Guide to Super Bowl Betting Sites in 2020

For many reasons, Super Bowl Sunday is the biggest entertainment event in the US. There’s the championship stakes, the narratives of the teams involved, the commercials, the musical halftime performance that nobody can seem to agree on, and of course, the wagering—both in person and on betting sites.

In recent years, the Super Bowl has grown so much in popularity that the betting ramifications of the game are now a category all their own. If you are a novice trying to finally get a piece of the action, check out this list of the best Super Bowl betting sites for 2020.

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With technology playing an unrelenting role in how sports are bet on, Super Bowl betting sites have exploded in relevance in recent years. With this evolution in constant motion, prospective bettors owe it upon themselves to learn about the concepts and elements of online betting, especially when it involves monumental events like the Super Bowl.

The online wagering community has become far more refined and professional in recent years to the point where it is now viewed as a fundamental part of the sports industry. For these reasons, betting websites now help move the needle just as much as traditional sportsbook locations do. This is something both bookies and patrons are aware of at all times and even more so when Super Bowl weekend comes around every February.

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Additionally, if you want to learn more about Super Bowl betting as a whole, you should check out our guide to Super Bowl 2020 betting.

Best Super Bowl Betting Sites

The reason why we feel like these are the very best sites for betting on the Super Bowl is because they seem to get the most right when it comes to certain aspects. They offer early lines for the game as well as lots of different prop bets and futures for the Super Bowl. Not only that, these online sportsbooks make it very simple to deposit and withdraw your money as well as offer special promotions around the big game.

Tips for Choosing Where to Bet on Super Bowl 2020

Computer with Super Bowl Stadium Image on itWith so many online betting sites now available, potential Super Bowl bettors are likely to be faced with the following question of, “Where can I bet on the Super Bowl?”

Customers on the fence about which site to bet on the Super Bowl should not worry, as there are several steps to take that make this process a bit easier.

Here are a few tips that anyone new to online betting should consider.

Know What Line You Want – Super Bowl Lines Change Often

Before getting involved in the action, a bettor must weigh their options accordingly. Line shopping is one of the most important and often overlooked steps of the sports betting process year-round. This is especially true for the Super Bowl, and it is an imperative step that far too many neglect.

When considering betting on the Super Bowl on an online site, one should go to as many sources as possible to find the best available lines.

Nowadays, markets are more varied because of the amount of plays that exist for the game and the rising number of sports betting sites. Bettors should place a greater focus on line shopping to give themselves the best possible chance to find value.

With all of the betting handle surrounding online Super Bowl wagering, odds and totals are constantly fluctuating. They’re all seeing moments of inflation and deflation. For this reason, being able to gauge how the public money is impacting the number is helpful.

Bettors will feel like they have an improved grasp, as the game itself grows closer and the numbers begin to shift more gradually.

Line shopping is equally helpful in finding unknown plays that a patron may not yet be aware of. In addition to tracking the preferred betting value, people can also find new lines and prop bets entirely.

This is where becoming familiar with the best Super Bowl gambling sites is beneficial. Someone who line shops often will naturally have more exposure to changes and newly posted props (which has become one of the biggest staples of betting the big game).

The Early Bird Gets the Worm

While waiting may be useful in some cases, most will find that the lines surrounding Super Bowl Sunday will only get tighter and harder to beat as kickoff grows closer. Therefore, even if a bettor doesn’t decide to fire on a play immediately, they should at the very least line shop early. This ensures they are giving themselves the best chance in case it vanishes from the board for good.

Additionally, due to the internet always having a lapse in communication when compared to in-house betting, it’s also vital that one makes sure all technological and software-related concerns are taken care of.

Keep in Mind:
Bettors should know the status of their account and deposits so there are no issues with placing a wager before kickoff. Of all the sporting events out there, Super Bowl Sunday is the one day you shouldn’t be stressing out about whether your bets were even placed at all.

Bettors should know the status of their account and deposits so there are no issues with placing a wager before kickoff. Of all the sporting events out there, Super Bowl Sunday is the one day you shouldn’t be stressing out about whether your bets were even placed at all.

Addressing these potential roadblocks early will allow bettors to focus more on individual plays and shift their attention toward the outcome of their bet rather than process.

Work Smarter, Not Harder

At the end of the day, sports betting is about walking away with full pockets. And while the role of the internet has played a great deal in the rise of this industry, it also presents obstacles if people sacrifice accessibility for some other factor.

The layout, visuals, and overall usage of a site all play a role in customer satisfaction when betting the contest, but they should not come at the expense of the true purpose of a gambling site, picking the best play.

The purpose of these sites is to make life easier for gamblers, not more convoluted. If a betting site looks great but doesn’t serve its purpose in attracting people with its lines, one would be better off going to a site with less production value but superior number value and variation.

Super Bowl Betting Sites to Avoid – Blacklisted Sites


While it’s very difficult to have a grip on the functionality and legitimacy of all Super Bowl betting sites, there are certainly some red flags bettors should be aware of.

Here are a few examples of things to watch out for:

  • Slow line changes
  • Lack of bonus/rewards promotions
  • Difficulty in navigation
  • Unresponsive customer service
  • Limited game/player props and event-oriented bets
  • Disjointed sign up process
  • Delayed payouts

Online Betting Sites vs Brick and Mortar Sportsbooks for Super Bowl Betting

While there are certain aspects of betting on the Super Bowl where both online gaming sites and land-based sportsbooks crossover, being able to distinguish their benefits is an important insight to have.

Land-based sportsbooks serve as a true market, a hub where patrons can find entertainment and comfort in a casino setting while partaking in sports gaming. Bars, restaurants, drink vouchers, slot machines, promotions, and sweepstakes are all common for many sportsbook locations. The idea is to attract sports bettors to the counter and keep them on the property. This is commonplace all year long but is kicked into extra high gear for Super Bowl Sunday.

Sportsbook and Person Sitting in Chair on Laptop

While this traditional approach still appeals to those who prefer to flock to casino floors, many prefer to skip that step entirely and go straight to the wager. Online gambling sites for the Super Bowl allow bettors to skip the human interaction process entirely.

With quick signups and the high-quality functionality of Super Bowl betting sites (and their accompanying mobile apps), placing wagers becomes easier with each passing year. Betting on the NFL and football in general online is at an all-time high in terms of convenience and ease.

Much like traditional sportsbooks, online gaming sites have specific perks. These include sign up bonuses and other reward benefits for those who open accounts and deposit money for the first time.

While many sports betting enthusiasts still enjoy the in-house appeal and human interaction of a casino property, gambling on the Super Bowl using online gambling websites is strongly trending upwards.

As sports gambling becomes more legalized and universally accepted, the process of betting on property is not as distinguished as it once was. And those looking for action are starting to prioritize speed and accessibility more than they once did.

Is it Legal to Bet on the Super Bowl?

Yes, it is! For those living in the United States, the Super Bowl betting websites that we recommend are 100% safe to use.

Those with questions regarding the legality of online sportsbooks should not be worried, as the laws that target online sports betting are directed toward the sportsbooks themselves and the location they’re based out of.

For this reason, the legal ramifications of betting the Super Bowl online have more to do with the house than the patron, as the legitimacy of the business itself is in question by the state regulations more than the actual patron is.

Of course, it’s important to note we are not lawyers nor do we claim to give legal advice. For any questions about your local state laws we encourage you to seek the help of a professional in either the legal or gaming fields.

Many of our Super Bowl betting site recommendations also have info tabs that cover all of these respective rules and policies to help provide further clarity.

The grip on online sports wagering is far lighter in certain foreign countries, with nations like Canada and the United Kingdom being very liberal with their rules and restrictions.

Why You Can Trust These Online Sportsbooks

Super Bowl Trophy LogoThe best Super Bowl betting sites do have noticeable differences in their line variations, visual appeal, and overall usage. But most of them also have several of the aforementioned qualities in common.

All of the follwing factors should be considered when weighing between online options and trying to find one that can be trusted.

  • We’ve made real money deposits
  • They have deposit bonuses / reduced vig in sign-up process
  • Trustworthiness
  • These sites regularly offer promotions
  • We’ve tested the withdrawal options for players
  • We’ve recieved consistent customer satisfaction
  • We’ve done in depth testing of the sites mobile compatibility
  • In-game wagering (live betting) is offered

Your Questions, Answered

How Do I Bet On the Super Bowl?

Getting started with betting on the Super Bowl is very easy. Here are a few quick steps you can follow to help you get started:

  1. Find a trustworthy online sportsbook that you can easily navigate through and understand clearly.
  2. Open an account on the site with all of your necessary information.
  3. Deposit Real Money into the account.
  4. Check for any sign-up bonuses/rewards programs.
  5. Line shop for the best prices and plays that your sportsbook of choice offers to ensure you find value.
  6. Make your bet using the prompted steps provided by the website.
  7. Double check to make sure your bet number and amount of money wagered is accurate.

While a bettors’ method is ultimately all their own, following these steps when shopping at online sportsbooks will allow for a smoother process for the patron and presents the opportunity to make additional bets.

Should I Try out a Land-Based Sportsbook Before Betting Real Money Online?

Not necessarily. Any legitimate online sports betting site is going to have all the information you need available. The act of going to a casino property to place a bet is usually based out of preference or affinity to a certain shop’s lines, but it is not mandatory in understanding how to bet on sports. The concept is ultimately the same.

Can I Bet on the Super Bowl from My Mobile Device?

Mobile betting apps are becoming very popular with online gamblers. Bettors now don’t have to leave the house, as plays can be made rapid-fire from home, work, or a social setting. While not all Super Bowl betting sites have a readily available app, most of the top-rated sites do. More sites are continuing to hop on the bandwagon and others are accessible with a mobile browser.

Should I Be Concerned About Placing Super Bowl Bets Online vs in Person?

Not at all. While you may not be dealing with a person face-to-face, people are involved every step of the way. What you see on Super Bowl gambling sites are still coming from reputable oddsmakers. While seeing it on a phone or computer screen may give the feeling that there’s nobody else involved, these sites are legitimate operations that would not be able to function without industry professionals.

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