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Welcome to the Golf Betting page of The Sports Geek. If you are a golf fan looking to learn more about betting on golf or already do bet on golf and want to find some tips to help you with your golf betting, you have come to the right place. In our Golf Betting section we explain the different ways to bet on golf and also provide golf betting strategies and tips as well. Our golf articles are mainly based upon the PGA golf tour and the European Tour.

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How To Bet on Golf

There are a couple different types of golf betting that can be done, which we will explain below. If you are new to Sports Betting in general you may want to learn how to read Sports Betting Odds before you start betting on golf, so that you can find value with your golf bets.

Future Golf Betting

Future golf betting involves betting on an upcoming event. This could be betting on the upcoming PGA event this weekend, or the Masters tournament that isn’t for another 2 months, for example. Online betting sites will give you a list of golfers that you can bet on for upcoming golf tournaments, with betting lines listed with each golfer. You can then select a golfer that you think will win the event and if the golfer does indeed win the tournament you will be paid on the future bet according to the odds that were listed. When placing future bets you can also bet on things like golfers to place in the top 3, top 5, etc, so you will want to make sure you realize what you are betting on before you place your future bets.

For smaller golf tournaments the odds on each golfer won’t be listed until a few days before the tournaments begins, but for major tournaments (such as the Majors) the lines are often listed well in advance. The lines or odds on each golfer will always be changing, which might give you a chance to pick up a golfer well in advance at a very good price.

PGA Tour Future Betting

Above is an example of odds listed for the HP Byron Nelson Championship PGA Tour event.  The above screenshot has only the top 4 golfers listed, but the actual odds lists runs down all of the golfers in the field.  Here you will see the favorite for this tournament is Jason Day at 12.5/1.  This means a $10 bet on Jason Day would pay out $125.  Another example is past champion Jason Dufner listed at 18/1 where a $10 bet would pay out $180.  Golfers will be listed with odds up to as high as 10000/1 in some tournaments.

Betting on outright winners can be very excitement in golf, as a lot of the golfers are listed at 100/1 or higher to win a tournament.  Of course it’s tough to pick a golfer with such high odds to win, but when you do the payouts are massive.  Check out a recent win of mine with Si Woo Kim at 150/1!


Head to Head Golf Betting

Head to head golf betting (click here to read full guide) involves betting on who will finish better between two golfers. This can either be who will shoot the better round, or who will finish better in the tournament overall. For example you may be able to bet on who will place better in the US Open this year – Tiger Woods or Phil Mickelson. This is how the head to head betting would look:

US Open – Tournament Head to Head
Tiger Woods (-170)
vs Phil Mickelson (+150)

If for any reason one of the golfers you had a head to head bet on did not tee off the bets are cancelled and the money would be refunded (must have action). You will often get a long list of head to head match ups to bet on, and if you are savvy you should be able to find some good odds and make a nice profit with head to head golf betting.

Head to head golf betting

The above example shows two golfers odds in a head to head match up.  First on top we see the tournament head to head odds as shown by the “Tourn” in brackets.  The first set of odds has Jason Day -1.5 -105 and Kuchar +1.5 -125.  This shows that Jason Day is the 1.5 stroke favorite and you can bet on Jason Day to win by 2 or more strokes, or Matt Kuchar to lose by 1 stroke or beat Day head to head over the course of the tournament.  Beside that you will see the straight up odds without a 1.5 stroke advantage for Day.  Underneath those odds you will see their 1st round line as shown by the “1st Rnd” in brackets.  This is action for only the first day of the tournament.  Day is -120 and Kuchar is +100.  If Kuchar shot a -1 and Day was +1 after the first day a wager on Kuchar would be the winning ticket (it wouldn’t matter what happened after the first round).

Prop Betting

Prop betting in golf involves betting on anything that doesn’t have to do with the final outcome of a tournament or round. An example of a popular prop bet in golf is betting on how many majors a high profile golfer (such as Tiger Woods) will win in a year. This is how that prop bet is often displayed:

Tiger Woods – Major Wins 2010
No Majors – (-180)
1 Major – (+200)
2 Majors – (+700)
3 Majors – (+3000)
4 Majors – (+7000)

There are also some crazy prop bets that you can bet on in golf, which many beginner golf bettors would expect. An example of a weird golf prop bet is betting on what color shirt Tiger Woods will be wearing for round 1 of The Masters. These types of prop bets are usually only available for the bigger tournaments, but can add some fun to your golf betting.