College Football Betting

Sports bettors tend to go nuts for college football. On any given week, you get action on multiple nights, multiple days, and a ton of different games you can bet on. If you’re an action junkie, you’re in heaven. And if you’re a bettor who likes to have a lot of opportunities to make some serious cash, you’re also in heaven.

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If you’ve ever been interested in betting on NCAA football or are looking to sharpen your game up a bit, you’re in the right place. In this guide, you’re going to find free weekly expert betting picks, advice on where to bet, tips and strategies to make better selections, and even a breakdown of the most popular types of bets available to you. When you get done with this guide, you’ll be fully equipped and ready to crush the sportsbooks and make some serious cash off of college football.

Best College Football Betting Sites

Whether you trust our experts or you have your own expert opinions, you won’t make any money if you don’t know where to place your action. In the old days, all of the experts hawked the local casinos and sportsbooks all day, every day, watching lines and waiting for their opportunities to strike. It was a tough grind, and one that was difficult for most to sustain.

Thanks to technological advancements, you can now have much more success in betting on college football from the comfort of your own home. Online sportsbooks are a dime a dozen now, and many of the sites offer you some great luxuries. No longer do you have to wait in line, spend money to get to the sportsbook, or have to take whatever line they have or else. You can now easily line shop and find the absolute best payout for the bets that you want to make.

Tons of options for sportsbooks are a great thing because it drives competition, meaning that the customer (you) comes out the winner. Sportsbooks throw perks and bonuses like crazy at bettors to try to win their action. The problem, though, is that sometimes having too many options can make it hard to make a choice on where the best place to put your action is. Additionally, there are some bad apples in the industry that need to be avoided like the plague.

To help you out in your search, we’ve put together a list of the top college football betting sites on the web. These sites are the most trustworthy, offer the most betting options and flexibility, are the easiest to use, and pay the quickest. It’s important that we also point out that none of these sites can pay us for a better ranking or higher recommendation on this list. There is no way to get on this list except for providing the best college football experience possible. No excuses.

Our Expert Picks

We’re pretty blessed here at The Sports Geek. We’ve got some rock stars on our staff that are borderline geniuses when it comes to sports betting. Specifically, we’ve got some rock stars that crush college football betting. These aren’t “retired” sports bettors who no longer bet for themselves. These experts are in the trenches every weekend of the season, making bets and crushing the books right alongside you.

Why does any of this matter? It should matter to you because our experts are willing to share their picks with you in real time. We’re not talking about their leftover picks. We’re talking about their strongest picks and biggest locks for each week. They’re going to share these picks with you completely free and in real time so you can bet right alongside them.

If you’re just here to make some money, take their picks and go for it! If you’re here to learn how to make better picks yourself, you’re also in luck. Not only are they going to give you their picks, but they’re going to break down the reasons why they chose to make each bet. They’ll discuss their thought process in full display for you to see. With time, you’re going to be able to learn to start making picks just like our experts. With enough time, you might actually become the expert!

Live Expert Picks

College Football Betting Strategy

For those of you who are looking to improve your own sports betting abilities, you’re in the right spot. Whether you’re brand new to the process or a seasoned bettor looking to gain an edge, we’re going to be able to help you here. You see, sports betting is a lot about how your mind works. You have to train your mind to look at the right factors and figures and ignore the emotional landmines that can sway a logical conclusion.

With every sport you bet on, this way of thinking is going to be different. What is important and what is not important is going to differ greatly. Luckily, our experts have allowed us to pick their brains and compile a ton of the tips and strategies that they use every week to make their college football picks. Some of these tips are going to seem basic and rudimentary, while some of them might blow your socks off if you haven’t been sports betting for years.

How should you use these tips and strategies? First, take some time to read through them all thoroughly. Make sure that you fully understand everything and why it is important. If you’re confused about something, review it again or seek out some additional help. Once you fully understand everything, look at how it meshes with your current strategies. Are your current strategies complementary to these, or are there some discrepancies?

Work through all of the tactics you have and develop your own strategy. Figure out what pieces of advice from our experts you want to use and what pieces of your current strategy you want to use. Once you put all of this together, begin testing. Start with small bets and see how things work out. Continue to tweak your betting strategy until you stumble on a winning combination. Once you do, it’s time to print money on college football games.

Remember, sports betting and college football betting are not easy. If they were, everyone would be doing it, and there would be no money to be made. Put in the effort, do the research, and your hard work will give you the best shot of a big payoff. The ball is in your court. We’re giving you the tools you need to be successful.

NCAAF Betting Strategy

The Most Popular College Football Bets

When betting on college football, you have quite a few different options for ways you can leverage your knowledge and predictions. While we’re strong advocates of KISS (Keep It Simple, Stupid), you do need to be aware of these different options in case you have some information that might help you to make a bet you otherwise wouldn’t have known existed.

If you’re brand new to college football betting, this section is going to be invaluable to you and your future success. Take your time and understand the different types of bets that are available. Find the one(s) that you think fit your style best, and get to work!

Spread Bets

The spread bet in college football is the most popular bet that is made. This bet is interesting because it allows you to bet on either team, regardless of how mismatched they may be. The team that performs better than they are supposed to is the team that will win the bet. Here’s how this works.

Let’s say that Alabama and Virginia Tech are playing in an upcoming game. Let’s also say that Alabama is a much better team than Virginia Tech. Here is what the spread bet would look like on the board at your favorite sportsbook:

Odds for Alabama and Virginia Tech example

You’ll notice that after each team’s name, there are two different numbers with plus and minus signs. Let’s start with the first number. The board shows Alabama – 20. This is said out loud as, “Alabama minus 20.” What this means is that the sportsbook thinks that Alabama is going to win the game by 20 points. The minus sign indicates that the team is the favorite, and the number behind it indicates by how many points. The sportsbook thinks that Alabama is going to win this game by 20 points.

If you look at Virginia Tech, the board shows +20. This is said out loud as, “Virginia Tech plus 20.” The plus sign indicates that Virginia Tech is the underdog in this game. The sportsbook thinks that Virginia Tech is going to lose by 20 points. As you probably notice, the number is the same for both teams, and only the plus or minus signs are different. This should make logical sense, because if Alabama is winning the game by 20, then Virginia Tech must be losing the game by the same number of points.

So, what does this mean for betting? Well, as we stated, the team that performs better than they are supposed to will be the winner. So, if Alabama wins by MORE than 20 points, you win if you bet on them. If Virginia Tech loses by LESS than 20 points, you win if you bet on them. If Alabama wins by exactly 20 points, the game would be a push, and you would get your money back.

This means that Virginia Tech can lose the game and you can still win a bet on them. If the final score is Alabama 42, Virginia Tech 26, you will win your bet if you bet on VT.

The second number (-110) is what you will be paid out for a correct pick on each of those bets. Notice that both bets pay out at the same rate. This is because, instead of manipulating the payouts, the sportsbook moves the point spread to deter or encourage bets on different sides of a game. With spread betting, you can always expect to get paid the exact same amount, regardless of which team you bet on.

Moneyline Bets

A moneyline bet in college football is a bet that you’re going to want to make when you think that a team is going to win the game. As opposed to the spread bet, it has nothing to do with how well a team performs relative to what they were expected to do. All that matters is whether or not the team wins the game.

As you might imagine, this would create some issues in games like the one we used in our earlier example. Everyone would bet on the heavy favorite Alabama, and the sportsbook would be out of money overnight. To combat this, the sportsbooks manipulate the amount you get paid out based on how big of a favorite each team is.

Let’s look at a game between Utah and West Virginia. The point spread of the game is Utah minus 6.5 (-6.5). This means that the sportsbook feels that Utah should win the game by just under a touchdown. If they win by 7, you will win a spread bet on Utah. If they win by 6 or less or lose, you lose a spread bet on Utah. So, what happens if you think that Utah is going to win, but by fewer than 6.5 points?

You have two options. First, you could place a spread bet on West Virginia. Your second option is to place a moneyline bet on Utah. Remember, to win a money line bet, the team you choose only has to win the game. It does not matter if they win by 1 or by 40. Here’s what the moneylines look like for this game.

  • Utah -260
  • West Virginia +210

Again, the minus sign indicates the favorite and the plus sign indicates the underdog. The number after the plus or minus sign indicates how big of a favorite or underdog the team is. The larger the number, the bigger the favorite or underdog. If you were to bet $100 on each of these teams, here’s the amount you would win with a correct pick:

  • Utah $38.46 in profit
  • West Virginia $210.00 in profit

As you can see, you’ll make a nice chunk of change if West Virginia pulls off the win, but it’s much less likely that they’re going to. If you bet on Utah, you would still see a 38% return on your money. Even though the payout is not as flashy as it is with West Virginia, it’s much more likely to occur.

If you’d like to learn more about moneyline bets, check out this in-depth guide on the subject that we’ve put together that will walk you through everything you need to know about the topic.

Moneyline Bets

Over/Under Bets

An over/under bet is a bet where you wager on how many total points will be scored in the game by both teams. Sometimes referred to as a totals bet, this is a wager that allows you to cheer for or against both teams. Let’s dive into a specific college football example to show you what we’re talking about.

As you can see, we’re revisiting our earlier example of the game between Alabama and Virginia Tech. If you’re curious what is blurred out, it’s the spread bet option from earlier. Sportsbooks will usually list as many bets as they can in a row to make things more concise. We’re only blurring it out so that you can focus on the over/under bet.

As you see, after each team there is either a “u” or an “o” followed by two numbers. The “u” stands for under and the “o” stands for over. Now, even though each one is on a different line, they are not connected to any specific team. They could have written them flipped around, and it would still be the same. This is because the over/under bet has nothing to do with individual teams. It is only concerned with the cumulative score of the game.

The first number that you see is the over/under line. This is the total points that you’ll be betting over or under on. If you bet over, then you will win your bet if the total cumulative points scored by both teams is OVER 47 ½. If you bet under, then you will win your bet if the total cumulative points scored by both teams is UNDER 47 ½. Again, the last number is the payout number. As you can see, you get paid the exact same amount whether you bet the over or the under. To encourage or discourage bets on either side, the sportsbook will change the total number (the 47 ½).

Let’s say that you choose to bet the over on this game and the final score is Alabama 48, Virginia Tech 0. Do you win your bet? Yup! Let’s say now that the score was Alabama 30, Virginia Tech 20. Do you win your over bet? Yup! The total points scored in the game was 50, which is OVER 47 ½. The same goes for the under bet. It does not matter who scores or who does not score the points. It only matters what the overall total of both teams is.

This makes for a fun cheering experience, because if you bet the over, you can cheer for both teams’ offenses to run up the score. If you don’t like both teams and bet the under, you can happily cheer for both of them to do terribly! From a profit standpoint, this is a great bet if you have a prediction on the flow of the game. If you think it’s going to be a high-scoring shootout, bet the over. If you think it’s going to be an all-out snooze fest, bet the under.

Prop Bets

The last bet type that we want you to be aware of when betting college football is actually a class of bets. Proposition bets are bets on whether or not something is going to happen. If you’ve ever bet your friend $5 that they could or could not do something, you’ve made a proposition bet. In college football, prop bets aren’t as prevalent in the smaller tier games as they are in the higher profile games. That being said, when you do see them, they can be a great source of entertainment, as well as profit.

What are some examples of college football prop bets? Will a certain player score over or under 1.5 touchdowns? Will the final total score of the game be odd or even? Will a certain quarterback complete over or under 80% of their passes?

All of these are examples of prop bets that you might see while betting on college football. The premise is simple. Pick a side of the bet, and if you’re right, you win. As you may already be able to notice, some of the prop bet examples we gave will require skill to predict, while some are a straight toss-up. It’s important for you to distinguish between the two if you’re worried about your bottom line. If you’re just looking for a fun bet, then don’t worry about it at all!

For Example

Betting on whether or not a certain player will score more or less than 1.5 touchdowns requires skill. You have to predict what kind of game that player is going to have, how the defense will respond to him, and ultimately how many times he’s going to find his way into the end zone. This is an example of a skilled prop bet.

On the other hand, betting on whether the final total score will be odd or even is a complete crapshoot. It requires zero skill, and you’re effectively just gambling and taking a guess. If you’re looking for fun, this bet could be a good time. At the end of the game, you could be hoping for a blocked extra point or that they go for two or that no one scores again. But from a profit standpoint, you need to steer clear of unskilled prop bets.

The issue is that the sportsbook is not going to differentiate between the two for you. If you’re getting into prop bets, you need to be able to tell the difference. It should only take a little common sense to tell the difference. Just make sure that you aren’t convincing yourself that a straight gamble is actually requiring skill. There is NO WAY you can “expertly predict” whether a game is going to end with an odd or even score. If profit is important to you, know the difference.

The great part about prop bets with college football is that they allow you to utilize information and predictions that don’t have a direct outcome on the final score of the game. For example, let’s say that you think a quarterback is going to have a huge day, but that the other team’s offense is just too powerful, and no matter what, that great QB’s team is going to lose.

Without prop bets, your only option would be to bet on the other team to win, which may or may not be a good value bet. If you’re given the prop bet from our example, “Will a certain quarterback complete over or under 80% of their passes?” then you can bet on this prediction and not have to worry about the outcome of the game. Remember, prop bets are independent of the final outcome of the game. They may indirectly have an effect, but that does not matter to you. All you have to do is complete the parameter set in your bet, and you win. In our example, if the QB completes 81% of his passes, but his team loses by 40, you still win your prop bet.

The Big Picture

At this point, you should be bursting at the seams with college football betting knowledge. We’ve done our best to load you up with as many tools and resources as possible to ensure your success. It now comes down to you. You must take these expert picks, tips and strategies, and betting options, and couple them with some research and hard work. With enough practice and effort, you will be crushing the sportsbooks in no time.

College football is a great sport that has a ton of games for you to bet on. Remember, you don’t have to bet every game. Find the value bets and slam those home. With so many games to choose from, you should have no trouble finding plenty of solid value action every week of the season and the playoffs.