Best Nevada Sports Betting Sites

Nevada is well-known for being the world’s biggest gambling hub. It’s here that many of the world’s biggest and best casinos are located. The state is also a major sports betting destination. Today, our experts will explain how exactly to find the best Nevada sports betting sites available.

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The state’s sports betting industry has changed in many ways over the years. There are more options to bet on sports in Nevada online now than ever before. To make things easy, we’ll also highlight some of the best online sportsbooks in NV for you to use.

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How to Find the Best Online Sportsbooks in Nevada

The entire US sports betting industry has evolved tremendously over the years. There are top-rated online sportsbooks available throughout the country. As many are beginning to notice, there are more Nevada sports betting sites operating now than ever.

Don’t make the mistake of simply joining the first online sportsbook that you come across. Instead, take the time to ensure that the betting platform you join is safe and reputable. This is much easier than some might expect.

Below are three of the key features you need to look for before deciding to join any online sportsbooks in NV in 2022.

Nevada Online Gambling Banner

Safe Payment Options

Nothing is more important than finding an online sportsbook that will protect your funds. This means looking out for a betting site that provides safe options to deposit and withdraw your funds. The best sites for real money sports betting offer a variety of payment options with low fees and very quick processing times.

Spend some time looking at all of the different payment options available through different Nevada sports betting sites. I recommend that you only consider joining the ones that allow for payment to be easily processed, 24/7.

Variety of Sports Betting Options

Some will likely be surprised to find how many different wagering options are now available through different sports betting sites in Nevada. The best ones allow their members to be on just about every major sporting event taking place around the world.

It’s highly recommended to join the sports betting sites that provide the types of bets you are hoping to make. This doesn’t just mean odds on different sports.

The top NV online sportsbooks also offer unique betting options including moneyline odds, over/under odds, and prop bets. It’s usually best to avoid betting websites only providing a limited set of basic sports wagers.

Honest Promotions

Promotions are fantastic tools that betting sites offer to their members. Sometimes, these promotions can come with what is known as “rollover requirements” that make it extremely difficult to withdraw your funds. This is why some bettors choose to avoid utilizing any promotions altogether.

Many sports betting sites in NV still provide honest promotions to their members. Simply read the terms and conditions that come along with these offers. If you come across some that seem much too good to be true, they may be better off avoiding.

Best Bonuses and Promos

Plenty of the real money Nevada online sportsbooks operating today provide their members with these three basic features. Let’s take a look at some of the best ones available in the state right now.

Top Three Real Money Online Sports Betting Sites in Nevada

There are a huge number of popular online sportsbooks in Nevada right now. Betting fans love to argue which ones are the best. Interestingly, many feel that the unregulated online NV sports betting sites actually offer the best overall wagering experience.

Our experts have taken a close look at many of these online betting platforms. Here’s a quick look at three of the ones that offer each of the features listed above.

Bovada – Best Online Betting Site for Beginning Sports Bettors

Bovada Screenshot

Most sports bettors in the United States have heard of Bovada. For more than a decade, this has been the most popular online sportsbook in the country. It’s known for its incredible design and reputable payment system.

New bettors will love this site. In many ways, it is the perfect platform for those just getting into online sports betting for real money. The odds here are fantastic and the user interface set in place makes it extremely easy to make wagers on a wide variety of different sports.


BetOnline – Best Online Betting Site for a Variety of Betting Options

BetOnline Screenshot

BetOnline is another popular online betting site in Nevada. This betting platform has been around for many years and is well-known for offering more odds than any other sportsbook. It’s here that members can wager on small fringe sports such as darts and cricket.

Of course, the traditional sports betting odds here are the most popular. BetOnline is unique in that it offers a wide variety of different wagering options for sports leagues. Check it out today to see why so many people love making sports bets here.


MyBookie – Best Online Bonuses and Promotions

MyBookie Screenshot

MyBookie is much newer than many of the other sports betting websites in Nevada. In just a few years, it has developed a massive user base around the entire United States. Many love the sleek, modern design here and fantastic promotions.

The welcome bonus here is one of the best available online right now. This is a 100% welcome bonus of up to $1,000. Some fantastic promotions are also available for existing members that can help to boost your funds on a regular basis.


Each of these sites is of high quality. Feel free to head over to our reviews page today to find in-depth breakdowns of the best online sportsbooks in Nevada operating today.

Legality of Sports Betting Sites in Nevada

Nevada’s history of gambling regulation goes back decades. The state’s real gambling industry was born in the 1950s. It was around this time that the first casino resorts started appearing in Las Vegas, drawing in visitors from around the world.

Online gambling in Nevada began around the 1990s. For a time, no real regulations were set in place to monitor the sports betting sites in Nevada. It was not until 2011 that laws appeared in Nevada to regulate any forms of online gambling.

Even today, the specific legality of online sports betting sites in Nevada is a little unclear. Real Money sports betting is perfectly legal in the state. The main focus point is the state’s legal view on unregulated sports betting sites operating here.

Nevada’s Stance on Unregulated Online Sportsbooks

Laws Nevada Legal State SealThe entire US online sports betting industry was unregulated for decades. Prior to 2018, Nevada was the only state legally able to offer sports betting options. The state did not regulate any online sportsbooks, yet a huge number of popular offshore online sportsbooks still chose to operate here.

Even today, Nevada’s legal view toward unregulated sites is a little unclear. No specific piece of legislation outright bans these betting platforms. In fact, many Nevada online betting sites are now operational, some of which are regulated by the state and some of which are not.

It’s unclear whether lawmakers in Nevada view offshore sports betting sites favorably. The state earns no revenue by taxing these online betting platforms, but there are no specific laws against them. In time, more intense laws that completely prohibit these websites could be set in place.

Are Online Betting Sites in Nevada Legal?

Nevada formally legalized sports betting back in 1949. Incredibly, this became the only state to avoid PASPA’s regulations due to its long history of sports betting. Millions of Americans would flock to NV every year to place bets on their favorite teams and players.

Only land-based sportsbooks existed here for decades. Not long ago, lawmakers here formally legalized online sportsbooks in the state. There are now a huge number of regulated online sportsbooks available operated by some of the most powerful gaming companies in the world.

Laws clearly state that online sports betting sites in Nevada are now legal. Joining these websites is extremely easy.

Online Casino Sites Available in Nevada

Online Sports Betting Site vs Land-Based Sportsbook

Nevada is rightfully known as the world’s largest casino hub. It’s here that most of the top casino companies operating today are based. That includes companies such as Las Vegas Sands, MGM Resorts International, and Wynn Resorts.

In recent years, a major push to see more online casino options in Nevada has taken place. Some may be unaware that there are already a huge number of popular online casinos in Nevada operating today.

As of late 2021, these sites are not directly regulated by Nevada’s state government.

This could change in the future. Major gaming operators have historically pushed against the regulation of online casino gambling in the state. In recent years, several top casino executives have changed their stance, arguing that regulating internet casinos in Nevada would help to bring the state valuable revenue each year.

A quick Google search will bring up many of the online casino options available in Nevada right now. Feel free to check out our guide to the safest online casinos today. Here, we explain how exactly to find the best online casino sites operating around the world.

Most Popular Land-Based Sportsbooks in Nevada

Up until fairly recently, all sports bets placed in Nevada needed to be done in person. This was fairly easy to do, however, as many popular sportsbooks are spread around the state. The majority are located in Las Vegas.

Below is a list of the names and locations of some of the best retail sportsbooks in Nevada right now.

Sportsbook Name Casino City
BetMGM Sportsbook The Mirage Las Vegas
Lagesse’s Sportsbook The Palazzo Las Vegas
Circa Sportsbook Circa Casino & Resort Las Vegas
Peppermill Sportsbook Peppermill Reno Reno
Wynn Sportsbook Wynn Las Vegas Las Vegas
William Hill Sportsbook Hard Rock Hotel Lake Tahoe South Lake Tahoe
Venetian Sportsbook Venetian Resort & Casino Las Vegas
The Book The LINQ Las Vegas Las Vegas

Each of these sportsbooks offers something unique. Many are located in the best casinos in Nevada. Feel free to check them all out if you have the opportunity.

Popular Bet Types at Most Nevada Sports Betting Sites

Nevada is largely responsible for the growth of sports betting in the United States. For decades, this was the only state legally able to offer its residents real money sports betting options. Even today, with sports betting now available throughout the country, Nevada is seen as a true sports gambling hub.

The vast majority of the Nevada sports betting sites operating today are fantastic. These platforms tend to provide their members with a variety of unique wagering options. Below is a look at some of the most common types of sports betting odds available through online sportsbooks in NV.

  • Online Moneyline Odds – Expect to see moneyline odds available through all internet sportsbooks in Nevada. This is simply a bet on which team or athlete will win a particular match.

  • Over/Under Odds – Most NV betting websites offer over/under odds, too. These are odds on whether or not a game will record points above or below a certain number. In combat sports, it is a wager on whether or not a fight will go past a certain number of rounds.

  • Online Prop Odds – Prop betting grows more popular every year. Online sportsbooks are always working to offer more unique prop wagers than their competitors.

  • Online Parlays – Parlay betting is available through almost all online sportsbooks in Nevada. These are multiple wagers combined into one. They can offer massive payouts yet are far riskier than traditional bets.

The number of odds being provided through different Nevada online sportsbooks is incredible. Spend a little time checking out various betting sites here to see which options best suit your needs.

Daily Fantasy Sports Options in Nevada

Daily fantasy sports was, for a time, the most popular form of “sports wagering” in the US. This was largely due to the fact that it has been widely available throughout the entire country for years. Lawmakers see it as a “game of skill,” meaning DFS could be regulated and taxed by states.

Over in Nevada:
DFS never gained the same level of popularity that it did in other states. This is because Nevada has always allowed sports betting. Residents and tourists in the state seemed to prefer making traditional sports bets, rather than playing daily fantasy sports games.

It’s still easy to find DFS sites in Nevada in 2022. Many of them exist, and some offer their members big opportunities to win big. A quick Google search should allow you to quickly find many of the best Nevada DFS sites operating today.

Up until a few years ago, Nevada was not thought of as a major sports hub. No professional teams were based here, and some felt none would ever make Las Vegas their home. With that being said, cities like Las Vegas were known as NV sports betting destinations, and rumors of teams setting up shop in Las Vegas would float around from time to time.

Today, there are two major professional sports teams that now call Las Vegas home.

This has helped to fuel tourism and boosted the overall sports fan base within Nevada.

Below are the four most popular sports in Nevada right now.


Las Vegas Raiders LogoFootball remains the most popular sport in the entire United States. The popularity of this sport has skyrocketed in Nevada since the Raiders made their way into Las Vegas. A huge number of people are now making their way to Allegiant Stadium to watch the Raiders play live on a regular basis.

Ice Hockey

Vegas Golden Knights LogoIce Hockey has never generated the level of fans that sports such as football and basketball boast. Over in Nevada, however, this sport is more popular than ever before. This is largely due to the Vegas Golden Knights making Las Vegas their home.


Basketball has been one of the country’s most popular sports for decades. Lately, rumors have been circulating that an NBA team will soon be making its way to Las Vegas. Former Bulls head coach Jim Boylen certainly feels that way, telling the media it’s only a matter of time before this happens.

There are currently a huge number of real money online betting sites in Nevada that offer a wide range of different NBA betting options.


Baseball’s popularity has dropped over the last two decades. With that being said, it remains one of the country’s most beloved sports. Nevada is home to several successful minor league games and a huge number of passionate MLB fans. It’s possible that an MLB team could base itself in Las Vegas in the future, yet no plans for this have been announced.

If you want to learn more about what to look for when choosing a Nevada betting site, head over to our Complete Guide to Real Money Betting Sites.

Real Money Betting Sites

FAQ About Online Sports Betting in Nevada

Nevada is currently home to a huge number of popular online sports betting sites. Bettors love to argue which ones operating here are truly the best. Our experts are always quick to recommend BetOnline, Bovada, and MyBookie.

There are significant perks that come with betting online in the state of Nevada. These perks include more convenience, better lines, bigger bonuses, more betting options, and no risk of getting shut out of a bet because of a line.

Sports betting has been legal and regulated in Nevada for decades. A huge number of popular online sports betting sites for Nevada residents are currently operating in the state. Some of these online sportsbooks are based overseas and do not fall under the state’s regulation. No laws are set in place here to outright prohibit any online sportsbooks from operating. If you have any concerns, contact a legal gaming lawyer in the local area.

Sports betting has quickly grown to become the most popular form of gambling in the United States. Many bettors are able to win large amounts of money on a regular basis. There is no specific limit to the number of money players can win through different online sportsbooks in Nevada. Making smart wagers while tracking wins and losses will increase the odds of being successful in the long run.

Many of the online sports betting websites in Nevada also act as online casino platforms. That applies to many of the larger, more well-established sites. Those wanting to make sports and casino wagers should make sure to find a site that offers both options.

Online sportsbooks have grown more popular in the US, in part, due to the promotions they offer. Nearly all of the online sportsbooks in NV operating today offer unique bonuses to their members. It’s best to look for great welcome bonuses that do not come with unrealistic rollover requirements.

Most of the online sports betting sites in Nevada provide their members with a wide range of unique betting options. That includes odds on major sports such as football and basketball. Some of the more established online sportsbooks even provide odds on smaller, niche sports such as cricket and ping pong!

Cashouts are quick if you use the right NV sportsbooks online. If you're using state-regulated options, you'll need to go into the corresponding casino to get your cashout. It's available immediately, but you will need to drive in and wait in line to get your cashout. If you're using a worldwide option, cashouts are handled 100% digitally. You'll be able to get your money on average in about five business days through a variety of different popular digital banking methods.

Absolutely! But how much? This is another question we often get from NV betting app users.

The answer as mentioned above really depends on the sport, the type of bet, and of course your knowledge. If those 3 things can line up right the sky is the limit for your real money winnings.