bare knuckle. S—t, I’m ready to fight anyone at this point”.

Garcia even said he’d do the fight under MMA rules, not boxing. It’s difficult to imagine UFC president Dana White going through with this match. It’s even tougher to imagine White letting O’Malley, one of his biggest stars, move over to the brutal world of bare-knuckle boxing.

Hopefully, Garcia can get his career on track because he’s a wildly talented boxer, and extremely entertaining. He’ll have options, but Garcia’s best bet is to get back in the boxing ring and go for championships.  

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