Best US Betting Sites for 2022

US Online Sportsbooks, Online Betting Bonuses, and Where to Find the Best Lines

We probably don’t have to tell you that residents of the great United States love to bet on sports! And in the land of the free, you’ve got a ton of quality options when it comes to where to take your action. In this guide, we’ve got two goals—showcase the best US betting sites and show you how to get started making real money wagers.

BetUS: Voted Number One USA Betting Site by Our Experts

Our top pick for the best US betting website didn’t just earn the accolade because it has “US” in its title. It earned and has held that title because of great bonuses, wide coverage of sports, a great mobile betting app, and an overall experience that makes American bettors happy as a clam.BetUs Mobile App - Red Mobile Phone

Before you just click the link to visit BetUS and try things out for yourself, here are some highlights to show why this truly is the best US betting site out there.

  • Welcome bonus of 100% up to $2,500!
  • Special crypto welcome bonus of 150% up to $7,500!
  • No state restrictions (available in the entire United States)
  • Over 25 years of experience proudly serving bettors in the states (Est. 1994)
  • Live and in-game betting options
  • An attached casino for those who want to get their gamble on

Oh, and did we mention that the site is fully endorsed by 7-time pro bowler and hall of fame Warren Sapp? Pretty cool, the hard-hitting cherry on top!

Actual User Reviews:

BetUS is awesome, use bitcoin they pay out same day usually, I will vouch for them, never had an issue in probably 15 years now of using them on and off.” – Reddit User

I just have to say how much I enjoy BetUS as a sportsbook. I feel like they go above and beyond in trying to give their customers all the possible bets and information and exciting extras as they can pack onto their site. I love to see Warren Sapp and the other former pros giving us advice too. If anyone knows the games, it’s those guys. Other sites just list all the games and give the odds – which is nice, but I want a little flavor to my site, which I definitely get with BetUS. Keep up the good work!” – Josh Dooley

I’ve been a loyal BetUS customer since 2016, but had never given the live betting a try before until this last weekend. Boy am I glad I did. That was so much fun and such a rush. Checking out bets between each play, with things changing all the time. It’s not just one bet on the outcome of the game, but betting on a drive, a play, a quarter. It’s like sports betting 2.0. I love it. It brings a whole new level of excitement to the game. Even a blowout was fun to check out the bets as the game went on. This has really upped my excitement for betting. Can’t wait for next week’s games.” – Steve Kay


Reviewing US Online Sportsbooks and Betting Apps

The purpose of this page if to give you an overarching view of online betting in the United States. We touch on some details about each of the top US online betting sites, what factors you should look at when picking an online sportsbook to do business with, US sports betting laws, and more.

But what we don’t do is break down everything that each of the best betting sites in the USA have to offer their users. If that’s the kind of information you’re looking for then you need US betting site reviews and it’s your lucky day!

In the table below we’ve linked some reviews of online sportsbooks accepting US players in 2022.

Site Bonus Restricted States Average Rating
BetUS 100% up to $2,500 None! 9.8/10
BetOnline 50% up to $1,000 None! 8.9/10
MyBookie 100% up to $1,000 NJ, NV, NY, PA 9.6/10 50% up to $1,000 None! 8.4/10
Bovada 50% up to $250 NJ, NV, DE, MD 9/10
Xbet 100% up to $300 NJ, NV, NY, PA 7.9/10
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Critical Factors for a Top US Online Betting Site

Choosing an online bookmaker can be a tricky process. Here are some of the factors we look at when weighing if USA betting sites are legit:

Legal to Bet With

The number one question new bettors in the states ask is whether or not betting on sports in the United States is legal. The answer is that in most areas of the country, yes, sports betting is entirely legal! Most of the legislation you see on the books has to deal with how the operators are running their sites. As a player, this doesn’t matter much to you. If you decide one day to try and start your own real money online sportsbook, then it might matter more.

If betting on sports in the US is legal, why do I see it in the news all the time?

Many states don’t have any laws on the books that deal with real money US betting sites. The reason for this is the law books are antiquated and were written before the dream of the internet was even a thing. What you’re seeing now is different states putting into writing how they’d like for the industry to be regulated. Again, this mainly pertains to the site owners and operators and not you as a player.

US-Focused Banking Options

The best real money US sports betting websites aren’t ones that offer wagers in Euros or have payment processors that only work for people outside of the US. In order to get anywhere near our list for consideration, these US betting sites must offer several high-quality, trusted banking integrations that work well for US-based players.

Here are some of the more popular banking options we look for during our searches.

  • Credit Cards
  • Debit Cards
  • PayPal
  • Cryptocurrency
  • E-Wallet
  • Direct Bank Transfer
  • Wire Transfer
  • Check by Courier

Wide Coverage of US Sports

Here’s some awesome news—there are TONS of sports to watch (and bet on) in the US. And for us, having coverage to bet on all of those sports is important when deciding on a place to put real money bets on sports in the US.

Generally, we look for coverage across the board as much as possible. Our search does start by looking at which sports are the most popular to bet on in the United States. What are those sports? Glad you asked.

Recently, a research group asked a study group of sports fans which sports they would be most likely to bet on. The fans were able to answer yes or no to as many options as possible. The study focused on 10 of the most popular sporting leagues in the country. Here are the results of what percentage of people said yes.

Other sports not included in the study that we heavily looked at include UFC, golf, college sports, tennis, other racing leagues, and specialty events.

Good Coverage of International Sports

Not only do we want the best US betting sites to offer action on sports that happen in the states, but we also want patrons to have access to international events. Just because the sport doesn’t happen on US soil doesn’t mean that we don’t want the chance to bet on it!

How did we know which sports to look at the most? We looked at the top 10 most popular sports in the world based on the number of fans and viewership. Here are the results.

Rank Sport # of Fans
1 Soccer 4.0 billion
2 Cricket 2.5 billion
3 Hockey 2.0 billion
4 Tennis 1.0 billion
5 Volleyball 900 million
6 Table Tennis 875 million
7 Basketball 825 million
8 Baseball 500 million
9 Rugby 475 million
10 Golf 450 million

US-Focused Customer Service Options

Customer service is critical to the success of any experience. And with some of the best US sports betting websites for real money being located outside of the country, it’s imperative that they take the right precautions to get it right. Here are some of the most important factors we look for when racking and stacking.

  • Customer service agents who are fluent in English
  • Operating hours that are either 24/7/365 or in-line with high-trafficked hours in the US
  • Multiple US-friendly options, including things like phone support, live chat support, email support, and social media contact options

Track Record of Servicing US Customers

Here’s the reality. We’re not opposed to recommending new US online sportsbooks, as long as we have an extensive list of reasons to trust them and give them a shot. That being said, we’re always going to be bigger fans of United States betting websites that have been around for a while. Here are a few of our favorite options and the dates when they were founded. You’ll quickly notice that our top US betting site option has been around for just under three decades!

Site Founded Years
BetUS 1994 27 years
BetOnline 2004 17 years
MyBookie 2014 7 years
Bovada 2011 10 years

Where to Find the Best Odds on Your Favorite Sports

As we mentioned in the previous section one of the most important factors in choosing an online bookie is making sure they’ll have competitive odds on your favorite sports.

Since each of these sports can be so different to bet on we’ve included some links to dedicated pages on each of the most popular US sports for betting. On these pages, you will find information on how to be on that sport online, as well as specific details on the best sites offering odds on the sport.

Biggest United States Betting Site Bonuses

We promised you at the start of this guide the biggest online sports betting bonuses around. And guess what? We’re going to deliver. If you’re planning on betting on sports in the US for real money, you need to be taking advantage of all the free perks out there. The best US sportsbooks online offer lucrative perks and bonuses to win your business (and to keep it).

Here are some of our favorite US sports betting site bonuses that you can take advantage of right now.

Site Type Bonus % Max Bonus
BetUS Welcome 100% Up to $2,500
BetUS Welcome 150% Up to $7,500
BetOnline Welcome 100% Up to $2,500
MyBookie Welcome 50% Up to $1,000
MyBookie Welcome 10% Up to $200 (Only 1x rollover)
BetOnline Reload 25% Up to $250
MyBookie Reload 25% Up to $500

Tips for Maximizing Bonuses When Betting on Sports for Real Money in the US

  • Shop your options regularly.
  • Know what the rollover requirement is and what it means.
  • Take time to read the fine print. As boring as that is, it’s important.
  • Understand you’re never required to take a bonus if you don’t want to.
  • Capitalize on multiple real money sportsbook bonuses if it makes sense.
  • Contact customer support if you ever have any questions or don’t understand anything.
  • Look for special one-time bonuses around major sporting events like the Super Bowl, NBA Finals, Daytona 500, etc.

American Sports Betting Sites vs International Options

Here we’ll be taking a look at the main differences between USA online sportsbooks and international betting site operations:

  • The biggest difference is what areas of the globe each option serves. US sports betting sites generally service the US AND the rest of the world. International options only service major areas like Europe or Asia and NOT the United States.
  • International sportsbooks generally offer service in the local currency. US sports betting sites generally offer all action in US currency, even to the rest of the world.
  • The coverage of sports is often similar between both options. The only marked difference is international online sports betting sites tend to cater more towards soccer, rugby, and cricket. US sports betting apps tend to cater more towards the big four (NBA, NFL, MLB, and NHL).

Best US Betting Apps and Websites by State

Looking for an option specific to your state? While you’ll see a lot of crossover between the different state lists, there are instances where an option is better depending on where you live in America. Below, we’ve included a link to our lists of the best US betting sites by state.

Each guide includes a list of top options, a look at the local legal landscape, tips for getting the most out of your experience, and links to get started right away.

7 Safety Tips for USA Online Sports Betting

With all those offshore servers hosting US gambling sites, the need to stay safe is great. Don’t worry, though; we’ve got you covered. That’s what this section is all about.

The easiest way to stay safe is to stick with expert-approved sites. That said, we get that you might want to understand the process of picking a US betting site.

It’s hugely important to be cautious when making a decision. Sadly, there are lots of unscrupulous operators willing to take advantage of US gamblers, knowing there’s little legal recourse if you choose to bet online.

Look for the License

Even if a site is hosted offshore in a place like Costa Rica, it should have a license to operate. Curacao is a popular destination for sites catering to US players, so a license from there is a start.

Pay Attention to the Small Details

A poor website design, slow or unprofessional customer service, unrecognizable game software providers, or poor English on the website can all be tell-tale signs that a gambling site may be one to avoid. Go with your gut on this, and if you have any doubt, leave it out.

Try to Find RTP Figures

If the site offers casino games and publishes its Return To Player percentages, that’s a good sign. It’s especially good if these are verified by a third-party specialist in this area, such as eCogra.

Ask the Important Questions

The customer service team isn’t hired to sit and twiddle their thumbs all day. They are paid to assist you and answer your questions. Ask them anything you want to know and ask for clarification if you find anything suspicious or unclear.

Check Out the Terms and Conditions

We know — reading betting site terms and conditions is about as exciting as waiting for a bus. However, we suggest skim-reading at the least and paying attention to the deposit and withdrawal policies and the general terms of service. If there’s anything sinister afoot, it will likely be written right there in the terms.

Find Out About the Management

In our in-depth reviews, we always take time to focus on the management. If they have a history of ripping people off, we’ll tell you. If they’re award-winning superstars, we’ll tell you that, too. The people behind the site can tell you a lot about what to expect.

Deposit a Small Amount First

If you have any doubts about the site, don’t be tempted by a generous welcome bonus. What use is that if you can’t ever get your money back? Deposit a small amount, bet, and try to make a withdrawal. You’ll soon find out if the site is legitimate.

We don’t want to scare you off! There are honest and trustworthy US betting sites. But there are also frauds out there. We’re just trying to give you a heads-up so you don’t get swindled, especially if you’re new to betting online.

How to Bet on Sports in the US and Win Money

    Sports Betting Tips - Tablet

  • Gauge the US market for predicting line movement – If the betting site is heavily trafficked by US sports bettors, then line movement is going to be influenced by what happens in the US. Make sure when you’re trying to predict how betting odds might shift that you put a heavier focus on the market actually affecting the numbers.
  • Stay up to speed on the legal landscape locally and federally – We predict that the majority of the legal changes coming down the pipeline for online US sportsbooks will be positive. That being said, it’s important that you keep your eyes up and ears open in case anything changes (positive or negative).
  • Shop bonus offers regularly and around major events – As you can see, a large chunk of the best US sports betting site bonuses are welcome bonuses. However, there are also reload bonuses and special event bonuses that you may see from time to time. Make sure you are staying up to speed on the bonuses available at the sportsbook you bet with, as well as any lucrative bonuses with other sites on the market.
  • Look for unique value opportunities internationally – If the real money US sportsbook you’re using caters mainly to US bettors, then you can expect them not to be as sharp when it comes to international sports. What this means is that you may be able to find some unique opportunities to get value on lines that have been incorrectly bet by fellow patrons.

Ready to Place Your Bets Online?

If you’re ready, what are you waiting for? The time is now to try out one of the best US sports betting sites. The action is available 24/7/365 and you can’t win if you don’t get in the game. Head back up to the top of the page and check out one of the great options we’ve hand-selected for you. The sky is the limit if you’re a sharp bettor who knows how to pick winners!

If you still have unanswered questions about sports gambling in the USA please contact us or check out some of the commonly asked questions below:

United States Online Betting FAQ

The UIGEA does not state that it is illegal for US citizens to bet on sports online. It does put the burden on gambling site operators, prohibiting them from knowingly accepting wagers from US players. It also puts pressure on financial institutions like banks to prohibit deposits to sites offering gambling services. Plenty of operators still do, though.

Since it isn’t actually expressly illegal for US citizens to gamble online, cryptocurrencies are arguably a legal way around the restrictions. Financial institutions aren’t allowed to transact with gambling sites, and gambling sites aren’t allowed to accept wagers from US players, but with cryptocurrencies, this transaction is peer-to-peer and often anonymous. We’re not advising you to use them, but rather are simply explaining why so many sites accept them.

This is a common question, and lots of Americans use cryptocurrencies when betting online. You can find some US Bitcoin betting sites, as well as those that accept altcoins, in the table above.

Every site listed on this page is 100% safe and secure. Our experts have checked them out, they are all running on secure connections, they are all licensed, and they all have a history we can trace, proving they are honest. Pick any one of them, and feel free to do some further research yourself.

Honestly, that depends on the site. Some US gambling sites offer online poker and real money casino games as well. There are several, as you can see, and they are all different. Check out the full reviews of the sites above in our review section for more details, or better yet, click through and visit the sites yourself to make sure they have everything you want.

The mobile side of the United States online betting industry has been rapidly evolving. There are no top online bookmaker brands that don't have either a sports betting app or a mobile-friendly online sportsbook interface. Follow this link for more info on mobile betting apps