Best UK Sports Betting Sites for 2022

Real money online sports betting has been a rapidly growing market in the UK for well over a decade now and while this comes with many benefits there are also a few downsides. Chief among those is that many rogue online sportsbooks have sprung up to scam users in recent years.

That’s where we come in. On this page we’ll be looking into the best UK betting sites, what makes them great, how you can spot a shady operation, and more. For those of you in a hurry let’s start out with our recommendations for the best UK sports gambling sites anywhere online:

Betting Site
Bonus Bet Now
1BetOnline Logo BetOnline

50% up to $1,000 Go to Site
2 Bovada

50% up to $1,000 Go to Site
3 BetUS

125% up to $2,500 Go to Site
4 Everygame

100% up to $500 Go to Site
5 MyBookie

100% up to $1,000 Go to Site

If you’re ready to begin betting on sports for real money in the UK, check out one of our top-rate UK betting sites and create an account today!

2 Best Online Sportsbooks for UK Bettors

  • Betway Sports – One of the biggest names in online sports betting
  • 10bet – Competitive odds in over 30 markets and generous promotions

All of the UK betting sites we promote in this guide have been fully licensed by a legitimate authority in a reputable jurisdiction. They are legal for use by UK players. Our expert team conducted rigorous research on each site to ensure they deserved a spot on our top recommendations list. These sports gambling sites are the best choices, hands down!

And if you’re looking for a much more in-depth review of each respective UK sports betting site we recommended, visit the links below for full 2022 reviews!

Sportsbook Bonus Year Established Average Rating
Betway LogoBetway 100% up to £/€ 30 Free Bet 2006 9.7/10


100% up to £/€ 50 2003 8.2/10


What We Like Most About UK Betting Sites

There are lots of great reasons to pick UK betting sites over others. For example:

The Market Is Highly Regulated

The UK Gambling Commission is one of, if not the, most respected regulators in the world. These guys take no prisoners and tolerate no shenanigans. They aren’t afraid to slap massive fines on betting sites that break the rules set out on the UK Gambling Act (2005) or revoke their licenses altogether.

The Bonuses Are Usually Fair

Thanks mostly to the UKGC, mentioned above, you can be sure the deals offered at UK sites are fair. The rules have steadily been moving in the favor of players and will likely continue to do so. We’re not saying the offers at non-UK sites are always unfair, but just that UK betting sites are afraid of the UKGC and won’t overstep the mark.

The Market is Ultra-Competitive

You might wonder why this business point is important to you as a player. Competition equals innovation, and when it comes to UK betting sites, that means better bonuses, customer service, and new gambling experiences for players. For example, it’s no coincidence that some UK betting sites were first to do away with wagering requirements.

The Sites Protect Problem Gamblers

This is one of the UKGC’s requirements that we really like. UK betting sites have to comply with regulations to protect vulnerable people and those who have developed a gambling addiction. From self-exclusion policies to spotting patterns and locking problem players out, the UK authorities take this issue extremely seriously.

These are some of the reasons that UK betting sites tend to be ahead of the pack. That said, you shouldn’t just take it on blind faith that UK sites for betting are bona fide and safe. There’s a system we use to judge them, and we’d like to share that with you next.

Why Bet on Sports Online in the UK?

Maybe you’re already sold on using one of our top-rated recommendations for real money sports betting. But if you still need a little more convincing, check out some of the benefits for using one of these sites.

  • Easy Signup Process
    Simple and straightforward, this process only takes five to 10 minutes!
  • Bonuses and Loyalty Programs
    Win real money betting on sports, but also win real money prizes and earn additional perks through the use of real money bonuses on depositing, cashback programs, and loyalty schemes.
  • Mobile Convenience
    Win real money on sports betting without leaving the comfort and convenience of your mobile device. It’s available for use with iOS and Android and accessible via a top-rated app.
  • Live Odds
    These are odds that are available all through a given game, match, or event that change with the unfolding action! These allow bettors to continue wagering the entire time, leading to some exciting action!

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The Different Types of UK Betting Sites

First things first, let’s determine the different types of UK betting sites. Some are purpose-specific, meaning they just offer a single service, whereas others are a combination of lots of different things.

We categorize any UK betting site we review as:

UK Sportsbook Sites

This is self-explanatory. You’ll be able to place bets on football, rugby, cricket, tennis, boxing, athletics, and lots of other sports. The best UK betting sites should offer live betting, especially when it comes to football. Free bets or reduced odds are always welcome, provided the terms are fair.

All-Inclusive UK Gambling Sites

Of course, there are UK betting mega sites which offer all of the above services in one destination. Whether you choose something specific or one that offers multiple services is up to you.

Why Are Our Recommendations the Best for UK Bettors?

The criteria for each UK online sportsbook on our list were determined by our expert research team who did all the reviewing and vetting for each of these top-rated sportsbooks. Here are a few of the factors they looked at to ensure our customers would get only the best when it came to real money UK sports betting sites!

Fully Licensed and Legal for UK Bettors

Each sportsbook on our list is licensed by a legitimate gambling authority in a reputable jurisdiction and is legal for use by UK bettors. This may have been the most important piece of criteria. These are legitimate real money betting sites that you can trust!

Good Coverage of UK Sports

Each site we recommend carries a good variety of sports betting markets, usually 30 or more! This assortment of sports includes UK online favorites like football, horse racing, tennis, and golf, as well as cricket, rugby, cycling, and darts! There are always plenty of sports betting opportunities available to keep things interesting.

Competitive Odds

Not only are there a large variety of odds available for a number of sports (both locally and internationally), but these odds are diligently updated by the site, ensuring they are correct, relevant, and fresh to the action out in the market.

Real Money Bonuses

Our staff made sure to include only UK gambling sites that carried a number of real money bonuses. These include signup and welcome bonuses as well as free bet bonuses and deposit matches. These bonuses are an excellent tool for bulking up your bankroll beyond winnings gained through sports betting events.

Loyalty Program

Only the best UK sports betting sites have VIP rewards programs or loyalty schemes that reward players for the time and money they spend on real money sports betting. We made sure each site on our list had some sort of program or scheme in place for their most important customers!

Fast Payouts

Who likes a slow payout, anyway? This one was a no-brainer! The UK online sportsbooks on our list all have a way for customers to get fast payouts following their successes. The payouts speeds get even better when you add cryptocurrencies to the equation!

Multiple Banking Methods

There are a ton of ways at each site to both deposit and withdraw funds into and from your account, all free from fees! There are a number of methods to accommodate for most customer needs, though some methods create a more enhanced experience with wagering limits and payout speeds.

Excellent Customer Service

Our expert team took the time to test out all customer service avenues, including phone numbers, emails, message contact forms, and live chat features. Each site has a highly-trained and helpful staff. They are cordial and professional in dealing with customer service matters!

Mobile Compatibility

Each site on our list either has an app or a mobile version of the site so that the real money sports betting experience can be enjoyed from the comfort and convenience of any mobile device or tablet. This includes devices that operate using iOS and Android!

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The UK Gambling Market in 2021

The United Kingdom has always been a world leader in terms of gambling revenues and is still known to this day as one of the biggest gambling centers on the planet! There are plenty of completely legal and legitimate online casinos that are available to the people of Britain via mobile devices and desktop computers. There is also a large number of land-based casinos, poker rooms, and bingo halls as well as an immensely popular, nationally regulated lottery.

Here are a few general statistics on the 2021 UK gambling market:
  • There are about 24 million UK residents who participate in online gambling at least once per month! This translates into 44% of the adult population.
  • Roughly 66% of UK’s adult population places a least one bet per year.
  • There are around 175 online casinos in operations in the UK.
  • The UK Gambling Commission has granted around 800 licenses for operations in Great Britain and Northern Ireland.
  • To date, the UK Gambling Commission has issued over 3,600 licenses for 2,600 online gambling businesses.
  • Online gambling represents the largest sector of gross gambling yield with £5.7 billion in 2020!
  • The second largest sector is the National Lottery with £3.4 billion in 2020.
  • Nearly 40% of all sports bets place in the UK are on football.
  • Over 80% of tennis bets are placed on in-play markets.

How London Stacks Up in Comparison to Other Gambling Centers

London has always been one of the primary centers of gambling revenue in the world. Not only do Brits enjoy winning real money playing casino games both online and at land-based establishments, but they are also heavily invested in sports betting as well! You can take these statistics for casino gambling revenues in the UK as a good litmus test of the immense size of their sports betting market!

City Number of Casinos Number of Visitors (2019) Yearly Gambling Revenue
Las Vegas 136 49 million $8,436,100,000
Macau 41 39 million $29,000,000,000
Atlantic City 10 27 million $3,000,000,000
London 24 30 million $1,100,000,000

Note: Due to the impacts of the pandemic on the gambling industry in 2020, we used numbers from the last full calendar year (2019) to give a clearer idea of London’s typical yearly gambling revenue.

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The Frequency of Gambling in the UK in 2020

Gambling online for real money in the UK is popular across all age groups, especially with people aged between 35 and 55. Research conducted by the UK Gaming Commission showed that 29% of those in the age range of 35 to 45 gambled online at least once a month, while 25% of those in the age range of 45 to 55 gambled at least once a month.

In the same study, the Gaming Commission examined 1,671 respondents, all 16 years of age or older, and their gambling participation habits over the course of four weeks and came to these conclusions on UK gamblers in 2020:

  • 22.1% of respondents gambled online 2+ days a week.
  • 32.3% of respondents gambled online once a week.
  • 30.8% of respondents gambled once a month or less than once a week.
  • 14.9% of respondents gambled less than once a month.

If you look at numbers from previous years you can easily see the tremendous growth in the UK gambling market in only a few years!

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Biggest UK Betting Site Bonuses

These are some of the best welcome bonuses and promotional offers available at our top-rated online sportsbooks accepting bets from UK players! If you are getting started with some hot sports betting action or trying your hand at the online casino games, you will want to check out these awesome bonuses for newcomers.

Bonus Type Bonus Description Promo Code
Betway LogoSports Welcome Bonus 100% up to £/€ 30 REDEEM NOW!
Betway LogoCasino Welcome Bonus 100% up to £/€ 1,000 REDEEM NOW!

Sports Welcome Bonus

50% up to £50 REDEEM NOW!

Casino Welcome Bonus

50% up to £100 + 25 free spins REDEEM NOW!

Helpful Tips on Bonuses

  • Read all the terms and conditions.
  • Be aware of rollover requirements and what they mean.
  • Shop the bonus and promotion sections daily.
  • Join more than one sportsbook in order to take advantage of more bonuses.
  • Take advantage of special bonuses around big events like March Madness or the Super Bowl.
  • Reach out to customer service with any questions.

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UK Real Money Bonuses Explained

Bets and wagers at real money UK sports betting sites come in all shapes and sizes! Here are a few of the bet types you can expect to find at each of these top-rated betting sites.

Signup Bonuses (No-Deposit or Welcome)

These are bonuses awarded to newcomers for creating a new account or for making a first-time deposit. With a no-deposit bonus, new customers will get an automatic real money bonus simply for creating a new account. No other action is required. Welcome bonuses, on the other hand, are awarded to new customers when they make their first deposit. Typically, the sportsbook will match a percentage of the deposit.

Free Bet Bonuses

These bonuses are like a signup or welcome bonus in a way, but they’re available to both new and old customers. This is a set amount of money you will get back when you deposit. It can’t be redeemed for cash but works as additional money for your bankroll. This way, you always have some extra cash to play around with and keep your account at a viable level.

Cashback Bonus

These bonuses work like a rebate. Regardless of whether you win or lose, you will be guaranteed to win back a percentage of your losses each week. Many times, these bonuses come in the form of a 5% cashback rebate, but it will differ site to site.

Enhanced Odds and Price Boosts

This type of bonus is available for a limited time, but it can act as some extra value on certain types of bets. They come with a maximum stake and come in the form of singles or multiples.

Loyalty Bonus

This is essentially a VIP club or loyalty scheme that rewards players who have placed a certain number of bets over a certain amount of time. Customers who attain this status can qualify for special bonuses.

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UK Sports Betting Odds Explained

There are three primary ways to set your odds format. This may be a personal preference but sometimes, you may have to make an adjustment or change on these depending on which sport you are betting on. By default, most online sportsbooks in the UK will use fractional odds.

Types of Odds Description
Fractional Odds This is the ratio of profit to stake for a wager. There will be two numbers separated by a slash. The number on the left represents how much the bettor is able to win, and the number on the right represents the stake needed to attain a payout.

Example: 1/1

This means that if you place a bet of £1 at these odds, you will get £3 in winnings plus your original wager.

Decimal Odds These odds, known as European odds, are written as two number separated by a period (.). All bets are multiplied by the number to figure out the win amount.

Example: 3.00

If you place a bet of £1, you will get a return of £3.

American Odds These are odds that indicate which team is the favorite to win the game. For moneylines, the favorites are indicated by a minus sign (-) and the underdog is indicated by a plus sign (+). The minus amount for the favorite would be the amount the players has to wager to win $100. Meanwhile, the plus sign amount is what the player would win if they simply bet $100.

Example: +200

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Types Available at UK Sports Gambling Sites

If you’re betting on sports in the UK for real money, there’s a good chance you will run into more than one way to place your bets. Here are some of the bet types you can expect to find at UK online sportsbooks.

Single Bet

The player selects one market and one event. If you can correctly predict the outcome of that single market, you will win your bet.


This bet involves multiple bets on a single slip. You are essentially backing different selections from different events. The odds from each selection are pooled together to ensure players a large return should they win. This bet is like a parlay in that all portions of the bet must be correctly predicted in order for the player to win. These are sometimes referred to as “acca” bets.

Each Way Bet

This type of bet is popular in the sport of horse racing where there are multiple competitors to place bets on. An each-way bet is like two wagers in one. A bettor could stake half their wager on a certain horse to outright win and the other half of the wager on the horse simply placing (finishing in the top three).

Same Game Multiple

This bet is just like an accumulator except all selections are from markets within a single event instead of there being multiple events. All parts of the bet need to be correct for the bettor to win, but they might have a better shot at winning here due to having better odds than they would find with the accumulator bet.

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How to Sign Up at a UK Betting Site

The process for signing up at a top-rated UK online sportsbook continues to get simpler and more user-friendly as time goes on, most customers being able to create a new account within five to 10 minutes! The process will differ with each site but follow this simple step-by-step to get started today at a real money sports betting site.

1. Find a Reputable Online Bookmaker

This is the simplest part of the process. You may already have a site in mind, or you can simply use one of the UK sportsbooks we recommend. We understand if you want to try out other sites. Just know that you will have to do your own research and vetting to ensure you are using a reputable site. If you decide to use one of our favorite sights, you can bypass that process because we have already vetted each site.

These online sportsbooks have all been fully licensed by a legitimate gambling authority and are legal for use by UK players.

2. Visit the Site and Sign Up

Now that you have chosen a sportsbook, visit the website’s home screen and start by clicking on “Join,” “Sign Up,” or “Register.” This will take you to the next page where you will need to fill out some information to get your account set up.

3. Fill Out All Information

The information you must provide to get your account set up will differ based on which site you use, but you should expect to fill out at least the following:

  • Full name
  • Full address and postal code
  • Date of birth
  • Provide a photo ID
  • Proof of Address: This could be a utility bill within the last three months that provides your name and address
  • Security questions: Mother’s maiden name, first pet’s name
  • Payment method: credit or debit card, e-wallet information

4. Submit and Wait for Confirmation

Once all your information is filled in correctly and completely, submit the form. You should receive a confirmation email shortly afterward, which means your account has been created and is now ready for use.

5. Log Into Your New Account and Enjoy!

Once you’ve received confirmation, log into your new account and begin betting on sports for real money!

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Banking Methods Available

How do you deposit funds into an account and withdraw winnings come payout time? Find out below. Check out the large variety of great banking methods at each one of our favorite UK betting sites.

Sportsbook Types of Banking Fees Visit Site
Betway LogoBetway Visa, Mastercard, Neteller, Skrill, Click2Pay, ClickandBuy, EcoCard, InstaDebit, and Bank Transfer No Fees Visit Betway


Visa, Mastercard, Skrill, Paysafecard, Trustly, Applepay, Netteller and Bank Transfer No Fees Visit 10bet


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UK Betting Apps and Mobile Gambling

When it comes to our favorite real money sports betting sites that accept UK players, they offer a mobile experience that is unmatched! The European gambling market has taken great strides toward convenience and now most major brands offer UK betting apps.

Sportsbook IOS App Android App Mobile Live Streaming Visit Site
Betway LogoBetway Yes Yes Yes Visit Betway


Yes Yes Yes Visit 10bet


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Safety Tips for UK Online Sports Betting

Like we mentioned earlier, we highly recommend you use one of our top-rated sites for real money UK sports betting. The vetting and research has already been conducted. We know beyond a shadow of a doubt that our favorite sites are completely legitimate and safe to use!

However, we understand if you want to check out other sites. Just make sure it’s a site that will treat you well and not try to rip you off! Take a look below at a few of the characteristics that embody a reputable sportsbook and feel free to use this as a rough guide when you are vetting a potential betting site for yourself.


Make sure the site you choose is fully licensed by a legitimate gambling authority in a reputable jurisdiction. Also, check out a list of the countries and territories that the site serves to make sure it is legal for you to use. Before you begin using the site, make sure you are abiding by the laws and regulations of the state, district, region, province, or jurisdiction in which you reside.

Research the Management Team

Do some digging into who is behind the operation. You can find this out quickly through a simple search online. More often than not, you will be able to quickly identify the reputable owners or management teams in the online sportsbook world. A sign that you are dealing with a legitimate owner or operator is when they also own other sites or sportsbooks that are in good standing with the public.

RTP Percentage

Look for sites that are straightforward with presenting this information to their customers. This is a sign that the site is not trying to hide anything. A site that would be trying to pull a fast one over on an unsuspecting customer might attempt to exclude these details.

Read Terms and Conditions

Read all the fine print. Sometimes this is the best way to discover any sort of weird or out-of-place stipulations or conditions that may not be in your best interest.

Start With Small Deposits

Let’s say that you’ve gathered enough research on a site that makes them seem legitimate, but you are still not quite sure. A great way to find out where they stand is to make a small deposit to start. After this, make your wagers. When you win, try to make a withdrawal. If there is anything shady going on, it should come out during this process. Use this method to test out a site before committing to a big welcome bonus.

Look for Red Flags

The red flags can be different at each site. Sometimes, it might be a shoddy or dated webpage design. It could be bad customer service or support. In some cases, you may not be able to find any information concerning ownership of the site. If the operation has a fly-by-night feel, avoid it at all costs! You will have to go with feel on this one, so be discerning.

Use Customer Service to Your Advantage

If you’re in doubt about anything, do not hesitate to contact customer service. Prepare a list of hard questions ahead of time and have customer service try to answer each and every one. If there are any red flags or bad business practices hidden beneath the surface, they will come forward during this question session with customer service.

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How to Win Real Money Betting on Sports in the UK

Here’s a little bit of strategy that bettors at UK sportsbooks online may want to consider employing in order to get an edge out in the market and bring home some big real money wins!

Use Real Money Bonuses

The bankroll of an avid sports bettor will mostly be comprised of money that was won through betting on sport games and events. However, there is plenty of real money to be gained through the use of real money bonuses offered at the best UK sportsbooks!

Bonuses strengthen a bankroll and create additional funds for players to use in their accounts. The more money that is available to use means that bettors can make larger bets and take larger risks, which can lead to larger overall wins. It’s aggressive gameplay like this that have been a staple of many of the great high rollers in modern history and have led to some astonishing gains.

Use the Market as a Gauge for Line Movement

Look at the primary market that the sportsbook services. This market will be the one that most heavily influences the movement of the betting lines. Because we are promoting top-rated UK sportsbook, it follows that Betway Sports and 10bet will be most heavily influenced by the UK gambling market.

Keep a heavier focus on this market as it is the one that will essentially call the shots on any sort of line movement.

Check Local and Federal Gambling Laws

It is important to keep up to date on any local or federal gambling laws or legislation that could potentially affect the landscape, good or bad. Being knowledgeable of what is going on can help you prepare for opportunities to grow and flourish or to guard the wealth you have built.

Values in International Sports

Some sportsbooks out there service both UK and international sports, but they primarily focus on what is occurring with sports games and events in the United Kingdom. As a result, much of the odds and betting lines put out for international sports may not be as thoroughly researched.

This can lead to mistakes and errors in the numbers that sports bettors can then use to gain an edge. Take the time to look for these inconsistencies in the international sports lines and capitalize on the oddsmakers blunder.

Bankroll management

This may be the most important strategy of them all! This can apply to any kind of sports betting or gambling in which you participate. It’s vital to manage your bankroll correctly, and this means creating a budget ahead of time and committing to it!

A budget involves setting aside an amount of money that you would be alright with losing should your luck go south. This allows you to have firm control over your losses. There is no possibility of being blindsided by an unexpected loss either. Those who have experienced this will tell you that it affects betting performance in future session.

Do yourself a favor: Avoid being haunted by a loss and create a budget.

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UK Online Betting FAQ

If you still have any questions in regard to real money sportsbook that accept UK players, we hope this section will tie up any of those loose ends.

It is legal for UK citizens to bet on sports online when they use a top-rated, real money online sportsbook. Each site we recommend is fully licensed by a reputable gambling authority in a legitimate jurisdiction. Each site is also fully legal for use by residents of the UK.

Use attribute "a" for answer.

Yes, you can live stream events at online betting sites. Sites like 10bet and Betway Sports will occasionally allow you to watch events from their site to allow players to keep up with live betting action.

We highly recommend you use Betway Sports or 10bet if you are looking to win real money betting on sports in the UK. They are all great to use and we put them all on equal footing.

If you still have questions about betting on sports in the UK please be sure to contact our staff using the link in the footer. We’d be happy to get back to you with the answers you need!
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