Finding the Best Golf Betting Sites of 2022

Golf fans are a different breed than most fans of other sports. When we aren’t playing golf, we’re usually reading about golf, watching golf, or just day dreaming about golf. As a sport that captivates our minds so much, it shouldn’t be surprising that there is an enormous betting market on the sport. Not just fans, but sharp sports bettors looking to make a profit love to bet on the game’s top professionals.

If you’re new to golf betting or are a seasoned bettor looking to make the transition to the online realm, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve put together this page to serve as your yardage book for everything you need to know about betting on golf online and how to get started. More importantly, we’re going to give you the tips and tricks you need to make sure that you’re doing it safely while still having fun and hopefully making some money.

I’ve Got a Hot Tip! Get Me Betting NOW!

We guarantee that some of you are here because you have a strong prediction or a hot tip about an upcoming tournament. For those of you that are ready to get started and are just looking to get pointed in the right direction, we’ve got you covered. Below we’ve listed our highest recommended online sports betting sites offering extensive action on golf.

Here is our list of our most trusted sites offering golf sports betting online:

Betting Site
Bonus Bet Now
1Bovada Logo Bovada Logo

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2 BetUS Logo

125% up to $2,500 Go to Site
3 BetOnline Logo

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4 MyBookie Logo

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5 Logo
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If you’re curious how we came to these recommendations, we’ve broken that down in full further down this page. But if you’re just ready to get rolling and get those picks in, here’s the abridged version. This list is an up to date collection of the very best sites offering golf betting action. The sites have been thoroughly vetted by our team for a whole host of factors with the most important being safety and reliability.

Sites CANNOT pay to be on this list. They can’t send us free rounds of golf or bake us cookies to be on this list. The only way that a site can get itself onto our recommended list is by offering and delivering a top notch product to their customers. We want this list of our recommendations to be one that you can trust and can take to the bank. Unlike most other “review” sites, we refuse to waver on this.

Golf Betting Sites by Event

What’s Important in a Golf Betting Site

Selecting a new online betting site is a lot like selecting a brand new golf course to play at. How many times have you looked at the brochure or website for a course and showed up only to find that things were not what you had hoped for? The course looks beautiful online and is pushed that it has every amenity under the sun, but when you show up, it looks like a dead grass collection site.

Unfortunately, online betting sites are the same. They have a tendency to project that they are the best thing since sliced bread and then fail to live up to that image. Just like golf courses, though, they are not all bad. There are sites out there that have their act together and deliver a reliable and top notch golf betting experience.

In order to find one of these sites, you have two options. The first option is to check out one of the sites we recommended. Those sites as we stated have been thoroughly vetted against hundreds of other options and have been hand-picked to make our list. Your second option is to go it alone and scour the corners of the web.

To help with both of these options, we have outlined the important criteria for selecting a great golf betting site. If you’re taking our recommendations, you can see how we arrived at these conclusions. If you’re going it alone, you can see what you need to be on the lookout for.

Trust and Integrity

This is number one on our list and is ALWAYS number one on our list. There is no room for error here, and we refuse to ever waiver on this (and you shouldn’t either). Many people have fears and concerns about betting online versus in a brick and mortar setting. This is completely understandable as anything new is always scary, and there is an adjustment period to get you to be able to trust it.

The fact is, though, there are sites out there that have their processes and operations dialed in and provide an experience just as safe as walking into your local casino or sportsbook to bet. The key is making sure that you are placing your bets at one of these sites. To find these sites, we look at a whole host of different factors to reach our determination.

We look at their company history, industry reputation, history of complaints, payment processors, licensing and regulation, corporate staff, and anything else we can find to help us reach our conclusion. If anything raises even the hint of a red flag, they are a no-go from us.

Betting Options

Golf is a great sport in that there are a ton of different prop bets that are sometimes available. These can be fun bets like how many holes in ones in a tournament or bets that require skill to pick like where the cut line will be. The point is that you have a lot of options, but not all of these options are going to be offered on every site. Some sites will only offer you the ability to pick winners, and some sites will offer you this extended betting flexibility. This will be covered in-depth in the Different “Levels” of Golf Betting Sites section below.

Betting and Transaction Limits (Professional Bettors Only)

If you’re a big money bettor or someone who bets a ton for a living, you may want to make sure that the site you’re on has the right limits that you need. 99% of you reading this (including some that bet for a living) will never be affected by this. The current limits on the sites we’ve recommended are already high and should be plenty.

In the rare chance that you want to bet bigger, though, there are options. Most sites will allow you to raise the limits they have posted if you contact them. They are always accommodating of bigger players so don’t run just because the posted limits are lower than you want. Again, though, the limits are already very high on most sites, so this will probably not affect anyone reading this.

Website and User Interface

We all know that the course layout is one of the most important factors of a golf course. The holes need to be easy to find and getting from 1 to 2 and so on through 18 should follow a logical path that doesn’t require a fold out map and GPS to get to.

The same is true for online sports betting sites. You need to be at a website that has all of the betting options laid out well, the odds easy to find, and the process to place a bet simple. It should not feel like a chore to get a bet placed. Not only would a poor user interface give you a bad experience, but it could also set you up to make mistakes and accidentally bet on the wrong golfer or wrong side of a prop bet.

Bonus Programs

Some sites are going to offer bonus programs, deposit bonuses, and VIP programs to try and entice you to bet with them. While these are great (everyone loves free money and free stuff), they should never be a big factor in deciding where to bet. The above factors are light years more important to finding a good betting home. What good is a killer bonus program if you can’t trust the site?

What we recommend is that you definitely look at bonus programs so that you can take advantage of them, but only after you have joined a site based on the other criteria above. If you are stuck between two sites, then you should look at bonuses to help split the tie. Otherwise, just treat a bonus as an extra bonus like a cherry on top.

Different “Levels” of Golf Betting Sites

As we mentioned a bit earlier, there are tons of different bet types available on professional golf. There are different leagues besides the PGA and LPGA as well as a myriad of options of bet types within the different leagues. However, all sites that offer golf sports betting aren’t going to offer you all of these options.

There are different levels of action offered at different sports betting sites. Some sites are only going to offer you bets on the biggest tournaments and most likely only from the PGA Tour and maybe the Ryder Cup. These sites may also only offer you the ability to bet on the winners and none of the prop bets.

The next level up of site will offer you bets on most of the tour stops on the PGA as well as probably some of the lesser known tours but again, just winners picks. The ultimate golf betting sites online (much like the ones we recommended) are going to offer you action on all the tournaments from all the different leagues. They’re going to offer you winner bets as well as all the fun and skill-based prop bets available.

With some sports, we tell casual bettors to avoid the all inclusive unless they think they can handle it because it may overwhelm them. With golf, though, we think the all inclusive sites are the way to go. Now, sites aren’t labeled with “All inclusive golf!” on the front page or anything like that. The only way to locate them is to use one of our recommendations or to look through the actual betting section of the site and see what they offer. Remember, they may not show much if there isn’t much going on so make sure to check back.