2021 College Football Betting

Our team at The Sports Geek has spent countless hours combing through tons of online sportsbooks with college football odds, and we are proud to present our selections for the absolute best real money NCAA football betting sites.

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Using an extensive list of criteria, we assessed nearly every aspect of each site to ensure the best possible player experience. You can trust that playing on any of these online NCAAF betting sites will be enjoyable.

It is worth mentioning that we don’t get paid for placing any of these sites on our list. Our recommendations are given based on our experience with these sites. We provide you with accurate, objective information. Later, we will discuss some of the criteria we used in making our selections, and we encourage you to use these as a resource when researching for any future NCAAF betting website.

Attributes of High-Quality NCAAF Betting Sites

Strong Website Security

The first important thing you should consider when looking for where to bet on NCAA football games online is website security. You must play on an NCAAF betting website that makes sure to keep all your data privates. The NCAA football betting sites we chose each use state-of-the-art technology to guard against cyber threats. Our security experts have vetted each of the college football betting sites, and all of them are verified secure. We picked the platforms that use cutting-edge software and advanced encryptions to keep your data away from prying eyes. You can be sure that if you choose to play on any site we recommend, you’ll have the safest online gambling experience possible.

Online College Football Betting Platforms

It is also vital that you choose real money NCAAF betting sites that provide multiple ways to play. In this day and age, players want to have access to their accounts from anywhere. You must be able to place bets on your PC but also your phone and tablet. By providing a variety of ways to bet, you’ll have much better access to your account. You will be able to take advantage of any opportunity, even if you can’t get to a computer.

User Interface

Mobile Phone and Laptop - College Football PlayersIn addition to multiple platforms, you want to play on a site that is easy to use. The user experience on your website will be a crucial driver in determining the quality of your playing experience. Each NCAAF betting website we selected has invested in building clean, straightforward, and beautiful CFB betting platforms. Not only will betting on any site we recommend be easy, but you will enjoy spending time on the site as well.

New Player Bonuses

Next, when looking for where to bet on NCAAF, you want to look for valuable new player signup bonuses. These are bonuses that college football betting websites offer to new players as an incentive to choose their site over the competition. Most of the time, these will come in the form of a deposit match when the account is first funded. Let’s say you find a site offering a 50% match on the first $500 deposited. This means if you start with more than $500, they will give you an extra $250 in credit.

Keep in mind that these only apply to your first deposit, so be sure to take advantage of the bonus while you have the opportunity.

Real Money Betting Promotions

Similar to new player bonuses, promos are tools used by online sportsbooks to attract and retain players. These are much less exclusive than new player bonuses, and these generally apply to all players. NCAA football betting websites can offer a wide range of promotions, from boosting odds to bet matches. There is no limit to the creativity of promos, and they can add a fun new twist to your bets. Many times, you will need to opt into a promo, so make sure to check regularly to see which ones may apply to you.

Competitive NCAAF Odds

As you might expect, you also want to bet on an NCAA college football betting website that provides you with the best possible odds. When we talk about odds, we are referring to the data provided by the bookmaker that tells us what a bet pays along with the relative likelihood of that bet winning. We’ll discuss odds in more detail, but for now, just remember that you want to play on a site with better college football odds so you get larger payouts when you win. Each online NCAAF betting website creates their own wagers, so the variety of bets and odds can vary from site to site. We’ve got a list of college football betting sites that offer some of the best odds on the internet.


Different Cryptocurrencies LogosIn 2017, Bitcoin exploded in value and became a household name across the world. Since then, cryptocurrencies have found a foothold as a viable currency worldwide. With millions of users and thousands of different coins, it was just a matter of time before this new form of money found its way into online gambling. Players prefer to gamble using cryptocurrencies because they usually offer more anonymity, more flexibility, and are less expensive to use than conventional currencies. You’ll find that the NCAAF betting sites on our list support crypto, and many of them even have exclusive promos just for crypto players.

Customer Service

Last but not least, any good real money NCAAF betting website needs to offer best-in-class customer service. We looked for sites that provide players with around-the-clock support via multiple channels, including phone, email, and live chat. These sites have millions of satisfied customers, and each has a long track record of putting players first. Should you ever have an issue, you want the sports betting site to have your back. If you ever run into a problem while playing on a website we recommend, you can be sure you will get a resolution quickly and professionally.

Resources for College Football Betting

Free NCAA Football Betting Picks

You’ll find tons of great resources on The Sports Geek to help you get into online NCAA football betting. The first of those is our collection of expert college football picks. Our experts provide both picks and in-depth analysis on tons of matchups that can help you make your decisions. Their analysis will include everything from stats to players to college football betting tips that will be game-changing for your strategy. You will get valuable peeks into what the pros are thinking, which can help you refine your own strategy. Over time, you will see patterns you can apply to your picks. Think of it as having your own personal mentor for each and every bet you place.

NCAAF AI Computer Picks

In addition to expert picks, we also give you access to our AI picks. We use artificial intelligence models that use complex predictive algorithms to make the best possible picks. These models take thousands of factors into account in determining the most statistically probable outcome for each matchup. The great thing about using a computer model is that it learns over time, and the system is continually improving itself. Each incorrect pick adds another data point to make each subsequent pick better.

College Football Betting News

If you want to be successful in NCAAF betting, you need to stay on top of the news. Things happen too quickly to make informed decisions if you aren’t up to speed. We can help by providing up-to-date NCAAF news on everything happening within the college football world. While it’s great to know your numbers, football is more than just statistics. We can help you understand what’s happening while also helping you identify proper NCAAF betting opportunities and risks. Check out our college football news page to see all the breaking stories, so you can always be prepared to make informed bets.

NCAA Football Betting Blog

On top of our comprehensive news coverage, we also address tons of other excellent topics in our NCAAF blog. Here, you will find a wealth of informative looks at different aspects of the sport beyond just current events. You’ll find NCAAF betting guides, tips, and analyses to help you further your knowledge about college football. Browsing through the archives is a great way to discover new perspectives and new insights that might not dominate headlines, but it might make the difference between winning and losing your next bet.

NCAA Football Betting Strategy

If you are looking to focus on a proper strategy, you’ll be glad to know we have an entire section dedicated to helping you build a winning NCAA college football betting strategy. To be successful, you need more than just a passing understanding of the matchup, and we help you dig deeper. These NCAAF betting tips and strategy resources are great for everyone from newbies to old vets. This college football betting guide will show you everything from where to start defining a strategy to teaching you how to squeeze max value out of any bet.

How to Understand NCAAF Betting Odds and Lines

The first step to getting started is learning how to read NCAAF odds and lines. While these might look intimidating when you see a massive wall of numbers at the sportsbook, they are much easier to understand than they look. We are going to talk you through understanding these critical pieces of information. They will drive every NCAAF bet you make. We are going to start with a high-level look, then hone in on some examples.

    NCAA Football Logo

  • Let’s start with understanding NCAAF odds. As we mentioned before, odds tell you what a bet pays if you win. These will generally be represented by a number higher than 100 or less than -100. A positive number means a team is an underdog, and a negative number denotes the favorite. These numbers will tell you what you win in relation to a $100 bet.
  • Let’s say you take a bet that is paying +300, and you bet $1. In this case, you bet on the underdog, so you’ll win more if the underdog wins. +300 equates to winning $3. Add that to the $1 we bet, and you get a total payout of $4. Conversely, let’s say that the other team’s odds are at -300, and you bet on them. You’ve bet on the favorite, so your payout is expected to be much smaller. -300 correlates to winning $.33 in our example. Add that to your bet, and you get a total payout of $1.33. As you can see, that’s a massive difference.
    When it comes to real money NCAAF betting, with great risk, comes great reward.
  • Next, let’s talk about reading the “line” or the “spread.” This is a single number that will be positive or negative based on which team is favored to win, just like the odds. But unlike the odds, this number represents the amount by which a team is expected to win. Perhaps you see a game showing +5.5 for one team and -5.5 for the other. This would mean the first team is expected to lose by 5.5 points while the second team is expected to win by 5.5 points. We’ll get deeper into how to apply this in the next section.

Most Popular NCAAF Bets

Long ago, sports betting was just a function of picking who would win a game. Nowadays, CFB betting has gotten much more complicated. The sheer range of bets you can place provides for opportunities that never existed in the olden days. We’re going to highlight a few of the main types of bets you can expect to see when you jump into real money college football betting. While we are going to present lots of choices, we recommend you pick one or two and stick with those. Most pros stay in the black by focusing on one or two rather than trying to be a jack of all trades. Follow their lead, and you’ll be on your way NCAAF betting for money.

NCAA Football Spread Bets

Up first is betting the spread. This is one of the easiest and most common bets you can make in NCAA college football betting. The idea behind setting a spread is to equalize two teams across a bet. Bookmakers “level the playing field” by handicapping the favorite and making them perform better than the underdog to win the bet. This is vital because no two teams are equal, so a straight 50/50 bet would never be fair.

The spread represents an expected variance between the two teams. This assigned number forces one side to not only win but outperform expectations. The spread shows how many points the favorite is supposed to win by, and conversely, the number the underdog should lose by. If there were no spread, everyone would always bet on the favorite, and the house would go out of business. Let’s take a look at an example of a typical NCAA football spread.

Team 1
-8.5 (-110)
Spread Bet
Team 2
+8.5 (-110)

Here, we have the LSU Tigers playing the Florida Gators. In this matchup, we have the tigers offered at -8.5 points, paying -110, while the Gators are offered at +8.5 and also paying -110. You will notice that both bets pay the same because the probability of the Tigers winning by 8.5 is equal to the likelihood of the Gators losing by 8.5 in the bookmakers’ estimation. We would read this spread as, “LSU is expected to win the game by eight and a half points.” It is worth noting that the half points are used to prevent a tie since there are no half points in college football.

How you win a NCAAF spread bet:
By “beating the spread” or if your team beats their stated expectations. If we had bet on the Tigers, and they win the game by 9 points, we win the bet. However, if they win, but only by 8 points, we lose the bet. On the other side, let’s say we bet on the Gators. If they lose by more than 9, we lose. But if they win the game or lose by 8 or less, we win. With a spread bet, it is possible to bet on the team that loses and still win the bet.

Another thing to remember is that the NCAA spread is not set in stone. Bookmakers move college football betting lines as needed to balance bets. The goal of any sportsbook is to have equal bets on each side of any bet. If one side gets too heavy, they need to adjust. They do this by moving the line. Say they had way too many bets on the Tigers. They could move the line from -8.5 to -9.5, meaning the Tigers need to do even better to win, and the Gators can do worse and still win. This incentivizes betting on the gators while discouraging betting on the Tigers.

NCAAF Moneyline Bets

The next type of bet we’ll discuss is moneyline bets. These are another straightforward type of bet that’s easy to pick if you are new to real money NCAAF betting. In this case, your goal is simply to pick a team to win the game. However, while that sounds simple, these aren’t just 50/50 bets. In spread betting, the teams are equalized using the spread. In moneyline betting, the teams are balanced using the odds. Rather than adjusting the expectations for each team, the bookmakers keep the expectations even (win the game) and adjusts the payouts.

Team 1
Moneyline Bet
Team 2

In the middle row, you will see the odds on a moneyline bet from our earlier example. Like we’ve discussed, the numbers represent the payouts of each outcome. Here, we can see that the LSU Tigers are -305 favorites over the +220 Florida Gators. This gap signifies both a perceived disparity in the capabilities of the teams, as well as a massive difference in payout for a winning bet. Keep in mind that, unlike spread betting, your team needs to win the game for you to win your bet. Let’s see various bets would work out with our example.

Scenario A: You bet $10 on the Gators, and they win the game. They were offered at +220, meaning they were supposed to lose according to the bookmaker. Because they were supposed to get walloped, you would win $22 if they win the game. Add that to your bet, and they house owes you $32 on a $10 wager. Not too shabby!

Scenario B: You bet $10 on the Tigers, and they win the game. In this case, they were the favorite at -305, meaning they were expected to dominate. As expected, they won the game and as a result, you earn $3.33 on your $10 bet. Add that to your original wager, and you get paid a total of $13.33.

As you might expect in NCAAF betting, it pays to choose the underdog when you are confident. However, things aren’t that simple. Bookmakers scale the odds explicitly to account for the variances in the team, so if you see a +220 underdog, you are much more likely to lose than win. In fact, in our example, the bookmaker thinks you are nearly 7x more likely to lose your money if you bet on the Gators. The real key to moneyline betting is to find bets where your knowledge helps you spot value. In other words, you want to spot bets where you think the risk represented in the odds is greater than the real-life risk.

Over/Under Bets on College Football Games

Next, let’s look at over/under bets. These are great if you are betting on an NCAA football game where you aren’t a major fan of either team or if you’re looking for live college football betting options. Or maybe you want a unique way to take advantage of specific matchups. Over/under CFB bets allow you to bet on whether the points scored by both teams will total more or less than a given total. Let’s go back to our example.

Team 1
O 38.5 (-115)
Over/Under Bet
Team 2
U 38.5 (-115)

Over to the right, you’ll see numbers designated with an “O” or a “U.” You’ll also notice that the numbers are the same. This represents the total point threshold to win the bet. Next to the point total, you will see the payout for that bet. Here, we see that the O/U is 38.5 points with the bet paying -115 regardless of where you bet. If the total points are 38 or under, an under bet will win. If both teams total 39 or more points, an over bet will win. These bets can be particularly useful if you think a game will be more offensive or defensive than usual.

College Football Prop Bets

Finally, there are prop bets. These are often some of the most fun bets to place as they make every single aspect of the game fun. Prop, or proposition betting, adds a whole new level of excitement by allowing you to bet on a ton of smaller outcomes in the game. Rather than just betting on the overall result, you can bet on NCAA football with wagers like who will win the coin toss or who will score the first touchdown. These bets can add massive upside when made as part of larger parlay bets.

You’ll find lots of prop bets available on NCAAF betting sites that aren’t available in live sportsbooks. In some states, NCAA football betting online is restricted and in others, the sportsbook simply doesn’t have the resources to offer such bets.

If you decide to play on any of the college football betting websites we’ve recommended above, you’ll have access to tons of college football games to bet on with fun and crazy prop bets that will make your next watch party a blast.

However, it’s helpful to remember that prop bets are all just about luck. While some will be, such as what color shoes a particular player might wear, others are much more calculated. If you are looking to try all the crazy bets and just have fun, go nuts. But if you are serious about making money, focus on the skilled prop bets. Look for college football bets that can be more predictable and use the right data to back up your wagers. These skill-based bets can be quite profitable with the right prep.

NCAA Football Betting Conclusion

Betting real money on NCAA college football can take the excitement of watching the game to a whole new level. With tons of different bets, plenty of weekly action, and edge-of-your-seat playoffs, real money NCAAF betting can be a great way to get your feet wet with sports betting. Even if you’re new to gambling on college football, putting a few bucks on your favorite team might be the start of a profitable sports betting career.

Hopefully, you’ve learned more about how to bet on college football. We’ve discussed the critical aspects of a good NCAAF betting site, shared valuable learning resources, learned how to read lines and odds, and we outlined the popular types of bets you’ll run into. Check out The Sports Geek for more info on how to build your strategy into something special. Always bet responsibly, and never bet more than you can afford to lose. Have fun and good luck!

2021 College Football Betting FAQ

Yes, you can legally bet on CFB games at any of the sports betting websites we listed above. Also, you can place some bets in live sportsbooks, depending on which state you are in.

Yes, there are tons of online sportsbooks with NCAA football odds. You can place bets on any of the reputable online NCAAF betting sites like the ones we recommended above.

As with anything, be informed and look for value. The Sports Geek provides tons of info to help you hone your game.

We recommend playing on NCAA football betting sites like the ones that made our list because they have better college football betting odds, are more secure, and offer more wagering options than live sportsbooks.

The best type of bet will vary for each person. If you are looking for simpler bets, stick with moneylines or over/unders. If you are looking for something more involved, look into prop bets, and spread bets.

Yes, you can place a parlay across tons of different wagers. In fact, parlays are a fun way to bet on lots of things at once. If you hit, the upside could be massive.