Complete NCAAB Betting Guide (2022)

Strategy, Stats, and Betting Tips to Help You Master College Basketball Betting

Want to learn how to master college basketball betting? Looking for ways to gain an edge on the competition and start reaping the rewards of winning college basketball bets? If the answer to either of these questions is yes, you’re right where you need to be!

We’ve convened some of the top minds in the industry with the goal of building out the biggest and baddest college basketball betting guide on the planet. We’re talking professional college basketball bettors, the sharpest minds, data nerds, and even former athletes to construct the greatest step-by-step guide to winning college basketball wagers.

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And it’s all free. Sure, call us crazy; we’re okay with that. Here’s our first tip. Enjoy our insanity. Embrace that we’re giving away this information on the house. You’re still going to have to put some work in, but we’re about to give you the keys to the castle and the tools to build your NCAAB betting empire.

Contents of Our NCAAB Betting Guide

You can’t expect to have any success betting on college basketball for real money if you’re not utilizing the right resources. This starts and ends with finding a top-notch college basketball betting site. Here are a few quick tips to make your selection and then a list of the top 4 options to check out right now.

  • Utilize multiple college basketball betting sites to shop lines on every bet. If you’re not, you’re leaving money on the table.
  • Ensure the college basketball betting app you choose offers action on the games you want to bet. If you’re betting mainstream D1 schools, this won’t be an issue. But if you’re betting smaller and more obscure conferences, check each site when there’s an upcoming game.
  • Take advantage of bonuses. Seriously, if you’re not cashing on the free money available for betting on college basketball online, you’re effectively setting money on fire (and not in a cool way).

Top 4 College Basketball Betting Sites

  1. BetUS – 100% Bonus up to $3,125
  2. BetOnline – 50% Bonus up to $1,000
  3. MyBookie – 50% Bonus up to $1,000
  4. – 50% Bonus up to $1,000

Powerful NCAAB Betting Resources

Information is power when it comes to college basketball betting. The problem with NCAAB information isn’t that there’s a shortage (excusing smaller conferences). In fact, it’s the opposite. There is so much information out there that it’s physically impossible for you to digest everything you need fast enough to get bets in on games.

That’s where we come in. Our team works hard to identify information, extract the critical details, and put that information out to you and our other readers in a fast and easy-to-digest manner. By utilizing the college basketball betting resources outlined below, you can turbocharge your reach and take your betting game to the next level.

Free Expert Game Picks

Give a man a fish, and he’ll eat for a day. Teach a man to fish, and he’ll eat for a lifetime. While we love this quote and our goal is to turn you into an expert college basketball bettor on your own, sometimes you’re just hungry. If you want to see exactly what our expert team of professionals is betting on upcoming college basketball games, we’ve got you covered. Not only do they point out the best picks, but you’ll get a nice breakdown of how they arrived at that choice.


We said it once, but we’ll say it again—knowledge is power. The world of college basketball changes fast. Whether it be injuries, suspensions, schedule changes, tournament implications, or coaching shakeups—knowing what’s going on in college basketball is critical to winning money betting on the sport.

Our team of reporters works tirelessly night and day to bring you all of the up-to-the-minute coverage you need. Don’t worry; we keep them fully stocked with coffee and energy drinks. Additionally, the team breaks down the implications of the college basketball news, so you know exactly what’s going on.

College Basketball Blogs

Looking for college basketball insider analysis? Want to hear the rumors circulating the college basketball realm? On the hunt for opinions on the latest happenings? If you are, then you’re looking for our college basketball blogs. The team of writers hits all corners of the game to bring you the information and thoughts you need to understand what’s happening, get ready for games, and get pumped up.

Types of College Basketball Bets Available

Now that you’ve got a basketball betting app to use and you’ve set yourself up with pathways to information, it’s time to get into the nuts and bolts of betting on college basketball. The first thing you need to understand is the different types of college basketball bets available, the pros and cons of each, and the tips to master each bet.

Bet Type Available Online? Best Site Offering Single Game? Minimum Bet Key Takeaway
Moneyline Yes Yes $1 Best for first-time bettors; simplest bet
Spread Yes Yes $1 Best for betting on a team you expect to lose the game
Total Yes Yes $1 Best for betting on the tempo of the game; no need to pick a winner
Futures Yes No $1 Best for season-long wagers to win bigger payouts
Prop Yes Yes $1 Best for fun and unique ways to cash in on predictions
Bracket Yes No Free Best for a chance at big money and action all tournament long

Moneyline Bets

Example Moneyline Bet

  • Matchup Odds
  • Ohio State -135
  • Michigan +105
  • Definition: A college basketball moneyline bet is a wager on which team will win an upcoming game.
  • Pros:
    • Simplest bet you can make
    • Doesn’t matter how many points a team wins by
    • Pays out fast (only available on a single game)
  • Cons:
    • Harder to win with underdogs (better payout though)
  • Top Strategy Tip: Make sure you fully understand how much you’re getting paid versus how much you’re risking. While the premise to win this bet is simple, the amount you get paid changes based on the likelihood of the team winning.

Spread Bets

  • Definition: A college basketball spread bet is a wager on which team will outperform their expectation. The NCAAB betting sites set a line of how many points they think a team will win by (which automatically is how many points they expect the other team to lose by). If the team expected to win does so by more points than they were expected to, that side of the bet wins. If the team expected to lose the game wins or loses by fewer points than they were supposed to, that side of the bet wins.

    Example Spread Bet

    • Matchup Odds
    • Ohio State +5.5 (-115)
    • Michigan -5.5 (-125)
  • Pros:
    • Allows you to bet on teams you think will play better than expected but won’t necessarily win the game
    • Pays out fast (only available on a single game)
  • Cons:
    • Sometimes spreads are confusing if you’re brand new to betting on college basketball
    • Ties are possible if the spread line is a whole number
  • Top Strategy Tip: Casual college basketball bettors love to bet on the favorites, especially right before game time. If you’re looking for opportunities to find value, look for underdogs that might be poised to outperform. Additionally, if you wait right before game time to bet, you may be able to get even more points in your favor on underdogs.

Totals Bets

  • Definition: Often referred to as an over/under bet, this is a college basketball wager on the total number of cumulative points scored during the game. The betting apps set a line on how many total points will be scored during the game. You can bet on whether you think more or fewer points will be scored. At the end of the game, both team’s point totals are added together. If that number is lower than the set totals line, the under wins. If that number is higher than the set totals line, the over wins.

    Example Total Bet

    • Matchup Odds
    • Ohio State O 143.5 (-130)
    • Michigan U 143.5 (-110)
  • Pros:
    • Great way to bet on the flow of the game without having to pick a winner
    • You can cheer for or against both teams
    • Pays out fast (only available on a single game)
  • Cons:
    • Payouts are almost always at (-110); you won’t win huge sums of money unless you bet bigger
    • Ties are possible if the totals line is a whole number
  • Top Strategy Tip: When betting college basketball totals, it’s a unique opportunity to put more weight on studying the defense. As many college basketball coaches are big on instilling fundamentals (like playing defense), you can find edges in your research by looking at both sides of the game.

Futures Bets

  • Definition: A college basketball futures bet is a wager on the winner of an upcoming tournament. Pick the team you think is going to win the tournament. If you’re right, you win.
  • Pros:
    • Available on March Madness, conference tournaments, and invitationals throughout the NCAAB season
    • Chance to win big money if you pick the right team and bet at the right time
  • Cons:
    • You don’t get paid until the tournament concludes
    • Higher variance (win fewer times, but win more money when you do win)
  • Top Strategy Tip: Understand that the key to winning college basketball futures bets is getting in at the right time. Ideally, you want to get in when the team is underperforming anticipating a comeback. Just because you think a team is going to win their conference tournament or March Madness doesn’t automatically mean it’s a smart bet. The reward you’re set to win needs to be worth the risk you’re taking.

Prop Bets

  • Definition: A college basketball prop bet is a wager on whether or not something will happen during an upcoming game or tournament. You can bet either ‘yes’ or ‘no’ or you may see a few other options, depending on the bet.

    • Will Gonzaga go undefeated this season?
    • Will Syracuse reach the Final Four?
    • Will Florida get a technical foul in the Championship game?
  • Pros:
    • Unique ways to capitalize on predictions that might not directly affect who wins the game
    • Can be used for making money or for entertainment
    • Fun! Seriously, NCAAB prop bets are wildly a great time
  • Cons:
    • Some prop wagers are strictly for entertainment (no way to gain an edge)
  • Top Strategy Tip: Ensure you understand the difference between college basketball prop bets that are designed strictly for entertainment and those that you can have an edge on. Betting on something like whether or not Gonzaga goes undefeated is a skill-based prop. You can get an edge. However, betting on whether or not the National Anthem at a Final Four game will be over 1:30 in length is something designed for fun. We’re not saying not to bet it. Just don’t expect ever to have a statistical edge

March Madness Bracket Bets

  • Definition: A bracket bet is a betting contest where entrants attempt to predict the winner of every game of the March Madness tournament before the tipoff of the first game. Points are awarded based on an agreed-upon rule set.
  • Pros:
    • Action on the entire March Madness tournament in one bet
      Ability to enter free contests to win life-changing money
      Great way to build camaraderie between friends, family, and coworkers
  • Cons:
    • Don’t get paid until the end of the tournament if you win
  • Top Strategy Tip: Scroll down and check out our March Madness betting strategy guide. It’s the most comprehensive, data-driven guide out there to help you build the perfect March Madness bracket. While we’d love to give you a single best tip here, you’ll need more than that to see results.

Expert College Basketball Betting Strategy

The chances are high that one of the main reasons you found your way here today was to learn how to win money betting on college basketball. Thankfully, you’ve come to the right place. As mentioned, we have an expert team of NCAAB bettors and industry insiders who are overflowing with knowledge of how to get an edge.

Ready to see what they have to say? Click below to check out our college basketball betting strategy hub now! If you’re looking for March Madness-specific tips, scroll down to the next section.

March Madness Betting Strategy – Brackets and Traditional Bets

NCAA March Madness LogoThe Big Dance! Tournament Time! NCAAB Championship! No matter what you call March Madness, we can all agree on one thing—it’s the most action-packed and exciting time in all of sports. Yes, we’re even talking about you over there Super Bowl. The March Madness college basketball tournament is exciting for fans, sports bettors, and people who are new to the game of basketball.

Want to learn how to win money betting on March Madness? If you do, you’re in for a treat. The link below takes you to our dedicated March Madness betting guide. It’s not only packed with tips and strategies, but it has some of the most critical data you need to succeed in the game.

Want some spoilers? Here’s a taste.

  • A #5 seed has NEVER won the NCAAB tournament.
  • 42.10% of 1-loss regular season teams went on to make the Final Four.
  • You should pick 1-2 upsets every year for #5 vs #12, #6 vs #11, and #7 vs #10 based on historical tournament performances.

If you’re here, you already know that college basketball is amazing. But have you ever wondered just how popular the sport is? And is it getting less popular or more popular? Let’s look at a few quick data studies to answer these questions.

Level of Interest in Basketball in the United States as of May 2020

2,200 people aged 18 and older were asked to share their level of interest in basketball. The three choices were a casual fan, an avid fan, or not a fan at all. Here are the results. Almost half of the people in the study were some level of a fan of the sport! That’s pretty impressive if you ask us. Remember, this was looking at everyday people and not just sports fans.

Average NCAA March Madness Viewership from 2013 – 2019

During these seven seasons, the highest viewership for the tournament was 11.3 million people (on average) during 2015. Since then, no year has met that mark, but 2019 was only about 800k viewers off the mark. In our opinion, we’d say that based on this data the interest in watching college basketball has stayed pretty constant over the past few seasons.

What’s the Most Popular College Basketball Team?

Before we send you out the door, we wanted to have a little fun. Ever wonder which college basketball team is the most popular? Well, we did, and we wanted to get to the bottom of it.

While there are about a thousand ways to skin this cat, we decided to look at attendance numbers. Here are the top 30 teams in popularity based on average attendance numbers in 2020.

Team Average # of Fans in 2020
Syracuse 21,704
Kentucky 20,160
North Carolina 20,103
Tennessee 18,990
Creighton 17,314
Wisconsin 16,912
Louisville 16,658
Kansas 16,388
Memphis 16,312
Indiana 16,300
Nebraska 15,605
Arkansas 15,487
Maryland 15,336
NC State 15,150
Marquette 15,145
Purdue 14,804
Michigan State 14,797
Ohio State 14,531
Virginia 14,090
Texas Tech 14,057
Iowa State 13,954
Arizona 13,654
Dayton 13,364
Illinois 13,041
BYU 12,626
Michigan 12,539
Iowa 12,357
West Virginia 12,299
South Carolina 12,180
San Diego State 11,668

What College Basketball Team Saw the Biggest Jump in Fan Attendance Year Over Year?

It’s always exciting when a college basketball program starts to gain popularity. It means that the school and the team are doing a great job of getting new fans engaged and retaining their existing base. Here are the top 10 NCAAB Division I teams that saw the largest change in attendance from last year to this year.

Rank Team 2019 Attendance 2020 Attendance Increase Year Over Year % Increase
1 Tennessee State 965 3,243 2,278 236%
2 Memphis 14065 16,312 2,247 16%
3 Villanova 9053 11,299 2,246 25%
4 West Virginia 10205 12,299 2,094 21%
5 Pittsburgh 6749 8,825 2,076 31%
6 Southern U. 1416 3,489 2,073 146%
7 Baylor 6218 8,178 1,960 32%
8 Texas Tech 12098 14,057 1,959 16%
9 Seton Hall 8507 10,328 1,821 21%
10 Utah State 6981 8,671 1,690 24%

What’s really interesting is whether or not you look at this in terms of absolute people or the percentage gained, Tennessee State takes the cake across the board. Go Tigers?

FAQ About Online Betting on College Basketball

Betting on college basketball online through NCAAB betting websites is the best place to get your action. It's the most convenient, has the biggest bonuses, and gives you the best opportunity to shop for the best college basketball odds.

Definitely not! Many are out to take advantage of users and steal ther money.

On top of safety and security, our recommendations offer better odds, more bets than many other NCAAB betting sites. Click here to learn more about the safest college basketball betting sites

Yes, you can legally place NCAA basketball bets on a wide range of reputable sports betting sites like the ones listed above. Also, sports betting is legal in a variety of US states.

Yes! If you are a sharp bettor who knows how to predict games correctly, you can win a lot of money betting on the sport. In fact, there are a lot of people out there who make a living betting on college basketball. It's a hard grind and there are a lot more people that fail than succeed. But if you're a smart cookie willing to put in the work, you can do it.

According to March Madness viewer statistics, it seems that the popularity of college basketball has been fairly constant over the past few years. As online college basketball betting gets more popular, though, we anticipate that there may be a spike in the fan base in the coming years.

The easiest college basketball bet to make is a moneyline bet. All you have to do is pick out which team is going to win an upcoming game. If you get it right, you win your bet.

Just as with any sports betting, you should always have a proper NCAAB betting strategy. If you are still learning how to bet on NCAA basketball or any sport, we have lots of resources for building a winning strategy.

Yes, you can place parlays across multiple bets to add more spice when wagering on NCAA basketball games online.

We think all college basketball bets are fun! That being said, prop bets are cool if you're looking for something unique outside of just picking a game-winner.

The answer to this question all depends on the odds and type of bet, as well as how much you bet. That being said, places you can look to win a lot of money betting college basketball include:

  • Betting big underdogs on the moneyline
  • Placing a futures bet on a team to win a tournament or March Madness
  • Placing a bracket bet in a big contestant pool