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Welcome to the NFL Betting section of The Sports Geek. If you are a fan of NFL football and are looking to bet on the weekly NFL games you have found the right spot. I’ve included a list of our advanced NFL betting strategy articles below, which I highly recommend to everyone visiting this website.  If you are a beginner I have listed the basics of NFL betting on this page as well.

NFL Betting is by far the most popular sport bet on in North America, and NFL betting action makes up for almost half of the Vegas Sports Betting.  Here at a our main focus is on NFL football, which includes a team of expert handicappers providing weekly football picks.

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The three most common types of NFL betting are spread betting, money line betting and over under betting, but there are also a variety of other things you can bet on as well. We will explain each type of NFL betting below briefly, and link to an article which will explain each type of betting in full.

NFL Spread Betting

This is the most popular type of NFL betting. With spread betting the oddsmakers will set a number of points that the favored team is favored by, and in order for a bet on the favored team to win they must win by more than the amount set (also referred to as covering the spread). In order for a bet on the underdog to win they must lose by less than the amount of points they are underdogs by or win the game outright. Check out our full NFL Spread Betting guide to learn more about how to bet on the NFL with spreads.

NFL Spread

In the above example you can see the spread between the Green Bay Packers and the San Francisco 49ers. The Packers are listed +5.5 meaning they are a 5.5 point underdog, while the 49ers are at home and -5.5 meaning they are 5.5 point favorites. If you were to bet on the 49ers they would have to win by 6 or more points to cash your wager. If you were to bet on the Packers +5.5 they could either lose by 5 or fewer points or win the game outright for your bet to win.

Money Line Betting

Another popular type of bet for NFL games is money line betting, which beginner bettors seem to like best because of how easy it is to understand. Money Line NFL betting is simply choosing which team will win the game. Each team will have odds set on them to win the game, and a bet on each team will win if they win the game – it as easy as that. Of course, the favorites will payout less than the amount you bet, while the underdogs will often payout more than the amount wagered. Many of the sharp NFL bettors stick to betting on the spread for football, but you can sometimes find nice odds for teams to win on the money line.

NFL Money Line

In this screenshot we are taking a look at the money line odds for the Packers and 49ers game. The Packers are +180 underdogs and the 49ers are -220 favorites. If you were to pick the Packers on the money line they would have to win the game in order to cash your bet, but you’d be paid out $180 in profits for every $100 bet. On the flip side, a 49ers money line bet would only payout $100 in winnings for every $220 bet.

Over Under Betting

Another common type of NFL bet is often referred to as over under betting or game total betting. Over under betting in the NFL involves betting on the number of total points scored in a game by both teams combined. The oddsmakers will set a game total for each game and bettors can either place a bet on the total score to be lower or higher (over or under) that set amount. Read our full NFL Over Under Betting guide for an in-depth explanation.

NFL Over Under

Above is the total for that same game, and as you can see the over/under is listed at 50 points. You can either bet on the teams to total less than 50 points (the under) or more than 50 points (the over). If the game lands on exactly 50 points all bets will be refunded. A final score of 28-24 would equal a total of 52 points and the over bettors would win their bets.

NFL Prop Betting

Although not as common as the above three, prop betting is still very popular amongst bettors. In particular NFL prop bets are popular for Monday Night Football and especially popular for the Super Bowl. A prop bet is any type of side bet that does not have to do directly with the final outcome or score of the game. There are many different types of prop bets you can make, some of what many new bettors will be very surprised that you can bet on. Prop bets range from halftime scores to individual player performances and the ever so popular Super Bowl coin toss prop bet. I have written a full NFL Prop Betting guide for those who are interested in learning more.

NFL Future Props

The above screenshot is future odds for NFL teams to win the Super Bowl. You can bet on any team in the NFL to win the Super Bowl and you are given odds for each. Here you can see the Broncos are favorites at just 6.5/1 to win this year’s Super Bowl. Payouts can get as big as 300/1 or possibly higher before the season starts on teams that are expected to have very poor years.