Best Real Money Rhode Island Betting Sites

The gambling industry is a huge source of tax revenue for the state of Rhode Island and, as such, it’s a significant focus of regulation. Thankfully, for residents, a wide range of gaming options are available in land-based casinos as well as online.

Rhode Island is one of the states forging the future of what online gaming could look like for the rest of the country. We’ll take a look at the legal environment, discuss some of the nuances between different real money Rhode Island sports betting sites, and get you prepared for some real money sports betting.

By the end of this article, you’ll have the tools to start betting on sports successfully.

Best Sites for Sports Betting in Rhode Island

Betting Site
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We have evaluated an extensive list of criteria in selecting which real money Rhode Island sports betting sites made our list of top picks. These Rhode Island online sportsbooks must offer a safe, valuable, and well-rounded online gambling experience to players, and of the dozens that we analyzed, these are the best of the best. Next you will find just a few of the criteria we used in our evaluation process.

How We Built the List of the Top Rhode Island Betting Sites

Best-In-Class Security

Priority number one, when getting into any online gambling, is safety. When you put your hard-earned cash into an online sports betting site, you need to be sure that the website is secure and your funds are protected. All the sites on our list have been verified secure and put player safety first. You can be sure that playing on any of these Rhode Island betting sites will offer you a safe betting experience.

Bet Variety at Rhode Island Online Sportsbooks

Offering a wide range of bets is an area in which real money Rhode Island sports betting sites excel. Each betting website on our list provides players with a variety of gaming options that will keep things exciting and offer the player opportunities to expand their horizons. Choosing a betting site that provides lots of options is particularly important for a beginner who might not know exactly where they want to start. If you are interested in seeing an extensive range of exotic bets available, check out the Rhode Island sports betting sites at the top of the page.

Solid Betting Odds

In addition to having lots of things to bet on, it is vital that any site we recommend also provides extremely competitive odds. We scoured the web to find Rhode Island online betting sites offering some of the best odds on the internet. We did the hard work, so you can rest assured playing on any of the Rhode Island online sportsbooks that made our list will offer you excellent odds. If you aren’t familiar with odds yet, this video will get you up to speed.

How Odds Work

If you are still on the fence as to whether or not online sports betting is right for you, keep in mind that online sportsbooks generally have better odds than land-based sportsbooks. Since there is little competition for the attention of people sitting in a casino, there is no need for competitive odds. In an online betting environment, there is a ton of competition. For many Rhode Island betting sites, offering better odds becomes a competitive advantage they can use to pull players away from competing sites. This competition offers a significant advantage for you as the player. When online sportsbooks compete, you win.

Compelling New Player Bonuses

New player signup bonuses have become a common perk offered by many online sports betting websites. Since these can have a significant impact on a new player’s bankroll, we think they are an essential part of what makes some sites better than others. These bonuses usually take the form of deposit matching. Say a website like Betonline is offering players a 100% match up to $500. If that player puts in $500 when they first fund their account, the site will match that amount, giving the player a total of $1,000 to bet. Taking advantage of free money is always a good thing.

Valuable Promotions Offered by Rhode Island Betting Sites

We also think good promotions are a crucial part of a quality site as they offer perks to both new players and returning players. Promos might be extra deposit bonuses, cashback on losses, or free entry into exclusive contests. In betting types like DFS, free contests are a regular part of the fun and there is almost always a new free play contest to join. While many of the promos either have long odds or are seemingly small returns, they add up over time, so they should not be ignored.

Quick Real Money Payouts

One of the most stressful parts of online sports betting can be waiting for a big win to get deposited into your bank account. Some real money Rhode Island online sportsbooks can take days to get players paid. All the Rhode Island sports betting sites we recommend pay players significantly faster with the average time to get cash in hand being less than 24 hours in most cases.

Impeccable Customer Service

Players often overlook excellent customer service in the world of online Rhode Island betting sites. A player may not think they need a site with quality customer support because they’ve never had an issue in the past. However, it’s essential to play on an online sportsbook that has you covered in the event of a problem. We only select Rhode Island sports betting sites that have a long track record of offering customers fast and professional issue resolution with a “player first” mentality.

How to Get Help

Path to Legalized Sports Betting Sites in Rhode Island

Like many other states after the US Supreme Court struck down PASPA, Rhode Island immediately moved forward with legalizing sports betting across the state. In 2019, the state expanded legalization to include both online and mobile sports betting by passing SB 37. This bill was a major push forward for online gambling as many states have yet to legalize it.

However, it hasn’t been all smooth sailing in the Ocean State. Rhode Island is one of a handful of states that requires players to check in at a casino in person to complete their registration to bet online. With stats starting to roll in on the success of the mobile and online betting sites, critics challenge that the in-person requirement is hindering growth and access with less than half of the people who start registration actually finishing it in person.

Slow adoption due to the restriction is frustrating for players as well as for the state. More players mean more tax revenue, so it is in the states’ best interest to work to accommodate players soon.

Guide to Getting Started at Rhode Island Online Sportsbooks

1. Choose Which Rhode Island Sports Betting Sites Best Fit You

The first step to becoming an online sports bettor is to determine which of the various Rhode Island online sportsbooks best fits your goals and your needs. A player looking for huge bet limits and the best odds on a single sport may select a different site than a newbie looking to get their feet wet by betting on a few of their favorite teams across lots of sports.

Since the website you bet on will have a significant effect on the satisfaction of your overall online sports betting experience, don’t take this decision lightly. Use our list and do a little research to make the best selection.

2. Sign up and Fund Your Account

Great Seal of the State of Rhode IslandOnce you’ve landed on the site that makes the most sense for you, go ahead and get signed up. You’ll need basic personal info, and if you plan to fund your account using a wire transfer, you’ll also need banking details. It’s worth noting that if you’re signing up for legal Rhode Island-based online or mobile betting, you will need to complete registration in person at one of a handful of casinos before you will be allowed to place bets. This is not the case if you are signing up with an offshore Rhode Island betting website.

3. Get to Know Rhode Island Betting Sites

It’s essential to take the time to understand the layout of your new real money Rhode Island online sportsbooks. Make sure to explore all the tools and all the resources the sports betting site provides access to. Many Rhode Island betting sites will offer insight, analysis, and even picks to help you make the best bets possible. Using these tools can make a huge different in the quality of your bets, especially early on in your sports betting career. Use the provided resources to expand your knowledge of betting, not just to get a quick pick for who someone else thinks will win.

4. Place Some Bets

The time has come to throw down! Now that you have everything set up and are ready to go, it’s time to decide on which sports or games you want to place bets. Choosing where to start can be a little overwhelming. For the first timers, we recommend starting small and starting with a simple moneyline bets on a team or sport you know.

Moneyline bets are where you choose the outright winner, so it’s simple and easy. This will give you an opportunity to start off on the right foot with minimal risk and maximum probability of success. As you advance, you can move on to bigger wagers and more exotic bets. As always, gamble responsibly and never bet more than you can afford to lose.

How to Bet

5. Evaluate Your Sports Betting Strategy

Any pro will tell you that refining your strategy and learning from your mistakes is one of the most critical factors in being a successful sports bettor. While occasionally you will just get unlucky, much of that “bad luck” can be mitigated by a better understanding of the sport. Pay attention to what is and isn’t working for you, then make changes based on any patterns that might emerge. Taking this kind of honest and pragmatic approach to your strategy will only make you better. If you’re looking for a start in building a strategy, we can help there, too.

Top Sports to Bet Real Money on in Rhode Island

Determining which sports are the best ones to bet on depends on your goals. If you want to bet daily, you’ll choose different sports than if you’re going to gamble every once in a while. If your goal is long odds with huge payouts, you might select more obscure sports than a beginner who just wants to place a few bucks on their favorite hometown team.

Keep in Mind:
Is that big payouts always mean riskier bets. If you see a bet paying 100/1, that’s because the bookmakers are pretty darn sure you won’t win that bet. Balancing risk with payoff is key to making money in online sports betting.

Finally, a general rule of thumb is to bet on what you know. Placing money on events you are not at least somewhat familiar with is an excellent way to lose a lot of money fast. Take the time to understand, at minimum, the basics of the sport before placing any real money down. It can be fun and exciting to expand your betting into a new sport, but you want to do so in a responsible way.

Conclusion on Rhode Island Sports Betting Sites

The last few years have been very exciting in the world of Rhode Island sports betting sites with the recent legalization of online and mobile sports betting. There have been a few hiccups in regulation that have temporarily slowed adoption, but players continue to come in, and the segment continues to expand.

As the legal landscape continues to change, check back here for more information on exactly how to bet on sports online in Rhode Island. Hopefully, we have educated you on some of the basics of legal Rhode Island gambling, helped you understand how to pick a real money Rhode Island sports betting site for yourself, and given you the tools to start betting on your own. Have fun, gamble responsibly, and good luck at online Rhode Island sportsbooks!

FAQ About Rhode Island Betting Sites

Yes. As of November 2018, sports betting is legal in casinos throughout Rhode Island, and as of 2019, that legalization extended to online and mobile sports betting.

It depends. The best sport to bet on is dependent on what your goals are. A combination of what you want to get out of gambling along with your knowledge of the various sports will help drive on which sports it makes the most sense for you to bet.

Yes. All DFS sites such as DraftKings and FanDuel are legal in Rhode Island.