Top UK Sports Betting Sites for 2021

So, you’re from the UK and you wanna bet, do you? Well, you’ve landed on the best page on the web for exactly that.

We’ve placed bets at hundreds of UK betting sites over the years and have sifted through them to come up with a list of the best of the best. That’s what you see in the table below. Feel free to proceed to any of these sites right away, or read more about UK betting sites and why these, in particular, are worth checking out.

Betting Site
Bonus Bet Now
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What We Like Most About UK Betting Sites

There are lots of great reasons to pick UK betting sites over others. For example:

The Market Is Highly Regulated

The UK Gambling Commission is one of, if not the, most respected regulators in the world. These guys take no prisoners and tolerate no shenanigans. They aren’t afraid to slap massive fines on betting sites that break the rules set out on the UK Gambling Act (2005) or revoke their licenses altogether.

The Bonuses Are Usually Fair

Thanks mostly to the UKGC, mentioned above, you can be sure the deals offered at UK sites are fair. The rules have steadily been moving in the favor of players and will likely continue to do so. We’re not saying the offers at non-UK sites are always unfair, but just that UK betting sites are afraid of the UKGC and won’t overstep the mark.

The Market is Ultra-Competitive

You might wonder why this business point is important to you as a player. Competition equals innovation, and when it comes to UK betting sites, that means better bonuses, customer service, and new gambling experiences for players. For example, it’s no coincidence that some UK betting sites were first to do away with wagering requirements.

The Sites Protect Problem Gamblers

This is one of the UKGC’s requirements that we really like. UK betting sites have to comply with regulations to protect vulnerable people and those who have developed a gambling addiction. From self-exclusion policies to spotting patterns and locking problem players out, the UK authorities take this issue extremely seriously.

These are some of the reasons that UK betting sites tend to be ahead of the pack. That said, you shouldn’t just take it on blind faith that UK sites for betting are bona fide and safe. There’s a system we use to judge them, and we’d like to share that with you next.

The Different Types of UK Betting Sites

First things first, let’s determine the different types of UK betting sites. Some are purpose-specific, meaning they just offer a single service, whereas others are a combination of lots of different things.

We categorize any UK betting site we review as:

UK Sportsbooks

This is self-explanatory. You’ll be able to place bets on football, rugby, cricket, tennis, boxing, athletics, and lots of other sports. The best UK betting sites should offer live betting, especially when it comes to football. Free bets or reduced odds are always welcome, provided the terms are fair.

UK All-Inclusive Sites

Of course, there are UK betting mega sites which offer all of the above services in one destination. Whether you choose something specific or one that offers multiple services is up to you.

How to Choose a UK Betting Site for Yourself

We’ve spent countless hours researching the recommended UK betting sites on this page, but we understand that you may want to check them (and others) out for yourself. Before signing up, we recommend considering the following factors.

The Betting Options and Games Available

Does this UK betting site meet your needs as an individual? Is it exclusively a sports betting site, or does it offer casino games, poker, and bingo, too? If it offers these things, does it have the sports you want to bet on or the games you want to play? Take a few minutes to click around the menu and find out what’s on offer.

The Deposit and Withdrawal Options

Does this site have the deposit and withdrawal options you like to use? Are there more deposit options than withdrawal options? Are there deposit or withdrawal fees? Does the site accept cryptocurrency? What are the average withdrawal times? You can usually find these things out on the site, its forums, or by asking the customer support team.

The Bonuses and Offers Available

Does the site offer a financial reward or incentive for new depositing bettors? Is the welcome bonus worth taking? Are there regular promotions and deals for players who play often? Is there a loyalty or VIP program? Are the terms and conditions fair and transparent? You will likely need some experience to answer these questions. It’s best to read expert reviews and analysis on the site in question.

The Mobile Site or App

Does the mobile site offer a full range of betting options? If it’s different from the desktop site, what are the limitations? Do you need to download an app, or can you just bet on the flash site directly? If there are apps, are there different ones for the different betting services or are they all in one? It’s worth visiting the site on your tablet or phone to find these things out.

The Customer Support Options

Is the customer support team friendly and helpful? How can you get in touch with them? Is there a live chat option? How about a telephone hotline? If these options are available, are they 24/7 or time-limited? How do other players feel about the treatment they have received? Is there a clear, easy-to-understand disputes procedure in case you run into problems?

The General Terms and Conditions

Is the site fair and transparent? Does it try to take advantage of unsuspecting punters? Are there hidden fees and clauses which make it difficult to get your money back if you decide to withdraw and walk away? Are extra fees charged for transferring between accounts? These things can almost always be found out by taking the time to read the small print.

Some Final Advice Before Making a Decision

We know that’s a lot of information to find and questions to ask. You can save yourself a lot of time and energy by reading one of our in-depth reviews. These leave no stone unturned, and as you’ll quickly see, we don’t pull any punches or sugar-coat it when we don’t like what we see.

Ultimately, we recommend a mixed approach. Read our reviews, then check the UK betting site in question out for yourself.