Betting Odds Calculator

Above is our sports betting odds calculator here at The Sports Geek. If you want to convert your odds from U.S. Odds (American Odds) to Decimal Odds all you will need to do is type the U.S. Odds into that field. When you click off of the field or press tab it will automatically convert the odds into both decimal odds and fractional odds.

As you can see the odds calculator will also show you your implied probability. This is the % that you will need to win a bet with the entered odds in order to break even. For example if the odds were +150 you would need to win that bet 40% of the time (4 out of every 10 bets) in order to break even. Any percentage higher than 40% and you will be profiting.

This is a great tool for beginners that are learning how to use another type of betting odds (whether it is American, Decimal or Fractional that you are new to). It is also a great tool to show you how often you need to be winning your bets given certain odds to break even. A lot of beginner bettors will take big underdogs and not realize how often they need to win their bets to just simply break even. For example if you are betting -200 favorites you will need to win 67% of your bets (2 in every 3) just to break even.

I hope you find this sports betting odds calculator helpful and feel free to link out to your calculations in any forums you use, with your friends, or on your own blog if you have one.