Safe Online Casino Sites in the US

With the world we live in today, staying safe online is an absolute must. And staying safe at online casinos is no exception. So, if you’re here, you’re probably looking for a safe US online casino to play at. Well, you’re in luck!

We’ll spare you the trouble if you’re ready to get started right away. Our team has meticulously researched these sites and carefully tested them with real money deposits and various other methods. If you’re looking for safe online casinos, this list is where you should start.

Online Casino
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If you’re not entirely convinced, and want to do a little more research, we commend that! The rest of this page will be dedicated to showing you our process for finding and vetting the safest online casinos. Let’s get to it!

Safe Real Money Online Casinos in the USA

This page is specifically meant for US players looking for safe online casinos they can play at. Often times, most of the concerns we get from people are if playing at online casinos in the US is legal. 

US Flag Icon

There are several legal US online casinos you can find out there where you can play safely. The only variable that comes into play you have to check with is how your individual state handles online gambling laws.

Most laws that are currently in place for gambling mainly pertain to brick and mortar locations, leaving the world of online casinos and sportsbooks in a bit of a gray area. For all intents and purposes, unless you are opening a casino operation and taking people’s money and making wagers, you aren’t in danger of getting in trouble in the US.

We make this note a lot, but please be aware we are not lawyers, and if you have actual legal questions, you should consult with a law professional.

How to Find Safe Casino Sites Online in the US

If you are curious, we are going to share with you our step-by-step process on how we find and select the safest real money online casinos to recommend to our users.

Step #1 – Research the Casino’s History

After we have selected a US online casino we want to test, we immediately start digging through forums and try to find as much history we can find. Check out some of the qualities we look for below.

  • Does this online casino have any problems with paying out to their customers?
  • What kind of complaints do users have about this United States casino site?
  • How long have they been around for?

Any USA casinos online can claim this or that, but we’re more interested in how actual customers have responded to the casino. If they haven’t paid out winners or people complain about customer service, we will find it.

If they don’t pay out winners, then it’s obviously not one of the safest online casinos where you can deposit your money with confidence. If they have a lot of people complaining about them online, that’s a huge red flag.

If they are new to the industry, that doesn’t mean they can’t be safe. Still, it’s definitely trickier recommending newcomers to the market until we see how they handle business.

Step #2 – Navigate the Real Money Casinos Online

After we’ve done some digging on the site itself, it’s time to get our hands dirty and start peeking around the actual casino. We’ll look at how the site feels and functions and look for things that might be broken and seem fishy. 

What we mean by that is you can usually detect when things feel off on a website just by how it’s cared for. If the website hasn’t had proper maintenance or has broken links or designs, it can sometimes set off the alarm bells that it might not be a real money safe online casino.

Step #3 – Test the Casino Games

The software that a US online casino chooses to use is another vital part of telling if it’s a safe casino to play at or not. Many software providers exist, but not all are legit providers to use for games. Some may have complaints of rigged or broken games. Others might just not even work at all! 

At this point, we don’t make an actual deposit, we’re just testing to see if they have free play options for the games. And if they do, we want to see how they work.

Step #4 – Make a Real Money Deposit and Play Different Games

This is the somewhat scary part. We give real money to these US online casinos unsure of whether or not it is safe. Don’t worry, it’s not a lot, and we do it for you! Losing a small amount of money is worth it on our end if we can ensure you won’t lose any!

Online casinos that are safe will always handle our money fairly and never make us worry. Sometimes we try different bonuses, but we, of course, always need to abide by the bonus’ terms and conditions.

If all goes well on this end, we head over to the final phases of our process.

Step #5 – Test Customer Service

At this point, we always contact customer service. Usually, just to ask something like, “I want to withdraw my money now, how long will it take?” Or something along those lines. We try every method that is available to us, sometimes it’s calling, emailing, or live chat.

For us to consider the site to be one of the safe online casinos we recommend, a few things must happen. Customer service has to be painless, and they have to be able to answer all our questions.

Step #6 – Try and Withdraw Funds

This is quite possibly the most important step. The site must always pay out our withdrawals in the time frame they claim if they want us to recommend them as a safe online casino.

We usually try a few different methods of real money banking like cryptos, so we can get quicker withdrawals. This allows us to test more online casinos and see if they are really safe. We’ll also try out slower banking methods like getting mailed checks because we believe in being very thorough.

If this seems like a lot, well, it’s because it is. We hold nothing back when finding the safest online casinos for our readers.

How Safe are Real Money Online Casinos?

If you’re reading this page, this is what you came here to find out! We definitely need to help you outline exactly how safe real money casinos are. Before you give your personal information to an online casino, you have to know how safe the site is.

So, we’ve spent a lot of time going over our review process and how we examine sites, but you’re probably asking yourself, “why should I trust these guys?” Great question! Let’s talk about that for a minute.

Why You Can Trust Our Recommendations

We’ve helped thousands of people find online sportsbooks and safe online casinos in our time. We started this site initially to help people find sports betting sites. As we’ve evolved, we’ve grown to also help people find USA online casinos as well. 

You can trust us because we genuinely care for you. Read any of our pages on finding sportsbooks or casinos, and you’ll see that our primary focus at all times is our users.

Safest Banking Methods for Playing Real Money Casino Games

There are many different banking methods to take into consideration when it comes to real money online casinos. 

Here, we’ll outline some of the safest methods that you should use for depositing your money into a safe US gambling site.

Any Cryptocurrency

Our first recommendation is to use any cryptocurrency the casino will accept. Many casinos will accept Bitcoin as an acceptable banking method. Any crypto is a smart choice to stay safe at real money casinos. If you’re new to cryptocurrency, you should start with Bitcoin. It’s easy to get started with, and all major online casino sites will accept it.

Prepaid Debit Cards

Prepaid cards are a great way to bank at online casinos without having to give any of your personal information. You can buy these at your local drug store or online, and you have put the prepaid card’s information on the site rather than your real credit card or banking information. This will help keep your personal data safe and secure.

What Are Blacklisted Sites?

On a page where we talk about the safety of US online casinos, we can’t sugarcoat the fact that there are casino sites out there that are unsafe. In the industry, we call them “blacklisted” sites. 

An online casino site is blacklisted if they’re unable to pass our rigorous vetting process. But even more than that, we go off of the public’s critiques as well. Some are obvious, and some are a little better at hiding their scams.

We say the word “scam” because that’s exactly what these casinos do. Blacklisted sites want only one thing, to take your money. These sites exist only to get you to deposit money, only to never give your winnings to you.

Avoid these USA gambling sites at all costs. Only use our recommended real money casino sites, and you’ll be all set with nothing to worry about.

Frequently Asked Questions About Finding Safe Casinos Online

Here, we cover a few common questions we get about how to find online casinos that are safe.

As long as you stick with our recommendations, you will only find safe online casino games! Stick with the safest casinos online and you will be guaranteed secure deposits and fair games .

Most real money casinos online won't require your Social Security number. However, in order to make a deposit, you will obviously have to provide credit card or banking info. Sometimes, casinos might even have you scan your driver's license to confirm identity.

This is only because of the gambling law ages, and casinos can lose their gambling licenses if they let minors gamble on their site.

I know there can be a lot of anxiety when it comes to your money. And we know that you want to be smart about it, that's why you're on this page! Finding safe US casinos online is the first step, and as long as you use the sites we've recommended, you are in safe hands.