Best Nevada Sports Betting Sites

Nevada is already known as the home to gambling, but it’s also now the home of sports betting! Thanks to the love of betting on sports from locals and guests and the infusion of five pro sports teams to the landscape, things are heating up.

If you’re looking for the best Nevada sports betting sites where you can get yourself into the real money action, you’re where you want to be.

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Key Takeaways for Online Sports Betting in Nevada
  • Your three options for betting on sports in Nevada are in-person at the brick and mortar sportsbooks, through state-regulated sports betting sites, or through worldwide Nevada online sportsbooks.

  • Football is the most popular sport that Nevadans and visitors to the state like to bet on (four out of five years| 2015-2019).

  • Nevadans lose the most money on parlays by an astounding percentage (detailed below).

  • Five pro sports teams help to drive recreational betting in the state of Nevada.

Table of Contents

State Regulated Sports Betting Options vs. Worldwide Options

Nevada is a state where you have three main options when it comes to sports betting—in-person at the casinos, online through state-regulated sports betting sites, or through worldwide options servicing clients in the state. Each option carries its own pros and cons you should weigh before deciding where to bet.

Online Sports Betting Site vs Land-Based Sportsbook

State-Regulated Sports Betting Sites

Several of the casinos within NV have created mobile sports betting apps to augment their in-person betting options. One perk of these Nevada betting sites is you can cash out and deposit directly from the casino.

However, that’s also a drawback if you don’t live close to one of these locations or don’t feel like heading into a casino.

Additionally, these online state-regulated sportsbooks have a bad habit of pushing tough lines. Instead of seeing a small gap between both sides of a bet (lower vig), you see big gaps that make you wonder if they even want you to bet!

Some of the bigger options include:

  • Caesars Palace Sports Betting*
  • Stations Casino Sports Betting App
  • MGM Grand Sports Betting App
  • Westgate Sports SuperBook Mobile App
  • South Point Sports Betting App

*Now Operated by William Hill

Worldwide Nevada Sports Betting Sites Online

Your other mobile betting option is worldwide NV betting sites. While these books don’t have physical locations in the state, they still happily service clients in the Battle Born State.

The perks of these Nevada betting apps generally include bigger bonuses, more competitive lines, and the ability to handle all your banking and signing up digitally. You don’t have to go into a casino sportsbook and fill out a bunch of paperwork to create an account.

Some of our favorite options include:
  • MyBookie – Huge variety of sports bets with competitive lines.
  • BetNow – A newer sports betting site with fast payouts.
  • Bovada – A solid online sportsbook that’s been around forever.
  • BetUS – Safe betting website with a long and trusted history.
  • BetOnline – One of the early sports betting sites with great bonuses.

Brick and Mortar Sportsbooks in Nevada

The third option is a brick and mortar sportsbook location in the state. While you do lose a ton of the convenience that comes with betting online, there is some fun and excitement that comes with being the book on a big sports day.

For people who want the best of both worlds, there’s nothing wrong with using real money online casinos and betting in person!

Sportsbook Address Hours
Westgate Las Vegas 2919-3007 Joe W Brown Dr, Las Vegas, NV 89109 Mon. to Thu. (8am-11pm) Fri. to Sun. (7am-2am)
Caesar’s Palace Sportsbook 3570 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89109 Sun. to Thu. (8am-10pm) Sat. & Sun. (8am-11pm)
South Point Race and Sportsbook 9777 S Las Vegas Blvd, Southeast, Las Vegas, NV 24/7
Lagasse’s Stadium 3325 S Las Vegas Blvd UNIT 101, Las Vegas, NV 89109 Permanently Closed

While data from Nevada sportsbook apps isn’t readily available, data for brick and mortar sportsbooks throughout the state is available to draw conclusions from.

A recent study by the UNLV Center for Gaming Research looked at the percentage of bets over the past two decades broken down into five sports and categories—football, basketball, baseball, parlays, and other. Here’s the raw data from 2015-2019:

Year Football Basketball Baseball Parlay Other
2015 35.61% 31.48% 16.99% 6.90% 9.01%
2016 41.63% 30.40% 14.69% 4.75% 8.51%
2017 30.91% 35.14% 14.80% 6.10% 12.99%
2018 34.03% 33.09% 15.66% 7.61% 9.60%
2019 37.20% 28.70% 17.38% 4.54% 12.18%

Key Trend Analysis

  • Football is the most popular sport to bet on in Nevada in four out of the five years.
  • In 2017, basketball eclipsed football and all other sports as the most popular option in NV.
  • Baseball is always behind basketball and football, despite more games and opportunities to bet.

It would appear that football is currently the most popular sport to bet on in the state of Nevada. And keep in mind, this data is prior to the Raiders NFL team moving to town.

If you don’t believe that’s going to boost the popularity of football betting in Nevada, you’ve got another thing coming.

For those curious, here are the raw numbers for dollar amounts won in each sport.

Year Football Basketball Baseball Parlay Other Total
2015 82,546 72,976 39,392 15,983 20,890 231,787
2016 91,243 66,632 32,204 10,412 18,648 219,174
2017 76,896 87,431 36,815 15,177 32,325 248,777
2018 102,458 99,602 47,133 22,907 28,907 301,048
2019 122,436 94,472 57,200 14,939 40,090 329,137

*Numbers are in thousands. Add three zeros to the end of each number for the actual number. IE: 82,546 represents 82,546,000 (a little over 82 million).

What Sports Are the Most Profitable to Bet on in Nevada?

The “easy” answer to this question (and the correct one) is the sport you’re most knowledgeable in.

The better you can leverage your research and insight to produce winning picks with value, the better your bottom line is going to look.

But overall, in the state of NV, which sport do bettors do the best in? Well, we have to look at the Nevada online sportsbooks win percentages broken down into these categories. Let’s pull up the raw data over the past five years and then look at the trends.

Year Football Basketball Baseball Parlay Other Total
2015 4.86 5.83 4.39 29.56 6.27 5.47
2016 5.39 4.75 3.08 17.28 6.07 4.86
2017 4.38 5.90 3.23 24.12 7.56 5.11
2018 5.65 6.60 4.59 24.08 5.10 6.01
2019 6.55 5.61 5.10 29.84 6.74 6.19

These numbers represent the total percentage amount won by the Nevada sportsbook apps in relation to the total amount bet for each year in each sport. There are some surprising trends to point out.

Key Trend Analysis

  • Parlays are an overwhelming losing ground for Nevada sports bettors.
  • Baseball is regularly the least profitable sport to bet on in Nevada every year.
  • Football and basketball take turns as the most profitable sports to bet on in Nevada.

There’s quite a bit you can draw from this. Baseball bettors do way better. Parlays seem to be a big loser for those using Nevada betting apps. And basketball tends to be more profitable for the casinos that football in many years.

While this doesn’t mean you should stop betting on parlays and basketball and move over to baseball, it is something to take note of.

Factors That Affect Your Betting Profitability at Nevada Online Sportsbooks

  • Your Ability to Shop Lines – The best strategy for making money betting on sports online in Nevada is joining multiple online NV sportsbooks. This gives you the ability to shop your lines and get the best odds, without having to drive down the Strip from sportsbook to sportsbook.

  • The Competitiveness of the Lines – Many online sportsbooks in Nevada (especially the state-regulated options) have a bad habit of uncompetitive lines with a lot of juice built-in. Instead of seeing a line like (-130) and (+120), you might see (-140) and (+110). The larger gap between the correlated lines means more juice built-in for the sportsbook. This is a big perk to using real money Nevada sports betting sites other than Caesars or Stations (or other state-regulated betting options).

  • Your Skill – This section wouldn’t be complete without mentioning that your skill is the biggest factor affecting your profitability when betting sports online in Nevada. You can join the best Nevada sports betting sites and shop your lines like a pro, but if you constantly pick losers, it’s not going to work out.

Pro Sports in the State of Nevada – The Casual Sports Bettor Effect

The popularity of real money Nevada betting sites follows the correlation trends of other states. More professional sports teams mean more people interested in online betting apps. And while you might not care if other people are betting, you should.

When pro sports teams bring in more recreational bettors, it means more people likely to bet on the wrong side of a contest. This means you can expect to see more opportunities to cash in on bad lines.

Pro Sports Teams in Nevada

Vegas Golden Knights

Vegas Golden Knights Logo

  • Founded: 2017
  • Home Arena: T-Mobile Arena
  • Location: Las Vegas, NV

The Las Vegas Raiders

Las Vegas Raiders Logo

  • Founded: 1960 (Moved to LV in 2020)
  • Home Arena: Allegiant Stadium
  • Location: Las Vegas, NV

The Las Vegas Aces

Las Vegas Aces Logo

  • Founded: 2018
  • Home Arena: Mandalay Bay EC
  • Location: Las Vegas, NV

Reno 1868 FC

Reno 1868 FC Logo

  • Founded: 2015
  • Home Arena: Greater Nevada Field
  • Location: Reno, NV

Las Vegas Lights FC

Las Vegas Lights FC Logo

  • Founded: 2017
  • Home Arena: Cashman Field
  • Location: Las Vegas, NV

Is online sports betting in Nevada legal? It might seem a bit silly to ask a question like this, especially when you look at the fact there are 441 casinos in the state of Nevada!

However, some state legislatures have drawn conclusions about the differences between brick and mortar sports betting and betting on sports online in Nevada.

We are not lawyers. The thoughts included in this section are our personal analysis based on decades of experience in the industry. For a complete answer, consult a gaming attorney in NV.

For the longest time, states and anti-gambling lobbyists deemed the practice of gambling online illegal based on the Unlawful Internet Gambling Act of 2006 (UIGEA).

Law Icon

Known to many as the Wire Act, this law prevented gambling businesses from knowingly accepting funds across state lines. And while this didn’t have anything to do with you as a player, it was a pretty solid dagger in the heart of the future of real money Nevada sportsbooks online.

However, in January of 2019, the Justice Department reversed its stance on the Wire Act. What this created was a big gray area on the legality of the games in certain states.

Some would argue that the repeal of the UIGEA meant it was open season for sportsbooks and casinos around the country to continue operations digitally. Others argued the lack of clear guidelines and regulations made it illegal.

For Nevada, we see service providers making their own decisions. And again, these laws deal with the Nevada online sportsbook site and betting app operators, not you, the player.

The Bottom Line on Betting on Sports Online in Nevada

We see no signs of real money online sports betting slowing down in the state of Nevada. As you look at the multitude of professional sports team added to the state, you can expect things to keep moving full steam ahead.

If you’re looking for where to bet on sports online in Nevada, we’ve provided a lot of information and our favorites NV betting apps in this guide.

While the final choice is always yours, we’ve included our favorites to try and help steer you the right way.

Fun and Weird Facts and Stories From Nevada Sports Betting

Before we send you out the door to get your bets in, we want to have a little fun. Below, we’ve included a growing list of small tidbits of interesting information about sports betting in Nevada.

    Did You Know Icon

  • Because there are no major fantasy sports providers servicing the state of Nevada, many residents who need the action drive to the state line of California (20 miles away) once a week to get their lineups set.
  • There is no lottery in the state of Nevada. If you already guessed that people in Vegas make that same drive to the California state line, you’re right.
  • Many professional sports bettors are blacklisted by the brick and mortar casinos because they pose too much of a risk of winning too much. To combat this, these sports bettors hire “runners” who are people now known to the Nevada sportsbooks who run around placing bets for them.
    Yes, this means random people running around the city of Las Vegas and Reno with backpacks full of cash.
  • The total amount of money bet on sports at brick and mortar casinos in Nevada from 1984-2019 is $922,188,774,000.
    • Total bet on football since 1989: $1,702,255,000
    • Total bet on basketball since 1989: $1,202,546,000
    • Total bet on baseball since 1989: $610,407,000
    • Total bet on parlays since 1989: $551,280,000
  • Want to know where the sportsbooks in Nevada do the best. Here’s the average casino win percentage by sport since 1992.
    • Football: 5.04%
    • Basketball: 5.21%
    • Baseball: 3.51%
    • Parlay: 30.75%
    • Other: 6.26%

Nevada Online Sports Betting FAQ

Yes, you are free to bet on Raiders' NFL games from anywhere in Nevada. This goes for in-person and online betting options.

Yes! Just because you are in Nevada doesn't mean you can't bet on the Golden Knights' NHL games. You'll see more options other than hockey games in most books in the state, especially down in Las Vegas.

There are significant perks that come with betting online in the state of Nevada. These perks include more convenience, better lines, bigger bonuses, more betting options, and no risk of getting shut out of a bet because of a line.

No. Though all the sports gambling apps listed on this page will work anywhere in the state of Nevada there are plenty of other reliable online sportsbooks such as Bovada, MyBookie, or xBet that don't accept Nevada bettors. This is one of many factors considered to establish our list of recommendations.

Cashouts are quick if you use the right NV sportsbooks online. If you're using state-regulated options, you'll need to go into the corresponding casino to get your cashout. It's available immediately, but you will need to drive in and wait in line to get your cashout. If you're using a worldwide option, cashouts are handled 100% digitally. You'll be able to get your money on average in about five business days through a variety of different popular digital banking methods.

Currently, the main fantasy sports players (DraftKings and FanDuel) are not offering service to bettors in Nevada. If you live in Las Vegas, you can always drive the 20 miles to the state line of California and put your lineups in if you really need some action.

Absolutely! But how much? This is another question we often get from NV betting app users.

The answer as mentioned above really depends on the sport, the type of bet, and of course your knowledge. If those 3 things can line up right the sky is the limit for your real money winnings.

Usually 48 hours or less. There are a lot of factors that can impact this including what Nevada betting site you're using, your preferred payment method, and how many withdrawal requests the site is fielding at the time.

For example, Bitcoin withdrawals may be processed instantly while bank wires or paper checks may take 5-10 business days. Industry-standard still remains at 48 hours or less for most real money withdrawl methods.