Top NFL Betting Sites for 2022

With the best NFL betting sites, people just like you can start earning real money on upcoming games. In this guide, we’ll start by showcasing our favorite NFL online sportsbooks for the best apps for betting on the NFL for money, take a look at the biggest football betting bonuses, and share a ton of data and resources to help you win.

Betting Site
Bonus Bet Now
1Bovada Logo Bovada Logo

50% up to $250 Go to Site
2 BetUS Logo

125% up to $2,500 Go to Site
3 BetOnline Logo

50% up to $1,000 Go to Site
4 MyBookie Logo

50% up to $1,000 Go to Site
5 Logo
50% up to $1,000 Go to Site

Joey Bosa makes $43.8 million a year…Carson Wentz gets $43.4 million… While it’s incredibly fun to look up just how much NFL players make, it’s a lot more exciting when you find out that you can cash in and make money on the NFL too!

If you’re someone who regularly predicts the outcomes and winners of NFL football games, then you can turn your smarts into cold hard cash.

What’s the Best NFL Betting Site?

  • BetUS – Voted Best for NFL Wagering in 2022 by Our Staff
  • BetOnline – Newly redesigned online sportsbook and betting app for US bettors
  • MyBookie – Most NFL betting options of any USA online sportsbook
  • – Reliable NFL betting site with user-friendly interface
  • Bovada – Long history of offering competitive NFL betting odds
  • xBet – Safe online betting with great bonuses

Looking for someone to tell you what the best NFL betting site is? We don’t blame you! With literally thousands of sportsbook options to choose from, it can be daunting. Thankfully, there are a few industry titans that rise to the top.

If you’re looking for one of the best NFL betting apps that’s safe, secure, and offers a ton of bonuses, here’s some more details on what makes each of our recommendations shine:

BetUS is the Best NFL Football Betting Site of 2022

BetUS is our top pick for betting on NFL games online. This 25-year-old gambling website has built a solid reputation over the years and offers a myriad of opportunities for betting on the NFL for money.

NFL wagering online has never been easier. With an eye for customer needs, they continue to excel in providing only the best odds and online NFL betting options for their players around the globe.

BetUS Screenshot

Below are a few reasons BetUS is an ideal NFL online sportsbooks for betting on your favorite NFL teams:

  • Extremely well-organized menu at the top of the mobile betting app
  • Find Super Bowl bets with two clicks from the home screen (Sportsbook & Super Bowl Bets)
  • Easily convert odds with a toggle between American, Decimal, and Fractional
  • BetUS accepts NFL bets from all 50 US states!

Visit BetUS

MyBookie – Runner-up for the Best NFL Betting Site

MyBookie has been near the top of our list for years now offering reliable online football betting and so much more! If you’re looking to sign up with more than one NFL sportsbook we at TheSportsGeek would proudly suggest MyBookie.

MyBookie Screenshot

Since it was established in 2014 MyBookie has worked to compete in this industry by always being among the first to post odds, offering generous NFL gambling bonuses, and an amazing customer support team.

Here are four reasons we LOVE MyBookie for betting on NFL games online:

  1. 50% up to $1,000 welcome bonus with a 10x rollover requirement
  2. A 10% up to $200 welcome bonus with an unheard of 1x rollover requirement
  3. The slickest and most user-friendly website and app layout in the industry
  4. Founded in 2014 with an impeccable track record of treating customers the right way

Visit MyBookie

Not All Football Betting Sites Can Be Trusted

While reviewing a list of sites offering NFL odds we ran into a few that we thought you should be aware of. These real money online sportsbooks do not deserve your business, they do not look out for their customers, and should not even be considered with all the other excellent NFL betting options on the market.

  • TopBet
  • BetIslands
  • OddsMaker
  • BetOnSports
  • 1800SportsWager

These scam sportsbooks have failed their users either by withholding winnings, offering unreasonable promotions, having unfair and unreasonable terms or use, or worse. Remember just because a NFL betting site may look good does not mean it’s safe! This is a big reason why sites like ours need to exist in 2022.

Don’t waste your time and money getting scammed! Use one of our recommended sportsbooks and guarentee yourself a safe and easy NFL betting experience online.

Contents of Our Real Money NFL Betting Sites Page

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Top 3 NFL Betting Site Sign-Up Bonuses

1.  BetUS’s 125% Sign-Up Bonus (Up to $3,125)

If you’re looking for a sign-up bonus that also gives you the option of claiming some casino credit, you’re going to love this option from BetUS.

BetUS Screenshot

BetUS Bonus Details

  • 10x rollover on sportsbook (30x on casino)
  • 14 days expiration
  • Up to 150% ($7,500) if you deposit with cryptocurrency


The bonus is 100% up to $2,500 for the sportsbook and 25% up to $625 for the casino.

If you don’t want to use the casino credit, you don’t have to.


2. BetOnline’s 50% Welcome Bonus (Up to $1,000)

Another great option for first-time online NFL bettors is the welcome bonus from

BetOnline Screenshot

BetOnline Bonus Details

  • Minimum deposit is $55 with cash or $20 with cryptocurrency
  • 30 days expiration
  • 10x rollover with cash or 14x rollover with cryptocurrency


While it’s a bit smaller than the NFL bonus from BetUS, there are perks to it, like the fact that you have 30 days to clear the 10x rollover requirement instead of just two weeks.

If you do choose to deposit with cryptocurrency, that bonus jumps up to 100% with a 14x rollover requirement.

VISIT BetOnline

3. MyBookie’s $200 1x Rollover Bonus

While this isn’t the largest NFL betting app bonus on the list, it’s in the top three for one reason — the rollover requirement.

Every online sportsbook bonus comes with a rollover requirement, which is the number of times you have to wager your bonus dollars before you can cash them out. Generally, this is between 5x and 20x.

MyBookie Screenshot

MyBookie Bonus Details

  • 1x rollover
  • Valid on first deposit only
  • Different than the $1,000 sign-up bonus available


With this MyBookie bonus, though, it’s 1x. That means you literally have to bet the bonus dollars one time and they are yours to cash out! You won’t find any other mobile NFL betting sites with anything like this anywhere in the world.

VISIT MyBookie

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Comparing the Top 3 NFL Betting Websites

BetUS BetOnline MyBookie
Year Established 1994 2001 2014
Welcome Bonus Up to $2,500 Up to $1,000 Up to $1,000
Bonus Rollover 10x 10x 10x
U.S. Players? Yes Yes Yes
In-Play Betting? Yes Yes Yes
Bitcoin? Yes Yes Yes
Casino Options? Yes Yes Yes
Live Chat Support? No No Yes
Phone Support? Yes No Yes
Sign Up Now! Visit BetUS Visit BetOnline Visit MyBookie

Deposit Options Available

Below are the deposit options available at each of our top NFL gambling sites that we’ve recommended. We compare each one of the real money NFL betting sites so you can see which sportsbooks is best for you.

Deposit Option BetUS BetOnline MyBookie
Visa ✔️ ✔️ ✔️
MasterCard ✔️ ✔️ ✔️
Other Credit Cards ✔️ ✔️
Money Order ✔️
Cashier’s Check ✔️
Person to Person ✔️ ✔️ ✔️
Bank Wire ✔️
Bitcoin ✔️ ✔️ ✔️
Bitcoin Cash ✔️ ✔️ ✔️
Litecoin ✔️ ✔️ ✔️
Ethereum ✔️ ✔️ ✔️
Ripple ✔️ ✔️
Stellar ✔️
Sign Up Now! Visit BetUS Visit BetOnline Visit MyBookie

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Real Money Benefits You Can Only Get Through NFL Betting Apps

Are you trying to decide between placing your football bets in person at a sportsbook or through online NFL betting apps? If you are, you’re not alone. Patrons lucky enough to live close to a brick and mortar sportsbook ask this question all the time.

In our opinion, which is best? We’re big fans of making real money NFL bets online. Why? Here are a few of the benefits that are only available to you when you wager online.

  • The Opportunity to Bet 24/7 – When you bet in person, you can only go when the sportsbook is open. Even then, you have to have space in your schedule to drive there, wait in line, and place your wager. When you use mobile NFL betting sites, though, you can bet 24/7, with no lines, and from anywhere you are.
  • Live, In-Game Wagering – Brick and mortar sportsbooks don’t have the technological capabilities to offer in-game wagering (outside of after each quarter or half). With the best US NFL betting apps, though, you can place wagers on the game literally after every single play!
  • Bonuses for Smaller Bettors – When you wager in person, it’s tough to get much more than a free drink or two unless you’re betting a lot. Online, though, the benefits and bonuses start at the lowest level. Even casual NFL bettors get rewarded from day one.
  • More Props and Alternative Lines – Brick and mortar sportsbooks are limited by their staff and technological capabilities. This means that they can’t offer as many prop bet options and alternate lines as you’ll find at the top NFL sports betting sites. If you value betting flexibility and the chance to wager on literally anything, you’ll like making your bets online a lot more.

Take advantage of the best real money NFL betting apps available online right now! There are even top Super Bowl betting apps that you can download right to your mobile device.

Best NFL Betting Apps

Real Money NFL Betting Apps for Mobile Devices

If you’re looking to bet real money on NFL games from your mobile phone you may want to check out some of the pages linked below. They will help you find the best online sportsbooks betting on the NFL and other sports.

Making sure a site is going to be compatible with whatever devices you plan to use is a big part of finding the best NFL betting apps for your needs.

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Best Super Bowl Betting Sites

Did you know that nearly $7 billion was bet on the Super Bowl last year? As online NFL sports betting apps grow in popularity, the number should continue to rise exponentially!

So, how do you find the best Super Bowl betting sites? You’ve come to the right place.

Mobile Betting New York

Below, we’ve included links to our regularly updated lists of the top Super Bowl betting apps and websites on the market.

You’ll see some crossover from our top NFL list, but special attention is paid to the options that offer the most for the biggest game of the year.

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How to Find the Best NFL Betting Sites for 2022

Best NFL Betting Sites for US Players

  1. Check Out Online Sportsbook Reviews
  2. Make Sure Great NFL Odds Are Available
  3. Look Into the Betting Site’s Cashier System

As you may already know, online sports betting is more popular in the United States right now than ever before. A huge number of states now embrace and earn revenue from this industry. Fantastic sportsbooks are available throughout the country offering safe payment options and great odds on all major sports. Here is a quick step-by-step breakdown of how to find the perfect real money NFL betting site.

#1: Check Out Online Sportsbook Reviews

Before joining any 2022 NFL betting websites, we recommend that you do some research. The majority of these sports betting websites are fantastic. Some, unfortunately, have gained reputations for being a little shady.

One quick way to find the country’s best football betting sites this year is to head over to our sportsbook reviews page. Our team has gone over just about every betting website currently operating. We have a system set in place to determine whether or not these sportsbooks are worth playing through.

Gambling Site Reviews

#2: Make Sure Great NFL Odds Are Available

After narrowing down your choices, we recommend that you check out the NFL odds for the 2022 season. If you plan to bet on NFL football, you’ll want to know that great lines are available for all the games! All of the best real money NFL betting sites for 2022 will clearly feature their football odds for members and non-members to see.

#3: Look Into the Betting Site’s Cashier System

Once you’ve found what seems to be the perfect site, check out the different payment methods that are available. Depositing and withdrawing your money should be easy. It’s also smart to check out the fees attached to these deposit and withdrawal options.

You’ll probably find sites offering you welcome bonuses on your first deposit. These can be great, yet we recommend that you always research the terms and conditions of these promotional offers.

After all this, you’re ready to start making some football bets online! Still, having trouble choosing which of the NFL online sportsbooks to join? No problem. Below are some of our favorites for the 2022 season.

What Makes Great Real Money NFL Betting Sites

  1. Exemplary Track Record – It’s great when NFL gambling sites tell us they’re going to take care of customers. You know what’s better, though? When they show us what they can do! All of the top football sports betting apps on this list have an incredible track record of success when it comes to treating customers the right way.
  2. Safety and Security a Top Priority – It’s imperative you know that you, your money, your personal information, and your wagers are safe when you bet on the NFL online. Every single site on our list makes safety and security the number one top priority.
  3. Football and Best Ribbon

  4. Player-Favorable Bonuses and Perks – You can advertise huge NFL betting bonuses, but if they’re not player-favorable, what’s the point?
  5. Flexibility in Betting Options – To make our list of NFL football betting apps, you better offer tons of bets on preseason games, regular-season games, the playoffs, and, of course, the Super Bowl.
  6. Fast Payouts – Unless you’re requesting a paper check payout, there’s no reason you should wait any more than about 3-7 business days for your winnings to hit your bank account or e-wallet. We can confidently say that every option on our list in this guide is a fast payout NFL betting site.
  7. Better Than Great Customer Service – There’s nothing that makes you want to throw your phone or computer against a wall more than sub-par customer service when you need help. The best football betting websites come with 24/7/365 customer service agents who are fluent in English and are actually equipped to help you with your questions.

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Football NFL Logo Money and Betting Lines

While it really doesn’t matter how popular betting on the NFL is (as long as you know you love it), it’s still fun to ask and investigate. Here’s a quick look at how popular betting on the NFL is across the United States.

According to a 2019 data survey study by GlobalWebIndex, the NFL is the sport with the highest share of sports betting interest in the U.S.! Participants were asked, “Which of the following sports might you be interested in placing a bet? ” with the ability to answer yes to as many or as few leagues as they wanted.

Here are the results:

A more current study conducted by Morning Consult specifically asked respondents in 2020 if they planned on betting on NFL games in the upcoming season. According to the study:

  • 8% said they planned to bet NFL games regularly
  • 14% said they planned to bet NFL games occasionally
  • 78% said they had no plans to bet money on NFL games online in the upcoming season

The main difference between the two studies was that the first asked people who identified as sports fans, whereas the second study asked the general public. This is the reason that betting on the NFL for money seems much more popular in the first study than in the second. The data does not represent a marked drop-off in the popularity of betting on the National Football League. In fact, online NFL betting is more popular than ever in 2022!

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How Much Money Can You Make Betting on the NFL?

The real answer to this question is that the profitability of betting on the NFL depends on how sharp you are. If you know what you’re doing and you keep picking winners with value, it’s going to be very profitable.

For reference, though, we’d like to show you just how profitable it is for the industry as a whole when you bet money on NFL games online.

The state of Nevada annually posts the percentage the NFL online sportsbooks in the state make from wagers placed on different sports.

And while this isn’t the entire world (and doesn’t include data from online USA NFL betting sites), it’s still a great cross-section of the market we can use to draw meaningful conclusions.

    NFL Logo by Pile of Money

  • Since 1992, Nevada sportsbooks have earned an average of 5.04% on all NFL football wagers.
  • Compared with other sports, this ranks as the third most profitable sport for the sportsbooks. Sports bettors do the worst on ‘Other Sports’ (6.26%), the second-worst on basketball (5.21%), and football is third. Bettors do the best on baseball, which came in fourth at 3.51%.
  • When it comes to the Super Bowl specifically, the average winning percentage by the sportsbooks from 2004 to 2020 is 8.24%.
  • Since 2004, the Nevada sportsbooks have had only one losing year on the Super Bowl (2008).
  • The most profitable year for Nevada sportsbooks and Super Bowl betting from 2004 to 2020 was 2014 where the books across the state made $19.67 million.

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Top Resources for Online NFL Football Betting

Our team is filled with NFL betting experts. Over the years’ we’ve come up with several different resources and betting strategies for the country’s most popular sport. You can check out some of the top resources we have available below.

NFL Betting Blog Posts

Every day, we’re offering new betting guides for different sporting events around the world. That includes online betting guides for the 2022 NFL season! Several of these football betting blogs are already up and available to see.

Check below for the latest insights into online football betting and what sites are offering the best NFL odds.

Our team takes pride in providing the best possible tips for the entire NFL season. Our goal is to provide bettors with relevant information to make the smartest wagers possible.

Latest NFL News

Sometimes, a piece of news comes out that completely affects a football game’s betting odds. If, for example, news breaks that a team’s quarterback suffered an injury before a game, the odds will likely swing in the other team’s favor.

We are constantly offering football news updates that can be hugely beneficial to NFL bettors.

There’s been a lot of news heading into the 2022 NFL season. Several players have already withdrawn from playing this year. More are likely to do so over the next few weeks. We’ll be the first to report on this football news and how it impacts the odds at NFL betting sites as soon as it comes out.

Free NFL Picks and Predictions

Sometimes, bettors just want to hear what experienced analysts predict will happen during a certain game. That’s exactly what you’ll find at our NFL betting picks page. Our experts check out the odds at real money NFL betting sites and figure out where the most value will be. This makes it easy for you to win money betting on NFL games.

We’ve gained praise around the country for our NFL picks and analysis. You can expect these to become available each and every week.

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NFL Betting Strategies From TheSportsGeek Team

Looking for more on NFL betting online?
We’ve got you covered! Below you’ll find a variety of additional strategy articles for NFL betting with real money to help you get the most out of betting on the 2022 NFL season.

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Answering Your Questions About NFL Betting Online

NFL betting odds are determined by each sportsbook (both online and in-person) independently. This means that you may find better odds online or in-person depending on the game you're looking to bet. The one major perk that betting on the NFL online holds, though, is that you can check several NFL online sportsbooks in a matter of seconds. In person, you're stuck with what's available at the NFL sportsbook you go to unless you feel like driving somewhere else.

In general, it takes about 5 minutes for you to get signed up at USA NFL sportsbooks online. Depositing money into your account takes another 5-10 minutes for a grand total time of under 15 minutes.

Once your account is created, it takes about 30 seconds to make every bet on NFL football. It's wildly faster and more efficient than making a bet in person.

Yes, high-quality and proven United States NFL betting sites and apps are completely safe for you to use. You will need to do your part and practice good safety procedures, though. This includes things like using strong passwords, not wagering when you're intoxicated, and only making wagers you fully understand. High quality NFL sportsbooks online who tend to their bettors are highly important to us. We always ensure the NFL sportsbooks online we recommend take the safest precautions to keep your NFL gambling experience fun, but safe. Rather than looking where to bet on the NFL online, you can trust that our NFL online sportsbooks are the safest and most secure betting sites in on the web.

Yes! In fact, if you're not getting a bonus when you bet on the NFL online, you're leaving free money on the table. Scroll back up to the top of this guide to check out the different options available for new and existing NFL sports bettors.

The best NFL sportsbooks online for this year are MyBookie, BetUS, and BetOnline. Each of the NFL betting sites that we listed earlier on this page offers its members fantastic mobile NFL betting options. Our team has high praise for Bovada’s mobile sportsbook. It’s modern, very easy to use, and offers some of the best NFL odds for the 2022 season that we could find.

Generally, NFL wagers are paid into your betting account nearly instantly after the game is over. The only exception to this might be for more obscure prop bets that might take a few minutes to be adjudicated.

Yes, you can! In fact, you should be joining multiple real money NFL betting websites because it allows you to shop your betting lines more easily. Even if you're a recreational sports bettor, there's no reason to take a worse line on the same bet because you didn't take a second to look around.

Yes! All of the US NFL betting sites listed here utilize mobile responsive technology. This means that instead of downloading the NFL online sportsbooks apps to your phone, you access the website through your mobile browser. Because of this, all of these NFL betting apps can be accessed with the same log-in information right from your computer, tablet, or smartphone. With these US mobile NFL betting sites, you'll be able to win money betting on NFL games on the go.

It’s very likely. Since 2018, the United States has begun to truly embrace sports and NFL gambling online. Many states now regulate this industry. Others are currently working towards that goal. Only a couple of states are still pushing against this popular form of real money gambling.

Live football betting has become extremely popular over the past few years. With that in mind, the best 2022 NFL betting sites now offer their members live real money football wagering options. As games progress, the odds change. It’s a fun way to feel more involved during your betting experience.

This will likely depend on your knowledge of football and NFL betting experience. Everyone can get lucky and win money on a big bet. Those that find the most success in US football betting online tend to bet smart and only when they feel it will be profitable. Not many US NFL betting sites set limits on exactly how much money you can win betting on the NFL online. The truth is that the more research you do, the better your odds will be to win real money.