Sports Betting Systems

Sports betting systems are commonly used by sports betting handicappers to help them make a profit with their sports betting. Betting systems rely on past data and information from a sport or league in order to find and exploit lines or odds that are poorly priced by the oddsmakers and sportsbooks.

Sports betting systems can use many different factors including statistical, psychological, situational, motivational, or a combination of any of the above to combine with past performances to support picking one outcome over another in a game. Certain events that favour an outcome are called angles, and sports betting systems usually combine different angles to provide a higher chance of winning selections.

Here is an example of what a Sports Betting System may look like:

“Place a bet on any NBA home underdog of 6 points or greater that are coming off of a road win”

This is a simple Sports Betting System that includes looking for an NBA basketball team which is an underdog on the point spread by 6 or more points, who are coming off of a win on the road. I created this “system” off the top of my head, but it gives you an example of what a simple sports betting system may look like.

Betting systems can get extremely complicated, and some even include silly factors that you wouldn’t normally think of. If the system proves a winning track record it is always worth a look.

Here is an example of a more complex Sports Betting System:

“Place a bet on any home NFL team who is favoured by three to seven points, and are coming off two straight road wins against opponents that have a home record above .500, only if their opponent has a losing road record on the season.”

Line movement betting systems:

There are certain systems that track where the “sharp money” is coming in on by following line movements. The sharp money would be the betting syndicates that are betting enough money to move the line themselves. An example of a system using line movements would be “Bet against a team that is receiving 80% of bets and the line is moving away from them within 4 hours of kickoff”. In this example lets say Green Bay was favored by -7.5 and receiving 80%+ of the bets. If the line moves to -7 2 hours before kickoff it would trigger a bet under this system.

More Info:

Anyone who tracks data and statistics long enough can create their own sports betting system, but the longer the track record of winning it has, the more trustworthy it can be. I would much rather follow a NFL betting system that has a proven 60% win rate over the last 10 NFL seasons than a system that has a 90% win rate over the first 5 weeks of the NFL season.

Sports handicappers who make a living off of selling their picks usually have come up with their own systems, which of course they won’t share with anyone. If you purchase their picks you will be provided with the picks that the system gives out and probably not much information about the actual Sports Betting System they are using.

Best Sports Betting Systems

If you are looking for a sports betting system to use you will probably have to come up with your own system or purchase the picks from a winning handicapper who uses their own betting system. If you are not looking to spend money on a system you should read up on our sports betting strategy written by a professional bettor instead.

The most profitable sports betting system I have come across is the “Best Bets” system created by SportsInsights (opens in new tab). They use line movement from the sportsbooks, track where the money is coming in on, and then release hand picked plays for the major North American sports. Click here to read my review of SportsInsights.