Online Casinos for Real Money

Looking for in-depth and honest information to help you find the best real money online casino in 2022? You’ve come to the right place. Here, our experts at The Sports Geek will provide the ultimate guide to the most popular online casinos operating today.

There is a good reason why so many readers trust us as their primary source of online gambling information. We’ll explain exactly what we look for in the best online casinos. Our goal is to ensure that you join the safest and most fun online casino for real money possible.

Anyone looking for a little more information on the best US real money casino sites should keep reading and discover all of the information necessary for you to feel comfortable playing real money games online.

How We Review Real Money Casinos in 2022

Those new to online gambling are likely to be astounded at how many casino sites are currently up and running. We’ve looked at many of them and have formed a unique system to rate and review these websites. Below is a look at our step-by-step guide for reviewing real money online casinos in 2022.

Criteria Details
1. Looking Over the Site’s Design and Interface One of the first and most obvious steps we take is to simply look over a site, getting a feel for its design and user interface. This is more important than it may seem. Online casinos that are lagging, or are poorly designed, are generally best off avoiding. We take the time to ensure the sites we highly recommend have modern designs and smooth, simple interfaces.
2. Exploring the Payment Options Available Next up is a look at a site’s payment system. We tend to agree that almost nothing is more important than making sure your funds are safe when gambling online. Looking over a site’s deposit and withdrawal options is a great way to analyze its security. We also spend time to report on these sites’ payment fees and processing times.
3. Checking Out the List of Games Being Offered Nothing is worse than joining an online casino, only to realize the games you were hoping to play are not even offered. We try to help our readers avoid that by clearly listing all of the gambling options available at different sites. Our experts take this into account when reviewing all online casinos for real money.
4. Testing Various Customer Support Options Customer support options are far more important than some realize. In the unfortunate chance you are in serious need of a question answered during your gambling experience, you will want to play through a site that provides it. A crucial part of our real money online casino review process is looking over the available customer support options. We also test each option to ensure they are effective.
5. Researching the Bonuses Offered to Players One of the final things we research is a site’s available bonuses. Promotions are often what help real money casinos to attract new players. Not all of these are equal, though. Those serious about online gambling for real money will want to join a site that provides excellent bonuses for new and existing players with very low rollover requirements.

Best Real Money US Online Casinos

These online casinos in the USA are the best of the best. Our team of expert casino reviewers have spent hours trying to determine which real money casinos are worth your time.

For the remainder of this page, we’re going to break down exactly how we review these real money casino sites, how to play at them, and what they offer.

Let’s get into it.

How to Choose the Best Real Money Casinos

If you’ve never had the opportunity to play at one of the top casinos for real money, or you just have some questions on how to get started, you’re in luck. We’re going to go over a few steps on how to start playing online.

Read Real Money Casino Reviews

Even those completely new to online casino gambling will likely find it easy to discover a huge number of online casinos. Narrowing down the ones that are reputable and safe can take more time. One of the best ways to find these trustworthy US online casinos is by reading reviews from trusted sources.

Our experts have created a unique system to rate and review various online casino sites. We used that exact system while forming our list of the best online casino real money sites listed at the top of this page. Reads reviews to quickly find information on these various casino sites.

Have Your Bankroll Figured Out Before Visiting Real Money Gambling Sites

MoneyObviously, you will need to figure out what you want to do for your bankroll before you start playing. The last thing you want is to get into a situation where you’re gambling more money than you have.

Any expert will tell you the importance of money management, especially when gambling. This should be an easy tip, but it’s often overlooked. Please take this seriously.

Know Which Game You Want to Play

Before you start to put your real money on the line, you should know what game you want to play at real money gambling sites. If you go in blind, you run the risk of losing money left and right.

Establish ahead of time which game you want to play, study it, practice it, and go to real money casinos online prepared!

Keeping Your Money Safe at the Casino

Nothing is more important than ensuring that your funds are safe when gambling online. Nowadays, most online casino real money websites provide their members with secure options to deposit and withdraw their money, 24/7. There are other ways players can lose money playing casino games online, though.

When Black Friday shook the poker community in 2011, many online gamblers panicked, causing many people to be extremely cautious with online casinos.

Even further back, when online casinos were first starting to come into action in the mid-90s, it was even more nerve-racking to play online. Because the market was so new, there wasn’t enough time or research dedicated to the safety of the market.

Luckily, we are now at a point and age where none of that is an issue anymore. We have checks and balances, casinos with licenses, and a lot of user reviews to help us.

If you want to know more about how to stay safe, you can check out our guide to safe US online casinos linked below.

Real Money Deposits and Payouts

It’s always important to explore the various payment options that various US real money casino sites provide to their members. The deposit and withdrawal options vary from site to site. Our experts tend to recommend sites that provide a variety of different payments with low fees and quick transaction speeds.

Here is a quick look at some of the most common real money casino deposit and withdrawal options available in 2022.

Real Money Deposit and Withdrawal Options

Most online casino USA real money casino websites make it easy for their members to deposit and withdraw money. Those that make this process difficult are best to simply avoid altogether. Here are some common online casino deposit and withdrawal options you will likely come across in 2022.

  • Visa/Mastercard/American Express: Traditional bank card transfers are available through most online casino sites. Transactions times are quick and fees for these payments tend to be low.
  • Cryptocurrency: Crypto payments have grown far more popular with casino gamblers in recent years. Most sites allow payments using the major cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum.
  • e-Wallets: Some of the more modern real money online casinos now provide e-wallet deposit options to their members. Many e-wallets are accepted, including Skrill, Neteller, and more.
  • Matchpay: One of the most modern online casino deposit payments is known as Matchpay. This allows players to deposit money into their online casino account using common money-transfer applications including Venmo, PayPal, and the Cash App.

How We Rate Banking Methods

A safe payment system is one of the most popular features that an online gambling site can offer. Players will always want to know that the money they are gambling with is secure. Not every online casino site for real money works very hard to ensure their members’ funds are protected, unfortunately.

Below are some of the most important aspects of payment systems that affect our rankings.

Aspect Details
1. Variety of Payment Options Nowadays, casino sites should be providing their members with a huge variety of options to deposit and withdraw their funds. That includes traditional banking options and cryptocurrency payments. Everyone has their own preferences to deposit money and collect their winnings and we tend to rate the online casino real money sites that provide many different options to do so.
2. Low Fees Next, we often look at the fees attached to deposits and withdrawals. Some of the less-reputable sites charge exorbitant fees to their members for these payments. Those looking for the best online casino for real money will prefer one with low, or even non-existent fees. We spend time looking at all of the fees that casino websites provide to their members.
3. Processing Times No one wants to join an online casino that forces them to wait for days upon days just to process their payments. The best online casinos allow for both deposits and withdrawals to be processed extremely quickly. Our experts tend to focus more on the processing time for withdrawals, and often give the sites with withdrawal times of less than 48 hours high reviews.
4. Consistency The final aspect that we look at when rating the payment systems across various real money online casino sites is their consistency. Are these sites known for always paying out funds on time? Have there been repeated instances of withheld funds? Consistency is key in the online gambling industry and the sites that regularly pay out winnings on time tend to be the ones that we recommend.

The Legality of Real Money US Casinos

Let’s talk about US gambling laws. Playing online casino games for money in the United States is not as difficult as people might think. There are many different laws in place that would make you think it’s quite complicated, but we’re here to simplify it for you.

We are not lawyers, and you should not consider this actual legal advice. Always consult with a professional with questions about laws and regulations in your jurisdictions.

A Brief History of Gambling Online in the US

US FlagThe first piece of legislation that was ever drafted for online gambling was back in the 1990s. In 1994, Barbuda and Antigua regulated online gambling and, from there, gave licenses to companies who wanted to create online casinos.

This was made popular thanks to the Free Trade and Processing Act. And in just a few short years, InterCasino, with the help of Cryptologic became the first of the USA online casinos to take real money deposits.

The next sizable bit of history to happen was when the US passed the UIGEA. This slowed down some progress for online casinos in the US but, thankfully, there’s more to the story. Just recently, the US shot down PASPA (Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act), which allowed for legal sports betting at a federal level.

And now we’re here, just waiting to see what’s in store when it comes to new advancements in legal US online casinos.

Can I Play Real Money Casino Games Legally in the US?

Yes, you can.

As of right now, there are no federal laws that strictly prohibit you from playing online casino games for real money in the United States. However, some states will operate differently from laws set by their governor. So, if you have any questions about your state, seek professional advice. You can also consult our guide to legal online gambling in the US.

Popular Real Money Casino Games

These are just a few of the many options for you to play online casino games for real money. In this section, we’ll break each one into more detail for those that want to learn more about each game.  standard blackjack games.

Real Money Blackjack

Blackjack is a classic real money online game. Offered at almost all casinos and United States online casinos, you will have no problem finding a real money blackjack game, even in the US.

Most real money casinos provide their members with a huge variety of blackjack games, including European blackjack, double deck blackjack, and perfect pairs. These variations can end up offering players much larger payouts than than standard blackjack games.

Real Money Roulette

Roulette is another fan favorite for any kind of casino player, online or off. Check out our guide to real money roulette to find out how you can get started playing online today!

Expect to find many unique roulette variations provided by most online casinos for real money, as well. Games like European roulette, American roulette, and double ball roulette are provided by many casino sites today. These games are all easy to learn and can increase a player’s odds of picking correct numbers.

Real Money Craps

While playing craps online might not be as thrilling to some as playing in casinos, it’s nice to know that it’s there! Check out our craps guide below to learn more.

Other Real Money Casino Games

Live Dealer Casinos For Real Money

Live dealer casinos are a newer addition to the real money casino world. If you’re unfamiliar, it’s essentially just an online casino that you play at home, but with an actual person on a webcam. This allows you to be even closer to the real thing than ever thought of before.

Live Dealer Roulette - Casino Chips - Smartphone

Playing for Real Money at a Live Dealer Casino

If the idea of live dealers is enticing to you, then why wait any longer? It’s incredibly simple to get started. All you need to do is find online casinos in the USA that offer live dealer play and make a deposit.

We outline all of the specifics in more detail in our live dealer section. If you still have any questions, you can refer to our live dealer casino page for more information.

Real Money vs. Social Casinos

If you spend any time on social media, then you have probably seen ads for “slot games” and other things like that on Facebook. Here are some titles you may have seen:

  • Scatter Slots
  • Casino World
  • Slotomania

All of these casinos and many others share the fact that they do not offer real money deposit options. The reason they are called “social” casinos is that they do not have licensing or permissions to actually take deposits, they are just for fun. You can connect them with your social media platforms and play with friends with the fake money chips you are given.

Social casinos can be plenty of fun if that’s what you’re looking for. There just are not any options for real money gambling available at social casinos.

Can You Win Real Money at Social Casinos?

This is one of the most frequently asked questions we get about casinos, quite possibly the most common out of any other question we receive. We understand the desire that people have to want to win money without risking any.

However, it just isn’t possible, at least if you’re doing things legally.

There are some places where you might be able to play and win tokens or some other type of credit to exchange for real money, though. Even with this option, it’s not the same as winning real money that you can withdraw right away, and they are usually littered with ads.

Pro Tip: You Can Practice Most Games at Real Money Casino Sites

Here’s a little bonus bit of information for you. If you want to play some of the games offered, but you’re not sure if you’re ready to gamble real money, you can play for free!

At most of the casinos we recommend, you can play the games they have to offer with free chips. This can help you get a feel for a game and its software before you put real money on the line.

You cannot play live dealer games with fake money. To play any of the live dealer games, you must make a real money deposit.

Real Money Casino Apps

El Royale Casino on iPhoneApps are another method of playing real money casino games in the US that is growing in popularity. We love the convenience of being able to just pull out our phone anywhere and have some casino games right there waiting.

Mobile Site vs. Actual Apps

One thing to note is that not every casino has an actual app. Every US online casino we recommend can be used on mobile, no question. However, apps are a different thing altogether.

You can easily add a mobile web page to your phone’s home screen, so you can have any of these casinos set up just like an app. Whichever you choose to use is entirely up to you. People still speculate on whether an app or mobile website is better, but it comes down to your personal preference.

In some instances, a real money casino app might be made to tailor to your needs, but we have found no issues using the mobile site of casinos in comparison.

Social Apps

There are also apps offered for many of the social casinos that we mentioned earlier. So, if gambling for free with just apps is your speed, then this is definitely the route you will want to go.

US Real Money Online Casinos Wrapped Up

To wrap things up, there are many different options out there for real money casinos in the USA. Not only do you have options for where to play, but how to play as well. Choose one of the best real money US casino sites, then find whether you want to play blackjack, roulette, or both but with live dealers!

Your options are seemingly endless, and hopefully, we have been a help in your quest to find a reputable real money casino to play in the US.

If you have any other questions or concerns, you can always contact our team at any time.

Real Money Online Casinos USA FAQ

Now, we will cover a few of the most common questions we get from our readers about real money casino gambling online.

We touched on this earlier, so you can refer to our apps section of this page for more info. But, in short, there are real money apps and mobile online casinos in the USA available. There are also social casinos, but those don’t pay real money.

This is an easy question, just scroll up and select one of the many casinos we recommend! We only recommend the top real money online casinos, which all pay out money, of course!

As long as you find trustworthy real money online casinos accepting US customers, you don’t have to worry about games being rigged. We take the time to research every casino we recommend, so you can go to any of these casinos with confidence and not have a single problem.

There are many signs to watch out for when examining the safety of real money casinos online. We suggest just using our recommendations as we carry out an extensive research process and do all the grunt work for you.

This varies from site to site. The majority of online casino real money websites will only accept traditional bank payments to be made in USD. Most of these sites also allow payments to be made using cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, as well

Just about all online casinos provide their members with welcome bonuses that add money on top of what players first deposit into their account. Many also offer unique daily and weekly bonuses for existing members, too. Some provide free spins and others are crypto-specific bonuses.

Those new to online gambling are often astounded to find how many games different online casino real money sites provide. Many argue that blackjack, craps, and roulette offer the best odds to gamblers. Slots and various poker games offer far worse odds to win.