Safe Online Casino Sites in the US

Real money online casinos have exploded in popularity in recent years. Unfortunately, not every gambling site is created equal. New gamblers often struggle to find safe gambling sites to use.

Luckily, our gaming experts are here to lend a helping hand. Here is how you can tell if an online casino is trustworthy.

Finding the Safest Online Casinos in the USA

This page is specifically meant for US players looking for the best in safe and secure online casinos. Most of the concerns we get from people, oftentimes, are if playing at online casinos in the US is legal.

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There are several legal US online casinos that are completely safe and secure. You need to keep in mind, however, that each individual state handles online gambling laws differently. It is really important that you check the laws of the state in which you reside.

Most laws that are currently in place for gambling mainly pertain to brick and mortar locations, leaving the world of online casinos and sportsbooks in a bit of a gray area. For all intents and purposes, unless you are opening a casino operation and taking people’s money and making wagers, you aren’t in danger of getting in trouble in the US.

We make this note a lot, but please be aware we are not lawyers, and if you have actual legal questions, you should consult with a law professional. Again, be sure to check the gambling laws of your state as well. However, by and large, people all over the US can play online casino games safely and securely without getting in legal hot water. There are no specific laws directed at online casino games and there are no recorded instances of someone who is legally in trouble for playing online casino games.

How we find Safe and Secure Casino Sites

If you are curious, we are going to share with you our step-by-step process on how we find and select the safest online casinos to recommend to our users.

Step #1 – Research the Casino’s History

After we have selected a US online casino we want to test, we immediately start digging through forums. This allows us to take an in-depth look at as much history as we can find. Check out some of the qualities we look for below.

  • Does this online casino have any problems with paying out to their customers?
  • What kind of complaints do users have about this United States casino site?
  • How long have they been around for?

Taking the time to dive into the history of a casino operator is an important step. It will tell us if an operator is as trustworthy as their reputation suggests. Gamblers who have been mistreated by casinos are usually very vocal about their experiences. Learning from their experiences can help save you money in the long run.

Step #2 – Navigate the Casino Website

After we’ve done some digging on the site itself, it’s time to get our hands dirty and start peeking around the actual casino. We’ll look at how the site feels and functions and look for things that might be broken and seem fishy.

Hackers are constantly evolving their techniques in attempts to steal your information. Online casinos need to be on their toes and continuously improving as well. Broken links and out-of-date information can be signs that the casino operator is lacking in this department.

Step #3 – Test the Casino Games

The software an online gambling site uses can also offer insight into how safe it is to use. Players should avoid casinos using games with outdated or unfair software. Broken games are a great way to blow your bankroll and should be avoided at all costs.

You can often test a site’s gaming software without even making a deposit. Looking for demo versions of a casino’s games can give you all the insight you ended to make a decision.

Step #4 – Make a Deposit and Play Different Games

Research is important, but eventually, we have to actually test out the casino for real. This means making deposits to verify the casino’s banking methods and bonus promotions. Investing money in a new site can be scary, but it is a necessary risk to keep our readers safe.

Testing a site’s banking methods is just part of the process. We use the money we deposit to play test casino games as well. Doing so gives us first-hand experience that we then use to make our honest online casino reviews.

Step #5 – Test Customer Service

After putting on our money on the line, we then move on to testing a casino’s customer service options. We test all the customer service methods available to players including calling, emailing, and instant messaging. Then, we use the casino’s response time and the responses themselves, to grade the site’s customer service department.

For us to consider the site to be one of the safe online casinos we recommend, two key things must happen. Customer service has to be painless, and they have to be able to answer all our questions.

Step #6 – Try and Withdraw Funds

Once we have completed all the other steps, we move on to withdrawing our funds. This is necessary to verify casinos’ claims of their withdrawal speeds for each banking method. It also allows us to check for any hidden fees.

A site must always pay out our withdrawals in the time frame they claim if they want us to recommend them as a safe online casino.

If this seems like a lot, well, it’s because it is. We hold nothing back when finding the safest online casinos for our readers.

Casino Auditors and Licenses

As the popularity of online casino gambling grows, more and more scrutiny is placed on the various casino sites currently operating. That is a good thing for players. There are many groups responsible for auditing online casinos to ensure they are safe and reputable.

Below is a look at some of the groups responsible for monitoring these sites.

Online Casino Auditors

Auditors play a very important role in the US online casino industry. Without them, all casino sites would have free reign to do as they please. eCOGRA is one of the primary online casino auditing groups, and mainly focuses on ensuring that the games offered by the safest online casinos are truly random.

Online Casino Game Auditors

A more specific type of auditing is looking specifically at various games provided by sites. In this case, auditors look to ensure that Random Number Generators (RNGs) are working as expected. They also look into the software providers that created these games to check for any shady behavior.

Top Casino Game Audited by RNG (Y/N) Provider Casino
777 Deluxe TST* Y RTG Cafe Casino
Mystic Wolf Curacao eGaming Y Rival Gaming
Caribbean Gold TST Y WGS Technology Lincoln Casino
Cash Cow TST Y WGS Technology Everygame
Mermaid’s Pearls Quinel, GLI** Y Betsoft Sloto Cash
Five Times Wins Curacao eGaming Y Rival Gaming Ignition Casino
A Night With Cleo iTech Labs Y Bovada Bovada Casino
Wheel of Chance TST Y WGS Technology Lincoln Casino
Cash Crab TST Y WGS Technology Everygame
Fat Cas TST Y WGS Technology Everygame

* Technical Systems Testing
** Gaming Laboratories International

More Online Casino Auditing Roles

Security is massively important in online casino gambling. Auditors are constantly working to find any sites that are breaking rules that could jeopardize their player’s safety. Below is a look at some of the primary features that auditors ensure truly safe online casino sites in 2022 are providing.

  • SSL Protection
  • Thorough ID Verification
  • Responsible Gaming Notifications
  • 2-Factor Authentication

Readers can rest assured that all of the safe online casinos we feature on this page provide these basic security guarantees.

Online Casino Licenses

Licensing requirements for online casinos vary from one jurisdiction to another. Operators generally need specific licenses based on the types of games they want to offer at their casinos. Each license has its own requirements that operators must meet to keep their business running.

Some licensing agents are strict, while others have loose guidelines that shady casinos are able to exploit. Generally speaking, casinos with licenses from respected gambling commissions offer safer gaming experiences.

Online Casino Regulators

Different jurisdictions also have unique methods for regulating their casino operators. For instance, the UK Gambling Commission is responsible for overseeing and regulating online gaming in the UK. The Casino Regulatory Authority of Singapore, Malta Gaming Authority, and other agencies serve similar roles in their respective countries.

In the US, regulating online casinos often falls to individual states. For instance, the New York State Gaming Commission can only make regulations for the Empire State. The American Gaming Association (AGA) oversees the country’s gaming industry as a whole, including verified online casinos.

Look Out for These Logos

Why You Can Trust Our Safe Casinos Recommendations

The Sports Geek has helped thousands of people find online sportsbooks and safe online casinos in our time. We started this site initially to help people find sports betting sites. As we’ve evolved, we’ve grown to also help people find USA online casinos as well.

We strive to not only link players with sites but to help you find safe online casinos. You can trust us because we genuinely care for our readers. We are so dedicated to ensuring you the best online betting experience that our experts complete in-depth, honest reviews of any site we recommend.

Our dedication to offering a safe gaming experience drives our experts to check all aspects of a site. This includes examining the site’s security protocols, bonus promotion requirements, and much, much more. Readers like you are at the forefront of our minds when we complete reviews of betting sites.

What Makes an Online Casino Safe

Every bettor has their own level of risk that they are comfortable with. Some players love long parlays with high payouts while others stick to slot games with high RTPs. Regardless of the game you play, all bettors can agree on one thing: the risk should come from the game, not the casino itself.
Ensuring a safe betting experience is one of the goals of our casino reviews. We also believe in educating bettors so you can make the decision for yourself. With that in mind, here are some of the criteria our experts use to determine if an online casino is safe.


One of the first factors to look at when judging an online casino is where the operator is licensed. Verified online casinos will hold an operating license from a respectable gambling commission. It is best to avoid casinos with licenses from unsafe or lowly-rated commissions.


Casinos must show that they are trustworthy to obtain their initial gaming license. After obtaining their license, venues should undergo regular audits to ensure their games remain fair for players. The safest online gambling sites should have no problem passing a third-party gaming audit.

Technical Security

Online casinos operate using a series of different software such as RNGs and other gaming software. These devices need to be operated fairly to ensure a safe game for the players. Honest online casinos will have their software regularly tested by third-party companies to ensure it is safe for players.

Games Fairness

The safest online casinos offer games that are fair to players. This includes accurately representing the RTP for each game ensuring the outcome of each game is random. Players should stay away from casinos with unfair games because they cost you more money in the long run.


One way secure online casinos make sure their games are safe is to use RNGs. RNGs are a vital component of online slot and video poker games. These algorithms ensure that the outcome of each spin or hand is truly random and fair for both sides.


Software is a vital part of any modern business, and online gambling sites are no exception. Safe online casinos will use state-of-the-art software for their casino games. Regularly updated software is important for creating the safest and most fun player experience possible.


Banking security is often an underrated part of the online gambling experience. However, protecting players’ banking information during deposits is necessary to create a safe playing experience. Secure online casinos will use the latest SSL encryption technology to protect your financial information at all times.


It should come as no surprise that the safest online casinos are often operated by reputable owners. The ownership of the casino can give you an insight into the experience you will have. Players would stay from casinos owned by companies with poor track records of player safety and unfair practices.

Safest Banking Methods for Playing Online

There are many different banking methods to take into consideration when it comes to making a secure deposit at an online casino.

Here, we’ll outline some of the safest methods that you should use for depositing your money into a safe US gambling site.

Any Cryptocurrency

Our first recommendation is to use any cryptocurrency the casino will accept. Many casinos will accept Bitcoin as an acceptable banking method. Any crypto is a smart choice to stay safe while playing online. If you’re new to cryptocurrency, you should start with Bitcoin. It’s easy to get started with, and all major online casino sites will accept it.

Prepaid Debit Cards

Prepaid cards are a great way to bank at online casinos without having to give any of your personal information. You can buy these at your local drug store or online, and you have put the prepaid card’s information on the site rather than your real credit card or banking information. This will help keep your personal data safe and secure.

Credit Cards

Credit cards are always a great way to go if you are looking to bank in a safe and secure fashion and especially when you are dealing with top-notch, reputable companies like Discover, American Express, Visa, and Mastercard.

Wire Transfer

Bank wire transfers are great for depositing large amounts of money in total security. This is an option that is extremely popular amongst high rollers. And although this method takes several business days to complete, this is one of the safest ways for moving around large sums of money at our best US online casinos.

e-Wallets: Skrill or Neteller

E-wallets are another safe and secure banking method that allows customers to transfer funds out of the bank and into special digital wallets online that are kept completely separate from bank funds. This is another terrific method for moving funds fluidly between locations. And they feature some of the best safety and security protocols in the market!

What Are Blacklisted Sites?

On a page where we talk about the safety of US online casinos, we can’t sugarcoat the fact that there are casino sites out there that are unsafe. In the industry, we call them “blacklisted” sites.

An online casino site is blacklisted if they’re unable to pass our rigorous vetting process. But even more than that, we go off of the public’s critiques as well. Some are obvious, and some are a little better at hiding their scams.

We say the word “scam” because that’s exactly what these casinos do. Blacklisted sites want only one thing, to take your money. These sites exist only to get you to deposit money, only to never give your winnings to you.

If you choose to use an online casino outside of our recommended list, that is fine! You have the right to do so, and, at the end of the day, we want you to choose the online casino that will be the best fit for you. We just ask that you do some basic vetting such as looking at online blacklists or reading user comments to determine if this online casino is one that can be trusted.

Avoid these USA gambling sites at all costs. Only use our recommended safe casino sites, and you’ll be all set with nothing to worry about.

What is a Random Number Generator?

Random Number Generator Banner Dice

Let’s face it. Online casino games and casino games played in a brick-and-mortar location are vastly different. It is because one features the use of a human dealer and the other involves the use of the computer as the dealer. And it is because of the computer standing in for the human dealer when it comes to online casino games that random number generators or RNGs are so necessary.

Random number generators (sometimes referred to as RNGs) are mathematical constructs that are designed to generate a random set of numbers. The sequence of numbers or symbols that come from the RNG is designed to generate an outcome that is difficult to predict.

These are to ensure that online casino games’ results are kept completely random and are not rigged to take advantage of the player.

All online casinos we recommend to our readers are licensed by legit gambling authorities that require those sites to include the use of RNGs in all their online casino game content. You can rest easy knowing that you can play these casino games in total safety and security, free from rigged results.

Frequently Asked Questions About Finding Safe Casinos Online

Here, we cover a few common questions we get about how to find online casinos that are safe.

As long as you stick with our recommendations, you will only find safe online casino games! Stick with the safest casinos online and you will be guaranteed secure deposits and fair games. All of the online casinos we recommend vet new customers, use SSL-encrypted connections, and conduct third-party audits to ensure compliance with their gambling authority’s safest and security regulars.

Most casinos won't require your Social Security number. However, in order to make a deposit, you will obviously have to provide credit card or banking info. Sometimes, casinos might even have you scan your driver's license to confirm your identity.
This is only because of the gambling law ages, and casinos can lose their gambling licenses if they let minors gamble on their site.

I know there can be a lot of anxiety when it comes to your money. And we know that you want to be smart about it, that's why you're on this page! Finding safe US casinos online is the first step, and as long as you use the sites we've recommended, you are in safe hands. One of the biggest factors is making sure the online casino you are using is fully licensed by a legit gambling authority in a reputable jurisdiction. These credentials will ensure that the online casino is adhering to safety standards like using random number generators for their games and using an SSL-encrypted connection to protect all personal and financial information.

All US online casinos that we recommend vet all new customers who request accounts. All personal and financial information that is shared with the site is kept completely safe and secure through the use of an SSL-encrypted connection. Each site is also fully licensed by a legit gambling authority and is required to fill certain safety standards such as using random number generators for its casino games and undergoing regular third-party audits throughout the year.

The idea with random number generators is that they ensured completely random results for casino games that would otherwise be operated by a dealer or a croupier. For instance, a game of poker at a land-based casino has a dealer on site who shuffles and deals the cards as well as handles all the other duties of the table. Since online poker has no dealer (unless it is a live dealer game), the computer is the dealer’s stand-in. These games run on systems that include RNGs to make sure that the cards are dealt out randomly.

Honestly, there are several great methods for depositing at our favorite US online casinos. For instance, there is Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies that are decentralized and work off the blockchain. They are accepted at nearly all US online casinos and can be easily transferred in and out. There are also e-wallets like Skrill and Neteller which allow the customer to transfer funds into a separate online account (the e-wallet), keeping their bank account detached from the online casino for those extra layers of protection if needed.